The Jock in My Sketchbook Ch. 01

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Hello, this is my first ever Erotica story here, please give me feedback so I can improve my writing, and I hope you guys enjoy the story. This is kind of a slow-burn, but I promise things will spice up as the chapters go on.

Thank you all! Birdragon25

It’s 1 AM at midnight, and I’m sketching my long-time crush Jordan, on yet another page of my sketchbook. Jordan is a handsome young man, big puppy eyes, a great smile, light tan skin, developed pecs and arms, and a six-pack. His hair is somewhat wavy, he is perfect in my eyes.

I opened up Instagram to look at his latest pictures. Jordan’s IG page has shockingly few pictures of him being shirtless, in fact, many of his pictures seem to be food-related, minced pork with rice, sushi rolls, and boba teas. This Filipino jock definitely has good taste in food.

As I scroll down more I finally reach a picture of him shirtless taken a year ago with his water polo teammates. This is the picture I have seen thousands of times ever. His light blue speedo, his pecs, and his arms. I continued my sketch of Jordan, filling in more details, the shading of his arm, the shape and dots of his nipples, and his abs. I redraw the lines of his calves muscles to better reflect how he looked in his more recent pictures. But there is one missing detail on my sketch, and that is the groin region where his dick is located

What kind of a dick does Jordan have? Is it girthy? Cut or Uncut? And how long? How big are his balls? Fuck just thinking about what his dick looks like is getting me hard.

I can feel a jet of precum being squirted out in my underwear. I hopped onto my bed, stripped off my clothes, and started stroking my dick with my left hand. With my right hand, I grabbed the sketch of Jordan. My dick pulsated in my hands, fuck was I horny.

I imagined Jordan standing istanbul travesti in front of me naked, and we lean on each other and kiss. His hands running through the back of my head and brushing my hair with his fingers. I imagined my hands running through the chest and stomach of Jordan, feeling his pecs and abs. He then pushes me onto the bed and kissed me harder than before, our tongues twirling together. As I am imagining the hot scenes with Jordan, my hand strokes my dick faster and faster. I imagined Jordan weighing down upon me with his body, pinning me down onto my bed, his dick grinding against mine. I could feel my cum slowly coming up my shaft. I felt a wave of pleasure that make me both want to stoke faster and cum while simultaneously experiencing the pleasure on the edge forever.

After another few strokes too many, I feel my balls contracting, I was on the edge of cumming. My breath was now heavier and my heart beating faster.

“Mmmm….” I let out a giant moan as the first shot of my cum landed on my forehead, then my lips, then my chest. I licked the cum off my lips and used the t-shirt that I had just taken off and wiped the cum off my chest and forehead. I then toss the shirt in my laundry basket and tucked myself to sleep. This was one of the biggest cumshots I’ve had recently, granted I didn’t jerk off for like 4 days.

Damn, I am going to sleep well tonight. As I slowly become more sleepy, my thoughts drifted to the time when I first begin to crush on Jordan.

It was the last day of 8th grade and middle school. I remember everyone signing each other’s yearbook. I didn’t buy a yearbook because quite frankly I was friends with no one and didn’t feel the need to purchase one. That was the biggest mistake I made, as I felt really left out. While everyone is signing each other’s istanbul travestileri yearbooks, talking about plans for the summer, I sat in the corner of my 7th-period class with my head down, buried deep within my folded arms, rotting on my desk while I wait impatiently for this dreadful day to end.

Then suddenly I heard a warming voice calling my name. I looked up to see Jordan holding his yearbook with a smile.

“Nate, can you please sign my yearbook? I’m trying to get everyone in my class to sign it, and I don’t want to forget you.”

I looked at him shocked, did this handsome boy just say that he wants me to sign his yearbook so he doesn’t forget me?

What does this mean? Is this a cruel trick that the popular kids are playing on me? Why would he ever talk to a guy like me?

Thoughts raced through my head a thousand miles per hour.

“Nate? Bro, you alright?” Jordan’s voice snapped me back into reality

“Hey sorry, I was thinking about something, I’ll sign your yearbook now.”

Jordan handed me the book and pen from his hands and I soon signed my name with a generic best wish message on one of his pages that’s filled with names and handwriting from other people in the class.

What stood out to me was while other names on the page were mostly black and blue, my name and message were in orange. I thought it was just a coincidence at the time. He probably just randomly grabbed this pen from his backpack I thought to myself

“Thanks, Nate, do you mind if I have your number? I mean summertime is coming soon and I would like to invite you over for a swi- or…or we can grab some lunch, I have a few new recipes I would like people to try out” Jordan paused at swim, I suspect mostly because I had the reputation of being unathletic and always getting picked last on team sports travesti istanbul during PE class, he just assumed I don’t know how to swim.

“Thanks, Jordan, I don’t feel comfortable giving out my number, and I am going to move soon next week, but I hope you have a great summer” Fuck! What was my dumbass thinking?

While it’s true that I am moving to another state soon, I still could’ve gotten his number, I mean this guy genuinely seemed nice and was the only person to talk to me today aside from teachers and school administrators.

“Oh, that’s cool, well here is my IG if you want to add me,” Jordan said with a hint of disappointment in his voice

I added his IG and he added me back, and that was the last I saw him in person before I moved to Oregon. But sometimes fate works in its mysterious ways.

After a change in my parent’s job, we are moving back to the area where I attended middle school. But this time a new neighborhood on the better side of town. After we settled in our new home, my mom and I decided to go to the grocery store to buy some food and water.

Everything went well until we reached the checkout line, where I saw him, the guy that filled the pages of my sketchbook, Jordan. He was wearing a grey polo with the store logo printed on the left side of his uniform and a name tag with his name on the right side. The shirt fitted him well, with the sleeves closely hugging his arm, and then his eyes met mine.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Norman, and hello there Nathan, long time no see,” Jordan said with a smile. Butterflies were already flying in my stomach.

“Hello there Jordan, you must be one of Nathan’s old classmates, it is nice seeing you here,” My mom said with a warm smile. “But you can just call me May.”

The small talk between my mom and Jordan continued for a short amount of time until Jordan packed all the groceries we bought into three bags, after saying goodbye we left the store. My mom turned to me and said

“Nate, that Jordan guy over there seems pretty nice, you should try to be friends with him” Oh mom, you have no idea…

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