The Last Summer Party of 1969

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There were twelve of us in the summer of 1969. Six guys and six girls. We were life guards for Milwaukee County Parks and Rec at Bradford Beach. Although we had all just graduated high school, we took our jobs very seriously. This was evidenced by the fact that we had only two drownings that summer and 92 rescues.

The rescues were usually because the water was cold and some folk’s cardiac system couldn’t handle the temperature, or they got out too far and couldn’t swim well enough to get back to shallow water. The two drownings were tragic. One was a child who got away from his mom and the other was a teen who had snuck vodka onto the beach. He was drunk when he walked out into deeper water to take a piss and passed out face down.

There was a traditional end of summer party for all the guards from the two beaches and the eleven swim pools. It was held at the Pfister Hotel and was a big do. There were over 200 life guards that summer and the twelve of us decided that we wanted to have our own private party. One of the guys parents were the late 60’s free love types and they allowed us to have the party at their house while they took of for a party of their own.

This is the story of that party.


We all rented tuxes and the girls got nice dresses. They didn’t go as crazy as the girls do for prom, but they all looked really good. We walked into the Grand Ballroom at the Pfister at 6:30PM and found the two Bradford Beach tables. We took seats with the guys at one table and the girls at the other. All of the guys had gone out on dates with each of the girls that summer but no one was in an exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend situation.

The guys at the one table talked about the girls in the room, the Packers, the new NBA team, the Bucks, and our supervisors. They took bets on which supervisor would become the biggest asshole that night. The girls spent their time talking about other girls dresses, who was the most ugly, who was the biggest slut and all of the things that makes teenage girls feel good about themselves. They also took bets on the supervisors.

Dinner was served starting at 7PM while at the same time the awards were given out for the best facility. Bradford Beach got second to Wilson Park. We won the award for the highest test evaluations for the entire staff and Mick, that’s me, and Paul tied with the highest ratings among all the male guards. Michelle and Crystal won the highest ratings for the female guards. So we were all feeling pretty puffed up.

After the speeches, awards and rubber chicken dinner, the dance floor opened. It started out like some junior high dance with guys on one side of the ballroom and girls on the other. That only lasted until the Bradford girls grabbed the Bradford boys and dragged them out on the dance floor when the DJ played an older slow song from 1966, “Cherish” by The Association.

Since we had dated each other during the summer, it was no big deal to dance and change partners each song. Soon the whole place was dancing and around 9:30 we decided to head out to our after party. Being some of the more responsible guards, we were not big drinkers. All of us drank, but we didn’t drink to get falling down drunk like many of our peers. On any given date, Hires Root Beer or RC Cola could be drunk as much the Blatz or Schlitz beer.

What we did do a lot of, though, was have sex. None of us started the summer as virgins, but none of us was extremely experienced either. Over the course of the summer all of us had gotten laid at least three times on Friday nights and three times on Saturday nights. That sexual familiarity led us to plan for our after party to be an orgy.

We arrived at the house and Tim’s mom and dad welcomed us. They showed us where the food was and showed us the beer cooler and the two soda coolers. Like I said, we didn’t drink much. They asked that if we were going to smoke any weed, that we do it in the Anadolu Yakası Escort basement. Tim assured them that none of us smoked anything, let alone weed.

They also set out a huge serving bowl full of Trojans. Like I also said, they were big into the whole free love thing. Tim turned on the radio and tuned it to WZMF, the local “hippy” radio station. At this time of night they were into playing the longer versions of stuff like “Light My Fire” and “Crystal Blue Persuasion”.

This gave us the atmosphere to get comfortable. Everyone changed out of their formal wear and into t-shirts and shorts. It was readily apparent that the girls were not wearing bras. Once everyone was comfortable in the living room, the games began.

The first was “Spin The Bottle” just so the kissing could get started in a more formal way. Then, after a few beers and some partner swapping for kissing, it became “Strip Spin The Bottle”. That got everyone naked.

The first naked game was “Musical Chairs”. Well actually it was “Musical Pussy”. The girls played rock, paper, scissors to see who would not be in the game at the start and would man the record player. Then the five winners bent over the back of the couch and the music started. When the music stopped, the guy who was not buried in one of the girls pussies was out.

That guy was consoled by the naked girl who was working the record player at the start of the game One of the girls was then removed and the song began again. The guy who pulled out of the last girl in line had to run around the couch and try to get to the next girl before the music stopped again. It was common for the guys to take care of the girls while the music was stopped and until they had to pull out when the song began again.

The last game of the night before couples joined and went off my themselves was called “Cum Fast”. The six girls all found a spot on the couch or love seat or chair and a guy took his place between her legs. One of the girls started an egg timer and the guys started fucking the girls. The timer was set for three minutes. After three minutes the guys moved to another girl in a counterclockwise rotation.

I remember that game because it was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me. I started off with Crystal. She was kind of plain looking, like most redheaded girls seemed to be back then. She had small tits and a ton of freckles, but had the bushiest bright red beaver I have ever seen, even to this day.

I should add at this point that we had all been screened for social diseases at the start of the summer and since we were all sexually exclusive inside our group catching a dose was not a problem. All of the girls were on the pill so making babies was not a concern either.

The timer was set and someone said “GO!” and I pushed into a nicely lubed Crystal. I was pounding away in missionary position and just before the timer went off, I shot a load inside Crystal. She responded with an orgasm of her own and then a very hot kiss before I moved to Michelle.

“Did you cum in her?” Gary asked me.


“Damn! Sloppy seconds already!”

“Sorry! She was hot.”

The girl with the timer yelled “GO!” and I drove into Michelle, also in missionary position. She was a real blonde and watching my dick disappear into her yellow bush was sexy as hell. And just before the timer went off, I came again! Michelle was close, but didn’t have an orgasm.

“I was so close, Mick!”

“Sorry Chelle. I was trying as hard as I could.”

“Mick! Again?”

“Yeah, Gary.”

I moved over to Diana who was on her hands and knees on the love seat. I thought that Diana had the best ass of the girls and I was sure that I could get up right away with the chance to be looking down at her ass as I fucked her.


I set the head of my dick between Diana’s pussy lips.


I was just going to push when Diana Pendik Escort pushed back and buried me to the hilt into her brown fuzzy pussy. It only took three pushes before we were in time and my pushes in and her pushes back were in sync.

“Come on Mick, you still got some spunk for me. Come on.”

“Don’t encourage him! I want a shot at a clean hole,” Gary whined.

“Too late! Aaaaahhhhhh,” I groaned as I shot a much smaller load into Diana’s pussy and the timer went off.

“Yes! Perfect timing, Mick. Thank you.” Diana stood and kissed me. Then she scooped up the sperm running down her leg and sucked it off her fingers, before I kissed her. Hey, if she could have my sperm in her mouth, so could I.

I moved over to Deb. Deb was Italian. She had long brown, almost black hair and the smallest tits, but the largest nipples of any of the girls. She was sitting on the edge of one of the chairs with her tightly curled, dense bush right at the edge of the chair. Deb was really flexible and was always doing back walk overs at the beach.

I kissed her before setting the head of my still sort of hard dick in her brown curly bush. She smiled at me and winked.

“I’ve wanting to try this with you Mick. Get ready.”

Crystal had the timer and she set it and yelled “GO!” I pushed deep into Deb’s pussy and after the third time entering her, she hunched over and began to lick her own pussy, and my cock as I it slid out and in.

“Oh, Deb!”

“Oh, Mick. Can you cum again?”

I picked up my speed and loosed a small load into her pussy. When I pulled out, she drew the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked on it like a straw. When she released me I turned to walk to the next girl and for the first time that night my cock was not pointing straight up.

“Oh oh. Looks like little Mick is a little pooped,” Wilma said as she took him in her hand and gently massaged him and gave the tip a kiss.

“I’ll try to not disappoint you, Wil.”

“I know. Get ready.”

Wilma was lying on her left side, on the floor. She had her left leg straight and her right leg pulled up almost to her chest. I straddled her leg and positioned my cock at her entrance. It was easy to find because Wilma was the only one of the girls who shaved her pussy. She said it was to show off her pussy. She was very proud of the two long dark brown lips that extended out of her pussy.

I had spent a considerable amount of time kissing and sucking and licking at the hot pink center between those brown lips over the course of the summer. I also knew that this was her favorite position to fuck in. She said she liked the feel of a guys balls as they slid over her inner thigh.

“Ready? GO!” Crystal yelled and I used my hand to keep my dick straight as I pushed it home.

The feel of her wet pussy, combined with the sensation of my balls moving back and forth on Wil’s thigh got me hard again and I fucked her with a lot of enthusiasm. She made eye contact on me when we started and she stared straight into my eyes the entire three minutes.

“Cum for me, Mick.”

“I’m trying, Wil. I’m really trying.”

Just when I didn’t think I was going to make it, Wilma reached down and grabbed my balls and gently squeezed. That was all it took and I came again for the fifth time in 25 minutes. I pressed myself as tightly to Wilma’s body as I could and fell forward when I was spent.

“Thanks, Wil.” I kissed her lips and then I kissed her right nipple.

I pulled out of Wilma and my soldier looked like he was gonna die. I looked to see that Terri was last in line for me, in one of the other living room chairs. I must have looked worn out.

“Oh, Mick. Are you going to make it?”

“Oh sure, Terri. With a beautiful sexy girl like you how could I not.”

“Well let me do all the work. Here sit in the chair.” Then she whispered to me, “When I tell you, get your thumb wet and stick it in my butthole.”

I Kurtköy Escort traded places with her and Terri bent down to use her mouth to give rescue breathing to my poor worn out dick. When I was again reasonably hard, she turned her back to me and positioned her blonde, and very curly, bush above my cock.


Terri dropped down on me and sat fully on my lap. She began to grind her pussy against my pubic bone and that caused my cock to move around inside her like it was on a swivel. She would change to bouncing up and down and then change back to grinding. She was getting really fast and active when she turned to look at me and said, “Now!”

I put my thumb in my mouth and let it gather a bunch of saliva and then I pushed my right thumb into her pink butthole. She clenched her ass around my thumb, and that caused her to clamp down on my cock. Suddenly my poor cock shot all the sperm it could find, all five drops, up into Terri’s pussy.

Terri dropped down and let o of an orgasm just as the timer went off. I think I passed out. Suddenly I was being kissed. A lot. My eyes fluttered open and there was Wilma and Terri looking very concerned.

“Are you OK, Mick?”

“Yeah, what happened?”

“Looks like a slight case of exhaustion to me,” Wilma said.

With that the five guys all began to clap.

“Mick, you are going to go down as a legend. You came six times in thirty minutes. And I know because I got sloppy seconds five times!” Gary tried to sound like he was complaining.

Terri turned and sat on my lap, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss. With that, everyone else paired off and the lights were turned off. The radio began to play the long version of “Crimson and Clover” by Tommy James and the Shondels.

“Terri, I have to pee.”

“OK, come on.” Terri stood and took me by the hand and we walked towards the back of the house. On the way she picked up a couple of blankets from a stack that Tim’s folks had left out. She led me out the back door and onto the patio deck.

She laid down one of the blankets on the couch that was on the deck and dropped the other in a clump. Then she led me over to the edge of the deck.

“OK, Mick. Go ahead and pee.”

“Out here?”

“Yeah. It’s two o’clock in the morning. Are you worried that the neighbors will see?”

“No. I just never peed in front of a girl before.”

“If it helps, I’ll pee with you. Ready? Go.”

With that, Terri used her fingers to spread her pussy wide and began to pee out over the edge of the deck. I had to go so bad, I just relaxed and let it go as well. When I was done, I shook off any excess and turned towards Terri.

“I wish I could do that. I need some TP,” she said looking down at the glistening drops of pee clinging to her pussy hair.

“Hang on,” I said and I ran back into the house, returning a few seconds later with some paper towels.

“Thank you, Mick.” Terri kissed me and then cleaned herself up and then she even cleaned off the tip of my cock. “Now, let’s get some sleep.”

She led me to the outdoor couch and had me lay down first. She spread the second blanket over me and then lay down next to me. I put my arm around her and she moved it to her tit, then she reached back to placed my cock between her butt cheeks.


“Yeah, Terri,” I mumbled sleepily.

“I could do this every night. It feels wonderful.”

“It does fe….”

I was out before I finished the sentence.


“Come on Mick! We’re going to be late.”

“I’m ready. I was just checking with the babysitter. She has our cell number and the number at their house.”

“OK. I’m so excited to see the gang again. I hear that Wilma wants to play the games we played at the 1969 summer party.”

“I am not going to fuck six women and cum six times in thirty minutes. Look what happened the last time”

“I know! I love you, Mick.”

“I love you, Terri.”


I’m not saying that this really happened. I’m not saying that the names were changed to protect my ass. All I know is that 1969 was a great year in US, and my personal, history.

Thanks for reading,


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