The Nasty Wife Pt. 05

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Waking up early being a habit, I opened my eyes five minutes before my alarm was to go off. Lying there, I pretended to sleep until I finally sat up, deactivated the device a minute early, shook my wife until she stirred, and stood. Miranda was on her stomach, a sheet wrapped around her bare leg, brunette hair a mess covering her face as she lifted it from a pillow. She groaned, feeling as I felt, and started pulling her lithe, scantily clad frame from the bed to join me. By this time, I headed for the private bathroom belonging to our bedroom and started the hot water. When I was undressed, stepping into the liquid rejuvenation, she had followed, entering the room via stumble, lazily pulling her shirt up and over her head. After she disrobed, the shower door squeaked, she approached me, basking in the steaming water flowing from overhead, and it was closed, four almost transparent walls of glass encircling us as we bathed.

“Work is hell,” she groggily announced, her eyes closed, purring from the showerhead raining ecstasy upon us. “I’d rather,” she held me close, “just be here with you. Mm… or we could stay in bed all day.”

“Don’t tempt me. The thought of that alone is almost worth quitting over.”

“The bitch,” Miranda referred to her boss, “is probably going to rail my ass today. God, I wish I could tell her to go fuck herself.”

She was a personal aid to a CEO of a company. Her job description was a lot like that of a secretary, only a lot more personal. Whereas a secretary might have to do minimal desk work, like answering phones, keeping dates, and etcetera, and then meet a quota of bitch work, my wife’s obligations comprised of nothing but the latter. However, she was paid decently for it and, apart from the fact the woman she worked for had a stick up her ass about everything, Miranda had little to genuinely complain about.

“If you quit,” she cooed, her hair now wet, dark, and straight, “then I quit, too.”

“I wish,” I kissed her.

“I’ve got to take your sister to school,” she reminded me without unclosing her eyes.

“I’d almost forgotten…”

“Yesterday was like a dream,” Miranda said exactly what I’d been thinking. “Mm, I wish we could have sex right now, but we don’t have time.”

“You’ll be the end of me,” was my jest.

“Then I’ll fuck your body, or kill myself so we can have raunchy devil-sex in hell.”

Hearing her say something so bluntly obscene made my heart pound. “You already fuck me like a demon…”

“Stop teasing, we’ve got to get out of here. We’ll be late if you keep this up.”

“I think you’re the one teasing me,” I kissed the side of her face, then her lips, and we shared a passionate embrace before she inevitably let go.

“Babe…” she pleaded, prompting me to turn the shower off, causing her cling to me to compensate for the source of warmth we’d just lost.

I dried her off, laying pecks against various parts of her body, she returned the favor, and then we dressed. Whilst she did her makeup in the mirror, her hair up in a towel, I excused myself. Normally I’d watch, but if either of us kept stalling, we’d both end up tardy.

When I made my way into the kitchen, I saw Katy, her femininities adorned by nothing but an unbuttoned flannel shirt, a bra underneath, and a pair of boy-shorts, seated on a stool at the counter. Her dirty blonde locks were only half brushed, and she’d her head face down next to a bowl of cereal. With how her chest heaved with deepened breath, she could have been asleep like that.

“Sis,” I prodded her side with a finger, causing her to awaken.

“Fuck,” she grumbled, “what time is it?” Then, when she saw the clock, she returned her head to its resting place after ingesting a spoonful of colorful sugar, garbling, “Ugh, stop, I’ve still got hours before class.”

“If Miranda is taking you, you’re going to have to go in a little earlier, since she only has an hour before she’s got to be in for work,” I informed her, adjusting my tie.

“No, I should have stayed with Mom,” my sibling groaned. “You guys are killing me.”

Her skimpy bottoms were killing me. They tightly clung to her luscious, ample backside, and I’d to remind myself that she was my sister. Shuddering, I started making the wife and I breakfast, despite the fact she’d most likely just grab something cheap on her way to her responsibilities.

“Cup-Kate,” the woman said after entering, dressed in a blouse, tight skirt, nylons, and heels, “you’re not even clothed yet.”

“Oh god, that’s what Mom used to call me…”

“Would you prefer being called something else, then?” Miranda was close, and Katy looked dreamily upon her, breathless.

“…No,” she whimpered. “I mean, you can call me whatever you want. Ugh, you smell amazing, though.”

It was true, her perfume was strong and sweet, and, if I turned away from the stove, I could smell her even though she was a number of feet away.

“Mm, thank you, sweetie,” my wife pet the crown of my sibling’s head. “But certainly you’re not walking around campus like gaziantep bayan escort that. Come on, you’ve got to get dressed.”

“You make it sound like you’re going to be the one to dress me…” the blonde joked, though was obviously intimidated.

“And why not?” the brunette inquired. “I can take your clothes off, but I can’t put them back on?”

“What are you doing to me…?” my sister moaned, and I looked over to see that the two females weren’t touching, since I firstly suspected that Miranda might be groping her by the sound of her voice. “I mean… this way you treat me, I don’t understand it.”

“My little baby-Kate doesn’t like when Miranda treats her like this?”

“Miranda makes me—ugh, I mean—Miranda makes her baby-Kate weak… Fuck, I’m shaking.”

“Why don’t you spread your legs for me…?”

“Miranda,” I caught her attention. “Uh… you know, the time.”

“It’s okay,” she said, her hand down Katy’s shorts, and I could tell, even though my sister had her back to me, from the way she rested her arms back on the counter and sighed with my wife so close, “I bet you I can make my pretty cup-Kate cum like she was a premature ejaculator. Oh, honey, you’re so wet already. Does Miranda do that, baby? Goddamn, you’re tight on my finger like…” I refuse to repeat what she proceeded to say.

“Good god, Miranda…” I gasped, disoriented from hearing something so condemnable.

“What? It’s true! She’s got an amazing little cunt on her. It’s a compliment.”

“But why’d you have to put it that way? God’s mother,” was all I could exclaim.

“You’re right,” she muttered under her breath, enthralled by what she was doing to Katy, “not even god’s mother is this tight.”

“Okay, ease up, Miranda. You’re going out of control already.”

“You make me explode with tingles,” my sister was inert, with her body loose and fluent like liquid. “From the crown of my head to the base of my spine, you make me melt. I’ve never felt this way before… ugh.”

“Hun, are you going to eat?” I tried taking my mind off their debauchery.

“What? No, she’d ruin my makeup.”

I shook my head, saying, “I meant food.”

“I’ll grab something on the way,” suddenly she sounded exerted, and I saw that she was jabbing hard and fast into a place I couldn’t see but knew was Katy’s crotch. “Do you like it when Miranda plays with sweet-Kate’s clit like that, love?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl softly cooed.

“And how about when she fucks your… hard, fast, and deep like that?” she interrogated, though I’ve, again, censored her unrepeatable antics.

“Oh god, yes, Miranda…!”

“Babe,” I scolded her. “Seriously, please don’t say things like that.”

“They’re just words, it’s not like…” she said the worst of all.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Miranda,” I’d married a monster.

“I’m cumming, please don’t stop, Mommy,” Katy was convulsing so hard the countertop rattled, and she was practically screaming. “Oh god—fuck, I—shit, no… Ugh, I just creamed…”

“Sweetheart,” my wife wiped the bangs of the face I couldn’t see and then lifted her chin, “did you just call me ‘Mommy’?”


“Cup-Kate, you know it’s okay if you want to call Miranda that…”

“No,” she swooned, “that’s so wrong…”

“Do you want to taste it?” the brunette held up a finger coated in frothy discharge. “Does my little cup-Kate want to taste her own frosting?”

My sister’s head bobbed enthusiastically forward, and then, when she brought it back, I saw that Miranda’s finger was clean. “Good girl,” she was awarded by the deviously smiling debauchee, whose voice was criminally tender. “You swallowed it all up, good job…!”

I’d long finished cooking, meagerly picking through my meal, but I couldn’t eat much. Although I needed nourishment, my stomach rejected what I put down. I ended up chugging a glass of water, swallowed forcibly some essentials, and began leisurely cleaning up. By this time, Katy had stood, and so I took her bowl, knowing she was finished with it, and partially washed it out before leaving it in the sink to do later with my dishes.

“I’m going to go dress our precious princess here, so you should probably head on out for work,” the wife spoke to me as she led my sister away.

Staring at my half naked sibling, the ass of whom I gawked at as she departed, then her breasts, curtained by her flannel top, when she briefly turned, my balls were aching. “Uh, yeah, right—”

“Unless you want to join us?” the woman bit her lip as she offered.

Glancing at my watch, I swore because of the time, and then I followed them without saying anything. We went to the guest bedroom, the two women decided on an outfit, and Miranda removed the clothes she was currently wearing. Before she was manually changed, Katy was set on the bed and her legs were spread for me.

“She’s smooth and nude like…” the brunette spoke the unspeakable while kissing into her inner thigh.

“Jesus fucking Christ, gaziantep escort bayan Hun,” I was rubbing my temples.

“Don’t pretend like you weren’t thinking it. Ugh, couldn’t you just flip her over, force her face into a pillow, and fuck her until she didn’t want it anymore?”

“God…” the blonde was shivering from all the attention. “I don’t think that’s possible, you make me drip.”

“I need to buy a strap-on,” Miranda thought aloud. “There’s no way you’re the only one getting a piece of this perfect snatch,” she continued before nibbling playfully at Katy’s compact, yet plump, pussy lips.

“It’s going to be hard working after this.” My erection was agonizing.

“She already got hers,” the wife noted, “so why don’t you fuck me?”

“We just showered…” I reminded her.

“Wash your face afterwards and smother yourself in cologne. But I want you to bend me over on top of her,” she lifted up her skirt and already had her lacy panties at her knees, “and then fuck me as she looks me right in the face.”

“But…” my sister protested before I could.

“But what, Katy dear?” she had her face stroked.

“I—watching you—but…” the girl stammered.

“Aw, look, she’s jealous…!” Miranda having said this made the blonde blush, even though she was also frowning. “Don’t be jealous, honey, you know Mommy loves you.”

“No, please don’t call yourself that…” she was writhing in orgasmic bliss. “It’s not right.”

“We have to leave soon,” I warned my dillydallying spouse.

“Hun, please, that bitch can eat the cum you’re about to leave in my cunt for all I care. Come, take that dick of yours out and put it in me,” she slid atop my sibling so their busts were pressed together, hiking up her skirt to present to me her shapely buttocks and gapped thighs. “Don’t be shy now,” she wagged her ass from side to side, “I know you can’t resist.”

And she was right. Shaking my head, I approached from behind, and I revealed my throbbing hardness from the front of my trousers. Miranda reached back and grabbed me by the tie, and laid a kiss upon my lips as I was prepared to mount her. I didn’t close my eyes. They were too busy studying my sister, who watched jealously. When we parted, my wife didn’t let go, but returned her attention to Katy nonetheless. The delicate creature looked beyond the brunette and right at me as I couldn’t resist the urge to slide into the pink, steamy hole held open for my entry, and her expression was of absolute betrayal.

“Aw, what’s the matter, baby-Kate?” my spouse noticed the girl’s furrowed brow and quivering bottom lip. “Is my sweet little thing—”

“I don’t like this,” the blonde confessed. “It makes me feel sick to my stomach.”

“Precious baby, want me to rub it?” the demoness wasn’t even mocking as she asked.

“I want you to stop.”

Even though I’d sunk inward, to feel that succulent wetness soak me, those rapturous walls hugging the several inches I’d pushed in until it felt like she was keeping the blood flow from circulating back into the rest of my body, I pulled out. “I’m sorry,” I apologized on instinct.

“Mommy’s little girl jealous?” Miranda teased.

“Yes,” no longer was there playfulness in Katy’s voice. “I don’t want this.”

“What don’t you want, sugar cookie?” my sister had her forehead kissed, my wife’s words grotesquely sweet.

“To watch you do this.”

“If she doesn’t want—”

“Shush,” I was silenced before she further inquired. “Katy dear, what don’t you want to watch, huh? Is it him fucking me, or me fucking him?”

The blonde couldn’t take her helpless eyes from my direction.

“Oh, sweetheart,” Miranda cooed, cradling my sibling’s head, “I thought we went over this. He’s mine, not yours. But guess what?”

“What?” she was ready to cry.

“You’re mine, and if you’re a good girl, I’ll let you pretend he’s yours. But just for pretend, okay?”

“Okay, this is too far,” I took my wife by the arm to pull her off.

“Let go,” she nonchalantly demanded, taking me by the wrist. “What right do you think you have to lay your hands on me?”

The implication of such a threat was all that I needed to release my grip.

“Now, cup-Kate, what did you think about what Mommy just told you?”

“Why would you do that to me?” a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Aw, honey, but you’re my little cuckquean. You can’t have your brother, that’s icky, icky incest. Let’s not forget that he’s married to your Mommy,” she held up her ring finger.

“If you’re going to be like this, I want to go home,” Katy announced. “Please, let’s just let things go back to being… innocent.”

“Kiss it,” my spouse’s diamond was shoved in my sister’s face.

“I’m not touching you,” I said as the blonde gasped in horror, recoiling, “but I am asking you to get off my sister now, Miranda.”

“Or what, you’re going to make me?”

Hoping my threat wasn’t idle, I responded, “I will.”

“How about we make a little escort gaziantep bayan arrangement?” the deviant suggested. “You kiss my wedding ring,” she said to Katy, “and I won’t make you watch him fuck me.”


But it was too late. My sister already pursed her lips before the shimmering rock and gave it a peck. I couldn’t believe it, and she looked so humiliated.

“There, are you happy now?” her tone was bitchy so she could procure some of her dignity back.

“Suck it like it was my clit, and then you’re free to go.”

“Jesus Christ, Miranda, she already kissed it, can’t you—”

Katy put the jeweled bulb in her mouth and suckled. A hand was sent through her hair, caressing her sweetly as she complied with such a terrible request. However, when she received such affection, her gesture of obedience grew even more heated, where she wrapped a tongue about the diamond before pulling her face away, realizing what she’d just been lulled into doing on her own accord.

“I think my little cuckquean likes it,” the brunette declared. “Hey, do you think an award is in order, baby-Kate?”

“Like what?” my sibling was afraid to ask.

“How about my husband fucks you, huh? Would you like that?”

She reluctantly nodded, but her eyes were down in shame.

“I’ll lend him to you, then, cup-Kate, but on one condition, okay?”

“What is it?”

“He butt-fucks you,” her voice was unwavering.

“But I don’t do that…” the girl pleaded. “I’m not like that.”

“That’s what you said about being my little gay girl, wasn’t it? I think I could just as easily turn you into your brother’s butt-slut little sissy.”

“I don’t want to be your little gay girl anymore, Miranda, you make my chest hurt like I’m falling.”

“Aw, you just broke my heart,” my estranged spouse had her hand at bosom in an almost comical manner. “But Mommy loves you. You don’t want to be mine?”

“Stop,” I demanded, “all you’re doing is toying with her emotions. It’s not even kinky anymore, it’s sadistic.”

“Does it hurt?” Katy contemplated surrendering.

“Yes, but that’s why my cup-Kate has to take it. Love hurts, baby girl, so I’ve got to teach you early—”

“Miranda, this is madness…!” I exclaimed, close to dragging her off to be lectured.

“Let me finish, you fucking prick,” she snapped at me before returning to the soft, gentle tone she took with my sibling. “It hurts, but I promise you’ll like it. Do you remember when he was fucking your pussy and it felt so good? Imagine feeling that times ten, where you feel every sensation with unimaginable clarity. Mm, doesn’t that sound good?”

“It does…” the dirty blonde groaned, her eyes filled with both temptation and fear.

“Lay on your stomach, then, and you can sniff Mommy’s cunt as he fucks your virgin asshole.”

Katy did as she was told, and when she lay with her back and buttocks to me, her head rested on its side. She looked back and we locked eyes as Miranda led me behind the inert girl, giving her gracious ass a smack, making the recipient to such a gesture jolt, shiver, and yelp. My wife was kissing one cheek while simultaneously holding them open for me to see the sealed shut pucker above the glistening, lubricious pinkness that was her main aperture.

“Are you sure?” I needed to hear her say it before I would even consider sodomizing my sibling.

“Just do it,” was her sniveled response.

I left my glans at her rectal entrance, hoping it would gape, but it didn’t. She was clenching in preparation, and Miranda had to massage her to get her tension to release. When the blonde relaxed, my wife spit copiously upon my member and the asshole I was to perforate, lubing up both. Then, with much resistance, I stuffed the tip inside. I was met by the balling of fists, the curling of toes, the arching of her back, and her jaw dropping.

“No, no, no, stop, don’t…!” she immediately repeated. “It hurts, oh god, it burns and you’re ripping me!”

“Don’t stop,” Miranda hissed to me before turning to Katy. “Baby, it’ll hurt at first, but as your butt gets used to it, you’ll know pleasures your pussy could never show you.”

“Oh god,” my sister was crying, but I was held in place, unable to dismount, “please make it stop. I don’t want to do this anymore!”

“It’s either his dick or my fist,” the demoness threatened. “I’m telling you, sweetie, it’ll start feeling good, but if you don’t bite the bullet now, I’ll fuck you in a way that’ll never stop hurting.”

“I can’t do it, I can’t take it,” the sobbing girl admitted. “I’ll do anything you want, just make it stop…!”

“Watch him fuck me, then.”

“You’re evil,” I told my wife, though she didn’t care for my remark, and would have heckled me if she knew that the clenching rectum was pleasurable despite the pain it caused.

After the red faced, teary eyed female thought it over, she said, “No, keep going.”

“What?” I couldn’t believe she’d choose this over a nearly painless alternative.

“Keep going, I can take it,” she lied. “Just be gentle, and I should be okay.”

“You heard your sister,” my sadistic wife said to me, “fuck her, then. She’s made her decision.”

“But…” looking down, I saw that I was no longer a captive, and that I was now penetrating her on my own initiative.

“I love you…” Katy confessed, her eyes staring into mine. “Please, just get it over with.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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