The Misadventures of the Green Family Ch. 02

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As Carol and Kelly lay in close embrace, touching, kissing, and enjoying the remnants of their morning love making they became aware that they could no longer hear the noise of the lawnmower. Both jumped and gathered their clothes and started to dress. Kelly ran to the hall bathroom as Carol continued to put her pj’s and robe back on. She looked out the bedroom door thinking she must look rumpled but was pleased when Forest could not be seen. He must have stopped in the kitchen.

When the girls finished dressing and came out Forest was sitting at the breakfast bar. His first impression by their furtive glances was that they must have been up to something. Little did he know how right he was. The girls sat with Forest and they started to plan their day. The Green family did not attend church services so their Sundays were free to do as they pleased. Which today seemed to be nothing.

Carol and Kelly sat across from Forest with their knees touching. Carol could still feel the tingle of her daughter’s kisses and tongue in her pussy. She moved her hand from her own lap to Kelly’s and gave her thigh a squeeze. Kelly responded by moving her leg closer to her mother. Carol likewise mover her leg closer to Kelly and now the girls were playing footsie under the counter top.

Forest suggested they get cleaned up and go over to the tennis courts at the park. The girls seemed unusually giggly Forest thought. They must be enjoying each others company after being separated for several months.

They put on their tennis shorts and tops, grabbed the rackets and balls and started out. It was decided that Forest would play against the girls for a fun game and it started as easy volleys back and forth. Kelly played at the net with her mom in the back court. They took it easy on Forest but had him running hard trying to cover all the shots. On their second game Carol hit a short drop shot that forced Forest to come to the net. As he started his swing he looked up and saw Kelly in her ready position, knees bent, and leaning forward. He hadn’t noticed before but now her top was hanging low and he could see her breasts almost to the nipple. Totally distracted he completely missed the ball and crashed into the net.

Kelly came to help her dad get up and as she was leaning over the net Forest was again confronted with a view straight down his daughter’s top. Kelly held the position and Forest could not keep from peeking. No, it wasn’t peeking, it was looking. Carol came to the net to help and noticed Forest ‘s distraction. She had to admit that Kelly did have great tits and couldn’t blame Forest for looking. When everyone was back in place Carol whispered “Shame on you” to her daughter.

They continued to play but the girls could see that Forest was starting to limp so they suggested they grab some lunch and go home. At a small bistro cafe they had sandwiches and coffee followed by sweet rolls. During this time the girls continued to sit closely and to Forrest it seemed they were more like best friends than mother daughter.

When they arrived home Forest said he wanted to take a shower and cleanup following his lawn mowing and tennis of the day. When Forest left the girls were sitting closely on the sofa talking. He stopped again to admire the ladies of his family. He was starting to wonder why they had become so close all of a sudden.

After his clean-up Forest dressed in his customary baggy shorts and an old tee shirt. The muscles in his leg seemed to be tightening and during the shower he canlı bahis found a skinned place on his ankle that he got from his fall. When the hot water hit it the sting told him right away. He came back into the living room with a very slight limp.

Kelly noticed the limp right away and insisted that Forest sit in the recliner. Forest protested that it was no big deal and it would be fine in an hour or so but Kelly would not take no for an answer. So now with her dad leaning back in the chair and his legs lifted by the recliner extension Kelly started to minister to her dad.

Removing his shoes and socks Kelly carefully checked his leg for scrapes and bruises as she knelt as his feet. In doing this Forest again was treated to an unobstructed view of Kelly’s breasts as the neck line of her tennis top hung down. It crossed his mind that it wasn’t really a tennis top. It seemed to be cut much too low for outdoor activities. At this point he didn’t care. Carol was off in the kitchen and he was enjoying the attention from his daughter and continued checking out her breasts. He had to admit that she had a nice ass too.

Carol brought Kelly some liniment to use and started down the hall toward the bedrooms. As she passed behind Forest she could see the show that Kelly was giving her dad. She looked at Kelly and gave a knowing wink and thought maybe she should leave them alone for a while. Just the thought of what might go on started the tingle again as she felt the old familiar feeling in her pussy. As she turned to leave Carol released the button on her shorts and slid her hand into her panties.

Suddenly Carol turned with a thought and called out, “I’m going to call Sharon and see if she is home. We will probable go to the mall so I will be out until almost dinner time”. With that they soon heard the back door slam and the car leaving.

As Carol left Kelly continued to fuss over her dad even though he insisted he was fine. Secretly Forest didn’t want his daughter to quit, in truth he was enjoying it very much. As Kelly worked her way up and down his leg Forest couldn’t stop the hard-on he was getting. With his daughters tits swaying in front of him and no bra to contain them he was a happy man.

At the same time Kelly continued a constant stream of chatter. Talking about her roommate, friends, school, and all the things a young girl finds important. Never leaving Forest a chance to respond he was happy just to listen. After a moment Kelly got up much to Forest ‘s disappointment but she only stepped away a few feet. Quickly returning she handed her dad the Sunday paper. The paper was thick with little real news but lots of ads and filler. Here, read this Kelly said. I know you want to see the sports section.

Forest was disappointed for now the paper blocked his view and he could no longer see down his daughter’s blouse. But of course after a few seconds the paper was lowered just enough to get his view of her tits again. He noticed the nipples now, small, pink, or pinkish brown. Now Kelly was working further up, past the knee and to the thigh. Working in the liniment and massaging as she went. She could see the tent in Forest ‘s shorts and it reminded her of the time they spent on the pontoon boat.

As she reached higher and slipped her hand under her dad’s shorts and touched his inner thigh Forest ‘s cock made a major jump. Now reaching a full blown hard-on that couldn’t be stopped even if he wanted. Kelly would work her hand up to and under the leg of his shorts and then back bahis siteleri down to his knee and calf. Each trip up would go higher and now Forest was lost in his passion for his daughter. No more insisting that he was fine. In fact no more of anything except pretending to read the paper and taking looks down her top.

During the last look Kelly suddenly looked up and caught Forest looking down her blouse. Forest quickly looked away but he knew he had been caught. “It’s OK dad, I don’t mind if you look, actually I like it”. With that said and things out in the open Forest lowered the paper now that the pretense was gone.

As Forest tossed the paper aside Kelly’s hands went up her dad’s shorts and into his boxers. Using the same massaging action she had been using on her dad’s leg she worked her hand around his cock. She heard a small gasp and without meaning too Forest let his legs spread as he felt the coolness of his daughters hands on his cock.

Kelly now moved in closer between her dad’s legs and reached over to let the leg-rest of the recliner down. With Forest ‘s feet now on the floor Kelly ran one hand up each leg into his shorts and boxers. By feel she realized that her father had shaved. She could feel no pubic hair on his cock. She moved her hand down to his balls and likewise they were shaved also. Kelly looked up and could see her father’s head pitched back with his eyes closed.

Kelly took this opportunity to unbutton Forest ‘s shorts and pull the zipper down. Gripping the shorts and boxers at the side she started to tug. Completely out of control now Forest lifted off the chair as his shorts and underwear came down his legs to the floor. Kelly lifted her dad’s feet and tossed the clothes aside.

Kelly gently pushed her dad’s legs apart as she moved closer to his cock and was impressed by the size. Being no stranger to cocks she had seen a few but none better than her dad’s. With a thick shaft with small veins running the length she thought it must be six or seven inches. Kelly lifted her dad’s balls with one hand and continued to stroke him with the other. She looked at the head of her dad’s cock and took a moment to enjoy it.

Continuing her strokes up and down the shaft she lowered her head and put her lips on his cock head. Not a kiss, not opening her lips, just putting her lips on it sent a spasm through Forest ‘s body like none he had experiences recently. As his cock jumped against her lips Kelly let her tongue slide slowly across, tasting the precum. She enjoyed the full erotic pleasure of the situation. How bad can this be when it feels so good? This could be Kelly’s mantra. Sometimes being bad has its own reward she thought.

As Kelly continued stroking and kissing her dad’s cock Forest had slid further down in the chair as if his body was on its own accord trying to get closer to his daughter. With his ass almost off the chair Kelly had full access to her dad. As she looked up she could see her father looking down. Kelly smiled and reached back and pulled her blouse over her head. Forest now had full view of his daughter’s tits and how wonderful the view was.

Forest continued to watch as Kelly again lowered her head to the cock she held in her hand. As she stroked the hardness of his cock she took just the head in her mouth and ran her tongue over it. Forest knew that he couldn’t keep up at this pace but was not willing to quit. The sensations running though his body was approaching the level of pain as his muscles twitched and strained.

Kelly bahis şirketleri settled into a slow rhythm as took more of her dad’s cock. She enjoyed the feel and smoothness of it as it slid further into her mouth and to the back of her throat. Her pussy now burned for attention as she unzipped her shorts and wiggled them with her panties down to her knees. She continued to stroke him as she kissed and sucked his cock further into her mouth. With the other hand she found her pussy, already wet, and parted the lips and inserted first on finger and then two.

Playing with her clit Kelly was bringing herself close to orgasm. She could feel her dad thrusting into her and hearing the moans and gasps she recognized the signs that told her that he would be coming soon. With her fingers buried in her pussy, driving in and out, she could feel that warm and wonderful feeling. She was going to cum soon and could feel it building.

Father and daughter were now fully out of control. What would anyone think if they could see us in this position Forest thought. But just the thought of someone watching them combined with the Kelly’s lips and tongue working on his throbbing cock pushed him though. “I’m going to cum” Forest warned and started to pull Kelly away. Kelly backed off but continued to stroke him and fuck her herself with her fingers. As Forest heaved against Kelly’s strokes and started to cum Kelly buried her fingers into her cunt and like her father she felt the sheer passion of her orgasm.

Kelly continued to slowly stroke Forest ‘s cock as the warm fluid flowed down the shaft. Again and again she took his cock in her mouth and sucked it deeply as if trying to suck it dry. She would back off as if to admire it and then continue her strokes until she would once again lean forward and take in his cock. Even in the throws of her orgasm Kelly was reluctant to release Forest ‘s cock.

With her free hand her fingers were buried in her pussy alternately fingering herself and rubbing her clit. She could feel Forest ‘s cock soften as she leaned back and continued her strokes. As they both regained composure and the passion subsided Forest looked down at his daughter, breast free of the top, shorts and panties down around her knees, he couldn’t help but to admire her for what she was, a beautiful and sexy daughter that he loved so very much.

Like most dads Forest had never seen his daughter’s pussy since she was small. He took a moment to look her over and noticed that like her mother she was shaved except for a small patch just above her slit. He liked that. A woman should look like a woman in Forest ‘s mind.

Kelly stood for a second letting her shorts and panties fall to the floor and also letting her dad have a good look. She like most girls liked to be admired. Next she kicked her shorts and panties away. She stood close and leaned forward practically putting her breasts in Forest ‘s face. Then she took the hem of her dad’s tee shirt and pulled it over his head.

Now they were both completely naked. Kelly crawled onto Forest ‘s lap and could feel the warmth of his skin against her and she positioned herself so his cock would rest against her pussy even though it was now laying on its side. Forest ‘s took Kelly in his arms and kissed her. First on the forehead like a father would kiss a child. Then he kissed her neck, her ears, her cheeks, and then fully on the mouth. Their lips parted and tongues mingled as they held each other tight.

Kelly snuggled into her dad’s shoulder and kissed his neck. She pressed her breast against him and wondered why he had not touched them. She liked having her nipples touched and kissed. Next time she thought, feeling his cock twitch as she pushed her pussy against it.

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