The New Year Party Ch. 03

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The Champagne arrived as did Tina to take our order, I wondered if she’d noticed that mum, her mum and May were not wearing bras, I’m sure she would, I was impressed with the service, we had a bottle of Champagne in the bar then we were ushered into the ballroom, we had a perfect table beside the dance floor, it was set for five, the band trio wouldn’t start until eight-thirty, we had finished our main courses by then, as Tina was clearing the main course plates she whispered to me, “The nine-fifteen rendezvous can’t happen.”

I nodded and smiled in acknowledgement, her massive left tit caressed my arm as she removed my plate, I wondered what was happening; I knew that Tina would have everything under control; I felt Bunty’s foot against my inner thigh, throughout the meal she’d been caressing my thighs and crotch so intimately as she jiggled her beautiful tits.

None of us were having any dessert or coffee, Tina cleared our table leaving only a Champagne glass and cutlery for a main course at her place setting, the trio had started and it was slow romantic numbers they were playing, mum asked me for a dance, May and Bunty also took to the floor.

We were both holding each other close, I was taking the full weight of mum’s heavy tits on my chest, mum was also grinding her pussy against my leg, mum whispered, “May loves your cock, she’s so happy with this afternoon, she didn’t expect it to be so good even though I told her it would be.”

I looked over at Bunty and May they were dancing so close as everyone on the dance floor were, their two sets of massive tits squeezed against each other, both were pushing their crotches against the other’s, they looked so comfortable with each other, I whispered to mum, “I think you enjoyed it too this afternoon, that was a great ride you gave me mum, May and Bunty appear to be happy with each other?”

Mum whispered back, “Darling, you gave me a wonderful climax this afternoon, my pussy has been tingling all day and still is, Bunty and May are close, they both can get very kinky when they get hot, I’m so glad I invited Bunty and Tina as they deserve to be here and it could probably lead to an interesting night, I love it when you hold me close Jack.”

We sat back at our table as Tina walked towards the table; she looked stunning, her gown showed her gorgeous curves beautifully, her massive tits jiggling freely as she wasn’t wearing a bra either, I stood up to greet her; Tina took me in her arms, pushing her body tightly against mine; she sat down on her chair as I poured her glass of Champagne.

As I poured, I got the surprise of my life as the Head Chef walked to our table carrying a plate with Tina’s main course on it; he was followed by his Second Chef carrying a silver plate with Tina’s potatoes and vegetables on it. When she had been served, they both bowed and left the ballroom, all the surrounding tables realised Tina had been their waitress too, seeing the Head and Second Chef serve her meal said so much, many people stood up and applauded.

Tina couldn’t believe what was happening, then she understood that this was the Head Chef and Second Chef saying thank you to her for all her hard work, when the applause had started the Head and Second Chef had turned around and stood at the kitchen door, Tina saw this, she stood up and bowed at them, another round of applause went through the restaurant.

The trio had been taking a break, the singer knowing that this was a big thing the Chef had done said before the next song, “Tina, Bon appétit, your meal will have been cooked with love, enjoy the rest of the evening as you deserve it.”

More applause as the next dance began, we all sat with Tina as she ate her meal, mum said, “The Chef was telling you there that the whole staff appreciate the work you have done in this hotel, you should be proud of yourself, it was a lovely gesture.”

The Head Chef was going to retire now, he was sixty-six; he had been there for over thirty years; he had asked to stay on for the last year; he wanted to finish with the hotel. The Second Chef was starting at Riverside next week, he would be Head Chef by the end of the month as the current Head Chef was being transferred to another hotel.

Tina finished her meal, I asked her to dance, I held her close and whispered, “Mum’s right, that was a lovely gesture, you deserved that, it wasn’t just the Chef saying it, it was everyone who works here, you look gorgeous, I think mum’s having a party in the apartment afterwards, I don’t know how that’ll work out?”

Tina whispered back, “We will make it work somehow, I’m so glad I’m with you tonight, when the dance is finished, I’d love a pleasant kiss?”

We kissed so lovingly at the end of the dance, I could feel Tina’s happiness, we went back to the table, I was sitting with the four most beautiful women in the ballroom and I had fucked every one of them. I felt so confident, I then asked Bunty to dance, we pulled each other so close together, her body was kocaeli escort pulsating against mine, Bunty was so happy too, she whispered, “I was so close to tears when Guy brought out Tina’s dinner, I got some wonderful pictures on my smartphone, I’ve also some pictures of you dancing, everyone wants to hold you close, me included. I was chatting with Jill, I suggested that Tina and I should have you first and afterwards we could all get together, she seemed happy with that, does it excite you that you will be having a mother and daughter threesome tonight and both of us love you long fat cock, I get wet when I think about it.”

I whispered, “Bunty, push against me and you’ll feel how stiff my cock is, I’m looking forward to having the two of you, you both give great oral, the two of you working together will make me so hard, I’m thinking of the great rides I’ll have from both of you afterwards.”

Bunty pulled me close; we tongue kissed as we danced holding each other so closely. I then danced with May, she was holding me so close, after I danced with mum again, the Champagne was getting to all of us, as I danced with mum I said, “Mum, when we go to the apartment, I’d like to use the bedroom as tonight will be the first time I’ll have a threesome with Bunty and Tina, I’ve had both of them but never together, can you have fun with May while I’m doing this?”

“Of course, darling, that won’t be a problem, I’m glad you’re doing this with them, you are getting a nice harem around you.”

We kissed, and I said, “I’m not complaining, all of you stiffen my cock, we all have fun, I like our little group.”

Midnight came, everyone was on the dance floor as they sang Auld Lang Syne, we all formed a little circle and danced together. When it stopped everyone was hugging and kissing, then people started using their smartphones to call relatives or friends, ten minutes had passed then the singer said, “We wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year, ladies and gentlemen please take your partners for the last dance, it will also be the last dance on this marvellous dance floor, we have entertained here for the last eight years, it has been such a pleasurable time.”

I took mum to the dance floor, Bunty, May and Tina all danced together as mum pulled me closer to her, the song was, ‘Save the Last Dance for Me,’ which was so appropriate, I could feel mum’s hard nipples on my chest, she was also grinding her pussy against my leg, mum whispered, “After this dance, we’ll quickly all go up to the apartment, there will be many of our regular customers wanting to say their goodbyes, I don’t think I could face that, I’ve had a happy night, I don’t want to end up in tears.”

I pulled mum close and kissed her on the forehead and said, “Let’s go now mum, it would be tough for me too.”

Mum smiled and took my hand as we passed Bunty, May and Tina, I said, “We’ll meet in the apartment, mum wants to leave now.”

All three nodded in agreement, and followed us off the floor, Bunty and Tina went to the reception where they’d left their overnight bags, I carried both of the bags for them as we got the lift to the fourth floor, there was a feeling of excitement in the lift, I looked around, mum was first to exit, I’d shared a lift with four women and all four’s nipples were rock hard.

Mum and May quickly disappeared into the lounge, I led Bunty and Tina into the bedroom, I said as both were taking off their gowns, “Shall I get a bottle of Champagne for us?”

Bunty smiled and said, “That’s a good idea Jack, only pour a glass for yourself as Tina and I want to do a little peep show for you, I know we’ve all wanted this for a long time. Tina and I have spoken and we both want this to be special, as it’s not every day a guy has a threesome with a mother and daughter. Get the Champagne then watch how a mum and daughter can do so many intimate things to each other.”

I went to the kitchen, made a tray up with a wine cooler, bottle of Champagne and three glasses, I heard May telling mum how wet her pussy was as I walked past the lounge door. Going into the bedroom, Bunty and Tina were both naked, lying on top of the bed, kissing passionately as they fingered each other’s soaked pussies, I stripped naked, my cock was so stiff, I wanted to join them but thought no, pour myself a glass of Champagne and enjoy the sexy show they were putting on for me.

As I sipped my Champagne, just watching Bunty and Tina caress each other so intimately was a colossal turn on, they were tongue kissing so lovingly, Bunty was purring with pleasure as Tina was fingering her pussy. Tina said, “Mum, I love it when you moan, it tells me I’m doing the right things for you, your gorgeous honey pot is so wet, your big clit is so hard, I think it needs some loving attention, spread your legs and enjoy what I’m going to do to you.”

Tina went down on her mum and Bunty adjusted herself so she could play with Tina’s pussy as Tina sucked on her mum’s big clit and finger fucked kocaeli escort bayan her with four fingers. It didn’t take long until Tina was fisting her mum as she continued to suck on her huge clit, Tina’s head was bobbing furiously as she was fisting her mum vigorously, Bunty was now riding her daughter’s mouth and fist, it was an incredible sight to see. Bunty cried out, “Tina, don’t stop, I’m cumming, I love what you’re doing to me, don’t swallow it all, save some in your mouth then we can cum kiss, you are making your mum’s cunt tingle.”

Bunty was having a body-shaking orgasm as Tina continued to suck and fist her relentlessly, it was a lovely thing to watch, when Bunty had composed herself, Tina came off her then cum kissed her mum for a minute then came off the bed and cum kissed me, my tongue busily transferring Bunty’s cum into my mouth as always it tasted delicious.

Bunty now had ‘I need fucked look’ on her face, her massive tits jiggling beautifully, she said, “Jack, come over here and lie on top of the bed, let Tina and I make that magnificent fat cock even harder; you’re going to have two magic mouths and tongues working on you, we’ll make you rock hard. I want you to fuck me doggy style while I eat Tina’s gorgeous cunt as you ride me, I want a threesome where we are all active.”

I lay on top of the bed as mother and daughter went to work on making my stiff cock stiffer, their tongues were everywhere, both running their tongues up and down opposite sides of my fat shaft and were both massaging one of my balls each, their touch was so similar, I could feel my cock stiffen.

Bunty took my bulbous head into her warm mouth, both of them could easily deep throat me but this was only to make me hard, they were working as a team and as Bunty’s head started to bob, Tina nibbled my stiff shaft gently with her teeth, watching the two of them do this was so arousing, Bunty had achieved what she wanted, my cock was rock hard.

Bunty then orchestrated everything, she got on all fours on top of the bed, her beautiful butt at the bottom, where I was standing with my majestic hard on. As I was teasing Bunty’s long sex slit with the bulbous head of my cock, Bunty was positioning Tina at the top of the bed with her legs spread so Bunty could eat her daughter’s pussy as I fucked her doggy style.

As Bunty was teasing Tina’s wet pussy with her tongue, I placed the head of my cock in the middle of her long sex slit and pushed down slowly on her, my long fat cock disappeared inside Bunty’s hungry pussy easily. Bunty moaned with pure pleasure as I got a rhythm going, Bunty was amazing as she gripped my cock at the head and base of each thrust.

Bunty was multi-tasking, she had Tina purring with pleasure as she ate her daughter’s-soaked pussy, Bunty’s head was bobbing as she sucked her daughter’s huge clit as I pounded into her dripping pussy, Bunty’s massive tits were wobbling uncontrollably now, that was an incredible sight.

We were all working to give the other pleasure, Bunty was giving me a great ride while she started fisting her daughter as she sucked her huge clit, I knew Tina loved having oral and knew she’d cum quickly; I was getting into my stride and enjoying every minute.

Five minutes later Tina cried out, “Don’t stop mum, I’m cumming, this feels so good, suck it all out of me and hold it in your mouth, I want to taste it with you.”

I continued to pound Bunty’s gorgeous pussy as Bunty sucked every drop of cum out of her daughter’s dripping pussy, Tina composed herself and was now cum kissing with her mum, both their tongues working lovingly in the other’s mouth as Tina fondled her mum’s massive tits as they kissed.

As I watched this, I knew I was getting close, Tina broke away from her mum’s mouth and came and stood where I was standing and started to cum kiss me as I fucked her mum so hard and deep then Bunty cried out, “Keep going Jack, I’m cumming, harder Jack this feels so good.”

As Bunty said this, she felt my first spurt hit her cervix, we both were climaxing within seconds of each other, it was an amazing feeling; I shot my load deep inside Bunty’s hungry pussy; I was giving her the hardest thrusts that I’d ever given her and she loved it; I emptied myself inside her and pulled out; I turned her around and lay down beside her, we kissed so lovingly for several minutes.

As we kissed, I felt Tina’s tongue on my cock; she was now licking and sucking my cock clean as her mum and I kissed so passionately; it was an amazing feeling, this was turning out to be one of the most incredible threesomes I had ever had in my life, I had wanted it for a long time; I understood now that Bunty and her daughter had wanted it too.

Tina was now deep throating me, her lips wrapped around the base of my cock as the head of my cock could feel the softness of the walls of her throat, she then started the swallowing motion with her throat muscles which tightened her throat muscles around the head of my izmit escort cock, I felt my cock stiffen, Tina was making me hard for her, without saying a word, she was telling me she wanted my cock now.

I continued to kiss Bunty for another minute, we broke away and Bunty said, “I loved that Jack, my pussy is tingling so beautifully, now you’ll have to look after Tina in the same way as you looked after her mum, I’m going to sit in that chair and watch you fuck my daughter while I drink this lovely Champagne.”

As Bunty brought her glass to her lips, Tina put her legs over me, straddling my fat cock, I was so erect, Tina had no interest in foreplay, she was hot and wanted me inside her, holding my cock at the base she ran the bulbous head of my cock up and down her long sex slit, she was so wet. Tina, with a naughty smile on her face said, “Mum, I’m so sorry to disappoint you but you will not watch Jack fuck me, you’ll have to watch your daughter fuck this magnificent fat cock that’s just fucked you, I’ll give him long strokes so you’ll see his long fat cock better, Jack if I cum quickly don’t worry I’ll keep going, this is going to be a good one.”

Tina soon had a fantastic rhythm going, just like her mum, her massive tits were wobbling uncontrollably as she raised the tempo. I loved it when Tina did me in either the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl which was incredible when she had me up her tight ass, Tina was in complete control and as she pounded me harder, I felt her pussy twitch, which was normal as the hip position she was using made my fat shaft stimulate her G-spot. I knew she’d have a big one soon; she was like her mum, gripping at the right time on every thrust she gave me, I started to stimulate her huge clit.

Tina loved it when I did this, I said, “Cum for me Tina, let your mum watch you cum, we’re exciting her now, she’s fingering her gorgeous cunt now, cum for me, let me feel your warm spunk run down my cock and onto my balls.”

“Jack, this feels so good, I can now say you’re my mother fucker, I loved watching you fuck her, you’re also a daughter fucker now, I am so close, when I cum I want to go again, I’m not stopping, darling I’m cumming.”

I felt the warmth of Tina’s climax; she slowed down a little but pushed herself down to take my cock deeper inside her, beads of sweat appeared on her forehead, she was giving me her best, then her tempo increased, she was working on her next orgasm.

She soon found her rhythm, everything felt so good, Bunty said, “Tina, I’m enjoying watching you ride Jack, I hope I’ve got the same athletic movement as you have, you are so agile but so powerful, Jack your cock looks so impressive, it’s glistening with all the juice on it between that and your stamina, you’re arousing me.”

Fifteen minutes later, Tina and I both climaxed simultaneously, it was an amazing feeling, Tina had a body-shaking orgasm, twitching uncontrollably for a couple of minutes. When she had composed herself, Bunty joined us on the bed, I’d enjoyed the threesome and was sure Tina and her mum had enjoyed it too, we had all wanted this, what a way to start the New Year.

Bunty said, “How are you feeling Jack, that was an amazing session you gave Tina and I, in fact, it was unforgettable.”

I laughed and said, “Bunty, I loved it, we’ll have to do this regularly.”

Bunty smiled and said, “Jack, we do that, Tina and I are both working in the morning, we have a lot of checkouts, maybe now you should look after May and your mum, your cock is still hard, your mum told me we can stay here tomorrow night too, this is going to be a great New Year’s party.”

I gave Bunty and Tina a kiss and cuddle before I left them, Bunty had set her smartphone alarm for seven, in was now two, they would only get five hours sleep, they both looked tired but happy, I knew they’d be asleep quickly. I went into the lounge, mum was sitting in an armchair, May was fast asleep lying on the couch, covered with a blanket, mum stood up and took me in her arms and whispered, “I have been waiting for you Jack, we’ll use your bedroom, I want to be noisy with you.”

We kissed lovingly, I fondled her massive tits, her nipples were rock hard as they were when we danced earlier, I moved my hand between her legs, mum spread them for me, her huge clit was hard, she took three fingers easily but she was still tight, I broke away and whispered, “May has got your pussy nice and wet for me, mum I love it when you’re horny like this.”

“May was so kinky with me tonight, she made me cum a lot, but all I was thinking of was your big fat cock fucking me senseless, let’s go to bed, mummy wants to be very naughty with you.”

On the bedside table there was a jar of Coconut Oil, mum wanted ass fucked, I smiled and said, “I know what mummy wants, as a treat for mummy I’m going to give you four vaginal orgasms, would you like that mum?”

Mum smiled and said, “Three would be great but four would be terrific, I got May to lube my ass so I’m ready for you, Jack, you must have been working hard with Bunty and Tina, let me make your cock hard then lie on the bed as mum wants to take your cock in her tight ass in the reverse cowgirl position, as I think about it, I want four vaginal orgasms from you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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