The Langstons

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Byron’s Story

He felt her move beneath him. Opening his eyes he looked down and saw his cock pumping, the pink lips of a cunt, as it welcomed his manhood with each thrust. The view was slowly obscured by breasts slowly rising upwards. The hard red nipples brushed against his chest making the girl moan. He looked at his sister’s face as she neared her orgasm. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open showing her pink tongue, her lips formed an oval as she sucked in air. Her dark brown hair was fanned on a pillow behind her, sweat rolled from her brow down her face into her hair and down her neck. He bent forward to taste the salt, to taste another part of her. He loved the feel of her velvet skin against his tongue. His ragged breath touched her neck and roared into her ears. He closed his eyes once more as he focused again on his cock on his blood, on the pulse running through his whole body.

The roar of desire ripped through his ears again, the ripple of an orgasm burnt through his arms down his chest and to the tip of his red cock. It was so near, yet he willed it away, he wanted to live in his moment longer. His lungs burnt and his knees and forearms ached from holding his weight. Just a little longer he willed, he felt his ass clenching an unclenching as her hands and nails ripped across his ass cheeks. The sting of pain increased his pleasure.

Her nails dug into his shoulders, she dragged them down his arms leaving long white marks. He felt her cunt grab hold of his cock in a vice like grip. She stopped breathing; her back arched upwards one final time, a low guttural noise emanated from her throat, her nails draw blood from his arms. Her legs curled up and gripped his lower back willing their flesh to become one. He increased his fucking, his ass clenched in their efforts.

She fells back onto the bed with a dazed half smile on her face. Byron her brother continued to pound her flesh. She listened for a moment to the sound their bodies made, the smacking of flesh upon flesh. Her breasts rolled back and forth from his efforts, she touched her nipples and trailed her hand down her body to her clit rubbing the engorged tip. Her legs loosened for a moment and then gripped his body again, her legs moved up and down in time with his hips. His eyes were closed and breathing was coming in short sharp in takes, sweat was dripping from his face onto her breasts, into her open mouth.

She placed her hands around his face, his flesh felt slick. Moving forward she kissed his lips, his cheeks and draw her tongue across his face finishing at his ear. Felling back onto the pillows she watched the movement of his hips, his cock. Seeing her brother’s cock, the veins standing out on his cock pounding into her flesh, into her cunt was getting her started all over again. She could tell he was close. She brought one finger to her mouth. She moaned.

Bryon’s eyes opened, their eyes met, she raised one eye brow in a playful sexy manner. He watched as she slowly sucked her finger, then two fingers into her mouth. His rhythm slowed. He felt blood rushing to his cock, he felt like his cock had just gotten bigger, felt his balls tighten. His sister placed her hand against his collarbone then drew her nails down his chest. He watched his flesh change colour from the pressure. The nails draw to his nipple then stopped. He groaned and rolled his eyes to the heavens, she laughed. The nails moved over his erect nipple. If was like electricity. She pinched and twisted his nipple hard in one swift movement. Then was no stopping it now. His cock erupted, hips slammed into her. Byron moaned deeply, he felt like his balls had been totally empted.

They stayed intertwined for a moment before Byron rolled off Aimee. His heart pounded in his chest, he looked over at her. Her breasts heaved, her normally pink nipples were a deep red he could see where he had earlier sucked on them leaving behind a smug of saliva, her dark pubic hair was wet and stuck to her flesh, light shimmered on her body as she bent one leg, she smiled at him and lightly draw one finger up and down his arm. Both returned their glaze to the bedroom ceiling. It was these few grabbed moments they had these days. Soon Aimee’s boyfriend Andrew would be home and Byron would be laying out on the sofa later that evening listening to him fucking his sister. A well of jealousy pooled at the pit of his stomach. How could Aimee just move from lover to lover with so little thought? It was as if Byron’s feelings counted for zero. It was a dark area of both of their psyches they could barely look at, the ability to harm others.

Both jumped when Aimee’s mobile rang. She picked it up and whispered it was Andrew. She walked out of the bedroom into the hall naked; he could hear her talking to Andrew, a few long silences punctured by laughter and small talk. Seeing her walking around the movement of her hips the flow of her hair the jiggle of her breasts swelled his cock again. Byron looked around the bed bostancı escort bayan and knew he had to help Aimee change the sheets. He would take these sheets home and wash them but not before he had had a chance to jack off as he smelt them. He pulled the condom from his softening cock.

Aimee stood framed in the doorway the mobile held loosely in her hand with a big grin on her face. Andrew had rung to tell her he would be working late. A big client needed help to get his brief completed and all the firms lawyers were been roped in. Andrew explained he may not be home until the early hours of the morning. Byron smiled at his news and relaxed for a moment. He was glad he had thrown a few condoms into this wallet the night before. He reached for his wallet on the nightstand and flicked the wallet open, a small picture of his ex wife stared back he scanned the picture for a moment and got the condom out from behind the picture. The old anger rose in his chest, the hurt the fear the pain of not fully understanding why it had all gone wrong.

Aimee scouted over to the bed and climbed over the stained rumpled black sheets. She kissed Byron deeply on the lips and drawn his tongue into her mouth; they both tasted the scents of each other on their lips. Aimee pushed Byron back onto his back. She sat on his chest. She glazed out the window of her apartment for a moment watching a small yacht make its way out of the bay under the ANZAC Bridge. She brushed her hand through his blonde hair and trailed down the side of his face as his trying to remember its contours. She studied his face like she was studying an old painting before returning her eyes to his gaze. The air was still both could feel the heat, the smell of sex hung heavy in the air, weight of the other the sound of their hearts. This whole situation was all so wrong and it just added to the overall thrill.

Aimee explained she would make dinner for both of them and then they could fuck for a few hours but Byron had to be lying on the sofa under covers alone by 2 am. Aimee returned her gaze to the window over looking Blackwattle Bay in a soft voice she explained there were a few positions she was keen to try with Byron if he was willing. Byron nodded his approved as he slowly rubbed Aimee’s clit. Her hand snaked down over his. She guided him, made him pressure harder, made the circles bigger, made the circles faster. Her hips bucked on his chest, he saw her nipples harden again and the way Aimee used her hands to sometimes pinch and pull at them. The pinching made her body shudder. Aimee moaned and bit at her lips. Looking down she grabbed Byron’s left hand and pressed it into her cunt. She lifted her hips and raised her left leg to give him better access.

Aimee was clear on what she wanted. She grunted how fast he was to go, how many fingers, how hard to push, where to caress, Aimee made her happiness known. Moaning and yelling calling Byron “baby” and “slut” she scratched at his face and pulled at tuffs of his blonde locks, soon Byron found her G spot and felt Aimee’s release a few moments later, the fluids ran down his hands and arms. Aimee kissed him: she pulled his hands up to her face and licked them slowly while watching Byron’s reaction. Her green eyes burnt into his blue, her stare was straight and unflinching, and Byron could see only lust swimming in Aimee’s eyes. It scared him and made Byron want her even more.

His forefingers were thoroughly cleaned by her pink tongue and Aimee commented about how good she tasted and how lucky Byron was to enjoy her. Aimee climbed off his chest and told Byron to have a shower as he smelt and to jerk off. Byron replied he wasn’t the one leaving cum on other people’s chests as he rubbed the shaft and head of his red cock.

As he bathed in the hot shower Byron examined the new set of cuts on his upper arms and on the side of his face He wondered how he would explain them to his new “girlfriend” a term Byron was loath to use as he felt this girl was little more than a fuck buddy; he wondered how he would explain to Aimee he had this new intrusion in his life and she wasn’t just a one night fling as he had made out and he didn’t know how he could take back the lie. Maybe he won’t have to in the end Byron did what he does best he continued to procrastinate and won’t say a word.

An old memory flashed into his mind from two years before. Byron still remembered how Aimee had stared at him blankly when he told her he was getting married and how in love he was how happy he was, there was this moment of total silence between them. Byron had thought he had said the wrong thing like he was going down the street to get the groceries not a life changing statement based on Aimee’s reaction.

Her eyes squinted she looked away from him then slowly she smiled but the warmth of the smile never reached her eyes. He felt how slack her hug had been how empty her voice had sounded when she congratulated him. Byron’s wife Fiona ümraniye escort had found Aimee to be very stand offish and rude. The two women never saw eye to eye in the few short months of Byron’s marriage.

Jealously was one family trait that ran strong in the Langston family. Byron thought for a moment of all the girls he had fucked over the years. Nearly all were Aimee’s best friends. When Byron fucked them he would imagine in his minds eye it was Aimee. If he knew they were close friends Byron knew they had kissed and hugged Aimee. He wanted that scent of Aimee from them, he wanted that closeness. Byron never considered the effect this had on Aimee or her circle of friends but it soon became a running joke in their small country town of Bowral if you made friends with one Langston you were bound to be fucked by the other.

One memory that was burnt into Byron’s mind was at 21st birthday party about six years before for an old school mate Byron knew. While at the party Aimee had gotten drunk which within its self was not usual behavior, she had been flirting with a number of guys pulling at t-shirts trying to pinch guys and girls nipples as they walked pass her, loudly commenting on people’s outfits generally making jokes at other people’s expense. Most revelers within the party were amused by Aimee’s antics and she had a small following of laughing teens and young adults. Talk within the group turned to sex, Aimee was loud about her conquests, which at the time numbered four boyfriends and her techniques for sex. The talk turned to kissing with a few young men agreeing one girl known to many was one of the best kissers back in Bowral High School.

As Aimee drank her beer which ended up mostly on her Marilyn Manson t-shirt a young boy crashed into her circle and claimed to have kissed a girl who was mentioned and who was known to Aimee or so the boy claimed. He was very proud to announce this girl as his own they had been dating a total of two months. He brought his new girlfriend over and before he could ever introduce her to the group, Aimee had dragged the girl into her embrace and was kissing her.

The two had stood in the middle of the party kissing. Heads had turned to look and voices dropped away the party grow quiet. Byron could see Aimee was French kissing the girl, Aimee’s jaw line moved up and down as she draws the girl into the kiss. Aimee’s hands were moving over the girl’s shoulders and down her back to cup the girl’s ass. Suddenly Aimee’s boyfriend Mark burst out of the throng and dragged Aimee off the girl. Aimee had laughed as did everyone else. The kissed girl stood as if dazed with a smile on her face.

As Mark dragged Aimee away, Byron noticed Aimee hadn’t stopped looking at the girl. She had the look in her eye of having discovered something new, exciting and wanting more. The rest of the evening Aimee and Mark traded angry words over the kiss and many other areas of their relationship that were in tatters. The argument soon caused the party to move indoors and to turn the music up to drown out the quarreling pair.

Byron stalked the kissed girl and lured her away from the group and her boyfriend. The kissed girl was called Sally and for years had carried a torch for Byron. She had often watched his party of friends move around the grounds of Bowral High School. She had heard the stories of his conquests and had seen first hand how women were drawn to him. Sally was too young to pique Byron’s interest; she was too shy and young while in High School but life at university had stripped allot of her reserve and having had a tablet of ecstasy that evening had helped steady her nerves and given a dull sense of courage.

Sally was thrilled to be in Byron’s presence, Byron bedazzled her with sweet talk, touched her lightly on the arms and face. He looked deeply into her eyes and made her feel like she was the only person on the planet. Soon Sally allowed Byron to kiss her, caress her breasts. He pulled her hand down to his groin and whispered how hot she made him feel. Sally looked into his blue eyes and an understanding of what was to come passed between the two of them. Sally held Byron’s hand as he led her away from the party.

They found Byron’s old orange Mazda parked down the street. Byron’s cock was ready to burst out of his jeans. Never before had he fucked someone French kissed by Aimee only minutes before. Opening the car’s rear passenger door Byron gently placed Sally into the back seat. Kissing and pulling at each others clothes Sally soon became Aimee in Byron’s eyes. Kissing her lips again and again he searched for Aimee’s scent to complete the illusion.

He pushed her dress up and pulled her underwear down. Sally whispered words of love, of joy, of lust but Byron heard none of that. He unzipped his jeans and draw out his cock. He rubbed his cock for a moment and enjoyed the feel of the nights warm air, in his mind’s eye he relived Aimee kissing this girl, blood rushed to his escort kartal cock, he rubbed the head of his cock and it brought a smile to his face, he squeezed his nuts and looked down on the girl with her legs spread, Sally looked at him waiting. Sally’s pussy had dark pubic hair and was glistening in the light of the street lamps. Leaning forward he draw the lips of her clit apart and pushed a finger into her pussy. She was very wet and wiggled with delight at Byron’s touch.

That was the extent of foreplay for Sally, Byron sat on one knee half in and out of the car his cock in his hand and steadied Sally’s legs against his shoulders he pushed his cock in and realized she was a very tight squeeze not stopping to think this could be Sally’s first time. He fucked her in simple terms. The rhythm never changed, the small car swayed, its suspension crackled and moaned at the short sharp stabs. Byron grabbed Sally’s ankles hard, pulled her closer to his hips. For Byron this was Aimee yet it still lacked that special element, for Sally her first time was short, to the point and hugely disappointing. As Byron came inside Sally he smashed his head on the roof of the Mazda yet it didn’t dull the sense of disappoint that he wasn’t fucking his sister. Byron leant forward and lightly kissed Sally on the lips. She looked up at Byron with a puzzled look on her face. “Is that it?” She asked him.

Byron was glad those days were now behind him, he got out of the shower to find his naked sister cooking in the kitchen. He admired her body, her curves and her scars. They had been through allot together as kids and he had always admired her athletic form. Aimee smiled at him and asked if he could turn the television on, she wanted to listen to the Simpson’s episode while she cooked.

To the outside world they appeared like any couple in their early twenties enjoying television. It appeared true that opposites attract. When as Aimee was short and of a slim build, Byron was tall and a little over weight. Both ported long hair but only Aimee carried hers with any style. Byron’s hair most days appeared to be crying out for a hairdresser. Both had inherited high cheeks bones from their father and little thought for others from their mother.

They watched the Simpson’s naked, eat naked and as always their Mother Janey rang Aimee at 8 pm. Byron by this stage had his head planted between Aimee’s thighs. Aimee’s hands roamed through his blonde hair or gripped at the sofa as the waves of pleasure built. The sound of her moans filled the small apartment and helped to harden Byron’s cock. Panting Aimee answered her mobile. Byron stopped and stared up at Aimee. She returned his quizzed gaze and whispered “if I don’t answer she’ll just keep ringing.”

What that Aimee pushed his head down and back to the job of eating her. Byron listened as Aimee tried to follow their Mother’s conversation and questions. Using his tongue and fingers Byron did everything he could to get Aimee to let out a deep desire filled moan or sigh. Byron had no idea how hard it was for Aimee to hold herself together watching her brothers head move up and down between her thighs and feel his soft tongue on her clit as three fingers explore her cunt while her Mum asked about her day was so deeply exotic it made Aimee experience an intense orgasm.

After only five minutes Aimee had her Mother off the phone, which had never been achieved before by anyone within the Langslon family before that evening. Aimee sat on her brother’s groin as he lay on her apartment’s carpet. With one hand she steadied herself against her brother’s chest with the other hand she guided her brother’s cock into her cunt. Like a gun had gone off Byron was bucking underneath her. His cock was thrusting in and out. The sensations were making stars appear before her eyes. Byron was hitting all the right spots. He slowed for a moment to reposition himself. Aimee then drove her hips down and slowly ground her hips into him. Byron sat up and kissed her breasts. He rolled the nipples around in his mouth, nipping at the ends. This made Aimee shudder and move her hips faster. Laying down again Byron started his bucking. Within moments both brother and sister were intertwined on the floor listening to their racing hearts.

By 1 am Byron was amazed to think he had fucked his sister in her bed, in front of the television, in the kitchen and on the floor of the bathroom. At every location Aimee had asked for a new position. It had been fun but tiring. Byron doubted if he would be able to touch his cock in the morning, it felt red raw. It had had quite a workout. After doing Aimee doggy style in the bathroom Aimee had suggested both of them have a shower. They were both tired and the shower washed the smell of sex off both and smoothed some sore muscles.

As Byron helped Aimee make her bed she asked in a small voice if Byron would show her how to suck a cock. Byron stopped and looked totally amazed; Aimee explained that she had rarely seen a cock even though she had had a few lovers. Andrew was the only one who had allowed her to look at and hold a cock, yet she didn’t want to suck his cock. Aimee had little experience in how to suck one and she felt that Byron was the one who having all the fun.

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