The Massage 2019

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WARNING: If you are not 18 or older, please leave this page immediately.

Incest—a word that has extreme negative connotations. The image that most often comes about when the word is mentioned is that of a father forcing himself on his daughter. Any forcible sex act, especially done by a parent to a child, should result in the parent being punished in legal and non-legal ways.

This is a fantasy of consensual incest between adults. It is intended for adults who are interested in reading about consensual sex between relatives. If this offends you, do not continue any further.

Also, infinite thanks to HeyAll for the necessary editing and suggestion!!


“How often do you masturbate?”

“Alyssa!” Maria exclaimed.

“Well?” the Latina persisted.

“Aren’t you getting a little personal?”

Alyssa backed off for a moment. Soft sell, she rebuked herself. This one is going to need some gentle prodding. She is not as sexually adventurous as you are.

The buxom, stunning 39 year-old Dominican responded to the question while reclining on her friend’s living room sofa.

“Maria, hon, all I am saying is you need to be good to yourself. It’s been a year since the divorce, not to mention the two years of separation. And unless you’re keeping from your best friend—yours truly—you haven’t been dating which means you aren’t getting any. And if you’re not doing it with someone else, you’re doing it with yourself and to yourself.”

The Italian redhead was in the kitchen removing two coffee cups and dishes from the cabinet above the sink. She stopped in mid-motion, looked through the archway into the living room and shot her friend an angry look.

Maria knew she was right but she hated to admit it. If she lost her hands, she’d lose her sex life. It had been that way since splitting from her ex. She currently didn’t want a relationship; she didn’t want to get her hurt again. Yet, she did have needs. During the years of separation, she was able to block out sex with work. But when the divorce became final she could no longer block The Need, as she privately labelled her carnal desires. Her hand hands took care of The Need 3-4 times a week. She didn’t like a vibrator or dildo. She just let her hands and fingers work their magic on her 41-year-old, bombshell body. In fact she just recently started tasting herself.

Her fingers, either just the middle or in tandem with the index, would slip in between her aroused, moist pussy lips and begin to pump in and out of her hot slit. After a couple seconds she’d remove the sticky fingers and put them in her mouth, enjoying her own tangy juices. Sometimes when she self-pleasured she would rub the honey on her erect nipples. Then she’d cup one of her massive breasts and bring the glistening teat to meet her eager, outstretched tongue. The feeling was electric as her tongue swabbed the entire peak. She’d provide the same pleasure to the other nipple.

Maria discontinued looking at her friend, less upset now, and turned around to reach upward in the cabinet for the Folgers.

When she saw the incensed glare from her coworker, Alyssa felt bad. She didn’t mean to rankle Maria. She was about to apologize when her host turned around to reach for the coffee on the upper shelf. This caused her pale yellow skirt to rise up, unintentionally showcasing her slightly open thighs for Alyssa.

“Ohhhhh,” she quietly groaned to herself.

The Latina certainly liked men and the hardness they brought to the bedroom. She did, though, occasionally sleep with women. Alyssa loved the gentleness of another female; their touch, kisses, caresses, licks, sighs, and wetness.

She licked her lips, wishing she could be the spot of kitchen floor that was between Maria’s pumps, looking up at that delectable panty-covered muff.

I wonder if her kitty is bald.

Alyssa stared at the supple thighs, the legs that seemed to go on forever. The Italian had become a frequent fantasy of the Dominican as of late. Images of Alyssa seducing her girlfriend resulted in a toe-curling orgasm, and was usually followed by a second fiery climax thanks to scenes of Maria going down on her or both beauties intertwined in a sultry 69. She’d even masturbate while watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond since Maria looked like a younger version of Patricia Heaton.


As the ladies enjoyed the coffee, Alyssa resumed her “sale.”

“It’s a massage parlor ex—”

Maria cut her off. “A massage parlor? You want to take me to a massage parlor?”

“Let me finish. Yes, it is a massage parlor exclusively for upscale ladies. It’s very classy. The atmosphere is Park Avenue. And the way they pamper you? —absolutely incredible: Champagne, Jacuzzi, silk towels and robes, imported scented oils—the list goes on. You can go there strictly for a massage…or more.”

Maria’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“The massage,” Alyssa paused for a second before canlı bahis reiterating the other option, “or the ‘more’ can be either with a guy or a girl.”

Maria’s mouth dropped open.

“I kind of knew you wouldn’t go for tha,t but I figured I’d paint the whole picture.”

The redhead, surprised at such an establishment, sat back in her chair. “How did you find out about this place?”

She just grinned. Maria rolled her eyes and asked, “Can you at least tell me how long you are going there.”

“Just about two months. And I have been enjoying this luscious young guy. His name is Gio. Can’t be no more than 22, 23. He just started there about the same time I began going. Good looking, muscles, six-pack abs, well-defined legs, an incredible tongue, and a cock you would die for. He has some girth but it’s the length. And when he’s slippin’ and slidin’ out of me, I see stars.”

Maria’s gently bit her lower lip at this X-rated description. A tremor of excitement ran down to her loins. Then she returned to her hesitant self. “Oh, I don’t know Alyssa…”

“What do you mean you don’t know? This kid is perfect for you! He’s Italian just like you.”

Maria shot her a ‘give me a break’ look.

“Alright, alright. But he’s a sweetheart and has a great personality. Plus, he’s also about pleasing a woman, not like most of the male gender is.”

Her girlfriend remained mute, quietly thinking, pondering.

The silence lingered. Then Alyssa, unable to contain herself, spoke.

“I’ll pay for your first session!”

Maria didn’t respond immediately.

She replied almost a minute later.

Maria relented, “Oh, ok. I’ll go! But just for the massage.”

The Dominican saw she hit pay-dirt with the ‘comp’ offer. She also thought, ‘Once she sees Gio, she’ll consider the massage the appetizer and go for the main course.’

“Wonderful! We’ll go Friday night, right after work.”

“But that’s two nights away!”

There were several sarcastic replies Alyssa could respond with.

“Well, you have to just cancel your date with Mr. Clooney and tell ole Georgie-boy that you have plans with a younger man.”


Friday evening after work Alyssa and Maria cabbed it from their 5th Avenue law office to a brownstone tucked between 3rd and 2nd Avenues. They climbed the outside stairs and Alyssa pulled from her purse a key card and tapped it to the pad on the door frame. There was a buzz and she opened the door.

“Membership has its privileges,” she said with an impish look to her friend.

The two walked up a flight of stairs and through another door after the Latina once again used her keycard. They entered a reception area, painted in soft pink with white trim. At the reception desk was an ebony goddess. Maria thought it was Beyoncé.

“Alyssa! Sweetheart!” she greeted with a wide and genuine smile. “How are you?”

“Hey there, Angelique! I am good. How are things with you?”

“Any better, I’d be a sin.”

“I think you already are, Ang!”

The two giggled. The receptionist then turned her eyes to the redhead, smiling.

Alyssa wasn’t kidding. Her friend still can make a dead man cum. Or dead woman.

“Hi! You must be Maria. Welcome!” she said, standing up and extending her hand.

The motion caused her large, curvaceous breasts to jiggle in the skin-tight confines of her sky blue halter top. Maria blinked, noticing not only the expansive, brown cleavage but the straining of Angelique’s hardening nipples through the taut fabric.

Feeling like she was dazed, the Italian extended her hand, robotic-like, and shook the girl’s. Her eyes descended. She saw the egg white miniskirt, which was also tight, wrapped around the toned, smooth thighs.

Their hands were still entwined, though the customary shake had ceased.

Angelique saw the newcomer’s shocked, yet curious appraisal of her banging body. A thrill ran up her spine. She herself preferred white lovers, both male and female. She LOVED seducing a woman into her first lesbian experience.

Alyssa observed all of this. An unexpected sense of jealousy overcame her. She had occasionally fantasized about Angelique, usually ending in a delightful climax which included orgasmically-soiled bed sheets. Yet if anyone was going to introduce Maria to the joys of Sapphic love, it would be her friend.

The Dominican cleared her throat, loudly, then tersely verified the appointment.

“Ang, I have Gio scheduled for two hours.”

The throat clearing and scheduling comment shook Angelique out of her reverie.

“Um, yes,” she responded, sitting back down and looking at the computer monitor. “Yes, you’re all set.”

She opened the top drawer of her desk and handed Alyssa two key cards.

The busty fox took the cards, nodded and directed her friend through another closed door.

The receptionist sheepishly looked at the two women, then answered bahis siteleri the ringing phone.

Alyssa and Maria entered an anteroom. There was a man sitting on a couch reading the newspaper.

“Hi, Lou,” Alyssa greeted.

The man put down the newspaper from in front of his face. He was white, bald, dressed in all black (two-piece suit and T-shirt) and was built like a linebacker. Lou grunted in response, gave both women the visual once-over, and went back to his paper.

The two friends proceeded toward another entrance. Alyssa looked to her girl.

“He’s a Made Man. I don’t know which of the Five Families he’s with, but this place is backed by one of them.”

Alyssa opened the door for Maria. They stepped in and she closed it. The sounds and smell of sex hit them both (more so for Maria.)

“Oh yes! Yes!”

“Jermaine, your hands are magic. I love it”

“Uh. Uh. Uh.”

“Ahhh, Jeanette, you taste like heaven.”

“A little to the left, please. That’s the spot!”

“Don’t stop, Paul! Don’t stop. Harder! Harder!”

“I’m cuminnnnggggg!”

Maria was flabbergasted.

They walked down a hallway with five doors on each side of the hallway. There was a vanilla scent in the air. One door opened. A matronly woman wearing a mink coat walked out hand-in-hand with a blonde guy dressed like a postman. He was behind her and whispered in her ear “Deliveries in the rear again next week? She said with a wicked grin, “Hmmm, perhaps you should try the front door.” They both laughed and walked through the entrance the girls just entered. Maria’s head was spinning.

Alyssa, smiling all the while her colleague was having her senses overloaded by the raw sexuality, stopped in front of two adjacent rooms with their respective numbers on the top part of the door.

“Here we are. I’ll take 4 because I like foreplay and you take 5 because you’re going to come alive!”

She handed the key card to her girlfriend.

“I’ve got Gio booked for both of us separately. I’ll go first. He’ll shower then take care of you. Speaking of a shower, every room has one. Go shower, relax, have some Champagne—there’s a chilled bottle in every room—and get ready to be pampered to the max!”

Alyssa gave her a quick peck on the cheek, said bye, and entered her room.

Maria stood next to her room. The aroma of fucking continued to roll through her nose, as did the moans and groans through her ears. She swiped card on the sensor above the door handle and entered the room.

“Oh this is lovely,” she said with a smile.

The room was large with plush carpeting in a pink slightly darker than the walls. To her left was a massage table and next to that was a king-size bed. On the wall between the table and bed was a golden shelf with a variety of oil bottles and baby powder. Below the shelf was a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon next to two glasses on a small table. In front of her was a small bathroom and closet. To her right was another door which presumably led to the next room, Alyssa’s. Next to the door was a velvet chair. The room was relaxing and elegant.

The Italian undressed, hung up her clothes in the closet, and stepped into the shower which had a frosted sliding door. After adjusting the water levels, she just stood and let the water rain upon her. Maria was horny. Since the other night when Alyssa told her about this place she got even hornier. After her friend left Maria dashed to her bedroom, stripped, and played with herself into oblivion, cumming twice. She also had changed her mind, now going for the ‘more’ option her friend spoke of.

Maria decided to let this Gio stud massage her, then fuck her brains out.

The sights, sounds, and smell of this place got her revved up. She grabbed the bar of soap from the dispenser and very quickly lathered and rinsed. She toweled off and walked back into the room. She poured and enjoyed first one, then a second glass of champagne. She placed the glass back on the table. Naked, she then laid on the message table.

“Ayyyye, si Papi! Dame tu pene grande!” (Ah yes, Papi! Give me your big penis!) Alyssa moaned.

Maria smiled to herself at the muffled sound of her friend getting boned next door. Their bed started creaking. She chuckled to herself.

A massage parlor/whorehouse for women with a high-class atmosphere and hourly motel beds.

Now there was the sound of male grunting.

“Ugggh, oh, ugh!”

“Aye que rico!” (Oh how delicious!)

The sex was starting to get to Maria. Her breathing was getting heavy. Her nipples swelled, as did her vaginal lips. Moisture also started forming within her twat.

Then the Olympian chimed in raspily.

“Ayyyyye, si, mami!” (Oh/ah, yes mami!)

“Cogeme! (Fuck me!) Cogeme, Gio!”

The bed’s squeaking increased.

Alyssa’s friend grabbed the massage table’s sides. With arousal searing through her like a California wildfire, she didn’t trust herself bahis şirketleri not to squeeze a nipple or slip a digit into her brewing gash.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” he bellowed.

Maria was white-knuckled. She willed her splayed thighs not to rub against each other.

“Ohhhhh, si! Siiiiiiii, Papi!”

Tightly, her eyes closed. She pretended that doing this would help tone down the porn show next door. She really wanted to put her fingers in her ears, but her lack of self-trust with her intense need to masturbate prevented this.

Eventually the fucking and creaking slowed down. The couple’s “oh’s and ah’s” dwindled into kisses. This gave Maria a reprieve and a small sense of victory in not masturbating.

“Oh sweetie, next week you HAVE TO eat me out!” Alyssa said.

Maria rolled her head in an OMG moment!

‘Come on, ‘lyssa!’ she silently raged. ‘Hurry up so I can get laid!’

They kissed. She seethed.

“Come on, get showered and I’ll introduce you to my friend.”

“Ok,” he said good-naturedly.

She heard the shower go on in the next room. In a few minutes the water was turned off and footsteps could be heard within the room.

“Let me tell you about my girlfriend. She’s Italian like you. A divorced mom with one son. She’s a redhead. You ever had a red-headed MILF?”

The sexpot did not give him a chance to answer.

“You ever had a red-headed Italian MILF who hasn’t gotten laid in years and plays with herself like there’s no tomorrow?”

There was silence from Gio, though Maria envisioned a Kool-Aid smile on the young man.

‘A MILF?’ Maria thought to herself. ‘Me? A MILF? I would never have considered myself that. Well, hey! Great advertising on Alyssa’s part. Left the kid speechless. Did she, though, have to mention the masturbation?’

He finally answered.


There was a little happy anticipation in the one-word answer.

“And I thought it was you who was going to rock her world. She just may do yours,” she joked. “Come on.”

Maria could hear foot-steps moving toward the door that connected their rooms. Her heart started racing. She propped herself on her elbows thrusting out her tits, bent her knees, and spread her legs open. She wanted to give Gio a memorial first picture of herself. The door knob turned. She licked her lips.

The door opened. Alyssa stepped in first.

Maria was shocked to see her friend naked.

“Hi,” the freshly-fucked hottie said with a cute, girlish tone.

It was now Alyssa’s turned to be immediately—and pleasantly—astonished, seeing her coworker nude. She always figured Maria had a knock-out shape, and she was right.

Maria’s eyes blinked when she saw her friend’s brown, sexy, bare body.

The two women stared at each other’s voluptuous forms. Their eyes met. There was curiosity in Maria’s; interest in Alyssa’s.

The Latina felt a tug on her left arm which was extended backward. It was Gio, holding onto her hand. He still hadn’t entered the room and was waiting.

“Maria, meet Gio!”

He entered.

The redhead’s eyes flew open in total horror. Gio turned out to be John, her son, who was now standing before her buck naked.

He, in turn, had the same reaction as his eyes flared wide. Here was his mother—of all people—without a stitch of clothing, laying in a wanton position expecting a massage and probably more.

Smiling, Alyssa noticed the way they looked at each other.

“Do you two know each other?”

The parent was the first to respond—immediately.


Gio was mute, then recovered.

“No. I wish, though. She’s beautiful.”

Strangely, Maria appreciated the compliment, despite the situation.

Satisfied, Alyssa walked Gio toward her.

Maria wanted to scream, “No! No! He’s my son!” But two things prevented her from yelling her protest. One was general embarrassment for all three of them. The other, which she couldn’t believe was happening, was her body’s response to seeing her son in his birthday suit.

Her eyelids lowered and she began scanning John’s physique. She hadn’t seen him in a year since the divorce. His face was handsome and his shoulders broad. His chest was chiseled and he showcased six-pack abs. His thighs and legs looked also well-developed. But it was what hung between those thighs that her pupils were now laser-focused on.

Maria stared at her son’s flaccid, yet remarkable cock.

The circumcised penis, swaying slightly as its owner was being guided toward Maria, mesmerized her. It was lengthy even in its relaxed state.

Hard he must be at least 8 inches!

She also lasciviously took in his scrotum, marveling at the brawny size of his testicles and wondered how fast he could reproduce cum after screwing her friend.

Instinctively, she licked her lips.

It was then that she felt remorse…and more unbelievable horror. She was aroused again! This time, though, it was different. The excitement was stronger, deeper, and more thrilling than any with any previous lover she had.

Nooooooooo! This can’t be! this can’t be! I’m getting turned on by my son!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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