The Lustful Wife-Mom Ch. 03

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Big Tits

OMG! I adore my father. He is not only handsome but he is so loving and caring, my protector, my daddy. He treats me like a princess and spoils me rotten. I know he is very sexual and a bit of a sexual deviant and a pervert in the way he treats my mom. My mom is a bit of a flirt and a sexually liberal woman. I bet she experimented a lot in college, I can just tell. We are not very shy with clothes around the house and my parents are not really sexually secretive either. Like the other day, I was home and they fucked in the laundry room. Last year I almost walked in on them while they were fucking against the kitchen island on their anniversary. My dad grabs my mom’s ass almost every time they kiss right in front of me and a couple times I have noticed that my mom is jacking my dad off under the blanket while we are all watching a movie. I actually think that my parents are my role models for a perfect relationship. Although I am only 18 going on 19, I know that I want my man to be just like my dad and I can only hope that I look as sexy and hot as my mom when I am her age. On many different occasions I have heard my mom call her husband “daddy.” Like “What is daddy getting for his precious daughter for her birthday this year,” or “hey daddy where are you taking your sexy girls for dinner tonight,” or “come here big daddy let me give you a hug,” or when they don’t think I am around she’d say “are you going to fuck me big daddy?” No matter what the context, hearing that makes me weak in my knees, warm in my heart, and wet in my pussy. Several times now, when I am masturbating at night, my mind replays the words daddy or even mommy and then I utter those words out physically and that is what pushes me over the edge and I came.

I am a bit of a daddy’s girl too. I played tennis in high school and I have kept myself in good shape. I am told I have a smoking body. I absolutely love wearing sexy clothes and underwear because it makes me feel great. Most importantly I love how adorable my dad looks when he looks at me prance around the escort hikayeleri house in tee shirt and panties or his dress shirt and panties, or low rider flannel shorts, and his boxers. Only recently I noticed my mom starring at my butt or my cleavage. I didn’t think of it much at first but one day I heard her on the phone saying, “she is such a hot little minx she turns her dad on for sure but she makes me quiver too. I bed she is all shaved just like her mother.” I knew she was talking about me. I grabbed mom’s old albums and found a couple pictures of her with her college friends and how close they looked and how skimpily they were dressed. I wondered if mom swung both ways. Needless to say I immediately went into my room, took off my panties, didn’t even bother to take off my shirt and masturbated myself to three or four massive orgasms thinking about, for the very first time, another woman, and my mom at that.

Since then I have increased my teasing. It makes me feel good and its harmless. I am sure many young women have fantasized about incest with their fathers and even their mothers. It feels so natural. I mean you have such an amazing biological and emotional bond and you live together and see each other every day. How can I girl not imagine what her daddy’s cock looks like when she hears her mother call him daddy in bed and moan and whimper so loud even the neighbors can tell what’s going on. And how can a young woman not wonder what her mother looks like naked when she looks so hot and dad can’t keep his hands off of her. I wonder what an older version of my own pussy looks like in my mom, her ass and oh my god her breasts and nipples.

Sometimes when my mom is not around I forget to wear panties. You should see the involuntary audio and eyeball reactions I notice every time I bend over or reach up for something in front of him. The real treat is when I find reasons to hug my mom and dad real tight. How amazing it feels when my daddy hugs me from behind and kisses gaziantep escort hikayeleri my neck or cheek with so much love. He does the same thing with my mom. And strangely I love how tingly it feels when my mom gives me a quick hug from behind like when the other day I was doing dishes when she came home from work. One time my mom gave me such a tight hug from behind that lasted more than a minute that I my pussy gushed out creamy juices right there and then. And that was just because I surprised her by making dinner when I knew she had a horrible day at work. On such days I lock myself up in my room and rub my clit and finger my pussy and make myself cum several times before I can calm down.

The last two weekends have been amazing to say the least not only because what transpired between my father and me but also because how my mom reacted to it. Oh my god that woman is so sexually liberated it makes my pussy quiver just thinking about it. Right in front of us as I sit in my dad’s lap batting my eyelashes to get him to pay for my summer trip to Europe, mom starts to open and close her legs with her hands between them. She had a flustered look on her face. At first I had no idea how to respond because I was so nervous and so new to this encounter. So I kept pretending to be clueless but kept looking over at my mom’s out of control body from the corner of my eyes. I know dad loved watching his wife get all worked up because as soon as all this started I started feeling daddy’s cock against my butt. To say that it felt gynormous would be an understatement. It felt like I was leaning against a fucking stripper pole that pulsated every 10 seconds.

That first Friday I thought I was going to faint when dad hugged me and kissed me by my bedroom before going to bed. Not until tonight when mom totally fucked herself in the living room under blanket thinking we won’t notice. When dad got so worked up that his cock spurt out some cum on his boxers and on my panties. escort gaziantep hikayeleri Some pre-cum even got on my bare ass cheek because how bunched up my panties were due to so much wiggling in his lap. But when he kissed me much longer with his tongue and caressed my sensitive ass and kept on pushing his gynormous cock against my gushing mound, my panties were so fucking wet that they got stuck to my hairless mound. I don’t know what came over me but I kept my panties on for a few more minutes and bunched up the back of my panties (exposing my ass cheeks) and pressed the bunched up panty-string into my crack until I came so hard I nearly passed out. I picked up a couple drops of pre-cum off of my bare but and licked it. I quickly took off my panties and started licking the back of my panties where daddy had come. His cum tasted so intoxicating it made my head spin. I don’t know what made me think of doing that but I am not complaining.

That night, I fucked my pussy hard a couple times. Still not able to sleep I went online in search of incest stories and discovered Literotica. You can imagine my state reading stories after stories of daddy and his precious daughter and a loving mother and her daughter. I went back to bed, lifted my legs up all the way and finger fucked my pussy with one hand while gently just touching my ass hole. I came a few more times before I fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

Next day I went hiking with my college friends. It was a bonding ritual as we were all in the same major. But all day I had a big happy smile on my face. I could not get home soon enough to read more online stories and fantasize how some of those stories can be brought to real life with my mom and dad. Due to work and school our weekdays are pretty much shot. But that did not stop me from reading more stories online while I rubbed my pussy. I would lie down on the bed after reading a few and finger fuck my pussy and cum several times. At one point my pussy was so sensitive from over-stimulation that once I came while I peed. That was so fucking intense. A couple nights I pretty much skipped doing all my school work because I was so fucking horny that I had to request extensions for my assignments. Something had to be done about this situation we got going in our perfect little suburban house. So I anxiously waited for the following weekend. I wondered if my mom and dad had the same feeling.

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