The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Bethany’s Tales — Part 1

Bethany Rose McAllister enjoyed everything about her life in Regal Bay. She worked as a math teacher at the high school, she had a nice home, good friends, and two wonderful sons. The one thing she didn’t have was a man in her life. It had been nearly twelve years since her then husband had filed for divorce. They had been living in Tampa at the time, and her youngest had just started elementary school. She had been teaching high school mathematics since graduating from college. Beth thought she had everything in place a middle-aged woman could ever want or need. Instead, she found out that she had a thirst for young men, in particular those she taught at the high school. It was a thirst she never seemed to be able to quench.

Beth had been born in London, England, but immigrated to the United States with her family when she was only eight years old. They settled in Orlando, where her father worked at the big amusement park as a civil engineer. Her mother also worked there, as one of the many women who would dress up and entertain children as one of the famous cartoon princesses. For young Beth, a trip to Walt Disney World was a weekly event.

For much of her adult life Beth recognized that she enjoyed young men. It was as if her libido had stopped maturing during her high school days while her body matured into a voluptuous woman. By the time she had graduated from college with her teaching degree, she had continued dating boys who were still in high school. She only agreed to date, and then marry, Burton McAllister out of a need to try and make herself right.

Burt was a young man who had grown up living down the block from Beth and her family in Orlando, and she’d known him much of her life. She’d fooled around with him on several occasions over the course of her teen years. She thought that he was a nice enough guy and seeing as he was two years younger than herself anyway, she hoped that settling down with him would help to straighten her sexual mindset out. Instead, Beth continued to succumb to her urge for young men and maintained a few on the side behind her husband’s back, starting just a year into their marriage. Every lover she took was under the age of twenty during those years, and even after giving birth to her first son, Burton, Jr., Beth continued to seek out young, exciting men for her needs.

By the time Beth had turned thirty, she had a second son, Bradley. Unfortunately, she could not be sure that Bradley was her husband’s son or not. In the weeks leading up to her discovery, she had been with multiple young lovers who seldom used protection of any kind. By this time, she and Burton, Sr. had begun to grow steadily apart, and she suspected that her husband was seeing someone on the side as well. That began to bother her, even as she continued to meet young men, sometimes high school aged teens, in the back seats of cars, or in a restroom at the library, or in the janitor’s closet in the high school gym.

Finally, Burton asked for a divorce. It wasn’t really out of the blue, but it did take Beth a while to understand why. Papers were eventually signed, and Beth decided to make a fresh start of it elsewhere. Both of her parents had returned to England years before, and she had nothing to tie her to the Orlando area that she couldn’t break with. So, after a lengthy search Beth settled on accepting a position at the newly expanded Regal Bay High School, where for the last decade, she and her two sons have enjoyed being a part of the community.

It wasn’t long after her arrival in Regal Bay that Beth discovered that there was a group of women in Regal Bay with lustful tastes very similar with her own. In short order the thirty-something high school math teacher was warmly accepted into this sinful, secretive group with open arms. Soon after she was enjoying the delights of several virile young men, many of whom were the sons of the very same women who made up the group. As it would turn out, incest was almost as common among these women as hair stylist gossip.

Although never considering incest as an outlet, Beth began to toy with the idea as her oldest son grew into manhood. By the time Burton, Jr., or just Burt as she was want to call him now, had reached his senior year in high school, Beth knew that she would have to have him. He reminded her so much of her ex-husband at that age that she had to discover whether his father had passed on any other gifts to his son, such as a healthy, and lengthy, cock. She found out in good order, much to her delight. At the time, Burt was working at the Chamber of Commerce after school, doing odd jobs and making a little spending money before heading off to the Naval Academy after graduation. The first-time Beth had been taken by her son was during a warm Saturday afternoon in early November.

Beth had spent her morning working around the house, and as such hadn’t taken the time to change out of her bed clothes. She had started running the vacuum cleaner in the front room when she was surprised by Burt’s kartal escort return home. He’d been out since early in the day, and she expected he would be out until the evening, such was the way his weekends usually went. Like his younger brother, who spent much of his time either in his bedroom or at friends’ home playing video games, Burt rarely spent any time during the weekends at home with his mother.

“What are you doing home so early,” Beth asked her oldest son as he tossed his wind-breaker across the back of one of the dining room chairs.

He dropped into the big sofa and snatched up the television remote control. “Kerry and her family are off to visit her grand-parents,” he explained. “Some last-minute deal, I guess. She’ll be gone the rest of the week-end.”

Burt began to channel surf for a moment before settling on the college football game playing on ESPN. He settled back into the big lounging sofa that dominated their living room and popped the tab on the Dr. Pepper he’d retrieved on his way through from the kitchen. Beth had shut the vacuum cleaner off and pondered whether she wanted to continue or not.

Even though it was well past noon now, Beth still only wore her pink and white bathrobe as she cleaned. She had every intention of showering and dressing after she had finished. Burt’s eyes were on the television when he commented on this fact. “I can’t believe my mom is starting to dress her own age,” he snickered.

“Why do you say that?” she asked with a tinge of hurt in her voice.

“You’re starting to dress like an old house-wife,” he grinned. “It’s after noon on a Saturday in November and you’re still in your morning robe. I’ll bet you haven’t even showered yet, either.”

“I’m busy picking up after you and your brother, as well as cleaning the house you two live in and yet do little to help maintain, I’ll have you know.” When Beth would get upset, her English accent would become more prominent, as it started to then.

Burton laughed and said, teasingly, “That’s what the woman of the house is for, isn’t it?”

In response, she teased him back. “A comment like that only suggests that you are staking claim to being the man of the house, and you probably should be doing more to help with the upkeep. Especially bringing some money into the house.” Beth moved to stand between her son and the television, causing him to lean to his left to look around her.

“You know, you make a terrible window, Mother dear,” Burt jibed. “Maybe you need to get a thorough scrubbing like you did the windows. I’d be able to see the TV then. Until then, do you mind moving to one side or the other? I’m trying to watch the football game”

“Are you suggesting that I’m overweight?” she barked. Beth took a step closer to her son before continuing, “I thought you enjoyed big girls, since your little Kerry isn’t all that little, now is she?”

Burt took her retaliatory jibe a bit personally, and chose that moment to bring up his mother’s life-long secret. He leaned back in the sofa and looked up at her. “You know, I found something out about you a few weeks ago.”

Beth glared down at her son. “And what would that be?” she asked.

“One of the older guys I know told me that he’d fucked this teacher back when he was in high school. I figured he was just bullshitting me, but he kept at it.” Burt paused and looked his mother in the face. He could see that she was visibly shaken. It was all the confirmation that he needed by that point.

Beth wanted to say something, but she couldn’t. She only could listen to her son.

“He said he’d fucked his math teacher, in fact,” Burt continued. “He said he had fucked her when he was a junior, and again as a senior. He boasted that he’d done her twice in school, and another three times in her car. It was a Volvo wagon, he recalled. Just like the one you drive, Mother dear.”

Beth knew then who it was that her son was talking about. In fact, she had had intercourse with Landon Stevens on several more occasions, including twice since he’d graduated. One of those times had been on her own back patio, when he’d delivered a load of peat for her flower garden. The fact that her son had full knowledge that his mother had been enjoying sexual trysts with young men from his school overwhelmed her, and she had to sit down before she fell over.

“I know you won’t deny it, Mom,” Burt said. “Landon told me that he had fucked you. I didn’t believe him, not until he described your hysterectomy scar. Then I knew he wasn’t lying. You had been fucking him and from what I’ve been able to gather these last couple of weeks, he wasn’t only one. And I am beginning to suspect that it has been going on for years. And you know something else? Kelly even knows about it, since she has an older brother that admitted to her that he’d had her boyfriend’s mother on more than one occasion in the school.” His voice was beginning to grow more angered as he went on.

Beth was shocked, but long knew that this day was coming. It was time to face her past maltepe escort bayan sins and that afternoon was as good as any. If she could only figure out how to begin. If she could only confess to her son her feelings and how she’d never stopped being attracted to young men, young men his very own age in fact. She looked at him and opened her mouth, wanting to speak but unable to. What happened next all but floored Beth.

Burt began by telling her, “I can’t believe that you’re such a whore for teen-aged guys that you’d risk getting fired, or worse, just to get off. You know, mom, most of my friends think you’re still hot and sexy, even at your age.” He paused to let that sink in, and then added, “And you know what else? A while back, after he’d told me that he’d been screwing around with you, I admitted to Landon that I have thought about it, too. I thought that maybe I’d like to join in and get some of you, like everyone else is. And you know what else? I think you’re one sexy MILF. That’s a “Mother I’d Like to Fuck”, by the way.”

“Yes, Burt, I know what a MILF is,” she replied quietly. “I’ve been called it many times over the years.”

Burt paused. He was looking at her intently. She could feel his eyes on her, even though hers were on her hands in her lap, the fingers intertwined. Burt finally continued. “You know, you do look very nice, Mom, and I have begun to wonder what you might look like, you know, naked. I sometime fantasize about what you even look like when you’re getting fucked by one of your students.”

“Burt, please,” she gasped.

“When I think of you as a MILF and not my mother,” he grinned at her, “when I look at you that way, it makes me just as horny as you make my friends. I should admit, that sometimes I’ve even imagined it was you who I was fucking when I was with Kelly. She’s a lot like you, you know. Soft in all the right places. I wondered if you’re still as tight and juicy where Kelly is, even as I was fucking her last night in the backseat of your car.”

Beth was at a loss, hearing her son talk about her as so many of her young lovers over the years had. Seeing the look in his eyes as he admitted all of this to her didn’t help. She knew he was lusting for her, and she recognized the same within herself. He was a handsome young man of eighteen now, with a dark head of hair and whiskers that would soon be needing regular shaving. His blue eyes seemed to sparkle as he looked at her, traveling up and down her robed body. The lop-sided grin on his face added a somewhat juvenile, innocent air to the tension growing between them.

Beth asked Burt, “Why do you think I look sexy, cleaning house in this old robe? I am almost fifty years old, and I’m your mother.” She stood up and started to move away. “I don’t think we really need to be talking like this, not as mother and son.”

“I thought we were talking like two mature adults,” Burt replied. “I’ve always thought you looked sexy, whatever you wear.” He then reached out to her as she passed and took hold of the robe. She twisted to face her son and found him looking up at her. She saw a familiar glint in his eyes, a glint she’d seen hundreds of times before, in the eyes of the young men she’d had over the years.

“Even when you’re wearing nothing, you look sexy to me,” he added. Burt then tugged her robe open. Beneath the robe, Beth wore only a pair of white panties and bra, though she had pulled on white stockings as well. Burt’s eyes grew wide as he took in his mother’s near nakedness just a few feet away. She felt suddenly very nervous, as never before, and she liked it. After-all, Burt’s face was his father’s face from years ago. The face of a handsome young man from Orlando who once made her laugh, and cum, with his witty tongue.

As she stood before him, Burt reached up and tugged the left cup of her bra downward, spilling her pink-nipple breast free and into his hand. “Oh, Burt, please,” She signed as he cupped her tit-flesh and squeezed, awkwardly and roughly. He came to his feet before her. She looked up into his eyes as he moved around her, his grin growing ever more wicked. His hand slid across her chest to pull the right breast free. His mouth then descended to her neck and she rolled her head back as her son dug his teeth into her flesh, as well as his fingers.

“Oh, Burton,” she sighed again. “What are you doing to me?”

Burt all but dropped her into the nearby sofa chair a moment later, and leaned over her, still squeezing and rolling her soft breasts in his hands. He took hold of her chin a moment later and tilted her mouth up to his. He kissed his mother, lightly. As he did, he took hold of her right hand and pressed it to his crotch.

With his lips on hers, he asked, “Can you tell what you’re doing to me, Mother?” She nodded and squeezed his manhood through the bulging cloth of his jeans. He suddenly straightened up, unzipped his fly, reached inside and pulled his stiffening cock out. Beth took in the sight of her son’s cock, even as he lay a hand atop her blonde head.

Burt escort pendik told his mother, “Suck my dick, Mom.” Beth didn’t need to be told twice. She never had and never would.

Beth moved forward on the sofa chair and wrapped her fingers around Burt’s thickening shaft. His cock had a prominent upward curve, ending in a darkened, purple knob that so reminded her of his true father. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around her son’s manhood, tasting his sexual flesh for the first time, but not the last time. Beth began to suck, slurp, and slobber at her son’s hardening cock.

It wasn’t long before he was sighing in pleasure. “Damn, you are a cock-sucking slut, aren’t you, Mom?” Despite his hurtful words, Beth grew hotter and hornier. Her son was now her latest lover.

With her tongue bathing his knob, Beth stroked Burt’s cock to full life. Her head bobbed at his crotch, her blonde hair falling about her head and waving as she sucked his cock. She looked up into his face as he continued to whisper nasty things to her. Burt pulled his shirt off and unfastened his belt and jeans as she continued to suck his cock, now from her knees before him. She began to wonder if this was all he wanted, for her to suck him off and cum in her mouth. That was fine with her. It had been too long since she’d had a young stud’s cock in her mouth, let alone the belly-warming satisfaction of a mouthful of hot cum. Burton pulled her hand away from his shaft and then with a handful of her hair he pulled her face tighter to his crotch with every thrust. Soon, most of his cock was running in and out of his mother’s willing, gaping mouth. Saliva dripped from her lips and his shaft as she continued to let him use her face as a fuck-toy.

Burt roughly pulled his mother’s mouth from his cock and wrapped his fist around the shaft. While stroking his cock rapidly, he asked her, “Do you want my cum, Mom? Do you want me to blast my nuts across your lips and cheeks, or do you want me to feed you my hot cream?”

Beth looked up into her son’s eyes and told him, “I want whatever you want, Burton. I want your cum wherever you want to give it to me. I just want you to give me your hot cum. I am yours to use as you please, Burton.” She licked his cock again, from base to head, and then added, “I am yours for as long as you want me, as often as you want me, and where-ever or when-ever you want me.” She was hooked, and greedy. Her mouth went back to work upon her son’s big cock.

Burt laughed, and then told her, “You are a good cock-slut, Mom!”, before ramming his full length into her mouth once again. Beth gagged, but fought it, wanting nothing more than to please her son, just as she had for all the other young men she’d enjoyed through her life. Just as she had for his father before him, Beth wanted nothing more than to pleasure her son and make him feel loved as only a mother can sinfully love her son.

Burt face-fucked his mother a moment longer, then pulled away. He lifted his cock, took hold of his balls, and demanded, “How about sucking my nuts?” His mother did as she was told. A few minutes later he again shoved his mother away. This time Burt moved to sit in the deep sofa chair. His cock stood up straight, glistening with his mother’s spit. He pulled her closer and then turned her to face away from him. He brushed her pink robe aside and took hold of her white panties beneath at her hips. She looked back at her son and he was looking up at her, still grinning, as he tugged her panties down past her white stockings. She stepped out of them and turned to give him an eye-level look at her neatly trimmed blonde pubic triangle, and the heavy pink lips of her labia, hanging from her vaginal slot between her thighs.

“Fuck! That’s beautiful,” he grunted. He eyes were fixated on her pussy. The heavy labia hung like curtains from the blonde fur. He knew he had to have them in his mouth. His girl-friend’s vagina was nothing like his mother’s. These were well-used and well-abused curtains of sexual flesh that made his mouth water. How many cocks had passed through that opening, Burt wondered? Dozens? Hundreds?

Burt took in his mother’s nakedness, then smacked her ass. “Turn around, Mom.” She again turned her back to her son. Burt began to rub her ass globes, squeezing them in his hands. “You’ve got a great ass, Mom. I’ve always wanted to do this.” Beth leaned forward when told to, and Burt stroked her pussy slit with his fingers. She knew her pussy was dripping wet by then and when Burt slipped his fingers along her slit, she moaned as her juices began to flow and drip.

“That feels so good, honey,” she moaned. “I like that.”

Burt played with his mother’s pussy for only a few minutes before he took hold of her hips and told her to have a seat. Beth looked back over her shoulder and stepped backward, up to the edge of the chair. Burt slid his ass to the edge, aligning his upraised cock with the damp gash of his mother’s sex. His knob caressed her heavy labia and parted them, drawing a moan of lust from Beth’s chest as she felt the heat of her son’s knob upon her flesh. She wanted to savor the moment, but Burt was having none of that. He pulled his mother back to him and she dropped onto her son’s lap, accepting his hard cock inside her well-used vagina with a single plunge.

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