The Massage – The Second Visit

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I heard a chime from my laptop, a small banner appeared notifying me of an email.

It was from Cindy, my attractive client from a few weeks ago whom I had an epic encounter with.

In her email, Cindy said she would like my services once again. I knew what she was wanted and it made me smile. I get to see her once again and perhaps re-live something as extraordinary as we experienced the last time.

Until Cindy, you could say I was just another masseur tending to my new business. It was never my intention to start this venture as a means to meet women or engage in sexual encounters. I had a real gift and I wanted to cultivate it. However, after Cindy, I felt like I crossed the line from therapist to prostitute.

Okay, perhaps prostitute is too harsh a word, but I did take money for providing a very sexual service, and to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was straying from convention and it lit a fire in my belly.

In her email, Cindy wrote that after our session the basement room was never quite the same again. She mentioned that it took her a whole afternoon to clean all the stains off the windows, walls and low ceiling. The musky aroma lingered for quite a while she mused. So this time we are going to do it outside, by the pool.



I arrived at my requested time. Cindy opened the door, beamed me her gorgeous smile and greeted me with a warm hug. She took me by the hand and led me into the hallway, made me put my equipment down, wrapped her arms around my neck, stood on her tippy toes and gave me a long sumptuous kiss.

“It’s so nice to see you again Josh. I’ve had so many wet dreams thinking of your last visit.” She cooed.

I could see the twinkle in her eyes and it sent a warm surge of energy down into my loins. Encouraged by her gestures, I pulled her body close and returned an equally luxurious kiss. Her lips were moist and warm; I could also feel the heat and all the undulating curves of her well-toned body. I liked where this was going and so quickly too.

I felt her mouth open and her tongue emerge; I reciprocated in kind to receive her and began to slowly suck on her gestures of affection. My hands expressed my growing desire by pulling her closer and grasping at her with a little more urgency.

Cindy began to softly moan as we kissed like lovers. Whatever boundaries and inhibitions there were, began to slowly melt. She pushed her hips against me so that the cavity of her pelvis fit into the growing bulge of my crotch.

As our tongues began to swirl in the warmth of each other’s mouth and our hips began to gently grind, I heard footsteps coming from the attached kitchen walking into the hallway.

I was surprised, if not startled, and broke away from the kiss as I looked in the direction of the approaching footsteps. I did not expect anyone to be in the home except for Cindy. I also realized I never did ask her if she lived alone.

‘Crap!’ I thought to myself, ‘She has a husband and he’s home!’

That was my immediate conclusion.

I began to untangle myself from Cindy’s embrace, but she still kept me close and would not let go. She had a naughty smile on her face. I was puzzled and started to feel compromised, as I didn’t quite know what to expect at this point. Somewhere in my mind I just had the feeling I was being set up and I was starting to get anxious.

‘What’s going on here?’ I thought to myself. ‘She wanted me with her and now there is someone else in the house?!’

My mind just could not wrap itself around the situation quickly enough, at that very moment; I saw the shadow of the approaching figure against the wall.

Double crap.

Just as I was about to raise my voice to protest my disapproval, a lithe teenage girl emerge into the wall way.

“OH!” She exclaimed.

“Um…hi…opps…” She muttered under her breath, realizing she had stumbled into an adult tryst of some sort.

I paused and stopped struggling from Cindy’s partial embrace. This was certainly not what I had expected.

I stared at the young vision, with mouth slightly agape and she stared back at me not quite knowing how to react next.

We all stood there for a brief frozen moment in that hallway, just staring at each other, until Cindy cleared her throat and broke the stalemate.

“Ahem…Josh, I’d like you to meet my niece Paige. She’s on a school break and will be staying with me for the week while her mom takes some much need time for herself.”

I let out an audible sigh. Damn, that was close.

“Paige, this is Josh, the lovely man with the magic hands I was telling you about. Sorry I forgot to mention that it was today that he was coming.”

My face unfroze, my jaw unclenched and my brain kicked back in.

I half chuckled, looked at Cindy with a raised eyebrow and then stuck my hand out toward Paige.

“Hi Paige, nice to meet you.” I flashed her a smile as I tried to compose myself. “Looks like neither of us knew we would be meeting kartal escort each other today.”

Paige giggled, stepped forward and warmly shook my hand.

“Yeah”, she said with a relief in her voice, “seems my aunt wanted to surprise the both of us!” She glared at Cindy playfully.

We all started to laugh together and that broke the ice. Cindy let go of me and reached out toward her niece. She pulled her into a warm familiar hug, pressing her cheek to hers, and said that she was buying Paige a massage as a gift and a surprise for her, for having done so well in school.

“I’m so proud of my sweetie”, she held her shoulders and looked at her warmly, “she’s worked so hard and did so well and I just wanted to spoil my favorite niece by having a girl’s spa night.”

“Aww, thank you Cindy.”

My mind registered that this young girl just called her aunt by her first name, did this happen in most families? I must be lagging behind in the times.

“So Josh, I thought we could have the massage by the pool. What do you think?” I saw that twinkle in Cindy’s eyes again, but was not quite sure how all this was going to unfold.

“Um, sure, yeah, that’s a great idea. It’s a nice warm evening and something al fresco would be great.”

“Awesome, follow us.”


The backyard was beautiful and spacious; the large pool was nicely lit in the waning light of a summer’s evening.

“Come sit and have a glass of wine with us Josh.” Cindy chirped.

The girls made themselves comfortable and cuddled on the patio sofa by the pool. Cindy uncorked a nice bottle of red and poured us all a drink. We clinked our glasses and toasted to an evening of pampering.

It was clear that there was no rush for the massage to begin and it was going to be a relaxed and casual night amongst new friends.

Paige sat close to her aunt and had wrapped herself around Cindy’s arms and snuggled in. I wasn’t sure how old she was, but I didn’t think she was old enough to be drinking. Anyhow, who was I to judge, this was a private affair in the privacy of Cindy’s home, so she could do whatever she wanted.

For the next hour or so, the wine liberated our spirits and inhibitions, Cindy brought out fine cheese and fruit slices. We talked, ate, laughed and got to know each other a little better.

Paige as it turned out, had just turned eighteen and was now on holidays from boarding school. She had been attending it since her mom got divorced a couple of years ago.

During that time Cindy also became more active in her niece’s welfare and took her under her wing as her sister went through her difficult transition. Cindy and Paige have been close ever since.

During this whole time of socializing, the girls never released each other from their snuggling or handholding. It seemed like the more wine they drank, the snugglier and more affectionate they got.

At one point, Paige pulled away from her auntie’s embrace and gazed deeply into her eyes. Cindy in turn returned her gaze with great warmth and affection and reached out and stroked her cheeks adoringly. It seemed like the two of them were close and shared a nice bond and I got the sense that they’ve spent a lot of time together.

However, what transpired next would be one of those unique experiences that would leave a very indelible impression in my time as a masseur.

As Cindy stroked the Paige’s cheeks, her gaze deepened and her smile was replaced with a more serious energy. They both stopped smiling at each other.

‘What’s going on?’ I wondered to myself.

Then it happened.

Cindy stopped stroking Paige’s cheeks, held her face gently and planted a slow open mouth kiss on her.

My jaw must have dropped and I am sure my eyes must have bulged.

I fully expected Paige to back off and pull away, but the moment just kept on defying all my expectations of normality.

Paige in turn moved into her aunt’s embrace and returned an equally voluptuous kiss.



As I watched in disbelief, I could see their tongues started to twirl slowly with serpentine pleasure, followed by sounds of lips gently slurping and soft moaning.

As aunt and niece kissed like passionate lovers, their hands gently roamed over each other’s body and a slow heat and passion began to build.

I was transfixed and completely captivated by the sight unfolding in front of me.

I was not sure what to feel. A part of my brain was also registering that this way beyond my comprehension and yet so very erotic. I could feel my erection building, my chest tightening and my throat clenching. The pulse of life and sex had begun.


I sat back in the armchair and watched the girls kiss; Cindy slowly stroked her niece’s cheek as Paige moved her hands around Cindy’s waist. It was slow, sexy and passionate.

The girls were in a comfortable embrace as they continued exploring each other’s mouth. Their breasts were pressing warmly against maltepe escort bayan each other through the thin veneer of their fabric tops while their soft moans and groans of pleasure slowly build.

After what seemed like one long never-ending moment, Cindy broke the kiss and looked over at me over her shoulder and smiled. “I bet you weren’t expecting this tonight were you?” We all broke out into a chuckle.

At this point, Cindy stood up and began to undress herself in front of us. I was half expecting Paige to be surprised, if not a little shock, but she did not flinch. She just stared longingly at her aunt.

I’m slowly starting to get a picture of their relationship here.

Cindy later told me that unbeknownst to her sister, while spending time with Paige, Cindy started to fall in love with her. When her niece turned sixteen, she decided to consummate her desire and they became very sexual lovers.

As Cindy’s very small thong, and final piece of clothing, fell to the floor, she reached for Paige’s hands and stood her up, signaling that it was time for her to disrobe. She helped her niece to pull the tank top over her head and then turned her around to undo the lacy sheer bra that supported beautifully shaped B-cup breasts. They were very pert, creamy and tipped with wonderfully pink nipples.

Paige assumed a submissive role and stuck her bum out toward her aunt while looking sideways at me with a mischievous smile. Cindy reached for her waist and slowly pulled her shorts down, along with her panties.

Paige’s pussy was as creamy, smooth and as pink as her breasts were. She was also cleanly waxed, which added to the visual appeal of her youthful sexuality.

Now that they both stood naked, Cindy motioned Paige to lie on the lounger that was next to the sofa. The young beauty happily obliged and stretched out her slim toned, naked frame for the both of us to see.

Cindy walked over to her lovely niece, looked over her shoulder at me and winked, and then straddled Paige’s face and lowered her pussy on her mouth. Upon doing so, Paige instinctively reached behind and grabbed Cindy’s apple bum and guided her in.

I was yet again gob smacked. The escalation of sexuality and intensity when I am with this woman is just something else.

I watched as lips touched lips. Cindy, in a half squat, hands resting on her knees, gently pressed her swollen labia unto her young niece’s mouth.

Paige opened her mouth and began to administer long slow licks and slurpy kisses to her aunt’s now very swollen pussy. She moved her head slowly from side to side, covering as much vaginal ground as possible. Her tongue licked Cindy’s entrance opulently, from the very bottom opening right up to her clit.

All I could do was stare in amazement. I sat by the lounger next to them realizing I was hardly breathing. My heart was beating in my chest and a sexual fog slowly filled my head.

What am I to do here? I mean, I knew a threesome was about to ensue, anyone could have told me that, but the rawness, the taboo and the unfiltered sexuality overwhelmed me. I had to take a breath.

Finally, I came to my senses (not really). I stood up and began to undress, my t-shirt came off and the girls could hear my belt unbuckling through their feminine moans.

As I slid my briefs off, my hard cock popped out and hit my belly. Small sticky strands of precum took to the air in slow motion.

I walked over and positioned myself at the foot of the lounger, so I could watch the explicit action. The view was somewhat surreal. Cindy’s naked toned body faced away from me, her back arched, her ass pointing toward me and her legs spread. Paige’s pink tongue was cleaving open her aunt’s dripping opening and with each saccharine lap, womanly juices glistened and covered her chin.

I reached down and began to slowly rub my erection. I was surprised by the amount of man juice covering my swollen head and flowing over my fingers.

My cock and balls were smooth, with a nice trim patch of pubes for visual interest. I had just shaved specifically for Cindy before I came over. The feel of warm precum over my clean manhood was incredibly pleasure inducing. I slowly and indulgently began to cover my shaft and warm undulating balls with my slippery serum.

As I sat and watched, Paige, fully aware of my presence at the foot of the lounger, bent her knees and opened her legs for me. Her pink folds were now wet, swollen and exposed; it contrasted even more against the porcelain texture of her flawless skin.

Responding to her invitation, I climbed between her thighs and laid myself on my front as best I could, the lounger was not that long and it could hardly accommodate two out stretched bodies, but I made it work. Yes I did.

I leaned in and began to kiss her inner thighs; I could smell the raw sweet aroma of Paige’s musk. There was that brain fog again, the kind that made my eyes cross as something primal took over.

There was very little foreplay escort pendik here; all that filled my vision was white skin and swollen, slippery pink folds. I wrapped my arms around the top of her thighs, steadied myself and dove into that beautiful teenage cauldron. Oh my sweet lord.

The smell of young pussy filled my nostrils as her juices lubricated my nose, mouth and covered my cheeks. I steadily licked, sucked and probed her grooved, pulsing insides. I could almost hear Paige moaning, but the adrenalin coursing through me deadened all sounds and kept my focus entirely on the beautiful flower that was offering up its nectar.

I reached under Paige’s knees and gently pushed them up toward her chest She followed my lead and did not resist as I opened her pussy and bum up even more. From this easier angle, my tongue was able to probe deeper, teasing out even more fluids than I thought a girl was capable of producing.

I slowly rubbed my face into the flow of her juices. I was completely entranced by my desire. I wanted her fluids all over me, and the more I administered oral pleasure on her, the more she moaned and oozed.

By this time, there no longer was any inhibition left. What boundaries there were between aunt and niece, therapist and client, no longer existed. It was simply pure wanton sex, a complete and total immersion into pleasure and firm naked womanly flesh.

Guided simply by biological desire, I moved my mouth lower and began to tease and lick Paige’s anus. It was clean, tight and as pink as her pussy. Her juices continue to flow out of her cervix and down the natural channel of her vulva, pooling nicely in the dimple of her butt hole. As her juices gathered there, it made it easier to lick, taste and pleasure her wonderfully tight starfish.

By now, Paige had begun to writhe under my tongue. I could hear her moan with greater effect and urgency as my tongue entered and explored both her orifices.

I took a quick breather to ease the strained posture I was in and I released Paige’s knees and allowed her hips to lie back on the lounger. With the back of my hand, I wiped off the excess juices dripping from my face and chin.

As I gathered myself at the foot of the lounger, I saw that Cindy had disconnected her pussy from Paige’s lips. She was positioned over her niece’s face and was furiously rubbing her clit. The motion was so fast that all I saw was a blur of fingers, labia and flying strings of clear fluid.

She was moaning, actually, more like shrieking, “Oh God! Oh God!…!”

Needless to say, it was evident she was reaching her orgasm.

And then it happened. From behind, I saw her completely tense up, all her sinewy muscles strained powerfully and for a split second she got completely still and quiet. Then she erupted!

Cindy simply screamed!

She released a torrent of squirt upon Paige’s chest and face. A clear powerful stream of warm clear fluid tore out of her pussy with great force and splattered on Paige’s breasts and open mouth.

Paige steady herself by holding her aunt’s knees, she shamelessly received every drop of her auntie’s squirt. She was half smiling in glee as the warm sweet urine collected in pool of her mouth, over flowing over her lips very quickly.

“YES!” Paige exclaimed. “Give it to me!” She said, half gargling.

Paige dribbled the squirt out all over herself, rubbing it over her chest, face and hair, luxuriating in the complete and total debauchery we all found ourselves in.

It wasn’t over yet; Cindy was bracing herself for the second wave.

“AHHHHHHHH!!” She bore down.

Paige quickly positioned herself and opened her mouth again so she could receive the steaming sexual baptism.

Cindy shuddered hard and you could hear the force of the spray leaving her pussy and splattering over Paige’s face. She convulsed over and over as powerful jets of squirt completely soaked her young niece.

This time, after collecting a mouthful of her aunt’s wonderful syrup, she closed her mouth and swallowed it all.

“Mmmmmm!!” She smiled and licked her lips.

Cindy at this time had to reach down and grasp the lounger’s handles to steady herself. Her knees had buckled under the force of her release. She was panting, slightly disoriented and the world was spinning a bit. Her hair covered her face and it looked like she had just given birth standing up. Clear drops of pee were still dripping from her pussy, much like a faucet that was not completely shut off. She was completely spent!

Paige finally took a breath and slumped into the soaked lounger. She was half laughing, incredulous at all that just transpired. This had only happen once before between them, but it was nothing of this magnitude.

Cindy un-straddle the lounger and simply collapsed on the deck next to her niece. All she could do was lay there and breathe.

I on the other hand still had a lot of verve left in me, so I climbed up on top Paige and began to kiss and lick her face, lips and chest. Paige, though tired, responded by pulling me onto her so that my cock nestled between her bald wet pussy.

The intensity of the moment had passed, and that was fine by me, now I simply wanted a slower pace to enjoy this beautiful squirt covered teenage girl.

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