The New York Diary

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Chris had been dating Ginger for two months. She was aware he also was seeing Siobhan. One night he answered his phone and was talking to her and Siobhan called out hello to Ginger as if they were friends. After that Ginger began asking Chris about her. At first it was if she was okay with him seeing other women. He assured her that Siobhan was not only okay with it but encouraged it and a few times set him up on dates. This prompted her to pry if they ever shared these women which he admitted they did. He then told her he liked to show Siobhan sexy pictures and videos that women sent him. That sexually she got off seeing these women liked him and wanted him. It was into their third month that Ginger suggested that maybe the three of them go out one night.

After dinner Chris escorts both women to his apartment. There is no awkward moment of what will happen next because Siobhan had been frisky with Ginger in the taxi on the way over so the moment they were inside the two women began kissing. He follows them as they kiss and mutually remove the other’s clothes while walking to his bedroom. Chris sits güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in the easy chair across from the bed and watches the naked women explore one another. He looks at his watch because he told Siobhan she only got 20 minutes alone time with what she has likes to call his “new toy”. Sometimes during sex she will whisper she wants him to tell her about fucking his new toy. He watches as Siobhan’s fingers disappear inside the New Toy. Ginger moans and arches into Siobhan as Chris undoes his slacks freeing his erection. Ginger tries to start making her way down between Siobhan’s legs.

“No. Not yet.” Chris tells her eliciting a whine from both women.

In 20 minutes the women are moaning and desperately touching each other as he approaches the bed. He tells Ginger to stand and as she shuffles off the bed Siobhan positions herself so she is lying on her back on the side of the bed with her head at the edge. Chris kisses Ginger roughly then abruptly stops the kiss and turns her around facing the bed.

“Siobhan wants to watch me fuck you Ginger. She wants to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri have a very close view of my cock going in and out of you.” He tells her as he kicks her legs apart. Her pussy is now right above Siobhan’s face. “I want to see you go down on her as I fuck you” He hasn’t even finished talking before Ginger bends over and begins to lick Siobhan’s pussy.

Unbeknownst to her Ginger is getting two firsts with Chris tonight. She has asked for both but probably hadn’t anticipated the second one this evening. He slips a condom on then a healthy amount of lube. He uses the lube from his fingers to circle her puckered anus then pushes the head of his cock in the tight hole. She raises her head and moans and he pushes her head down.

“Now, now Ginger. Don’t be rude. You need to take care of Siobhan since she is doing the same for you.” He says mockingly as she moans harder. “If it is uncomfortable just bite down on Siobhan’s clit baby, she won’t mind.” He says sadistically.

Both women begin moaning in unison and as he pushes the final inch in Ginger pusher güvenilir bahis şirketleri her hips back to meet him. He begins fucking her really slowly and she always pushes herself back deeper onto his cock. He looks at the large mirror across the room and sees Gingers fingers moving in and out of Siobhan as her tongue is lapping greedily at her clit. He tells them what he sees then tells Ginger how Siobhan begged him to watch him use Ginger’s ass. How she wanted to see his cock take her ass’ virginity. Both women are moaning but he can tell by the way Siobhan’s feet are trying to dig into the bed she is about to cum. He tells Ginger to suck Siobhan’s clit hard and seconds later he hears her under Ginger chanting the word fuck. When the repetitive stream of cursing stops he grabs a handful of Ginger’s hair and pulls hard forcing her head up.

“Fuck!” He says as he starts moving faster and harder into her. “Your face is covered with her juice.” Her lips chin and cheeks are glistening with Siobhan’s sex. Ginger looks at herself in the mirror getting fucked and it seems to push her own orgasm. As she begins to buck he gives her a loud slap on the ass and gives her a few hard thrusts before he follows her.

Chris has slowly pulled out but hasn’t moved otherwise and is catching his breath.

“Can I hang out with you guys again one night?” Ginger asks giggling before rolling off a now laughing Siobhan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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