The Land of Dreams Ch. 09

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A Tale of Olden Days.

Giandomenico tells me that people are kind enough to be interested in my researches into the lives and loves of the inhabitants of the Three Principalities. Here is a tale from many centuries ago, which, I hope, you will find as moving as I do. I read it as a happy wife, and it is as though this girl and her princess from ancient times have held out their hands and touched mine. Centuries pass but love remains, or so I like to think. Moonflower.

This is a tale of two farming families, living beside the river of Garak. The Corn family consisted of a man, his wife and their three sons, the youngest of whom showed from her earliest days that she was a girly boy. They named her Viola. The family was delighted for she was a beautiful, delicately moulded child who gave promise of become a lovely woman and so, through marriage, they hoped she might bring wealth and prestige to the family.

The Reed family had only one child, a son. He too was a beautiful child but of a completely different sort from Viola. He was a manly boy who clearly would grow into a splendidly masculine adult. They named him Stone.

Whereas the Corn family’s farm was on excellent soil and gave a grand yield of cereals and provided excellent pasture for their cattle, the Reed family’s land was marshy and its only regular crop was of the reeds from which the family derived their name. They made their living by weaving baskets and mats and selling them in markets around the country. From these facts you can see that the Corn family was rich and the Reed family was poor and you will have already guessed that Viola and Stone fell in love with each other when they were children and that Viola’s parents and her brothers objected. That was to be expected, but the young people’s plight was made all the harder because Stone’s parents, not wanting to seem to be trying to benefit from their neighbours’ greater riches, also instructed their son to give up any thought of Viola.

Although Stone and Viola were, ostensibly, obedient to their parents’ demands, as children tended to be in those days, they, nevertheless, contrived to meet in secret and their love grew with their years. The innocent love of children was becoming, for Stone, the urgent longing of the adolescent for sexual release.

All four parents sighed with relief when Viola went away to the girly-boy school in the capital of Leonesse for they had been aware, despite their children’s attempts to evade their scrutiny, of their children’s continuing love for each other and Viola’s brothers had threatened Stone with what they would do to him if he didn’t give up all contact with their sister.

Viola spent seven years in Leonesse. Each time she came home she had become more of a lady in the eyes of both families, and both families were pleased to think that she had moved out of Stone’s sphere altogether. Stone and Viola could rarely meet and when they did coincide at any event it was under the watchful eyes of relatives. Parental suspicion was laid to rest. The Corn family was content. sex izle

The only problem, so far as the Reed family was concerned, was that Stone, who was three years older than Viola, had developed into a superbly built, virile man, who could have had his pick of most women and many men, but appeared to have absolutely no interest in either.

One of Viola’s brothers was two years older than Stone and one was the same age as him. When Stone was twenty-one, the three men met on the bridge which spanned the river beside which their families farmed. Stone was carrying a pile of baskets to market and the two brothers decided to make fun of him. Both of them were powerfully built young men, though the elder was starting to run a little to fat. The elder brother was married and had a child, the younger had a pregnant girlfriend. They chose to insult Stone’s masculinity, saying that he was only fit to carry a basket and that he wouldn’t have been any good to their sister or to any sort of woman, since he was known to be a virgin and was probably a eunuch. Stone did not reply. He simply put his baskets on the ground, picked up each brother with one hand, lifted them higher than the parapet of the bridge and threw them into the river.

The time came when Viola had completed her education and should return home. Several highly eligible men had proposed to her, which surprised no one at the court, for she was not only staggeringly lovely to look at but had a simple, direct and courteous nature which endeared her to her contemporaries and to her teachers. In appearance she was about five feet eight and slim. She wore her cock and balls carefully concealed, making a perfect clitie mound. Her skin was like silk, her legs were long, her eyes and mouth sensuous and beguiling, so that men and women often tried to entice her into their beds, but she refused all her suitors of whatever sex. The princess of the day offered to make her into one of her ladies in waiting but Viola asked to be excused.

The princess was a shrewd woman, used to the ways of girls, and asked her if there was a young man at home with whom she had an understanding. Viola blushed and acknowledged that there was such a man, but that her parents, and his, disapproved of the match. The princess asked what he did for a living. When Viola told her that he was a reed farmer and basket maker the princess asked her if she realised what a hard life that was. Did she imagine that she could do the work that being such a man’s wife would involve?

She took Viola’s hands in hers, turned up her palms and said, ‘My dear, these little hands have never known toil. They are as soft as a baby’s.’

Viola said, ‘No toil will be too great if I can love and serve Stone as my husband.’

The princess said, ‘Let the young man come to see me. He must be very special for you to feel thus for you are not a fool.’

Stone was sent for and the brothers of Viola, who had accused Stone of trying to drown them, were pleased, thinking that the princess was going to punish him. sikiş izle When Stone arrived at court, dressed decently but simply and bringing a basket as a gift to the princess, the princess and he sat for an hour discussing his love for Viola and hers for him. The princess noted the wide shoulders, the muscular arms, the broad chest and the magnificent thighs and longed to see what was between them, but, she reminded herself, this man, whom she would have gladly taken into her bed, belonged to a girl of whom she was fond. She controlled her lust, despite being a woman of strong passions. She then called Viola to see her alone.

She said to Viola, ‘I can see that he is an exceptional young man; a man of deep feeling and good sense. He is also one of the most attractive young men who has ever come to court. I can see why you feel as you do. But I still think you are unfitted and unprepared for the hardships of a reed farmer’s wife. Call your young man back in. I have a suggestion to make to you both.’

Stone returned and the princess said, ‘You wish to marry and by the laws of Garak your parents cannot prevent this. However, as it stands, such a marriage will create bad blood, possibly for generations, between your families. Also, I fear that in time the grind of such work will break Viola’s spirit and stain the happiness of you both. I propose that you stay here at court as my official basket and carpet makers, that I pay Stone’s parents sufficient to hire as many men as they need to cut the rushes and to treat them and transport them to the court.’

She asked Stone if he thought his parents would accept this offer and said to Viola that she was sure her parents would be glad of the increased status which would accrue to them by their daughter having a court appointment. Both elements proved to be true.

‘Now,’ said the princess, after the wedding had taken place, ‘is the time of your reward for your faithfulness to each other.’

In the bedroom in the palace, where they were to spend their honeymoon, Stone knelt before his bride and slowly undressed her. He removed her white satin shoes and kissed her toes through her silk stockings; he took the garter and stocking on her left leg into his teeth and pulled them down as far as her foot, then he removed them altogether; he did the same to her right leg. He brought her stockings to his nostrils and breathed in the perfume of her skin. He stroked her thighs with his powerful hands and kissed up towards the point they both longed for him to reach.

However, before allowing himself to explore further with his mouth, he stood and unfastened her dress so that it fell in a silken pool about her feet. She stepped out of it, clad only in panties and her veil, which she drew seductively about her budding breasts, until her husband drew it aside and took her rosy nipples each into his mouth. He sucked gently and she moaned as his hands now roamed about her clitie and her behind, and one hand traced the line of beauty which ran between her perfect buttocks, to touch, oh so türk porno gently, her rosebud. She shivered in anticipation. Now he removed her panties and her clitie mound was revealed to him. He gasped at the loveliness of her balls and her cocklet and took them into his mouth. He sucked and licked for only a moment before he stood and, equally slowly, removed his own clothes.

First Viola saw his massive shoulders appear and the great column of his throat. Then the magnificent expanse of his chest with his pecs standing proud, their nipples hard as iron. She kissed each one in turn and played with the hair on his chest. He encouraged her to loose the long skirts of his wedding garment so that he in turn stood in a pool of fine white cloth, linen for him, silk for her. And now she saw her prize; between two muscular thighs, a cock, ten inches long, veined in purple and bronze, thick as many a man’s forearm, helmeted with a perfectly sculpted glans, and two balls as big as peaches and as succulent looking in their furry bag. Viola fell to her knees and kissed the agents of her joy. She took each ball singly into her mouth then licked his cock from base to tip, before sipping the bubble of precum from his head and taking as much of the glans into her mouth as she could manage.

‘In time I shall take all of him,’ she said.

‘In time, my loveliest girl, we shall both take all of each other for the whole of the rest of our lives. Now let me loose your clitie.’

He pulled off the strips of ‘the ladies’ friend’ which hid the prettiness of her cocklet and her clitie balls and licked them; she gasped and drops of her clitie milk started to appear as she squirmed with pleasure, then, before she could come entirely, he moved to raise her legs and push his face deep into her crack. He inhaled the perfume of her cunt and licked the rosebud he had longed to unfurl for so many years. She lay back, entranced as his tongue flickered into her pussy lips, his dampened fingers stroked her into life and one finger entered heaven. Then two entered, then his tongue again, and then he placed his cock into her hands for her to guide him to their treasure. With both hands she directed this column, of which she had dreamt so often and so lovingly, but the reality was beyond anything she could have imagined. He pushed through her sphincter and entered his paradise. He pushed further; she cried out, he paused then pushed again and again. At last he rested fully inside her velvet tunnel. Slowly again he withdrew and re-entered; she quivered with the joy of it and as he picked up speed her cocklet shot her milk across his pounding stomach and he blew the first great burst of semen into her womb. He roared his glory and hers to the palace walls and five times more that wonderful night she received his fertilising blast deep in her welcoming cunt.

So began an idyllic married life for both of them. The tale is told in delightful detail in the sources, and the couple seem to have enjoyed a perfect sexual relationship, which produced ten strapping sons. Stone moved further and further up the ladder of court preferment and seems to have remained faithful to his wife, although some have suggested that his rise was due to the princess’s devotion to his skills in more than basket weaving. However, I do not believe this. Some people will say anything.

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