The Library

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Here it was again – another Saturday, another day spent behind the counter or what is officially the world’s quietest library. I often wondered why I even bothered coming in to work. Nobody would notice if it didn’t open anyways. I remember I had been so excited when I managed to get a job there, but I wouldn’t have accepted it if I had known how quiet it was. I moved here about a year before, and had read my way through most of the books that the library had to offer, and yet I was still here, sitting behind the counter and reading yet another book. I jumped and looked up as I heard a man’s voice suddenly in front of me.

“Excuse me miss, but I was wondering if you could show me the way to the fantasy section?” he asked. I took in his appearance as I still tried to recover from the shock of someone actually being in the library other than just me. He was tall, with longish black hair and brown eyes and the kind of flawless tanned skin that a model would be proud of. He looked down at me and smiled a dazzling white smile, and I fear I nearly fell off my seat.

“Um yes, follow me,” I replied jumping up and walking around the desk. I hoped he wouldn’t notice how flustered I was. That would be just too embarrassing! I walked over to the section, which I could’ve just pointed out, but I liked having something to do, and wanted to give him the chance to see my new outfit. Since nobody ever came into the library I decided to start wearing the sort of clothes I would normally be too nervous to wear out in public. Today I was wearing a strapless black mini-dress which wonderfully flattered my perfect size 10 curves and accentuated my 32D breasts. I had teamed the dress with strappy black three inch heels, a black choker, and no underwear. I let my escort bursa long brown hair fall down my back in loose curls and had brought out the brown in my eyes with some more black eye shadow. I probably looked quite gothic, but he obviously appreciated it, as I could feel his eyes upon me as I walked. “Here we are,” I announced as we reached the appropriate section.

“Thank you,” was his reply, “did anybody tell you that you look gorgeous today by the way?” I flushed pink and looked up at his face. He was seriously checking me out.

“Thanks, you don’t look half bad yourself,” I replied batting my eyelashes at him. Well it was about time something fun happened here, and what was a bit of harmless flirting? Except he took my face in his hands and lowered his face to mine. He kissed me lightly at first, but when I responded he kissed me hungrily, like I may vanish at any moment, sliding my lips apart with his tongue. I kissed him back harder, and we fell back against one of the bookcases. I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled him close to me. I let out a light sigh as he trailed his hands down my body, feeling his way over my curves, then in one fell swoop he lifted me off the floor. I automatically wrapped my legs around his waist, still pinned against the shelves. “Wait,” I gasped, pulling away from him, “I don’t even know your name.”

“It’s Alex, what’s yours?” he replied, feeling his way up the outside of my legs to my bum.

“I’m Jenny.” He was nuzzling my neck now, and massaging my bottom with his hands. I couldn’t help myself now. I tore his shirt up over his head, and pulled him close against me. I could feel the warmth of his chest even through my thin dress, and judging by the bursa yabancı escort bulge in his trousers I figured he was probably as turned on as me. I reached under myself and pulled open the fly on his jeans. As they fell to the floor, I realised he was wearing my favourite kind of underwear… none. “Oh dear,” I said grinning, “It appears we’re wearing the same pants.” He laughed and kissed me deeply again. It was getting hard to concentrate now, what with being kissed harder and more passionately than ever before, and his hands getting closer and closer to my sex. I gasped loudly as one of his fingers entered me, then two. I responded by running my fingers down his shaft, taking pleasure in his moaning into my mouth. Even though he had only just touched me, I could feel myself not far from orgasming so I removed his fingers gently and placed him inside me. His cock was huge, and I moaned loudly, half with pleasure and half with the pain of having something so large inside me. He thrust, knocking me further into the shelves but I barely noticed.

“Oh my GOD Alex,” I almost screamed at him. “Fuck me, fuck me harder!” I was so close, and I could tell he was too. I clawed at his back, and pulled him into me harder and harder.

“Oh shit! I’m gonna cum,” he panted into my neck. We both came at the same time, screaming loudly as we did, the sweat pouring from our hot bodies. As my breathing slowed, I became aware of another presence. I looked across and saw a gorgeous girl of about twenty-two stood staring at us open mouthed. She was petite and wore a white summer dress and had long poker-straight blonde hair. I think it may have been raining outside as she was soaking, and her dress had gone bursa escort see through. I could perfectly see her slender breasts and dark brown nipples and her tiny light pink knickers through her dress.

“Um it’s raining outside, and this was the first place I saw. I’m sorry to have disturbed you,” she said, looking at me nervously as I disentangled myself from Alex and walked over to her. I think I may have gone mad at that point, because instead of doing anything rational, like running away embarrassed, I spoke to her.

“Oh you poor thing,” I purred, walking around her and winking at Alex who just stood there dumb struck, “Well you must be freezing. Let’s get those wet clothes off you.” I slid the straps off her dress and let it fall to the floor with a wet thud. I saw her large blue eyes widen further with shock, then I lowered my head to those perfect nipples and started to suck them, flicking them with my tongue and slightly nibbling now and then. Then suddenly she grasped my face and, with more force than I thought she should be capable of, she pulled me up so I was deeply kissing her. I had no idea where Alex was at this point, completely wrapped up in this kiss. The girl (whose name I still didn’t know) pulled me down as she lay on the floor, and wrapped her legs around my waist still kissing me. I left her lips and slowly kissed my way down her body until I reached her stomach. I pulled her legs from around me gently, and started kissing her clit. I lightly licked her sex, and as I leant in to lick it again, Alex thrust himself inside me, which in turn made me jolt forward and I let my tongue enter her. As Alex thrust inside me I started to eat the girl out harder and harder. I could hear her screaming out into the otherwise silent library, as she came closer and closer to orgasm, then I quickly thrust two of my fingers inside her as Alex grasped my waist, pulling himself further into me. I could feel myself about to come, so I licked harder, and moved in rhythm with Alex. Then I heard three loud screams mingle in together, as we simultaneously came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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