The Night Before

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The mall was uncustomarily busy today and walk in traffic at my gift shoppe was unusually heavy that I smiled as I tallied the daily sales on the cash registers receipt in my computer. Yes, today was good but the day’s work was taking a toll on my feet and my lower extremities that I slowly stroked my upper and lower thighs to ease the aching dullness. I closed up shop soon after and walked to the parking garage wishing for a warm bath to end a good day.

Upon reaching my home I noticed it all dark and thought my son John must still be out. Hmmmmm

I wondered where he could be at this time of the night. I closed the garage door and got inside the house feeling exhausted and weary and wanting that bath which I direly needed.

Goodness gracious what I would do to have some wild sex tonight just so I can fall asleep immediately. As I proceeded to my room, I thought sleep was always easy when I was completely exhausted and nothing else could exhaust me so pleasurably and so thoroughly as having an orgasm.

Ever since John had started living with me after having that serious argument with his Dad in Houston, my sex life was dampened. I couldn’t for the life of me flaunt my indecent need in front of my dear son who had grown up to be a truly magnificent young boy. He was doing weights in their school gym and had developed into quite an attractive young man. Mmmmmmmm I wonder if he already has a girlfriend.

I took off all my clothes and underwear and slowly proceeded to the bathroom. I started running the bath canlı bahis and soon as it was done I slowly slipped into the warm waters enjoying the warmth enveloping my aching body. After I was done I got up and wiped myself dry. Sitting on the dresser I started putting some Olay lotion on my arms, my thighs and my breasts. After picking up a huge oversized t-shirt and putting it on, I sneaked into my bed and laid down.

The soft feel of the covers of my bed upon my smooth skin and the looseness of my shirt upon my body made me feel sensuous and excited as I began to feel my breasts under the shirt, feeling my nipples growing harder as I gently rubbed them. Yes…the hair on my skin stood on end as I ran both my hands on my upper body feeling the need to come in the slowly growing moisture between my warm thighs. I slowly brought my right hand down between my thighs and felt the moisture gush forth as my finger found the pearl of my pussy.

Ohhhh yessss…I hissed as I raised my hips up and down to grind myself on the increasing pressure of my finger while my left hand began to rub my breasts more urgently. I heard a moan escape from my lips as my head fell to my left side. My shirt had gone up to my neck now and my whole nakedness was open to the urgency of my need to touch my breasts and my pearl, my body now slowly quivering with every thrust of my finger between my thighs and the sound of small animal like sounds emanating from my throat.

As I slowly opened my eyes I caught my breath on my throat as I saw my son John looking bahis siteleri at me while I was shaking and quivering almost at the point of release…I gasped as I saw his right hand slowly stroking himself and that’s when I realized my son was jerking off while watching me…me…his Mom…and as I looked straight into his eyes, I went over the edge and came so much…calling out his name as I did…

“Oh John…”

My hips started to spasm as my finger pushed itself roughly in and out of my pussy and my whole body began to quiver wildly as another orgasm started….as I called out my sons name again…

“Oh John…”

He came rushing inside my room and knelt between my outstretched thighs looking down on me as I removed my right hand from myself uncovering my naked pussy to his gaze. I took hold of his rock hard penis and slowly rubbed it up and down the lips of my pussy at the same time whispering his name repeatedly.

“John…John…oh John…”

Then I felt him gently push himself inside me hesitantly at first as I slowly said to him…

“Yes…yes John…yes…that’s it…its alright Baby…its okay…yes…more…some more..” until I felt him enter my body completely.

We looked at each other, my breath rapid and irregular, our bodies joined, the weight of his heavy body pushing on top of me… then I slowly started to move my hips up and down…and as I closed my eyes, my face falling to the side, I felt him start to move…in and out…until we were moving in unison…strong urgent bahis şirketleri thrusts and my body responding by meeting his every thrust… the animal sound of my voice now a monotone as I felt my orgasm start from deep within my cervix rushing out into the open as I screamed out his name as I came again and again.

John didn’t stop his pleasurable assault on my body as he continued to move in and out of my pussy driving his penis relentlessly, his voice unintelligible, his breathing forced and his grunting, animal like, and listening to all this and the intense pleasure between my thighs, which have gone around his back drawing him tighter to me as he moved…I came again…drawing my body tighter to his and screaming…

“John…don’t stop…more…faster…deeper…

harder…yes…oh yes Baby…John…yessssss”

I sensed him give a final push inside me and felt his hot scalding seed enter my body giving me yet another orgasm as he shouted…

“Mom…I’m coming…”

“Yes Baby…come inside me…yes…oh my god yes….” I breathlessly replied as he continued to move in and out of my pussy…until he fell heavily on top of me with a long sigh as I gripped him tightly and likewise fell heavily on my bed.

We stayed joined as we laid like that. I felt totally exhausted and drained…and soon closed my eyes to the bliss of sleep while he still laid on top of me.

After a long while, I felt this movement between my thighs again and opened my eyes and saw him staring intently at me….his penis moving in and out of me again with a gentleness I was enjoying immensely…as I closed my eyes and surrendered and got lost to the pleasure my son, my baby, my new lover was giving me.

That was three years ago…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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