The Motel

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I sat on the bed waiting for you to get out of the shower. The smell of the steam makes me want to jump in with you but you told me to wait in the bedroom till you were done. The waves crash against the sandy beach down from our motel room. I walk up to the patio and move the sliding door open to feel the wind off the gulf. Moonlight is rippled on the water as the smell of the gulf is flowing around me.

I stand at the rail and close my eyes to feel your arms wrap around me. Your lips kiss me on my neck as your hands massage the bottoms of my tits through the silk robe. I take in the smell of your cologne and want to turn to kiss you but you stop me from turning. You tell me to stay how I am and just feel your body next to mine. Your hand drops down to untie my robe as your other hand moves in to grab my right tit in your hand. My head falls onto your shoulder as your thumb rubs my nipple in between your thumb and forefinger. My hands feel for your body behind me as I try to turn around to face you. Our eyes meet and I just look at your face as we slowly meet to kiss passionately. I can feel your hardness through the white robe that you have wrapped güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri around your waist.

My hands move down to let your towel fall to the floor of the patio. You take your hands and pull my robe off so we are both standing there naked. My nipples are pressed against your chest and your hands massage my ass as we move closer together. I tell you I want you but you tell me to wait and just relax. Your hands move up and down my back as your mouth kisses down my neck. You arch my back and my breast are standing up to your waiting mouth as your tongue flicks across each nipple. You grab one nipple between your teeth and tug gently. I moan to the feel of the tug. I can feel the wetness in my pussy starting to make me slick. Your hand moves down to feel my warmth and you look at me and kiss me hard on the mouth. You pick me up and carry me to the bed. As you lay on top of me, you kiss me and tell me to let my senses go and just relax and do what I want to do. Your mouth explores my neck down to my left breast. My hand moves up to guide your head to where I want you to suck. I moan in pleasure and then you move over güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to do the right nipple.

Your mouth moves slowly down my stomach kissing lightly on the way to my waiting pussy. You slowly move my legs apart and lightly kiss my clit and kiss my lips that are glossy with wetness. I feel you put a finger in and you look up at me and smile and tell me that I have done good by getting wet for you. You extend your tongue out to lick my slit up and down. You mouth lightly sucks on my clit as your finger moves slowly in my whole. My body arches up to meet your mouth and I want to fuck you so bad. You push another finger in and start to move fast as my hips buck against your face. I scream your name as I am getting close to cumming. You bury your face deep into my pussy as my wetness covers your mouth. We both sit up and kiss as I push you down to have my fun with you.

I straddle you while you lay on your back and we kiss deeply. I can taste my juices on your lips and tongue. I suck lightly on your tongue and then I kiss slowly down your neck. Your chest is warm from where you were between my legs as I güvenilir bahis şirketleri lick lightly on your left nipple then to your right nipple. Your hand comes to grab my hair as a light moan comes from your mouth. I move slowly down to your hardness and kiss the head as I lick the shaft up and down. Pre cum is on the tip and I lick it up then suck it deep with my mouth. As I move up and down, my tongue circles your head and the shaft. My free hand massages your balls and I grab the bottom of your dick with my free hand. Moving faster and faster, I feel your hips buck to meet my mouth. Your moans are louder as I move faster and faster. You tell me your getting ready to cum so I lick faster around your head I want to taste you in my mouth. Your warm cum spurts into my mouth. I sit up and you tell me to straddle you so you can feel my body on top of you.

We kiss deeply and then I feel you getting hard again. You roll me over to where you are on top and insert your hardness into my waiting pussy. Your arms wrap around me tight as our bodies rock together in time. My legs wrap around your waist as I scream your name I want to feel all of you inside my pussy. You tell me to cum all over your dick, so I do. My pussy walls clamp against your dick as you move faster and faster with me and you scream my name as you cum into my wet pussy. We kiss deeply, wrap up under the sheets, and listen to the waves crash against the beach feeling good in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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