The Night Club

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Saturday night is always my favorite night to go to the club. I enjoy the ambiance, the music, the lights, the crowds. Still it’s all of the usual people. But wait…tonight is different. “Wow”, i say as i see you standing by the bar watching the crowds dancing.

A nice rhythmic song, with a latin beat comes on. I feel the music as my hips start to sway and I step in time with the song. I decide to glide towards you. As I lock eyes with you, I grab your hand, and pull you over to the dance floor.

You are so very awkward, as you try and step in time, but are unsure what to do. I turn away from you and start to push my ass into your groin as I lean forward. I push my ass nice and firmly into you as I circle my hips around. You are holding onto my hips and moving from side to side so i feel your cock buldging from inside your pants.

I stand up and take your hand and pull you to a booth. You are the perfect subject for my luscious thoughts…an awkward man on güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the dance floor, and unsure what to do.

You are sitting on the booth seat, eyes locked on me, observing my body as my hips keep circling. I turn around, lean over, sticking my ass in your face, as I move up and down. You try and put your hands on me and I move away. Then I turn around and come towards you as I barely inch my dress up my thigh a little. I look down at my dress being lifted and then I look at you with a direct intense stare. I slightly gape my mouth open as I slowly lick the bottom of my top lip.

I start to breathe a little hard, as my chest is close to your face. My breasts are so full and puffing out of my dress, so close to being uncovered. I see your mouth starting to water. You try and reach your hands out to touch but I move away so you cannot touch. I turn around again and bend over as I’m dancing and ass in the air again. My dress güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri is short enough to where you are starting to see the line where my ass starts. I drop low and look back at you as my hair is flowing to the side. I give you such an intense stare and I can see your mouth is watering even more and your breathing has gotten deeper as I keep staring directly into your eyes as i turn towards you. I come slowly towards you as I sit on your lap facing you.

One of my hands is behind you gripping the booth behind your back. My other hand is running down my body as I am moving my hips on you slowly. I grind a little into your cock, as my dress only covers my upper thighs, getting close to my panty line. I am wearing a g string, so all you can feel between your pants, on your hard cock, is my barely there g string, barely covering my wet, dripping pussy. The grinding has caused my panties to slightly get lodged in between my pussy güvenilir bahis şirketleri lips, so my lips are slightly sticking out. I grind a little more, then I lift up. I lean back as my one arm is still gripping the back of the booth and my other hand is gliding down my side. I am moving my lower half nice and rhythmically over your body.

I move my body down as I barely grind into your cock. I slightly brush at first. I hear you gasp. I take my free hand and trace my fingers starting at your neck. I slowly move them down your chest…slowly walking my fingers down. I lean into you and whisper slightly into your ear, “Grind” as my body starts to slowly grind into your hard pulsating cock. I start very slow. “Intense”, I whisper in your ear as I slowly and deeply grind into your cock harder, while my fingers are slightly grazing your cheek on your face.

I start to breathe heavy into your ears as i grind harder into your cock. I move to your other ear as I start to moan as I go deeper, grinding harder. I reach my free hand against your swollen cock. I feel your pants have slightly gotten wet, either from my wetness getting on your pants from grinding my pussy into you. Or perhaps you have slightly started to drip precum. Or perhaps still, it’s a mixture of our juices…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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