The Hot Night of Forbidden Passions

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Lyndith was excited about having a night out with her girlfriend, it has been a long time since she had a little fun and was able to dress up in some very sexy attire. Looking in the mirror she thought perhaps it might be a tad risque but decided that you only live once and what the hell; why not go for it, go out in style. A navy blue sheath that showed off her curvy body to an absolute “T” the neckline was plunging and had a peak a boo keyhole that allowed more than a lovely look at her amazing voluptuous breasts. It was not quite thigh length perhaps just a bit below and although she knew that it was a touch on the short side, it looked pretty sexy, showing off her golden tanned shapely legs.

Damn Frederick’s, you really know how to make a girl feel and look sexy, she thought “GOD” she had forgotten how it felt to want to have men look at her as she sashayed around showing off her curves. She just needed a chance to strut her stuff and let her inhibitions flow freely tonight.

Life had a way of kicking you in the ass sometimes and she was done with feeling sorry for herself; wanting to wallow in her stagnant self pity of her sexless and dull life. She was vibrant, flamboyant and knew from her past experiences that she had a vast amount of sex appeal to offer to the opposite sex. Always declining and saving herself for “WHAT”? To be an old maid one day and to have lost out of some exciting and fulfilling erotic and intimate times.

It was a very hot muggy night, positively sweltering and she only wore a thong under the dress, no bra as it didn’t require one. The dress was designed in such a way that it looked best to go bra less and allowing for a very erotic image. She sprayed some of her exotic coconut spritzer liberally on her skin. Her golden blonde hair looked great in an up do, so she piled it high on her head with some beautiful feminine combs to hold it in place.

Her earrings were chandelier, dainty and silvery with navy blue crystals on the ends..with a matching necklace and bracelet. She absolutely adored her shoes, perhaps a frivolous purchase, but they were a sexy glittery silver gold sandal, with cross cross straps and spike heels made just for this occasion.

Her makeup was subtle yet sophisticated artfully done up to enhance her large lustrous turquoise blue eyes that kohl designed specifically to entice and beguile, her high cheekbones looked so alluring, with the bit of sparkle around the edges. Her lush full lips loved the taste of the rich deep red scented lipstick that reminded her of ripe sweet cherries.

Looking into the mirror she smiled at her reflection; blew a kiss at herself and laughed a little as she pivoted this way and that to check out her dress and the posterior view as well. It hugged her lush bottom like a glove and she knew that it was a good choice for her. Looking at her watch, she decided to head down the stairs to wait for her friend as it was almost time to head out to the nightclub.

Grabbing her clutch bag and the silvery & gold sheer shawl, Lyndith switched off the light and walked sedately down the stairs. With these heels you had to be pretty damn cautious and careful that you didn’t break your neck on the way down. Looking once more at her image in the hall mirror she wanted to ensure her rich lovely lipstick was flawless.

A few minutes later she heard her friend blowing the car horn in the driveway and she walked out the front door, locking it and almost ran down the front steps to the awaiting sports car. Her friend Sheila whistled at her, and purred like a feline when she climbed into the passenger seat. She gave her one of her most incredible dazzling smiles and then she laughed, feeling incredibly happy.

Looking over at her friend, she told her that she looked quite amazing with her raven black hair and that stunning red dress on. Her long luxuriant hair, thick and beautiful, hanging down her back with an incredible sleekness. The dress was short and simple showing off her friends long legs, perfectly. She smiled thinking that they actually complimented each other in their own right. She was of average height, shapely, very curvaceous. Her friend was tall, elegant, very svelte~one blonde the other brunette. She knew that they would both be the cause of some elevated eyebrows as they walked into the new nightclub, located on the other side of town.

They had arrived at the club with the name boldly flashing in neon letters across the wide revolving doors. Parking a short distance away, they walked towards the door and the tall African American man standing outside was watching them approach. He smiled wickedly at them and said in a voice that was deep and resonating with sex appeal. “It’s your lucky night babes, no cover charge for you two beauties.” Looking at him in amazement and with brilliant smiles, he bowed and bade them enter the club, telling them to enjoy themselves.

Sheila gave her beautiful raven head a shake her long hair falling just shy of her tail bone and it Pendik Escort seemed to dance with a life of it’s own. That red dress made a fashion statement, declaring to the men in the room that she was all woman, showing those long legs off to perfection. Her breasts were small and perky and the nipples showed through the material of the low cut dress. Lyndith felt almost petite in comparison and her delicious full breasts were high with her decolletage showing a lot of cleavage. Her dress wasn’t quite as short as her friend’s but it revealed her delightful shapely legs and every curve was evident in that sexy navy blue dress.

They walked through the door with arms linked and their tinkling laughter sounded like music to the ears of the guys standing at the bar watching them as they walked by. The men looked at each other and speculated. Were these luscious babes a duo, lesbians perhaps? The very thought made it even hotter for them.

They could only just imaging their bodies wrapped around each other; naked skin to skin. How incredibly beautiful they would look making out, lips to lips, soft hands roaming over each other with passion and excitement. They continued to watch their saucy behinds walking away from them and they almost drooled in anticipation of watching them together on the dance floor.

The ladies had some idea of what was going on inside the men’s heads, their eyes were a dead give away with those lusty thoughts written all over their leering faces. They looked at one another and giggled and they moved closer and hugged. Their bodies pressed tightly together. Sheila leaned down and whispered in Lyndith’s ear, “Lets, give them a show, she said.” Sheila placed her hand on Lyndith’s rounded ass and squeezed and she in turn reciprocated and ran her hands all over her friends back and down over her small tight derriere. Lyndith lifted her face towards Sheila’a and they kissed one another with what appeared to be a very passionate kiss.

When their lips drew apart they stared at one another with an awareness of something transpiring between them. Lyndith wasn’t attracted to other women and she knew her friend felt exactly the same, or did she? She had never given her any indication that she was bi-sexual or a lesbian. Something almost electrifying had occurred during that kiss; they stood staring at one another, standing close.

Sheila’s nipples were very hard and Lyndith reached up and touched them gently, running her fingers over them, Her friend gasped while she squeezed the nipples harder. Then they kissed again..this time their tongues moved over one another’s. locking and swirling around with amazing intensity. Sheila felt that tell tale warning, stirring deep down in her pelvis, knowing that her honey pot was moist.

Lyndith couldn’t believe what was happening, her senses were reeling, perhaps it was because it had been so long since she had experienced anything close to intimacy. She felt that answering call within her body, the rush of intense, internal heat. They started to dance closely together, oblivious of the men in the back ground whistling and making lewd gestures. Their kissing had intensified and Lyndith felt her thong growing wetter. Sheila’s hands moved down over her back to touch the softness of her skin..It was beautiful and supple and she groaned into Sheila’s mouth.

The thought that went through Lyndith’s head was they had better stop right now, it had gone on too long. She reluctantly pulled away and Sheila’s eyes were clouded with her passion. Leaning down she whispered to Lyndith, “Lets go to the ladies room.” Lyndith nodded her lovely blonde head and their hands joined together as they walked into the washroom. It was just around the corner almost in an alcove.

Once inside, Sheila turned and looked at Lyndith and reached over to lock the door. They stared into one another’s eyes again and then embraced, bodies rubbing against each others, this time their lips met in earnest. Sheila unzipping Lyndith’s dress to allow it to fall down her body in a heap onto the floor. kicking it gracefully to the side, she stood still with her shoulders squared, moving her tongue over her bottom lip.

Sheila gasped at the beauty of the woman standing before her; the succulent large full breasts with their dark coral nipples standing so erect. Her indented waist and those perfectly rounded hips an almost perfect hour glass figure. In reverence, she touched those lovely nipples and watched them grow harder. She sighed deeply in her throat and said “may I?” Leaning down she kissed them and with a graceful movement slid to the floor to pull them into her mouth. Lyndith almost cried out and Sheila’s hand touched her mound, moved over her damp thong. Her fingers delicately touching and rubbing back and forth.

Lyndith leaned back against the wall and her reflection in the mirror showed the face of a woman in the throes of incredible passion. Her friend started to tug on the thong and it came off with a little Kurtköy Escort help between the two of them. Sheila said “I want you to open for me, my beautiful pocket Venus.” Lyndith spread open her legs and Sheila moved her fingers down over her mound to rotate them around her pearl and watched her friend’s face, the passion etched across it.

She stopped momentarily, smiling seductively and said “please wait a moment my sweet delicious one.” With one fluid movement she pulled her short red dress off and her silk thong was red and black lace. Her small breasts were high and beautifully shaped; the nipples almost red in color with very hard large buds.

She slid her panties off and her pussy was shaved completely, no landing strip whatsoever. It gleamed with her feminine moisture; her body was almost boyish in shape, her hips only slightly rounded and her long legs beautifully shaped. They stood looking one another over, fascinated and attracted to each other’s bodies. Their hands reaching out to move over and touch one another with delicate and tender fingertips. Sheila shuddered and Lyndith felt her body tighten with wonder and a curious mixture of excitement, fascination and desire.

They kissed again, tongues moving over each others with hot sweet passion. Lyndith reaching up to touch Sheila’s hardened nipples. Sheila moaned as Lyndith sucked harder and she moved her fingers down over her friends flat stomach to move slightly lower and tentatively touch her moist softness. The rich honey that awaited her welcoming fingers was warm and slightly sticky. Sheila moved backwards slightly as she elevated her body onto the counter top between the two sinks. Her long legs opened and she shifting herself around. Her luxurious long black hair moved around her like a dark silky veil.

Lyndith moved her fingers softly over her moist plump pearl. Sheila was almost panting as her fingers moved over her friends gorgeous large breasts, tweaking the oh so hard nipples. Never had she ventured this far before, her body was on fire and it wasn’t taboo or indecent it was beautiful, so very erotic and she wanted to touch and taste her friend, now at this exact moment.

Her fingers moved over her friend’s very moist clit and slowly went down under the hood, to delve inside of her sweet hot cavern. She leaned forward to kiss Sheila again and they moaned into one another’s mouths. They were sucking on each other’s tongues almost frantically as it was delicious and so beautiful.

Reluctantly she pulled her mouth away from her friends clinging lips and moved down to the awaiting nipples to suck each one with a poignancy that was pure grace. Sheila was moaning, crying out and almost frantic as she suckled each of her long hard nipples. Her fingers were so wet as they continued to plunder the hotness of her tight passage.

She moved slowly down towards that forbidden place that she had never touched or tasted before. Her mouth nibbling and kissing as she went over the flat stomach to that wet perfect peach that was wide open and ready for her lips and tongue. She closed her eyes and licked softly and her friends hands went to her head and said “OMG” “YES.” That was her cue to carry on with bolder moves, her hands slid under her friends tight ass and she lifted her towards her mouth as she continued to lick the pearl that was so tasty and sweet. Sheila was almost screaming in ecstasy and panting.

Lyndith was enjoying this new experience and she wanted to enrich Sheila’s pleasure and her tongue plundered inside of her velvet wet sheath. Her finger moving over the sensitized pearl; her friend was now in the throes of an intense erotic orgasm. Her lithe body shaking and Lyndith moved her finger away from the pearl and took it into her hot sweet mouth and sucked it tenderly over and over while her fingers played inside of her friends honey pot. Moving in and out as she brought Sheila to a wondrous, pure and beautiful “O”. She was moaning and crying out Lyndiths name over and over as her orgasm took her over the moon, floating among the stars and back down to earth. Her body shaking and writhing with the aftermath of her climax.

She kissed her way back up over Sheila’s body kissing her velvety fragrant skin to further lick her nipples and kiss her once again with an intensely erotic French kiss. Sheila tasting her own musk and womanly fragrance in that hot sweet kiss. She whispered in Lyndith’s ear with a rich huskiness to her voice, “It’s your turn my sexy beautiful friend.”Standing up gracefully she leaned down to tenderly kiss Lyndith on top of her golden hair, her hands smoothing their way down her rich womanly curves to touch her breasts and pinch the nipples.

She turned Lyndith towards the mirror so she could watch their reflections for awhile. Kissing Lyndith’s back, over the indentations and hollows with nips and soft kisses, she continued to play with her beautiful large breasts. Sheila moved down over her sexy lush ass and nipped and bit, her Ümraniye Escort fingers moving over and around her anus to move to her smoothly shaved pussy, down to her pearl.

Lyndith moaned as those fingers explored and Sheila continued to lick and bite her ass; telling her to spread her legs wide for her. She moved her tongue down under as Lyndith lay half across the counter top. Sheila’s tongue moving under her to gently touch her wetness from behind, her fingers softly, delicately touching her crinkle and around her anus.

Lyndith cried out as she felt the tongue probing inside and Sheila’s fingers of one hand touching and tweaking her highly sensitized nipples. The other fingers touching her very wet clit, as she tongued her delicious sweet honey. Sheila pulled away gently and turned her friend around to have her lift her founded bottom unto the counter, it was her turn to be pleasured.

Sheila’s face was very turned on..her pupils were totally black and her desire was very prevalent..”OH. baby” she said to her friend, this is going to be so amazing for both of us. Lyndith needed no prompting, her shapely legs opened wide. Sheila groaned as she looked at her friend’s lush and sexy body and the ripe pearl glistening and beckoning her to taste and devour. She leaned her head down to suck on those tempting nipples and her fingers moved down over her abdomen to her awaiting pussy.

Lyndith closed her eyes when she felt those fingers moving over her pearl around and around. She was on the brink, oh my God, the pleasure was unbelievable as Sheila continued to suck those nipples and lick them, saying how beautiful they were. Her fingers were knowing as they moved over her clit and the engorged areas that were so highly sensitive to her touch. She knew all the G-spots and Lyndith’s body raised even higher as her friend moved her fingers inside her tight succulent tight heat. She could feel herself clench around those fingers, wanting them to stay inside of her. It had been eons since she had, had sex or foreplay of any means.

Sheila said “Relax, please my sweet beautiful friend.” Licking and kissing her nipples one more time, she moved her hot sensual mouth over Lyndith’s tender supple body. Down over the smooth stomach to her awaiting plump lustrous pearl. When she felt her mouth on her it was like a tidal wave of emotion, almost electric was that shock of emotion. She felt that beautiful mouth slowly take her pearl with amazing gentleness and suck on it. Moving over and around as her fingers continued to probe inside of her tightness in and out with so much pleasure.

It was building her climax, so powerfully that she cried out OMG, OMG, OMG, “Sheila”. Suddenly she increased the movement of her mouth to suck her clit faster and to move her fingers deeper into her wet hot pussy. Moving in and out with more aggression but not hurting her, giving her more stimulation. Moaning she moved her hands over her friends soft beautiful hair to try to hold her mouth in that exact spot that was driving her insane.

Trying to keep her head stationery as she came to an incredible earth shattering climax. Her head moving from side to side, the pleasure almost unbearable in it’s exquisite beauty. Lyndith yelled out loudly; wanting to be quiet but she couldn’t if her life depended on it. The climax shook her to the very core when it hit; her beautiful friend taking her to that place where she never wanted it to end.

Sheila stayed there cradling her friends thighs around her face and then moved softly up Lyndith’s body to kiss her on the her smooth sensual lips again..Opening to her like a flower the kiss was even more incredible than the others. The womanly honeyed taste lay there, richly being shared between both excited mouths. Sheila drew her mouth away slowly almost with a reluctance they both felt. She looked into Lyndith’s eyes and said “it was absolutely beautiful my friend, so very wonderful, thank you.”

Lyndith slid off of the counter top and they stood up standing so close together, bodies touching. They stared into one another’s eyes again. There fingers touching each other with wonder and a loving passion; Sheila leaned down to kiss Lyndith’s mouth with a sweetness that was almost unbearably innocent. Looking into her eyes she said. “Iv’e been bi-sexual for years my beautiful friend.”

“I have stood by and watched you living your life, never complaining about anything.” “Your sex life has been non existent and I could tell that after your split with your spouse, you were constantly searching for that certain someone and never finding him.” We’ve shared secrets, intimacies and I’ve always known how highly sensual, wonderfully erotic you truly are and how very sexually frustrated you’ve become.”

“You are my very best friend in this world and I adore you, this was something that I’ve wanted to do for years but never overstepped the boundaries.” “I know that you aren’t inclined to be bi-sexual and it is still there in your eyes. that reticence.” “We will always be amazing friends and if this should ever happen it again, then just allow it to flow like it did tonight.” I saw your interest, felt your sensuality and acted upon it; I can tell you it was a very beautiful and fulfilling experience for me.”

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