The Mystery of Jes Ch. 04

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Jes, was, without a doubt, a mysterious woman to Nathan, a young man who had several sexual encounters with her, yet knew next to nothing about her. The last time he saw her, she was strangely vulnerable. He fucked her on the lakeside, where she lacked her usual drive to take control of the situation; the way he’d usually known her to do. At the lake a few days ago, she laid there, letting him fuck her at his every whim.

After promising that he would see her again, he was off to work at at nearby resort where he worked in the kitchen.

He had just gotten off his shift, when he was leaving through the back exit of the kitchen, which lead along a path, where on the other side of the wall, was where the executive dining room was. Usually, this room was reserved for weddings, or the occasional celebrity that happened into this part of town in the particularly lovely times of the year. As he neared the exit, he heard a laugh that stopped him dead in his tracks. It was Jes, no doubt about it, and it was coming from the other side of the wall.

Knowing interrupting any clients in the executive dining room would warrant not only an immediate dismissal, it could get him thrown out of culinary school, too, destroying any chance of working in a high class restaurant ever again. Still, something more animalistic made him retrace his steps. It was late enough at night that the kitchen wasn’t bustling too heavily and he was able to stand at the waiter’s door, leaving it cracked just a little.

What he saw was not only shocking, he wasn’t even sure it was legal. There lay Jes, naked on a dining table while three men ate food off of, and dare his eyes deceive him,out of her body.

A full desert bar was set up next to the table and Jes, was made up to look like a super model. Her makeup was flawless and her curly blond hair was draped around her as if it was intentionally placed that way. Her body, was covered in all kinds dessert toppings. One man began pouring cream over her breasts, which another dropped chopped peaches on her stomach, and both of them began eating them off her pale breasts. Another was eating what appeared to be a chocolate covered strawberry out of her dripping pussy.

In the dip of her stomach, pooled some of the cream, and also there was an amount of chocolate sauce, usually used for a fondue pot. Now and then each of the three men took turns lapping their tongues across her belly.

Nathan was both enraged with jealousy, yet more aroused than he’d been in a long time. She was peaking in ecstasy over and over. It was a beautiful sight. It just bothered him that he wasn’t the one causing it. Still, he knew she was a wild card. There was no way he would ever have her as his own… to do so would be like putting a majestic eagle in a cage.

It was about this time in his musings that he noticed the sign taped to the door, “Private Party, Dessert Course Served, Do Not Disturb”

Nathan knew he was on thin ice being even anywhere near that door, but he noticed a flourish of moment that kept him standing where he clearly should not have been.

Jes had lifted herself up enough for the man who was eating the strawberry from the folds of her pussy, to crawl, lying flat under her. The sound she made when she laid back down confirmed that bahis firmaları his cock was in her ass. At the same time the other two men went about their movements. One climbed on top of Jes’s body and penetrated her chocolate and fruit sweetened vagina while the third straddled her body, preparing to feed his cock to Jes’s mouth.

He slicked himself well with leftover chocolate sauce and Jes hungrily took it into her mouth, deeply and easily. The two men fucking her lower orifices, were working in tandem, whispering that they could feel the other through the thin biological matter that separated her pussy from the depths of her ass.

Jes was hungrily sucking down the first man’s cock while moaning wildly as the other two fucked her. She was enjoying every second of having so much attention paid to her and it showed.

Nathan had mixed feelings. He loved watching Jes in ecstasy, but he hated seeing her with other people… not to mention being fucked by three men in the very place he worked. He was transfixed by the action happening in front of him. He’d only seen snippets of things sort of close to this on online porn sites, but to watch it in person was completely different.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt the tap on his shoulder. The kind of mile-a-minute thinking of, “Ohshiti’mtotallyfired,” however, the person gaining his attention had a seemingly expressionless face. Is your name Nathan?

Nathan nodded, swallowing hard.

The man, appearing to be seasoned veteran of the wait staff there at the resort. He handed Nathan an envelope and simply walked away. Behind him, he could still hear all four of the people he was watching moaning in sexual bliss, but Jes’s voice was something he could pick out from a stadium sized crowd.

Nathan opened the envelope only to find a room key from the resort. It was wrapped in a piece of paper which simply had scrawled in wide lettered writing. There was a room number and the phrase, “See me sooner than later. I hope you got a chance to watch.”

As he put everything back into the envelope, he realized that Jes was inviting him to a her room, which was probably occupied by herself and all three of the men she was with in the dining room.

He turned around to watch just in time to see Jes peaking at orgasm. The men, too, were jerking sharply indicating their loads of cum were being released into her body in three places. Jes made loud smiling moans, arching her back over the chest of the man under her.

Like so many who hesitate to clean themselves up and dress after an orgasm, these four took a long moment to relish in it. The man in her mouth climbed off her body and kissed her softly as the man between her legs, crawled out and languidly lapped at his own cum in Jes’s pussy.

Jes simply made soft noises of exhaustion. This was always the part of the pornos that were cut, Nathan thought. The best part. What happens after the big orgasm. This was the enjoyment of the lingering feeling of the released endorphins, while Jes’s body relished in satisfaction.

Finally, he heard her voice speak, softly and drowsy. “I don’t know about you, but I need to get back to the room and get a shower.”

Unsure if the entire crew of her entourage was going with her, Nathan hastily retreated kaçak iddaa from the kitchen and ran straight to the room indicated by the room key. Sure enough, it granted him access.

It was one of the nicer suites of the resort, and though he never knew about what Jes did for a living, he wondered if she had paid for the room, or one of the men with her… either way, he was given a clear invitation.

He hid in the bathroom, and stripped off his clothes. It was a risky move, lest one of the men she was with walked in first, but the risk paid off. A few minutes later, he heard the front door open and immediately after, Jes walked into the bathroom wearing a bathrobe.

When she saw him naked waiting for her, she grinned. “Did you get to see any of my dinner party?” She took off her robe, revealing the mess of chocolate and other dessert toppings all over her body.

“I’m actually trying to figure out what that was all about.”

“It was about having fun. Living. You should try it sometime.” Jes stepped past Nathan and turned on the water, almost immediately filling the room with steam. “Youare getting in with me, aren’t you?”

Nathan nodded, following her into the blissful warmth of the shower. He was quiet for a long moment, because he still didn’t know how to respond to what he had witnessed earlier. Instead of talking, he allowed himself to be distracted by Jes’s beauty. He recalled the first photographs he ever saw of her, wet at the lake side near his home. Before he ever met her, he found her to be the most beautiful woman he ever met.

Before he knew it, he was helping Jes lather up some body gel, washing away any traces of the sugary treats and the men left on her body. When she was rinsing off, he realized how hard he was as he watched the drops of water bouncing off her pale skin.

Jes turned her attentions to him and lathering his body, the way he had down for her, she began to press her hips against his erection. She kissed his shoulders and neck and ear, and whispered, “I know you don’t understand, but maybe in time you will. Right now, all that matters is that you’re hard, and I want you inside of me.”

She coaxed his body to face her as she planted her feet and leaned against the tile of the shower. she wrapped her arms around him, then she wrapped one leg up around his waist.

Nathan took the cue, and taking hold of her body by her ass, he lifted her and allowed her to guide his cock into her welcoming vagina. With a heavy sigh, he sunk deep inside of her, and as she said she wanted him inside her, he also knew that she knew he wanted her, too. He’s never been near Jes since he met her when he didn’t want her body.

Jes rocked her hips sharply against Nathan’s hips, using the tiled wall as support. Soon, Nathan had her bouncing up and down on him. Jes’s moans in the bathroom echoed off each tiled wall before being stifled by the steam of the heat of the room.

Her breasts bounced against Nathan’s chest and he kissed her ferociously, as if a kiss could claim her. Still, in the back of his mind, he felt like he was always going to only get these little glimpses in time with her. She would remain a mystery for a long time.

As long as he could steal her away from her mysterious life, he was at least content kaçak bahis for those moments. He whispered her name and she whispered his in return. She kissed him back with the same fierceness before breaking the kiss, shuddering and gasping in orgasm.

The muscles in her pussy began to flutter like hummingbird wings and Nathan was pushed over the edge. He groaned before he released his thick fluid inside of her. Jes had her head back against the wall with her eyes closed, savoring the moment. Cum was dripping down both of their legs and it was only a degree or so warmer than the shower water, but the thickness was what separated it.

For Jes it was like life’s elixir washing down her legs. She hesitated when Nathan pulled her off of him and washed himself clean. She didn’t want his cum washed off of her right away. She took a finger along the lips of her pussy and brought it to her mouth and licked it, tasting him. From the look on her face, it was like she wasn’t memorizing anymore. She was remembering.

Finally, she stepped under the spray of the shower and cleaned her self all over again.

Once they stepped out of the shower, Nathan had a fear that if he walked out of the bathroom, three male strangers would be there to greet them. He finally had to ask.

“Are… your… um, friends… staying here with you?”

Jes just dismissed his fear with a gesture of her hand.

“The boys are off playing amongst themselves and other pleasure friends. One or another will be back eventually, but not likely yet. Dinner was specified for me, and it was a treat. I found out you worked here… so I kind of hoped you’d be able to walk in on us… but I guess they made some kind of strict rule to not let any of the staff in. I was afraid to single you out too much. So I asked the head waiter to give you my message.” She spoke in earnest, “I tried to be loud enough times that you would hear… hoping you would come in.”

Nathan shook his head, “There’s… I… I mean…” He was stammering between an excuse for not getting fired to avoiding the fact that being with a woman among other naked men made him uncomfortable. He was still fairly young, and hadn’t much sexual experience. What experience he had before meeting Jes were the occasional awkward high school virgin sex and drunken college sex.

Jes was what made him finally feel like a man. Yet her life was this complicated Rubix cube that he was hopeless to solve.

“If it makes you too uncomfortable, you can leave before any of them come back. The room belongs to one of them, not me. I could never afford a place like this, but when I suggested it, a lot of my pleasure friends thought it would be a great idea.”

Nathan kept hearing the term “pleasure friends”, wondering if he’d erroneously fallen for a prostitute. Or if she really just had a group of what normally were called “Fuck buddies”. He finally decided that “pleasure friends” was a much classier term. Still, he knew she had him pinned. He wanted out before anyone returned to the room. Still he had to know, “I always feel like when we part, it’ll be last time I ever see you.”

Jes moved in close and closed her arms around his neck, looking him square in the eyes with her hazel and green speckled eyes. “I made you a promise alone at the lake. I will see you soon. That wasn’t just for today. It was for as long as you’ll seek to want me.”

With a final kiss, Nathan was out the door and heading to his car wondering just when and how he’d find Jes again.

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