The New Game Ch. 10

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Chapter 10 — Temporary Change

As the sun spilled through the blinds, I realized that I was still in Penny’s bed. I reached for her, finding nothing but empty mattress next to me. I opened my eyes and saw that she had gone. There was a note on the pillow next to me. I grabbed it and sat up to read.

Don’t miss me. I will be back before you know it. Until then, Brooke will take care of you.
All my love, Penelope

As perfect a moment as I had felt the night before was as much as this moment sucked. I found within this game that feelings, even my own, often changed very quickly. Before I even had time to wallow, the bedroom door flew open and Brooke barreled into the room. She pulled me out of bed, led me to the bathroom and handed me a towel.

“Take a shower and don’t waste the day,” she instructed me with a brilliant smile.

I did as I was told and it was the perfect kick-start to a peaceful, relaxing weekend. Brooke and I did some work around the house, getting some things in order and making some small changes. Her taste was simple and light, it was comfortable and easy to like. We spent both nights sleeping together without making love. That was also very comfortable and easy. Neither of us said so, but it felt like a very respectful way to share how much we missed Penny.

As Monday morning arrived, I began missing Penny more. I hit the office and enjoyed the distraction it provided. As Monday came to a close, I decided to work late. I feared that going home would mean thinking of Penny and that thought frightened me more than somewhat. It was after 7pm when there was a light tapping on my office door. I was slightly startled, thinking I was the only one left in the office. I looked up and saw a stunning frame in my doorway.

“Why are you here so late,” Emma asked me.

“I am a little nervous about going home tonight,” I admitted openly.

“Now you understand how a lot of these women felt when you left,” she pointed out. “We should have leaned on each other and we didn’t, which only added to the ache. I don’t think we are gonna let that happen again.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that,” I suggested. “I am not going anywhere.”

“Well, stupid boy, we are not gonna let it happen to you either,” she insisted.

“I will be alright,” I postured.

“I know,” she confirmed. “That’s why I’m here. I am in charge while Penny is gone, so get your things and let’s go get a drink.”

I looked at her and could immediately tell that her terms were non-negotiable. I shut my computer down and grabbed my briefcase while Emma waited in my doorway. I followed her to the parking lot and then to the small local bar right down the street from our office, Millie’s. We pulled into the lot and headed inside. It was a small place, that wasn’t so much a hole in the wall but more of a local pit stop. The crowd was light on a Monday night, with several locals standing around the bar.

Our conversation was light as we sat on a pair of stools at the bar. Emma had a glass of wine while I ripped through a beer. I was not good company at the moment and I could tell that Emma sensed it as well. She smiled and then leaned forward on her stool.

“Remember the games we used to play in bars,” Emma whispered in my ear.

I nodded. I certainly did remember the trouble this hot blonde lawyer could cause. We had several encounters that turned very interesting in this type of setting. I began to wonder what kind of trouble she wanted to cause Avcılar Escort tonight, though I wasn’t in the mood to participate in any games.

Before she could speak again, I stood from where I was sitting at the bar and excused myself to the men’s room. I took care of my business and splashed some water on my face at the sink, trying to refocus and get out of my haze of missing Penny. I returned to where Emma was still seated and found that whether I wanted to participate or not, Emma had begun her game for the evening.

Two men in collared golf shirts and khaki pants were now standing next to Emma, talking to her. They were laughing and in good spirits as I approached. The laughter stopped as I reached where they were at the bar. I nodded to both men and looked at Emma.

“I think I am going to head home,” I said to Emma.

Her smile disappeared and she glared at me. I knew that I was not up for this, but the look on her face told me that Emma understood that as well. Then her smile returned, now much more devilish.

“If you leave now you will miss all the fun,” she insisted.

“Oh, I don’t think I am going to be much fun tonight,” I acknowledged.

“If you leave now you will miss me winning 500 dollars cash,” she informed me.

I looked at her curiously. What the hell had she done now? I knew it had something to do with these two guys and Emma thinking she could get over on them. I didn’t doubt that she could, the variable was what role I was going to play in this little wager of hers.

“This is Ted and Brian,” she said as she introduced me to the two gentlemen standing before her.

Ted was about 6 feet 3 inches tall with wavy jet black hair and a skinny build. Brian was shorter, probably 5 feet 9 inches or so with blonde hair that was cut short to the scalp. Both men were clean shaven and neither was older than 30. I wondered what they had gotten themselves into. I shook hands with both guys and waited for one of them to tell me what the hell was going on.

“Are you sure that you don’t want to stick around and watch blondie here come up short on our bet,” Brian baited me.

“What do you gentlemen do for a living,” I asked them generically, changing the subject for a moment.

“We’re software developers,” Ted informed me.

That wasn’t a surprise. They had that preppy, douchebag look.

“4 days a week,” Brian laughed. “Every Monday we hit the linx.”

“Sounds like a sweet deal,” I admitted, still trying to feel these guys out. “How did you guys play today?”

“Well, Ted here shot an 85,” Brian mocked him. “While I shot an 80.”

“Wow, that’s a great round,” I conceded, never having shot under 100 myself in my limited time on a golf course.

“Great for Brian,” Ted barked. “We play $100 per stroke, so he’s up half a grand today.”

It became evident by their words, attitude and body language that both of these men did very well for themselves professionally and did not have to worry about money.

“So you have bet your newly acquired 500 bucks against Emma here,” I surmised.

“It seemed like a sucker bet,” Brian divulged. “It’s an easy way to double my money.”

“So what’s the bet,” I finally inquired directly.

“They are,” Emma stated, pointing past Brian to two lovely young women sitting at a table.

The young women were both blond and neither could have older than 22 or 23. Both were thin framed and skinny and both were very attractive. Beylikdüzü Escort I smiled at the young lady on the left as she caught me glancing at them. She did not acknowledge me. I looked back to Brian and Ted.

“We tried to send them a drink and we were shot down horribly,” Ted came clean.

“I felt bad watching these two get their egos crushed like that,” Emma giggled. “So, I sent them a drink and told them to come over and talk to me.”

“Then this gorgeous creature said that she was ten times the man that either of us is,” Brian stated, his tone getting harder, almost resentful.

“I can’t argue with that,” I responded, looking at Emma.

“Well, let’s see her prove it,” Ted snapped. “She bet 500 bucks that she could go over there and come back with a pair of their panties.”

It instantly became clear to me that these two guys were way out of there league. This was not only going to be easy for Emma, she was going to enjoy it and then, I was 100% certain, she was going to make these guys suffer in defeat. I shook my head to keep from busting out in laughter at these two clowns.

Without another word Emma rose from her chair began to walk away from the three of us at the bar. Her ass swayed from side to side as her heels snapped on the wood floor. One of the young women stood and started to walk towards the ladies room. Emma instantly redirected herself and followed the young blonde into the lavatory.

We watched them disappear through the door and then we waited. None of us could take our eyes off of that door. Time passed slowly as we waited for either or both of them to emerge. While we were waiting, an interesting turn of events took place. Another woman attempted to enter the ladies room, but found the door locked. I was rather intrigued by this as the woman waited and appeared quite put out.

Finally, after what seemed like much longer than it actually was, the door opened. The young woman came out first and made her way back to her table. She sat down next to her friend and then waved daintily at me. I gingerly waved back, not sure where this was headed. Emma then appeared and sauntered back over to where we were standing. She hoped back up on her stool and sipped her drink.

“No luck,” Brian laughed, half asking.

Emma smiled at both he and Ted, then she winked at me. She did not speak, though we were all waiting for something. I noticed someone coming towards us out of the corner of my eye and turned my focus to my right.

The two women, who had been seated at a table, were now only feet away from us and walking with a purpose. The taller of the two, whom Emma had followed to the ladies room, stopped just in front of me when she reached where we were standing. She reached out gently and grabbed my hand, using it to pull me closer to her. She kissed me lightly on the cheek and then bit my earlobe rather firmly. I felt her place something in the center of my hand and then close my fist around whatever it was.

“Your girlfriend is fucking hot,” she whispered as she pulled away from me.

The young blonde then walked past me and directly out the front door of the bar. I was surprised, to say the least, unsure of what had just happened. Brian and Ted were staring at me, with looks of sheer disbelief. I lifted my hand and slowly opened it to reveal a pair of pink, lace thong panties. A feeling of laughter filled me, though I did my best to contain it. A smile lit up my face as Esenyurt Escort the two men stared at my hand.

“How do we know those aren’t yours,” Ted asked. “You were in that bathroom a while, anything could have gone on.”

I had never once considered that. It was not Emma’s style. Her face turned and she now seemed annoyed, though she did not respond. She ran her hands under her skirt and up towards her waist. Emma then moved her bottom slightly on the stool she was seated on and slid her own panties down her legs. She maneuvered them over her shoes and deposited them into my hand, joining the pair that was already there.

Ted hung his head in shame, realizing now how ludicrous his suggestion actually was. Emma turned her head to the side and stared at both men, knowing that nothing else could derail her victory now.

Emma raised her left hand and held it out, palm up. Brian reached into his back pocket and retrieved his wallet. He opened it and placed five crisp, new 100 dollar bills into Emma’s waiting hand. Emma hopped off her stool and grabbed the panties out of my hand. She tossed both pairs at Brian and then grabbed me by the arm.

“Keep those as a souvenir,” she laughed at him as she pulled me towards the front door.

Emma dragged me through the front door and into the parking lot. She slammed me up against her car and slammed her mouth into my own. Her tongue darted between my lips and her hands scoured my frame frantically. I was immediately aroused as I pulled her to me and grabbed her ass firmly through her skirt.

She pushed me between her car and my own, which were parked side by side, kissing me sloppily the entire time. Emma reached down and undid my belt while we kissed. She dropped my pants and tore down my boxers between the cars as I groped her fantastic body.

“Be a good boy and give it to me,” she purred as she rapidly stroked my firm shaft.

I needed no further invitation as I slid her skirt up around her hips and parted her legs. I leaned her against her car which allowed her to put her feet on my car behind me, giving me perfect access to her gash. I pressed my swollen member to her hole and jammed it into her. Emma sighed deeply as I forced my prick inside her.

I held her against her car and began rocking in and out of her box hurriedly. I fucked her hard and fast in the parking lot, giving her my best in a short amount of time. I rammed her continually as my orgasm built swiftly. I fucked her tight, little hole aggressively, causing my cock to swell as it penetrated her repeatedly.

Emma groaned and bucked through her climax as I continued to inject my rod into her wetness. She sensed my climax coming and made me stop. She lowered her feet off my car behind me and allowed my cock to slide out of her. She then opened her passenger door and sat on her passenger seat, taking my soaked cock into her mouth.

She sucked my dick like a vacuum, letting it run rapidly back and forth across her lips. She licked her juices off my rod as she swallowed my member again and again. I grabbed her blonde hair and held her head still as I exploded in her mouth. I dumped squirt after squirt of cream into her gullet until I was spent. I crashed back against my car door as my cock fell out of her mouth.

Emma looked up at me and smiled. She wiped a small drop of semen from her chin and then stood up. She pulled her skirt down and kissed me on the cheek.

“See you at the office tomorrow,” she laughed as she made her way around to her driver’s side door.

I buckled my pants back into place as she pulled away. I got in my car and as I pulled out of the lot, I noticed Ted and Brian standing in the parking lot near one of their cars. They were at a vantage point where they had to have seen everything that just occurred. Poor bastards.

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