The Next Forgotten

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Margo woke up in the middle of the night. Her head was pounding, while her arms and hips were sore. For a brief moment, she believed she could remember something. A figure looming over her. A hand grasping her hair. A pressure in her groin and her anus. But these were all hazy at best. And a few minutes after, Margo had forgotten about them entirely.

Why am I naked? she wondered. She touched herself, taking note of how sensitive her nipples were, like they’d been suckled on, perhaps even bitten. Her hand wandered down toward her pubic area, which was sore and moist. Did she have a wet dream? But that wouldn’t explain how she’d come to be so uncomfortable. Or why she had such a bitter taste that lingered in her mouth.

She rose from her bed and headed toward the bathroom adjacent to her room. She was about to head for the shower and rinse herself off, when she was startled by the sight of a shape standing before the mirror.

“Ah, Mrs. Brooks,” said Kevin, her son Steven’s best friend. “You’re awake.”

Margo couldn’t believe what she saw. He was as naked as the day he was born, brushing his teeth over her sink. Margo gasped and tried to avert her eyes, even though she caught a glimpse of the massive hard-on he brandished.

“Kevin!” she gasped. “What in God’s name–,” she muttered.

But Kevin gave her no time to finish. He dropped his toothbrush and rushed over to her, grasping her long blonde hair into his hands to tilt her head back. He then roughly kissed her, while with his one free hand he grasped onto her gushed cunt. For a moment, a strange sense of Deja Vu took hold of Margo. Something about this seemed awfully familiar. But she quickly came to her senses and tried to slap Kevin away, while he only laughed at her resistance.

“Never gets old,” he muttered, before inserting two fingers inside Margo’s pussy.

“Aaah!” Margo shrieked. She was startled by how much it hurt. She couldn’t remember the last time she had sex, but the lightest of touches made it feels like she’d penetrated with a jackhammer.

Kevin recoiled immediately. “Sorry, that must still smart, I guess,” he laughed.

Margo didn’t have a clue as to what he was referring to, but it had been Kevin to cause her pussy such discomfort. See, unbeknownst to her, it had only been an hour or so ago when, after they’d finished dinner, that Kevin had stripped Margo of her clothes, forced her to suckle on his rock hard cock in her own dining room, dragged her to her bedroom by her arms, then used her cunt in every way he could imagine. After licking, suckling and penetrating it many times over, he’d gotten the idea to stick his entire fist up her moist pussy. It was the loudest she’d ever screamed in both pleasure and pain, and it resulted in the most intense orgasm he’d gotten out of her yet, leaving her bedsheets soaked with the fluids of her pussy.

Kevin knew it was better not to push it any further, lest he’d actually hurt her this time around. Besides, he’d shot out rope after rope of cum himself, and he wasn’t sure if he had any more to give. But that did not stop his twisted mind from concocting another wicked game to play with Margo Brooks.

“Wh…why are you doing this…?” Margo moaned. “Please…please don’t rape me.”

“Sshhh, it’s okay,” Kevin cooed in her ear, half laughing at her request. He already had, and she enjoyed every second of it. Faster, he remember her saying. Make me cum. But like she asked, he wasn’t going to rape her. Not tonight.

Instead, Kevin grabbed pushed Margo into the shower. She huddled herself into the corner, afraid of what Kevin might do. She was surprised he walked out, and briefly hoped that would be the end of it. But then Kevin returned, with his phone in one hand and his cock in the other. He approached her like a hunter would its prey, who was still balled up and terrified. Kevin took Margo by the hair and pressed play on his phone.

“Open your mouth, Margo,” he said.

“N…no,” she muttered, tears streaming down her face.

Kevin wrapped her blonde hair around his finger and tugged it as hard as he could without tearing it from her head. She shrieked in pain, while Kevin glared down at her.

“Open, slut,” he hissed.

Margo did as told, and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Kevin let go of her hair and took his cock in hand to aim it right at her. He stood there for a minute, doing nothing. Margo looked up to meet his eyes, not sure what to expect. Thus, all the greater her surprise when Kevin began to relieve himself, pissing right into her face.

“Gah!” she shrieked.

“Look away, and I’ll beat you,” Kevin snapped.

She did as told, though the warm piss in her eye caused her to wince, crying bitter sobs as the smell of ammonia and the salt of her tears stung her nose and eyes.

“Good slut,” Kevin laughed. “Now, keep that mouth wide open.”

Margo complied, which Kevin used as his cue to continue debasing his personal slut. A stream of warm piss flew into her mouth, filling it up past her teeth and pouring down her chin. The taste was beyond foul, and Margo had to fight the urge to gag on several occasions. Kevin suddenly stopped, took her nose between his fingers.

“Swallow, why don’t you?” he said.

Margo closed her lips, swishing a mouthful of the young man’s piss, then forced herself to gulp it all down.

“Bleeeh!” she groaned.

“Not done yet,” Kevin said. “Open up.”

She did, and without warning, Kevin took her head into his hands and pushed his cock down her throat. He held her head in place, feeling her tongue spasm as her gag-reflex went into overdrive. Margo struggled to breathe, then practically hurled as she felt Kevin continue to relieve himself directly into her throat, the warm urine sliding down her esophagus. Her cries mixed with her gagging exited Kevin even more, pushing Margo’s nose against his pubic area.

“Jesus Christ,” Kevin moaned. “Looks like I’ll never need a toilet again, do I? Not when I have a grade-A slut like you to piss in.”

Margo moaned and sobbed, while Kevin finally finished with his ultimate degradation of his friend’s mother. When there was nothing left to expel, he pulled his cock from her throat, wiped it against her face, gasped in satisfaction. Margo, on the other hand, threw herself down on the shower floor, gasping for air. She was absolutely humiliated, distraught and confused. Why did he do this to her? How could he do something so foul, with no remorse or regard for her. She couldn’t believe it.

The young man crouched down and held his phone aimed at the woman, pushing her hair aside to grant himself a better view of Mrs. Brooks.

“What just happened?” he asked.


“Tell the camera what you just did.”

“I…I ateşli gaziantep escort just…oh God…I just swallowed your…your…”

“My?” Kevin said, expectantly.

“Your piss,” muttered Margo. “I swallowed your piss…”

“That’s right,” Kevin laughed. “You know what kind of people do that?”


“Whores, Mrs. Brooks. Whores do that,” he laughed, as Margo began to cry even louder.

Kevin, finished with his filthy deed, walked toward the shower-head and turned the water on. He took it in hand and aimed the hose at Margo, rinsing his urine from her body. She tried to shield herself, but Kevin took no chances and made sure every inch of her was rinsed off. When he was finally satisfied, he exited the room, leaving behind a sobbing, broken and violated woman behind.

He made his way to the guest bedroom, dressed himself in his pajamas, waited diligently for time to pass by replaying the footage of his violation from earlier. Then, once he felt enough time had passed, he made his way back to Mrs. Brooks’s room and gently knocked at the door.

“Mrs. Brooks?”

“Yes?” a light and sweet voice replied from the other side.

Kevin opened the door, seeing Margo sitting on her bed, brushing her hair. She wore her red satin nightgown, which hid her nudity but not her excellent figure. She looked at Kevin, confused for a second, then smiled.

“Hi Kevin. Are…are you sleeping over?”

“Yes. Steven had asked me to look in on you.”

“That’s right, he did,” Margo said, feigning as if she remembered. Kevin knew for a fact she did not.

“Can I get you anything, Mrs. Brooks?” he asked politely.

“Could…could you get me something to drink? Like a tea or something? I have the worst taste in the back of my throat.”

“Sure thing, Mrs. Brooks. I’ll be right back.”

“You’re so sweet,” Margo said, smiling broadly.

Kevin took his time to walk down, fighting the urge to laugh. It had been a few months since the accident that killed Mr. Brooks and left Margo in her current state, her short-term memory shattered, which left her unable to remember a thing once an hour or so had passed. And every time he witnessed her forgetting everything that had transpired, he’d be just as astonished as he was the first time around.

Steven, Margo’s son and Kevin’s best friend, was now in charge of his father’s business. The stress of having such a responsibility resting on his shoulders and having to care for a mother with a condition was simply too much. That’s where Kevin came in.

Originally, Steven had asked Kevin to watch his mother for a single week. It was during that fateful week that Kevin realized that anything he did in front or to Mrs. Brooks would be forgotten by her anyway, meaning he could get away Scott-free with using her to act his lustful urges out on her with no repercussions. Steven ended up becoming more busy, requiring Kevin to stay longer. And longer. And longer. Seven months flew by in no time at all.

While the water kettle boiled away, Kevin peeked at his phone. He uploaded the pictures onto the house computer, so he could enjoy them in a higher resolution at a later point. Hell, he’d watched them in front of Margo, who had gasped and ran away, only to return an hour later with no memory of the event. Yes, Kevin had a good thing going.

Steven was coming home in a week. But these short visits were but small intermissions in Kevin’s twisted games with the neighborhood MILF. So he’d go without her for a while. So what? He could think of new ways to get a kick and a laugh out of her situation.

And with that thought, another devious plan was formed. The kettle snapped off, finished with boiling the water, which he poured into the cup. Then he added the tea-bag, dipping it gently. And for the final touch, he dropped his pants, held out his cock and began to stroke himself furiously. Within very little time, he build up his orgasm once more. Holding the head of his cock over the cup and unloaded his cum into it, the added cream to Margo’s nighttime cup of tea. Once he caught his breath, he headed upstairs, entered Mrs. Brook’s room and handed her the cup.

“Thank you, Kevin,” Margo said, before taking a sip from her tea with a hint of cum.

“My pleasure,” Kevin said with a smirk.

Yes, this was the life. And there was nothing that could go wrong.


Steven watched the video for the third time that night. His mother, held down in her own shower, while is supposed best friend sticks his dick inside her mouth and then…it was disgusting. It was beyond disgusting. The bastard was out of control. For months he’d been raping his mother and filming the acts, storing them on the house computer. He doubted Kevin knew it was connected to the cloud that his laptop also had access to, as he didn’t seem the type to boldly share something like this. No, he was a coward, taking advantage of a woman who was not well.

He was furious. He trusted Kevin with his mother’s wellbeing. And this is how he abuses that trust? Steven watched countless of videos of Kevin fucking his mother, each more degrading than the last, some of them ending with Mrs. Brooks seemingly enjoying the act of her violation. But if Kevin’s actions angered him so, why couldn’t he stop watching the footage? And why did they leave him with the most throbbing erection of his life?


“Hey, Steve. How was Beijing?” Kevin asked.

“Fine,” Steven muttered uninterested. “I’ll be headed back in a week or so.”

“Hi, Steven,” said Margo, who had been sitting in the living room before the TV.

“Hey mom. Feeling better?” he asked.

Margo giggled, her face red with a blush. “I do, actually. I feel great.”

I wonder why? Steven thought sarcastically. He had a pretty good idea what may have caused his mother’s good mood. The endorphins raging through her system combined with the loss of memory from her earlier molestation would have her body feeling like a million bucks. It took all the strength he could muster not to beat Kevin within an inch of his life.

“Well, I’ll be going now,” Kevin said. “Bye, Mrs. Brooks. See you in a week. Bye Steve.”

“Bye Kevin,” Margo replied.

Steven gave no reply, other than a nod. Kevin didn’t think much of it, and left with a spring in his step. Steven resigned to the living room, plopping down onto the couch next to his mother.

“So, how have things been here?” Steven asked. “Anything new happen?”

“What do you mean?” Margo asked.

Steven shrugged. “I don’t know. Anything you want to share? Anything important?” he said, discreetly trying to fish for information.

Margo chuckled, looked bakımlı gaziantep escort sad for a second, then confused. “I’m sorry honey. Even if I could…my memory…it’s so foggy. I’d tell you anything if I could remember.”

Steven patted her on the shoulder. “It’s all right, mom. Don’t worry about it.”

He stood up and sighed. Why? Why couldn’t she remember something so vile happening to her. Why?


Steven couldn’t sleep. It was almost three in the morning, and he was still wide awake. The thoughts of those videos that Kevin took haunted him. Footage of his mother Margo, being used like a piece of fuckmeat to satisfy his every whim. And that she couldn’t remember any of it? There was no way he’d sleep tonight.

He sat up in his bed. Was she gone? Was his mother truly gone? While the woman was still alive, and she still had memories of her past, in her current state, there was nowhere for her to go. Her life had officially been given a cut-off date. That was it. Done. Finito. And he would have to care for her for the rest of his life.

He couldn’t let her stay around Kevin any longer. Someone else needed to be her caretaker now. But what would stop them from doing the same? A home? No, he couldn’t do that. Not to her. Not after at that has happened.

He was tired. Exhausted from the responsibility of work and tired of worrying about his mother’s wellbeing. And to think he felt he could trust Kevin with her. Stupid! He could kill that motherfucker. He then grinned when he realized that term had never been more apropos.

Steven got out of bed. He needed to clear his head, as he felt like bouncing off the walls in his room. He stumbled into the hallway, planning to head downstairs, when he spotted his mom’s room door. It was slightly ajar, just enough to peek in. He couldn’t say why he pressed his hand against the door, or why he pushed it open.

Margo laid there on her bed. Sound asleep, wrapped in her blankets, her body moving slightly with every breath. This bed, the scene of Steven’s mother’s many violations at the hands of Kevin. Only a few days earlier she’d laid there on the back of her head, her legs in the air as Kevin held her in a stronghold, whilst her pounded her asshole with his cock. Steven had never even seen such a position, nor did he imagine Margo enjoyed it very much. And, like always, she’d forgotten all about it. Like it never happened.

Steven sat down on the foot of the bed. He gently pulled the sheets aside, and began to study his mother. She wore a teddy that was very revealing, the outline of her nipples clearly visible. She wasn’t remotely his type of woman, and not once had he thought of her in a sexual way. But then again, did Kevin? He didn’t seem like the type to go for MILFS. But he didn’t seem like the rapist type either. What was it, then? The allure of power? To do anything without danger of exposure. To use something without fear of reprimand?

Fuck it, Steven though. As if pushed by some automated force, he began to undo his clothes. In a manner of seconds, Steven stood there, buck naked, brandishing the most rigid hard-on of his life. He crawled onto the bed and crawled up next to his mother. For a while, he just held her close, listening to her soft breathing. He tried to see if there was anything of his mother left in this woman. But something gave him a chill in his heart. Something was missing. And with that, he cried, finally mourning the mother he lost. With tears in his eyes, he pushed her legs apart and moved on top of her, pulling her panties aside to reveal her hairy pussy.

Margo stirred, still half-asleep and confused by who was moving her around. “Steven? What–?”

Swiftly, Steven placed his hand on his mother’s mouth. She moaned, her eyes wide with shock. Before she could register his intent, Steven already lined his rock-stiff cock up with her mount, and pushed it into her pussy.

“Shut up,” Steven hissed, as he slid inside his own mother’s vagina. He kept his hand pressed down on her as he increased his pace. He felt wetness touching the skin of his hand, realizing it were her tears. Undeterred, Steven continued his violation. He felt nothing. No remorse. No pity. His mother was gone. All she was now was something to find release with.

Margo could believe what was happening to her. The words ‘why’ kept repeating though her mind, as her son slammed his cock inside her. But in time, she felt pleasure from it. The roughness. The wild abandon. There was something familiar to it. Something beyond arousing. She felt herself get wetter, while her son’s cock went deeper and deeper into her cunt. Her own orgasm approached at breakneck speed, and she was tempted to plead for him not to stop.

It didn’t last more than a few minutes. Steven angrily thrusted inside his mother, while Margo’s muffle moans and protests fell on deaf ears. Steven felt his orgasm built up, as his mother clenched her toes when her body gave way. Together, they loudly finished, gasping and groaning as they came. Steven felt his cum fill up his mother’s cunt. Margo twitched, her body shaking from the force of her orgasm, her drenched pussy leaking onto the sheets.

Steven pulled out from his mother and moved to the edge of the bed. His aggression and lust subsided, he began to feel remorse for his action. Margo rolled over and curled up into a fetal position, her son’s cum still leaking from her pussy past her ass cheeks. They sat like that for a good fifteen minutes. Steven tried to think of something to say. But there were no words. And just as he was about to get up and leave, Margo spoke up.

“Steven? What are you doing here? And…what is inside me?”

Steven turned around. His mother cupped her hand and tried to scoop his cum out of her. Yes, she began to put two and two together. But the fact that the worst possible thing he could have done didn’t even register with her drove him mad. Like a switch that was flicked, Steven leaped onto the bed and threw his mother down. She shrieked as her grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her legs apart, revealing her cum-soaked pussy to him. His hard-on returned instantly, as he began to ravage his mother once more.

So it went on the whole night. Steven would rape his mother’s body, ejaculate in or on her, while she would orgasm loudly like a randy whore, and moments later she would forget the whole thing had ever happened. Steven continued on and on, hoping that maybe once, just once, she’d remember. Even if it was a horrible memory, please let her remember something. But nothing stuck. Margo was as shocked and horrified each time, and each time she began to enjoy her violation and came with bayan escort like a roaring thunder. Her sheets were stained by her vaginal juices and Steven’s cum.

The sun began to rise, as Steven panted like a dog. He was exhausted from his repeated violations. Margo rose from the bed, her hair a mess and clumped together from the copious amount of cum that stuck to it. Once again, she looked at her son with confusion and ignorance, oblivious to her degradation.

“Steven?” she asked. “What’s going on?”

It went all red before Steven’s eyes. A final straw snapped. Again, he heaved himself onto his mother, this time pushing her ass into the air and lining his cock up with her sphincter. With an enraged roar, her sodomized his mom, while his remaining cum began to squirt out from her pussy. But this time, as if controlled by an outside force, her took his hands and grasped onto Margo’s throat.

Her terror was indescribable. Without an inkling of why, her own son not only raped her asshole, but also squeezed her throat shut. Margo couldn’t breathe. The sensation was terrifying, yet highly arousing. While her tongue drooped from her mouth, releasing copious amounts of spittle, her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Everything became a haze, save for the rock had cock that plunged its way into her asshole.

“Give her back!” Steven snarled, as he squeezed his hands around Margo’s throat even tighter.

Wrapped up in his rage, Steven was about to do the unthinkable when suddenly, he noticed a small drop of water hit his mother’s face. Tears streamed from his eyes, when to his shock, Margo touched his face with her hand. A gleam in her eye shocked Steven to his core, as he believed that, just for a moment, he recognized the mother he’d lost.

Her heartbeat as she clenched her asshole on her son’s cock, the pressure of which caused Steven to shoot another load of his cum straight into her bowels. She was about to pass out from lack of oxygen, when Steven released her. Margo violently coughed, gasping for air. Steven gave her the space to recover, gently stroking the back of her neck. Then, he suddenly took her into his arms.

“I’m so sorry,” he cried. “I’m so sorry. I…I just wanted you back. I’m so sorry.”

“Steven…why–,” Margo began, before changing her mind. “I never went anywhere. I’m right here. But…what is going on?”

“Can you hold me,” Steven pleaded. “Just for a little while? Just hold me?”

And that she did. Mother and son were locked in a sweet embrace. Steven sobbed bitter tears, while Margo soon forgot all about her son’s attack. She wondered why they were naked, and why her throat and anus hurt so much. They were locked together, as the beams of the new day’s sun hit their cum stained bodies.


Kevin would be over in about fifteen minutes. Plenty of time to finish, Steven thought, as he pounded away inside his mother’s mouth. His mom’s sobs came through the slapping sound of his balls hitting her chin, her humiliation building up his orgasm even quicker than before.

“Fuck,” he groaned, as he pulled his cock out from her mouth.

A rope of cum shot out from his cock, hitting Margo straight in the eye. Another two shots followed, coating her face with sticky white semen. Margo wanted to wipe it from her face, but she was too slow. Steven had more to release, and it was exactly why he chose the shower as the setting for his morning violation.

“Drink this,” he groaned, as a stream of yellow piss expelled from his penis.

“Aaah! You dirty…how could you?” Margo shrieked, as piss stung her eyes and leaked into her mouth.

It was about a minute before Steven finally finished. He then turned on the shower, rinsed his defiled mother, then left her to her own devices. He got dressed and then headed downstairs, awaiting his ‘guest’.

The doorbell rang. Steven ran up and opened the door and met the smiling face of his ‘friend’, Kevin.

“Hey, Bro. What’s up?”

Steven gently closed the door, then, without a second though, swung his foot into Kevin’s crotch. His friend wailed from the pain and dropped to the floor, grasping himself.

“That’s for raping my mom and filming it, asshole,” Steven said.

He then walked to the kitchen and grabbed himself a glass of orange juice, whilst Kevin recuperated. It was about fifteen minutes later when Kevin finally found the strength to speak again.

“Steve, please, you gotta–,”

“There’s no need to explain. What’s done is done,” Steven sighed. “But I’ll still need someone to watch my mother when I’m too busy.”

Kevin said nothing, stunned by the implication. “Really? After…after all I–?”

“Oh, I’m not finished. You might be tempted to continue your ‘game’, but if you ever do anything out of line again like piss in my mom’s throat, I will see to it the cops will have a field day with you. That you can be sure of.”

Kevin gulped nervously.

“But whenever I am home, I–,” he began, when he suddenly thought of something else. “Here, let me show you what you’ll be doing.”

Steven turned to the staircase and shouted up. “Hey mom, could you come down here?”

They waited for a moment for Margo to arrive. She strolled into the living room wearing a flowery summer dress that left very little of her bosom to the imagination.

“Hey boys,” she said in a chipper tune. “What’s new?”

Steven walked up behind his mother and grasped her arms. He suddenly buries his face into her neck, while Kevin watched aghast.

“Honey? What are–?” Margo began, when her son suddenly pulled her breasts out from her dress. She shrieked, but Steven already put his hand over her mouth.

Kevin watched in shock as his friend dragged his own mother onto the couch, heaved her dress up to reveal her nether regions, then roughly removed her panties. Margo gasped in horror as her son spread her legs to present her pussy to the young man before her.

“This is how we do this,” Steven said. “You will ask for my permission, and if it’s reasonable, then you can do it. But no more secret shit, understood?”

“Dude,” Kevin gasped.


Kevin nodded.

“Good. Now then, pick a hole and get to it.”

“What?” Margo shrieked in shock.

“A–ass?” Kevin suggested.

“Go ahead,” Steven said.

Within seconds, Kevin dropped his pants and revealed his rigid hard-on. He ignored how sore he felt from the kick, and moved toward the couch stroking himself. Steven spread his mother’s leg and pushed her ass upward, giving his friend the best angle to sodomize the milf in his arms.

“Please, no! Please! I beg–,” Margo protested, to no avail.

Then, without any effort, Kevin pushed his cock up Margo’s ass. She gasped, as a jolt of delight shot through her body. For a moment, Margo felt like this was all eerily familiar. And for the first time in quite a while, she let it happen without a fight, enjoying the sensation of being fucked in the ass.

So began the next chapter in their lives.

To be continued…

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