The Nanny Ch. 01

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Note: Hello. This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story. I am attempting to write a story with erotic moments, not just a sex story. So if that is your thing, please read, rate, and give me all the constructive criticism possible. Again, this is my first attempt, so be gentle. Thanks!


My name is Dean Meyer. I am an engineer who lost his wife in a car accident just over 3 years ago. My kids are young so my life was completely consumed with working to provide for them and taking care of them when I got home. After losing my wife I never had much interest in dating, even if I did find the time. I would be lying if I were to say that I didn’t get lonely however. As time went on, I got a promotion at work, and I found myself having to work longer hours. I needed to find some help with taking care of my children. A coworker told me that her babysitter just graduated high school and was looking for some regular work to get her through college. She went on and on about how great she was and how nice she was, so I figured what the hell. I got the young woman’s name and number and gave her a call to set up a meeting.

She came over the following Saturday. Her name was Rachel. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was about 5′ 7. Her legs were long, slender, and toned. She was built like a runner. A sundress hung from her petite shoulders. It did a terrific job clinging to all the right areas to show off her sexy young body. Her small breasts. Her sexy hips. I didn’t think anything could distract me from her beautiful body, but then I looked at her face. She had ice blue eyes that were striking on her pale white skin. Her lips were full and pouty even as they stretched to frame the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. Long blonde hair fell nearly to her tiny waist. She was gorgeous. I immediately felt a stirring in my pants, but quickly worked to suppress my urges.

I welcomed her warmly with a smile and a polite handshake. “Its nice to meet you Rachel, Donna has told me a lot about you.” I said in an attempt to be friendly yet professional.

“Nice to meet you too Mr. Meyer! I really appreciate the opportunity.” She responded in a chipper and upbeat tone with the voice of an angel.

“The job is pretty straight forward. I will need you here by 3:30 when they get home from school. Just basically making sure they are ok. The hours may vary depending on my work schedule, its quite chaotic. I will of course pay you hourly. If you felt motivated to do so, I will pay you extra for any work you do around the house.” I explained.

“That sounds great. I don’t start college until fall and even then my classes are done by early afternoon. I mean, if this is a long term position, I didn’t mean to assume…” She replied politely.

I laughed. “It is quite all right. This position can be yours as long as you are available. Assuming everything checks out and goes well. Donna has already told me so much about you, I feel this is a mere formality anyways.” I explained.

We sat at the table and spoke for sometime. Getting to know each other, getting comfortable with each other. After a while I introduced her to the children and they appeared go click immediately. After negotiating her pay, the deal was done. She started the following Monday. Her first week I worked late almost every night, coming home late into the night. To my delight, Rachel was absolutely fantastic. Not a day went by that I didn’t come home to a spotless house, even the laundry was done. Dinner had been prepared and put away with the exception of a plate that was still on the table for me. She would talk to me as I ate. At first it was very professional. Just telling me how the kids had done and everything she had done around the house. This went on for months.

As time went on, the dinner conversations turned into personal conversations. She would tell me about the various occurrences in her life and I would vent about the various stresses of the day. I was growing increasingly fond of her. I would dismiss romantic feelings and any idea she was flirting with me by convincing myself an 18 year old goddess like Rachel would have no interest in a 48 year old man. One summer night however, things changed in a dramatic way. Rachel called me in the middle of the day to tell me the air conditioning had went out. I called a repair service to come out but they said the earliest they could make it would be the following day. I explained this to Rachel and Escort Beylikdüzü she insisted it was ok. I came home late that night particularly annoyed and stressed. I walked in to see the sexist sight I had ever seen. Rachel was laying there on the couch wearing a tight cut off tank top with spaghetti straps which exposed her flat sexy stomach. Her shorts barely qualified as shorts they were so short. Sweat glistened on her pale skin as she was rubbing her chest with an ice cube. This made her nipples perk up on her petite breasts. Her shorts clung to her skin revealing a sexy camel toe. Those two things left nothing to the imagination, of which mine was going crazy. I quickly said hello and sat at the table to eat dinner and hide my raging hard on before she noticed.

She jumped slightly and giggled. “I’m sorry Mr. Meyer, I didn’t hear you come in!” she proclaimed.

I was sitting at the table still in my suit and the inside of the house was indeed sweltering. I looked down at my plate and began eating to avoid letting my mind running wild. Through our usual conversations, she noticed I seemed agitated. I attributed my mood to work problems. Then I heard thunder outside. Rachel went to look out the window. It was storming hard. She explained to me no one was home at her house and that she didn’t want to be alone during the storm. She asked to stay on the couch for the night. I agreed. Who am I to send her home alone in the middle of a summer storm. She thanked me and we continued talking. She then insisted on helping me relax. She fixed me a drink, Rum and Coke. She then came behind me and began rubbing my shoulders trying to relax me. It felt wonderful. She then noticed I was sweating, still in my suit. She then insisted on removing my coat, and my sweaty shirt after that. I reluctantly agreed, after all, it was sweltering. She continued her neck massage then the shoulders, then down my back. I was lost in ecstasy as she rubbed the stress away. I didn’t even notice when she reached around my waist. I suddenly felt her hands on my belt buckle and snapped back to reality.

Quickly I pulled her hands away and stood up. “What are you doing Rachel! You can’t do that!” I exclaimed.

She looked at me puzzled. “Why is that Mr. Meyer. You need to unwind. I am over 18. I want this, I want you. From the looks of you, you want me too.” She said as she walked towards me seductively.

I looked down and say the large tent in my pants created by my cock that was now hard as steel. “I’m sorry Rachel, but I am old enough to be your father!” I argued weakly.

She was now standing directly in front of me. She bit her lip seductively and leaned forward to whisper in my ear. “But you aren’t my dad.” She whispered as licked my ear and proceeded to run her tongue along my neck until she found that sensitive spot right below my jaw. I shuddered. I then felt her hands on my belt buckle again.

“Rachel, I don’t want to take advantage of you.” I said as I continued not resisting her now.

“Mr. Meyer, you can’t take advantage of me if I am the one coming after you. I have wanted you for so long. Don’t you think I’ve noticed you checking me out? It turns me on so much. I can feel how bad you want this, so lets just enjoy this and where ever it leads ok?” She explained while she successfully got my belt undone and pants unbuttoned and unzipped.

Not having the words I just nodded. ” That’s it Mr. Meyer. Let me show you how bad I want you.” She said with a seductive smile.

She then leaned up and kissed me softly. Her pouty lips tasted like heaven. Then, instinctively, I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She welcomed it as we explored each others mouths with our tongs. My hands made their way to her hips. I slid my hands up and I slipped my hands under her tank top. I discovered she was not wearing a bra. For some reason this turned me on even more. She broke this kiss first. She smiled at me and said “That’s the spirit. I am really going to love this. I have been looking forward to it.”

With that she hooked a belt loop with each of her thumbs and slid down to her knees, taking my pants and boxers as she went. My cock sprand free and she slid my pants down. All 9″ of my manhood was now staring her in the face. She smiled wide as she tried to wrap her small hand around it. She barely was able to it was so thick. Her touch sent shivers up my spine as I leaned against the wall. She pumped Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan my cock a couple times and looked up at with a smile and said “Its even bigger than I imagined, your cock is huge Mr. Meyer.”

With that she then kissed the tip. It was like electric sparks shot through me. She then pushed her lips down on my hard cock and I watched it disappear into her mouth. Her warm wet mouth enveloped around my cock. I felt her tongue swirl around the head and shaft as she sank her head down onto my throbbing shaft. I felt my cock hit the back of her throat. She gagged just a little bit but kep it there. It was as if she was fucking my cock with her throat. I moaned in pleasure. Then she backed pf my cock sliding it almost all the way out before sliding it all the way back in. I was lost in ecstasy. My hand instinctively went to the back of her head and she hungrily suck my dick as if her very life depended on it. I felt the sensation start in my balls and knew it wouldn’t be long. In between gasps I warned her “Rachel…I… Am… going… To… To… To… CUM!”

With that I felt my balls empty. Rope after rope, my thick jets of cum shot into her young and eager mouth. I watcher her face as I shot my load into her mouth. She didn’t swallow, not right away. She seemed to savor the flavor of my cum. I saw her smile as she sat there with a moth full of cum. I looked down to see her viciously finger her pussy with one hand. The other was gently stroking my half flacid cock back to life. Seeing this was one of the hottest things I had ever seen and almost instantly I felt my cock hardening again in her had. Rachel’s breath became erratic. Then I saw her eyes roll back into her head as she swallowed my massive load. After two gulps she stated moaning and screaming “God Mr. Meyer, your cum tastes so fuckin good. I’m cumming Mr. Meyer. Oh GOD! FUCK YES! FUCK I’M CUMMING!” Her screams turned into unintelligible moans of pure joy. She collapsed into an almost seizure like state. I would have been concerned if not for the smile on her face.

After she had recovered from the hottest orgasm I had ever witnessed she stood. She took her top off and slid her shorts down. Not only was she not wearing a bra, but no panties either. My cock throbbed in response. She looked up at me with undeniable lust in her eyes and told me exactly what I wanted to hear.

“I want you Mr. Meyer. I want you inside of me. I want you to show me how a real man feels. I want you to make me feel like a real woman.” She said with the lust thickly apparent in her voice.

“Would I be your first?” I asked her.

“Well, not really, but kind of. My ex and I tried but he only lasted 2 minutes and pulled out before cumming.” She said as she was kissing my neck and cheeks.

I chuckled before saying “Well Rachel, if you are sure this is what you want…”

“I am sure Mr. Meyer, I want you so bad, I need you in my pussy. I am so wet for you!”

With that I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to my bed. I laid her down and crawled on the bed. I spread her legs gently and looked at her young puss. I was glistening and completely shaved. I sank my head down to her bald pussy and gently licked her wet pussy lips. She shuddered. I licked again amd she shuddered harder. Then I separated her young pussy lips with my tongue and found her clit. I flicked her clit with my tongue gently at first. Then harder and harder. She was writhing in pleasure and she wrapped her fingers in may hair and she pushed her pussy against my face. I pulled her hips towards my face eager to make her cum again. Then suddenly her legs tightened around my head and she came hard. I tried my best to keep lapping at her now dripping pussy the best I can as she came a second time. After she came down again she pulled me on top of her.

With desperate lust and a need for cock in her eyes she said eagerly “I need your cock now Mr. Meyer. Please fuck me now!” she begged.

I smiled and slid between her legs. My cock slid along her hot slit. I leaned down and kissed her hard. Sliding my tongue into her moth again. She kissed me back frantically as she tasted herself. I felt her legs wrap around me and her hips grinding my raging cock. Without a thought I slipped my cock into her eager pussy. She moaned into my mouth as I filled her with my cock. Her pussy was so tight around my cock I had a hard time sliding it all the way in. Though Beylikdüzü Escort I never had any resistance, it wasn’t easy either. Finally I was all the way into her tight, hot little hole. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and she broke the kiss at the same time. Her nails were digging into my back as she was cumming yet again. I waited patiently for her to recover. Once she did, I smiled as I began to work my cock in and out of her tight little pussy. It felt so good, words could not describe. I started to continue to fuck her through her orgasms, picking up speed and fucking her harder after each orgasms subsided. After 3 or 4 more orgasms she started whispering in my ear.

“That’s it Mr. Meyer. Fuck my little cunt. Fuck me Mr. Meyer. Fuck my little pussy harder.” She whispered. “Fuck my tight little pussy Mr. Meyer, I want your cum!” After she said that I felt the churning in my balls yet again. Reason escaped me. I started fucking her harder out of primal instinct. A carnal need to fuck her and cum was woken up by her words. She felt it too. So she continued.

“Keep fucking my pussy til’ you cum Mr. Meyer. Filly my pussy with your cum. Oh God yeah Mr. Meyer, fill my cunt with your cum! FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR CUM MR. MEYER! FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!” she screamed.

All reason had gone and was replaced with a need to cum. A need to fill her pussy with my seed. Infelt her pussy tighten around my cock yet again and it was as of my body took that as a sign. My balls tightened and I felt my cock shoot rope after rope into her eager pussy. My cock shot huge jets of hot cum, filling her hungry cunt with my cum. I thrust a couple more times to ensure all of seed was deep in her pussy, as though it belonged there, before I collapsed on the bed next to her. We both laid there holding each other as we drifted to sleep.

I woke the next morning with her cuddling into my chest. Thunder still rolled outside. My thoughts were consumed into two main thoughts. First, did I really cum inside of this delicious young goddess and was she on birth control. The second being that I was happiest than I have been since loosing my wife, and wondering if I would care what people thought, wondering what she thought. Just then she stirred. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Hey you” she said with a smile and a raspy voice.

I smiled in return “Hey. Don’t worry, its only 6 am and its Saturday” I said, waiting to read her response.

She smiled back and wrapped herself around me. “Last night was amazing Mr. Meyer. I feel like we had gotten to know each other over the last 3 months. I guess I kind of feel like I love you…”

I felt the heat of her face blushing as she buried it in my chest. “Last night was amazing. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel close to you too. I think I just might be falling in love with you too Rachel. If we are going to continue like this, I think its ok of you call me Dean.” I said with a chuckle. “If we are going to do this however, how will you tell your parents?”

“Well,” she said “They are actually moving to Texas. I actually told them I was going to stay here in Boston at the college dorms. My Dad got a promotion so he got transferred branches, they are moving in two weeks. I just hope I can afford the dorms…” she explained.

I pondered that for just a moment. Thought very quickly about everything and decided to go with it. “You know, you could stay here, with me, and we could be together… You know, If you wanted to that is…” I said awkwardly. It was my turn to blush now. Here I was laying myself out there for the first time since my wife died to a young woman I didn’t even realize I was falling in love with. A long silence hung there thickly. I was growing nervous. Rachel then got up and kissed me passionately.

“So… is that a yes?” I asked tentatively. She smiled and said “Yes Dean, I would love to live with you. We don’t have to tell my patents anything yet. I will figure that out later. I will start bringing my stuff over today if that’s ok.” She said with a huge grin.

“Of course. Of course that is ok” I said. I was on cloud nine. Life at that moment couldn’t get any better. I then asked her one more question as she was getting dressed. “Rachel, are you on Birth control?” I asked attempting to sound nonchalant.

She looked back at me as she pulled her shorts up “Nope.” She said as if she didn’t have a care in the world. I responded “What if you get…”

She interrupted me with a finger on my lips, “Whatever happens, happens. We will deal with it as it comes. I am going to go start grabbing my stuff ok?” and after a passionate kiss, she was off. It only took one night for my life to switch gears. All I could do was buckle up and get ready to see where life would take me next.

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