The Institute of Technology and Science Pt. 08

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Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking

(o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o)

Author’s Note: Nothing interesting here. No attempt at plot or character development. Just straight-ahead breast expansion and accompanying sex. But it’s been hanging around on my hard drive for a while and I thought, “What the heck. Put it out there and move on!” So I hope you enjoy it. And if you could take the time to provide feedback on this or any of the other stories I’ve published here I would appreciate it! It’s about the only compensation to be had for publishing these things. And thanks also to .com for hosting them!

(o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o)

Some background might be of interest: I was involved in a lab accident at the obscure but well respected university where I work, The Institute of Technology and Science. It sounds like a plot from a bad sci-fi story but now my pheromones have some unusual effects on some people. The scientists finally let me go. But they asked me to make a note of any unusual occurrences. Hence this report.

“You BASTARD!” she shouted at me as she pushed her way into my apartment. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?”

“Won’t you come in Antoinette?” I responded as politely as I could while fending off the angry young woman.

“Call me Toni and you’re DAMN RIGHT I’ll come in. You have a lot to answer for and I’m not leaving until you explain all this!”

“Wha…” I started before she cut me off.

“Before I met you I was a perfectly respectable junior accountant at the university. And NOW…” she paused to gather herself.

“Now, I’m this, this, this… I don’t know what to call it! Before I dated you everything was on track, but now? Now all I can think of is that night! Before I met you I was a normal young lady. But since then? Ever since you fucked me with that enormous pole you call a dick it’s all I’ve been able to think of! Lying under you, getting pounded into the mattress by the biggest, hardest cock in the world! Remembering how you managed to fit that gigantic thing into me! How you kept going and going, on and on! Making me, no FORCING me cum time after time, harder than ever before! Each time cumming harder than the time before! Making me insane!”

“Here, sit down, Toni, tell me what’s wrong.” I motioned to the sofa.

As she sat down her short skirt rode up to show off her fabulous legs and the welts at the top of her dark hose.

“You look good, Toni” I commented.

“Look good? Look GOOD!” she glared at me.

“I look fabulous! I look smoking hot! I used to have to struggle to hide my complexion’s flaws. But they are all gone! I have skin like porcelain now! My eyelashes are twice al long as they used to be. I don’t really need make up any more. But I like to put on lipstick!”

“All the girls in the office are asking me how I did it! And I don’t know what to tell them. Should I tell them to bed the good-looking guy who picked me up in that bar and have a night of amazing sex with a stud packing a dick as long as my forearm? I don’t think they would believe me! I’m not sure I believe it. But somehow I know that it’s canlı bahis true!”

“But…” I started again.

“And THIS! How do you explain THIS!” She tore off her blazer to show off a breast packed blouse. Buttons strained to contain a pair of pneumatic breasts.

“Before I met you I was a perky B-cup. Now I’m an F-cup and just as perky! Breasts this big shouldn’t be this bouncy and flawless! They should be sagging and drooping instead of poking straight ahead and begging for attention! And they get lots of attention!” She was running her hands over the massive mounds that she carried in front of her. Her nipples were starting to show thru her blouse and whatever bra she was wearing.

“Just look at all of this!” she exclaimed. “From B to F in less than a month? It’s amazing!” Her hands were still roaming over her mountains while her fingers pinched and plucked at her now prominent nipples. “They feel SO GOOD!” she moaned while gazing into my eyes. Her tongue flashed out to wet her lips. She was panting now.

“I can’t escape the attention of the guys in the office.” she went on. “Men in the street stare and whistle! Worst of all, I LIKE IT! I like to have men ogle me, to stare at me as I wiggle by in my high heels and tight mini-skirts. I like the way they gape at me as I bounce under the tight sweaters I’ve started to wear along with the hip-hugging mini skirts that show off my ass to anyone that wants to take a look. I can’t stop myself, I dress to show off, to flaunt my smoking hot bod!”

“So…” I tried again.

“And that doesn’t begin to explain my attitude and how I’ve changed!” she didn’t even slow down to acknowledge me. “Three days ago the VP told me I was looking good as he passed me in the hall. So I dragged him into the supply closet and drained his balls three times in a row! First I had him fuck me from behind, then I took him between my tits and had him cum all over me and then, after I had licked up all that I could get, I sucked his dick until he fed me the last of his cum! I’ve been getting flowers and anonymous thank you notes ever since!”

“He wasn’t even half your size,” she mused, still fondling herself. “And I have to admit these feel good! Even if they are only F-cups.” She moaned as she pinched her nipples. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth and leisurely swept across her upper and lower lips.

“I can’t get over how good it feels to have someone’s hands on my big tits! I don’t have any idea how you did it but I love the feelings I get now!”

“What have you done to me? Before I met you I didn’t think size mattered at all. Now all I can think about is your immense cock! How it felt, throbbing and pulsing while I tried to wrap my hands around it. How hot and hard it was as I pushed my hands up and down! What it looked like as I got it to spurt out more cum than anyone I have ever been with! And how you did it time after time after time!

“I need you to do that again for me! I need to see you empty your balls over my tits!

“I need to feel you push this gigantic prong deep into my poor empty pussy. I need to feel my cunt spasm as you drive yourself all the way! You go so MUCH deeper than anyone else ever bahis siteleri has! And I need to feel that again!

“Uh,” I started to answer her but before I could continue her hands were busy undoing my belt and pulling my zipper down. “Just let me at this big boy! It turns out I like big dicks, you know! And I’ve never seen one as big as this one!”

She was fondling my semi-hard shaft with both hands as she licked her lips in anticipation.

“Oh, yes! It’s just as big as I remember! It’s been haunting my dreams! And it’s all I can think of at work! So pull it out, big guy and feed me as much of this more than foot long prick as I can take. And don’t stop until you’ve emptied those massive balls!

“I want all I can get, stud! So don’t try to hold back!”

By this time she was kneeling in front of me. Totally naked, her big tits were shaking and bouncing in front of her as she played with my cock. She ran her mouth up and down, sucking up all the pre-cum that was leaking out. Then she started to lip and tease my ball sack with her tongue and lips! It felt terrific. I didn’t try to hold back, just like she had told me. Instead I started to spurt long ropes of cum. The first ones soared over her head, then, as she pulled me into her mouth I shot off several more volleys. The last few she directed across her tits and proceeded to massage into her skin.

“Yes, I like how that feels, I like the way it soaks into me and how it feels as I let it dry on my titties!”

“Now for the main event! I want to feel you cram yourself into me! Fuck me, stud! FUCK me as hard as you can with this gigantic cock!”

“But, Antoinette, aren’t you afraid you’ll have another reaction like the first time? Do you want to have your breasts expand? Or what ever else may happen?”?

“I told you, call me Toni! And if my tits get bigger? Well that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world! After all these are only F-cups. And I know men love big tits and I love men that love my big titties! If I get bigger they will just love them even more! Now come on! Stop stalling and fuck hell out of me!”

So I did! We spent the next few hours exploring what Toni called her “new eroticism”. She fucked me in every position that you can imagine. She dropped her tits on my face, pulled my hands to her nipples and gave me tit fucks while I rode her waist and then later, while she sucked on my balls! There was nothing that she wasn’t willing to do! We both enjoyed doing all of them.

As we kissed goodnight she snuggled up to me, pressing her chest against me. “If I get bigger, I’ll come back and show you,” she promised.

The next time she rang the bell there was no blazer. Instead she was barely packed into a skin-tight crop-top that left her slender waist uncovered and exposed the top one third of the largest tits I had ever seen along with enough side boob to confirm that she wasn’t wearing a bra! With out a bra to restrain them her tits exploded outward and rested wider than her shoulders. Amazingly, they hardly seemed to sag at all!

After entering my apartment she stood proudly in front of me with her hands on her waist. She was arching her back, pushing her inconceivable bahis şirketleri development toward me.

“Fifty-eight inches,” she announced proudly. “When we first met I was barely a 32 B-cup. Now I over-fill my 34 S-cup bra. I have a 26 inch waist and 36 inch hips. But no one notices anything except my gigantic tits and stiff nipples that poke thru all my clothes!” It was true! I could see her nipples and swollen aureola thru her top!

“And I’m so much different! I was a junior accountant. Now I’m Assistant Vice President for Development! But it’s MY development that I’m VP of! The Executive Vice President that I did in the closet back then has put me up in a swank penthouse. And he and gave me a company credit card. All I have to do is take care of him! Which is dead easy! I let him wash my back. And whatever. Any time he comes around. Then I fuck him to exhaustion before I send him home to his family.

“I can’t help it! I’ve become a slut! My lips are all puffy now! I look like I have had collagen injections. My hair has become wavy it’s turned blonde and reaches my waist! I’ve pretty much lost my gag reflex. And look at this!”

She extended her tongue to lick her lips. Then she pushed it out farther and farther. She could easily touch the tip of her nose with it!

She stepped closer to me. I could feel her tits as they brushed against me. Her nipples scrapped across my waist. She took in a sharp breath in pleasure as she wiggled against me. She reached up and pulled me into a steamy hot kiss.

“But I still crave this big, fat dick,” she admitted. “I’ve never found one as big or as potent as this huge cock!” she was stroking me as she spoke. “I want to feel this monster force it’s way down my throat and into my hungry pussy!”

And she spent the rest of the day proving just how much she craved my massive cock. I pretty much just let her do whatever she wanted. And what she wanted was to deep-throat my dick. To pull out all the sperm that she could! To ride my monster fuck stick until she came! Time after time she would erupt in squeals of ecstasy while bouncing up and down on my rampant cock.

And after each eruption she would pay homage to me until she had brought me back to full strength. Then she would kneel in front of me and direct me to pound her until she collapsed in front of me. We would both rest for a while until she would curl up at my waist and suckle at my prick until I was hard again. Then she would decide whether to suck or fuck me. Which ever she choose was fine with me!

She would shiver those massive tits in my face, pull my hands to her nipples and encourage me to play with her tits!

One of our favorite things to do was to haver her lean over me, smother me with those monster boobs while she pulled my dick all the way down her throat. Then she would slither her amazing tongue out to tickle my balls until I erupted down her gullet! It never took long!

When she left, hours later, I was drained dry! And I’m sure that she would have kept up if she thought that I had anything left to give her.

She gave me a tender kiss goodbye kiss at the door.

“I can’t wait to see what more changes might come my way! This was a great session. I’m looking forward tot he next one, honey!” And she was gone.

I haven’t seen her since. I wonder if I’ll see her again. And if I do, will she have changed even more? How?

The End

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