The Jogger

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As usual, she came trotting up the hill at exactly 3pm. He could almost set his watch to her. Through the corner of his eye he watched her shapely form trot delicately behind him. Today was the day.

His name was Curtis, and he had recently started jogging. He used to swim, still did, in fact, but since the weather was changing for the better he thought he’d get out and about and work on his tan. Approaching 30 Curtis was aware that he needed to keep in shape. He was trim, didn’t smoke, but he did like a drink now and then. He was enjoying it, this exercise, meeting fellow joggers on his way round the park. But when he first saw ‘her’ two weeks ago he knew that this jogging thing was him.

She was stunningly gorgeous – curvaceous, firm breasts, her slim body wrapped in a tight t-shirt and wearing the skimpiest jogging shorts he had ever seen. How old was she – 24? 25? He would pretend to stall just as she jogged past him, just to gaze lustfully at her curvaceous ass, the way it jutted seductively up and down as she jogged past him. At first she didn’t acknowledge his presence, then, as the days went by they would nod, and then smile before saying hi.

Curtis was determined to ask her for a date, or the very least, ask her name. Who cared if she was seeing someone or not? He truly believed that she was seeing someone, for any babe that fucking sexy isn’t the type to stay single. So, at 3.01 she came jogging towards him, he stretching his legs on a park bench at the top of a mild hill. She smiled when she saw him, he smiling back.

“Hi!” she beamed, slowing down. “Feeling the strain, are you?”

Curtis laughed. “Just a bit. I had a late night last night so, yeah I’m feeling it.”

“Well, we all have to let our hair down once in a while, I suppose,” she replied. She now came to a complete stop, resting her hands on her hips. Curtis glimpsed her tight shorts from the corner of his eye, noticing her succulent pussy molded between the tautness of the flimsy material. canlı bahis My God, he thought.

“Oh, I’m Curtis,” he said, standing to his feet and holding out his hand. She took it, smiling. “Veronica. Please to meet you, Curtis.”

Veronica. Her name was Veronica. “Yeah, you too. I’ve noticed you jogging around here – it’s always nice to see a friendly face.”

“Been at this long?”

“A few weeks now. Thought I’d make hay while the sun shines,” he said.

“Yeah, it’s really nice this time of year. So tell me, what did you do last night that has you struggling today?”

For the first time he noticed that there was a wedding ring on Veronica’s finger. “Oh, I was at a bar with a few friends. Few too many beers, the usual. It was fun.”

“Was it a strip bar?” she cheekily asked, grinning.

“No, it was not a strip bar!” he said, feigning shock. “I am appalled you’d even ask such a thing!”

“Yeah, right, mister,” she said. “I’ve seen the way you stare at me when I jog past you – funny how you always seem to stop at the same place every day!”

Curtis was genuinely embarrassed. “Why, Veronica,” he began, “I merely feel the urge to … stretch my muscle at this same spot –”

“I bet you do,” she said, saucily.

Curtis laughed, sitting down. “It’s not like that, well … now that you mention it …”

“I thought so,” she said, now facing him. She took a few steps into him, almost on top of him. Curtis tried desperately not to stare at her pussy that was now ogling him. Her perfume hit him hard, intoxicating. “Besides, why do you think I take the same route everyday too? I was kinda hoping you’d say hello.”

“Did you?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said, adding, “you’re cute.”

“Well, you already know what I think of you, the way I stretch my muscle an’ all,” he teased her, “but are you -?” He motioned to her wedding ring.

“What of it?” she asked. “He’s never home, anyway. I married a tycoon, which seemed like a good bahis siteleri idea at the time. He’s either away on business, or he’s ‘at a meeting’ with his secretary.” she added, waving her fingers.

“I find that hard to believe,” Curtis said.

“Oh? Why?”

“Woman like you, the way you look? Jesus, Veronica, if I woke up with you every day I wouldn’t let you out of the fucking bed.”

She smiled. “Thanks for that. Nice to know someone appreciates me.”

In a bold move that would either have her slapping his face or not, Curtis raised his hand and softly placed it on her hip.”You make my day every time I see you, babe,” he continued.

“You’re sweet,” she said, quietly, biting her bottom lip.

“I bet you taste sweet,” he replied, his hand finding her left buttock as Veronica playfully rocked to and fro.

“Is anyone coming?” she asked him.


Veronica, looking around her, asked Curtis. “Is anyone coming?”

“Not that I can see,” he said, he said, his fingers moving softly across her waist, cross the silky material towards the outline of her pussy.

“Touch me,” she breathed, expectantly. Curtis did as he was told, his heart thumping loudly in his chest – his fingers slid beneath her shorts between her legs and caressed the outline of her cunt. Veronica moaned.

“So soft,” Curtis stated, his fingers moving to and fro along her the outline of her slit. Veronica moaned appreciatively.

“Yeah, oh yeah,” she groaned. “It’s been so long since I’ve been – “she trailed off, her head looking skittishly around her. No one was coming.

“You’re wet,” Curtis noticed aloud, swiveling his finger round to scoop his fingertip beneath the folds of her flesh. He could feel her excitement through her shorts, feel her dampness seeping through. Veronica rocked uneasily on her feet.

“Don’t stop …” she whimpered, pushing her hips into his sliding fingers. She closed her eyes, biting her bottom lip, momentarily lost in her lustfulness.

Curtis’s bahis şirketleri fingers slid faster now, almost grinding them into her pussy, now soaked through. Was he brushing off her clit? He thought so, the way she moaned. The material of her shorts was wet and sticky with her honey. The urge to stuff his face there was over-whelming, he badly wanted to feast upon what he imagined to be her delicious pussy. Would she let him eat her later?

“I’m coming!” she sighed, leaning down on his fingers as her body shook with an electric orgasm. Curtis felt her body shudder as she gripped his hand between her thighs, trapping it there. It took a bit of effort but he managed to finally free it.

Veronica’s face, flushed red, smiled down upon the stranger who just had gotten her off. Curtis grinned back up at her, before sucking upon his finger. It tasted of her honey and damp running shorts.

“Have a seat?” he asked her, patting the empty space next to him.

“I think I better sit down,” she said, stretching one leg over him, now sitting on his lap, both her legs on either side.

“That’s not what I had in mind, but ok,” he said, placing his hands on her hips.

Veronica reached below to tug at his throbbing erection that swelled within in his shorts. Her fingers played it awhile, she bending forward to kiss him, passing her tongue into his mouth.

“I was hoping you had a big cock,” she whispered, licking her lips as she massaged his erection. “I think I should repay the favor, but not here.”

“We could jog back to my place?” Curtis suggested. He went to playfully bite her breasts that jutted in his face.

“A capital idea, sir,” she said, stepping off him. A gaggle of children marched by, eyeing the couple suspiciously. Vironica smirked when she saw him sitting on the bench, his rigid cock poking up from his shorts, he doing what he could to hide his shame from the world. “Will you be able to jog with that thing in your pants?”

“The question is, you naughty girl,” Curtis said, adjusting himself as best he could before getting to his feet, “is whether you’ll be able to jog once I finish fucking you?”

Veronica smiled. “Let’s hope not …”

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