The Masturbatorium Ch. 02

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And, a month later, I was back. This time would be different, because I’d made arrangements to be masturbated in the presence of another man. I’d always been curious about that experience, and now my curiosity was about to be satisfied.

It was arranged like this. I had to give permission for them to make a few “still” pictures from the film that had been taken of me at the last session, showing me in various states of tumescence. These would be sent to other men who had expressed interest in double masturbation, along with pictures of other candidates. In turn, I was sent pictures of other men in the same poses, and asked to indicate my preferences. I picked four that turned me on more than the others. A few days later, we had a match, and a date was arranged.

I’d asked for Kim, that beautiful Eurasian woman, to be my masseuse again. When I stepped into the shower room after checking in at the desk and disrobing, there she was in all her nearly naked glory, her bald pubes clearly visible through the gold-mesh panties. “I’m so glad you’re back!” she said with a grin. “It was fun servicing you, and I’m looking forward to doing it again!”

She wasn’t alone. Standing with her were a man and a woman. I’d recognized the man from the pictures I’d been sent. He was of average height and weight, a bit balding but with a hairy chest and crotch, from which a very erect penis was protruding.

That was the first thing that threw me for a loop. I’d seen plenty of limp cocks at the gym, and plenty of hard ones on the Internet, but this was the first one I’d ever seen, in person, a boner that wasn’t mine. I could actually reach out and touch it, but I knew that the rules of the Masturbatorium forbade that. I felt no revulsion, only curiosity, and it made me wonder for a second exactly how straight I was. The fellow noticed, and gave me a nervous smile. He might have been thinking the same thing.

The penis, maybe an inch shorter than mine, was being stroked by the woman, who was tall and thin, with small breasts that sagged slightly and were capped with very small but hard nipples. But the most striking things about her were her eyes, grey and startlingly clear, and a riot of curly, almost black hair that tumbled down her shoulders. There was definitely some southern European in her ancestry … Spanish, maybe, or Italian or Greek … but her features seemed more northern European. I glanced down at her crotch. He had a four-inch thigh gap, and the gold mesh panties she wore revealed a muff of curly black hair, neatly trimmed. She grinned as she saw my cock grow and stiffen as Kim washed it.

Kim whispered in my ear, “That is Rita. And for today, you are Derek, and he is James. We don’t use clients’ real names here.” I nodded. But for the first time, I wondered if Kim and Anita had used their real names, either. Probably not, but what difference did it make?

We showered together, our partners dried us off, and then we were led to a slightly larger cubicle than the one I’d used before. There were two massage tables here, and two mirrors over them situated so that each man could see the other. The mirrors scarcely blocked the orgy of visual images projected onto the ceiling, which were about the same as the ones I’d seen on my previous visit … jiggling breasts, squirting cocks, and a little soft-core torture to spice things up.

And, as with the last visit, the ladies wasted no time in getting us to our first orgasms. Kim was giving me the same expert hand-job I’d had before, while Rita was oiling up James’s cock, teasing it until his pre-cum was flowing freely. I could not take my eyes off it. He was groaning with pleasure, his hands grasping the sides of his table, as Rita ran her finger up and down the length of his shaft. Kim started doing the same thing with mine, and soon the ladies were in perfect synch. They’d obviously done this many times together. Everything Kim was doing to me, Rita was doing to James, right down to the squeezes on our caps and the tickles to our ball sacks. It was all I’d dreamed about in the preceding month – two lovely near-naked ladies giving their men the most artistic of hand-jobs, four breasts bobbling, two beautiful faces stealing glances at both of us men as four hands deftly brought us to a climax.

All the while, the cinematic orgy continued to play on the ceiling. I would look up and see a man stroking his stiff cock until the semen spewed out of it; that image was immediately replaced with another one showing a man ejaculating onto the shelf of a black woman’s heavy breasts as she held them up to his shaft. I’d move my gaze over to the image of a woman being fucked silly, her oiled tits bobbing up and down. I’d see a finger plunged into a cunt, a riding crop smacked against an ass cheek … every image calculated to bring me to a higher climax. I could see that James was doing the same thing, as well as looking my way as Kim masturbated me. Our arousals swelled in unison, and soon James I ignored görükle escort bayan the images above us and fixated on each other’s impending explosion of cum.

And the climaxes were nearly simultaneous. Just as I felt the last of my control slipping away, I heard a grunt from the opposite bed. James gave a shudder, and his cock erupted in a geyser of cum that sprayed upward in an arching trajectory, spurt after spurt after spurt, and landed on his belly and chest. It happened just as my own cock released its own load of stored-up cum, jetting into the air as James watched in astonishment. Still rocked from the force of his own orgasm, he gave me a dazed smile as if to thank me for the spectacle. I smiled back, and stared at the ceiling again, where a white woman was tit-fucking a black man’s cock until his sperm shot out and spattered her chin.

The girls produced warm, moist towels from a drawer in the dresser in the room and wiped the semen off our still shaking bodies. Then they told us to roll over onto our bellies. I felt Kim climbing onto the table, spreading warm oil over my back, and massaging it into my muscles.

As she worked, she asked me how I was doing. Was seeing James’s orgasm as erotic as I’d hoped, or not?

“I’m not sure,” I answered. “It’s like something in my life has changed, my whole outlook on sex. I can’t explain it. I’ve never seen a guy cum before. At least not in person.”

“That’s a common reaction,” she replied as she moved down to my ass cheeks. “It’s like your first fuck, right? All those scenarios in your head, now happening for the first time in real life?”

“Yeah. That’s it. And now I’m wondering how straight I really am.” I was thinking of my last look at the reflection of James’s body in the mirror before I rolled over. His cock had been limp … the first time I’d seen it that way, I realized. His flaccid cock was not nearly as long as it was before, although its girth was still ample. I also saw that he was uncircumcised; his cap was retracted into its foreskin. Glancing toward the table again, I saw Rita squeeze the last drops of sperm out of it, and found myself fascinated by the sight. Then he, too, rolled over onto his belly, and I couldn’t see his cock anymore.

“Don’t worry,” she cooed. “Take pleasure where you find it, with whom you find it. ‘Straight’ and ‘gay’ are just words, labels for things that some people feel need labels. You don’t need labels. I don’t need labels. The pleasure is all.”

“I think I have to tell you that seeing James cum was just about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I didn’t think I’d react that way.”

“I did! I noticed last time how often your eyes were drawn to those images on the ceiling of men ejaculating. We are trained to note these things. I thought that the odds were just about even that you would want to be in a two-man situation.”

I laughed. “When you brought Anita in to help you last time, was it because you caught me looking at big swinging boobs?”

“Busted! Yes, that was deliberate! But I don’t think you objected!”

“God, no! But your boobs are lovely, too! That’s why I asked for you this time, partly. They’re a perfect size for you. And being ‘administered to’ by two women that last time was a perk I didn’t expect!”

“Well, Rita and I would like to give you that experience again. With your permission, and James’s, we would like to switch clients. Would you like that?”

“If it’s okay with them, sure.”

“Rita,” she called to her associate. “Would you like to trade with me? Does James object?”

James looked at us and smiled. He had evidently been having the same thought. I couldn’t blame him. Kim’s tight body was something to lust for, and he couldn’t help wanting to see it at closer range. “It’s fine with me,” he said hoarsely.

So the girls switched places, and it was Rita’s hand on my arms and legs, not Kim’s. Rita was, I think, a better masseuse; she knew where and how much to knead. After she had finished with my back, I expected her to ask me to roll over, but instead I felt her rub her entire body against mine, as Anita had done before. I could feel those small, sharp nipples tracing along my back as she caressed my shoulders and neck.

What a sensation that was! I could feel my cock getting harder again and getting pinched between my leg and the table. So much for being gay! I was about to move my hand to adjust it when I heard Rita say, “Roll over. I want to do your front now.”

When I did so, I got another shock. Rita was straddling me, her sex directly over my cock. It was my first look at her close up, and it took my breath away. Her long limbs, her flat abdomen, those small but inviting tits, her blazing gray eyes, her profusion of dark hair … she was sexual lust personified. Her skin gleamed with oil. She spread her legs, lowering herself until her gold panties brushed against my cock, and slid her camel toe along the length bursa otele gelen escort of my shaft. There was no mistaking the pearl of a very erect clitoris bulging against her mesh panties. I was hard again in a flash. She gave me a dazzling smile as she saw my cock responding to her beauty.

I have said that her tits were small, but they were large enough to hang from her chest and sway invitingly as she bent over me. She massaged the length of my body from toes to neck as I watched them swing, her nipples as small and hard as bullets. At last she gave all of her attention to my cock, stroking it, oiling it, teasing it, squeezing it, blowing on it, watching the pre-cum again start to ooze from its cap. She was deliberately keeping me from another orgasm, and I found myself glancing over to the other table, where Kim was doing the same thing with James’s cock. It, too, was rock hard again, the pre-cum welling up from his piss-hole and dribbling down the length of his shaft.

My eyes strayed upward again, and I watched a woman writhing in pain (or pleasure?) as her ring-pierced nipples were being pulled on by a chain tugged by an unseen hand. A cock appeared, and sprayed its cum onto the woman’s breasts. Then another cock. The scene faded and was replaced by an ass cheek being decorated with hot wax from a dripping candle. Not my thing, really, so I transferred my gaze to a woman dancing sensuously, swinging her ample tits as she plunged a dildo into her cunt.

I felt Rita pick up the pace of her stroking, and glanced over at James. His face had a look of agitation, almost panic, as Kim stroked him. Then he looked at me.

It was at this moment that both women, in unison, gave us a few final squeezes. Their timing was perfect; James and I came at the same time, and I watched his cock ejaculating as my own spasmed, discharging its cream. The women giggled and gave each other thumbs-up signs.

This time, I felt no qualms at all about seeing James cum. I even felt some enjoyment in watching it, and in letting him see my own ejaculation. We had shared an experience. How many men had he shared this with? I had no way of knowing, but I didn’t care. My own attention was directed instead to the two women, who had dismounted from the table and were hugging each other, in an embrace that was far more than sisterly. Their oiled tits were sliding against each other, hands inside each other’s panties, tracing the clefts of each other’s vulvas. There was nothing frenetic about it. They took their time, ignoring us for the moment. They knew that there was nothing we needed from them. All my lust had been burned away by that last orgasm, but I found something arousing in their intimacy. I realized that they, too, were getting aroused by their ministrations, and were succumbing to that same horniness that we men had felt. Since they couldn’t satisfy it with us, they satisfied it with each other.

It was apparent that they had danced this dance before. They knew all the buttons to push on their partner, and expertly guided each other to an orgasm, their backs suddenly flushing, their hugs growing fiercer, their legs trembling. Then they turned to their clients, their faces a mask of satisfied lust.

I had only seen women embracing like this in pornos, and in my dreams. I only regretted that my recent orgasm had prevented me from becoming more aroused at the sight. But that was OK. I might not have appreciated the beauty of their intimacy, the spectacle of their oiled bodies gleaming in the light, or the tenderness with which they kissed each other. They were sex goddesses to me – pure personifications of lust.

James, all this time, had been stroking his flaccid penis. Its cap was now completely enclosed by his foreskin and his ball sack was no longer contracted. My own cock was still too sensitive to touch, so I contented myself with stroking the inside of my thigh. Kim noticed this and, breaking her hug with Rita, returned to the side of my table. She took another warm, wet towel from the drawer and gently wiped away the cum from my chest. Then, as I lay on my back, she straddled me and gave me the same show that Rita had moments before, massaging my chest and belly. Her hand would occasionally stray down to my crotch, where she would give my cock an experimental squeeze to see how far I was along in my refractory cycle. She’d also stop to re-oil her breasts and play with them, lifting them, squeezing them, pushing them together, and flicking and pinching her nipples. That show was better than anything playing on the ceiling, because I could hear her as well as see her, giggling and groaning as she fondled herself. It may have been the first time I wasn’t interested in the videos after cumming.

As Kim played with her breasts, I glanced over to the other table, where Rita was straddling James as Kim was straddling me. Rita was showing James how she liked to masturbate, pinching her bursa escort bayan labia and clit through the mesh of the panties as she rubbed her belly with her free hand. She’d look at our table from time to time, trying to catch Kim’s attention, but Kim’s mind was on other things. As she stared into my eyes, it became apparent to me that she was sliding into another orgasm, this time just from playing with her breasts. I smiled my encouragement, and let her finish herself off.

She came with a shudder and smiled that smile of lust. She was obviously proud of her ability to climax from breast stimulation alone, and I complimented her. The spectacle was enough to get me hard again, my cock once again swelling and hardening. I looked over at the other table, and saw that James had seen Kim’s whole show, and his cock was responding to it. Or was it responding to Rita’s caresses, or the sight of her arousal, or the sight of my own erection returning? I didn’t know, and I didn’t give a damn. My lust was returning, and this time it had no focus and no qualms. I rolled over onto my belly and felt hands massaging my back. Kim? Or Rita?

I got my answer when I felt some fat nipples rake against my back. It had to be Kim. She was once again sliding her body against mine. I caught a glimpse of her hair as it fell into view. Yes, it was Kim’s long, straight hair and not Rita’s curly coif.

I was almost back to full hardness when Kim assumed her straddling position and said, “Roll over. On your back.” When I did, she did something that brought me back to full erection: she continued giving me a fully body rub, but this time front-to-front. I felt the mesh of her panties grinding against the underside of my cock as her breasts pressed against my chest. It was almost sensory overload. Minutes went by as her body glided over mine, the soft skin of her belly sliding against the underside of my cock. I wanted, more than anything, for her to rip off those panties and guide my hard rod into her, to make the intimacy complete. But, instead, she said, “Lie on your side, facing the other table.” Then she slid over me and pressed the length of her body against my back; I could feel her still-hard nipples pressing into my shoulder muscles. Her hand reached over my thigh and grasped my cock, stroking it and pointing it at the other table.

As I turned my gaze over to the other table, I saw that Rita had positioned James the same way. I could see the full extent of his body from head to toes, his erection grasped by Rita, who was just barely visible behind him. Only her hand and her face were showing, and her gaze was directed at me.

“You are going to cum one more time,” I heard Kim whisper into my ear. “But this time, we are going to aim your spend at James, and Rita will aim his at us. I think that the sight will please you.”

At this point, my urge to cum was so strong again that nothing they did would make any difference. Or so I thought. But as my orgasm approached, I found James staring into my eyes with that same look of

agitation he had earlier. But I scarcely noticed him, because Rita was staring at me, too, her eyes bright with lust.

And then I felt myself slipping again, going once more past the tipping point. This time, it was if my orgasm was in slow motion, each ejaculation a rush of liquid fire. I felt Kim giving my cock a hard squeeze. I saw my semen spurt out in a high arc, shooting across the room just as James’s own cock erupted in a similar way, sending its jism in my direction. Because it was the third orgasm we’d had in as many hours, there wasn’t enough ejaculatory force to actually propel the sperm across the room, but the sight of his gobbets of cum flying toward me was one I’ll always remember.

His body went slack, and his head dropped back. Rita let go of his cock and smiled at me as if to say, “Someday I want to do this to you!” And then Kim’s hand gave my softening cock a squeeze before letting it fall. We lay like that for a few minutes, and I watched James’s cock go fully slack once more. He seemed bathed in a warm glow, like a Renaissance painting of a nude cherub. His eyes were closed, but Rita was still staring at us intently. In the overhead mirror, I saw the hand that had held James’s spewing cock now slipping inside her panties to fondle her crotch.

And then it was over. Three hours had passed, three of the most erotic hours I had ever spent in my life. We all got up and ambled back to the shower area. This time it was Rita lathering up my cock, washing it clean, patting it dry. She’d look up at me once in a while with that smoldering gaze, but didn’t say a word. And then the women were gone.

James and I retrieved our clothes and dressed. We thanked each other for our participation, but didn’t say anything else in the way of small talk. He seemed to be retreating to everyday life, where our acquaintance never really happened. I was just a means to an end, with no prospect of friendship. We didn’t even shake hands. That was fine with me.

My cock was at that same level of sensitivity that it had been at the end of the last session. I swear that I could feel every fiber of my boxer shorts. At the desk, I thanked the receptionist for my services. “What if I wanted to have another session,” I asked, “but with a woman client instead of a man?”

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