The Novelist Pt. 02

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Author’s note: This story contains themes of incest, BDSM and Dominant-submissive relationships. If these themes offend you, please stop reading now!

Please read this story from part one to understand the story progression. This can’t be read as a stand-alone story.

All characters are fictional. Any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental.

I encourage all readers to comment and vote. There is no better way to hone your writing skills than feedback—good or bad.


Tom opened his eyes well before the alarm sounded. He stretched his limbs and yawned, and then clasped his hands behind his head and stared up at the ceiling thoughtfully. He felt surprisingly at ease with himself this morning. Perhaps his actions yesterday had been wicked, but he noted that they were also deeply satisfying. It had been a strange day, an emotional day, but it had resolved itself in such a bizarre and appropriate way.

Tom never had an oedipal complex growing up. He hadn’t been one of those boys who jerked off into his mother’s panties when he was home alone. Yesterday, though, he had seen his mother in a different light. He thought maybe it had been her overwhelming need to submit herself to him. Tom had a weakness for submissive women, and apparently his weakness had no restrictions even when it involved familial ties. He felt like he should be bothered by this revelation, but despite his soul searching he could only see her as a woman with needs. He noted that feeling deep inside him that craved to fulfill those needs; the same way he needed to satisfy any of the other women he’d trained.

The previous day had ended in a rather relaxing evening. They had ordered food, rented a movie, and sat naked and close on the sofa in the living room. Tom appreciated the connection between Alexis and his mother. They seemed so comfortable together and he found the dynamic to be beautiful albeit unusual. He had sent them to bed together. He had kissed them each goodnight. Alexis had wrapped Marie’s naked body in her arms and spooned her as they both drifted into slumber.

After thirty minutes of his own introspection, Tom finally climbed out of bed to begin his morning routine. His cock twitched with need and his balls felt heavy as they hung low between his legs. He brushed his teeth, washed his face and then headed downstairs in just his pajama pants. He had already decided that today was not going to be a day for working. He had decisions to make regarding his mother.

Tom sat out on the patio with a cup of coffee and plucked at his universal remote. He had turned off the ringer on his phone a few days ago while he was working, and he had amassed quite a few unchecked messages. He had everything in his home connected to this device. It was the size of tablet computer, and basically anything electronic was routed wirelessly to it through his own secure server. The system itself had cost him. Tom had only a select few passions in life, but he indulged them to the point of excess and obsession.


Marie stirred in her bed. Her eyes opened slowly, and it took her a moment to remember where she was. The first thing she noticed was the stunning blonde woman sleeping naked next to her. Everything came flooding back to her at once — the affair, her trip to Los Angeles, the strange events when she arrived, this house, and her strong and dominant son. Oh god, she thought, was it real? Did it really happen? She knew the answer. It was evident in her nakedness and the nakedness of the woman next to her. Her heart was pounding in her chest.

She slipped quietly from the bed and freshened herself up in the bathroom. She felt nervous again as if she weren’t sure what fate had in store for her. She brushed out her hair and applied just the slightest bit of makeup. She wanted to look good for her son. It seemed strange to her how important it suddenly felt to please him. She slipped on a robe and crept softly toward the door.

“Where are you going, Marie.” Alexis said groggily.

“I’m sorry, Alexis. I didn’t mean to wake you.” She replied in low voice. “I was going to go downstairs.”

“What time is it?”

“It’s 6:45am.” She said. “I’m still on east coast time.”

“He’ll be up.” She said propping herself up on her elbows. “Geez, I’m usually up by now. I slept well with you. You’re not going to wear that are you?”

“Yeah, I thought this would be okay.”

She looked down at the short robe contemplating the outline of her figure. She thought it looked sexy, but something about the way Alexis had questioned her made her second guess herself.

“No.” Alexis replied flatly. “You won’t wear anything when you go downstairs.”


Alexis patted the bed next to her. “Come here and sit for a second.” She said.

Marie made her way back to the bed and sat down.

“Sir,” Alexis stated, “Has not given you permission to wear clothing in the house. He told you yesterday that you were to be naked, that he liked seeing you this way.”

“You gaziantep escort mean all the time? I just thought…”

“Don’t think.” Alexis replied reassuringly. “You’ll do as you’re instructed. That’s how this works, Marie. You don’t want to mess up. Sir can have a very bad temper for disobedience. This isn’t like yesterday. There are consequences for not following instructions. Yesterday he went easy on you, but today you’ll be training. It’s going to be really hard. It was the hardest and most amazing experience of my life. So start off right, okay? Wear nothing until you’re told. Go downstairs, kneel, say good morning to him, and wait for instructions. Sometimes he has none and sometimes they are endless.”

“I… um… is it like this every morning?” She asked tentatively. “He just has women serve him?”

“Not every morning, Marie. Every day. All day. If it pleases him.”

“My god,” she said. “What happened to my little boy? I can’t imagine any man having that kind of life. How many women are there?”

“A lot. You’ll be special though. It’s like how he treats me differently than the others. He sees us differently. He’ll treat you that way too, I think. But even I get whipped. Not like yesterday, either. He knows how to make his point with a crop or a whip. It’s painful but worth it.” She stopped for a moment and thought before continuing. “You need to stop thinking of him as your little boy, Marie. It’s Sir, not Tom. Always remember that. Now go. I’ll be down in a minute.”

Marie stood up and let her robe slip to the floor before heading downstairs. She made her way from the landing toward the kitchen quietly trying to find her son. Her breasts swayed, and she felt both liberated and objectified by her nakedness. It thrilled her in a very naughty way. She saw him sitting just outside the open French doors. She took a deep breath and walked bravely in his direction. Marie stopped just in front of his chair, and then knelt down in front of him.

“Good morning, Sir.” She said confidently.

Tom eyed his mother briefly. He was busy tapping away at the remote in his hands. He had only glanced at her for a moment, and Marie felt deflated as if he was blowing her off. Why wasn’t he acknowledging her, she wondered. She wanted to stand and run away. How could he not respond? It had taken so much courage to kneel and address him. She had thought about it all morning. She’d been worried that he’d feel differently this morning about what had happened yesterday. She hoped he’d smile and be proud of her.

Tom had heard the first few voice messages already, but there were still more to get through. He stopped briefly and glanced back at his mother. “Shhh.” He said. “I don’t want you to say anything else. Not a word.” He stood and looked at her picking up his nylon crop. He often kept a crop nearby particularly if he was expecting to train someone. He circled her once.

Thwack. He struck her quickly on the top of her ass. “Keep your ass resting on your heels.” Thwack on her stomach. “Stomach in.” Marie was shocked by the sudden assault and nervously pulled her stomach taut. Thwack. “Back straight, Marie. I don’t want to see you slouching.” Thwack on her breasts. This elicited a yelp. “Chest out!” He barked.

“I’m sorry, Sir…”

Thwack. This one struck her painfully hard across her the top of her ass cheeks. The thin crop was much more painful than the leather strap he’d used last night. The sting was sharper and more acute.

“That’s because I told you to shut your mouth. Not a word means not a word. Pay attention when I tell you something. Now, when you kneel it’s out of respect. So when you kneel I expect your posture to be perfect and respectful. This is how you should kneel. Ass on heels, back straight, stomach pulled in, chest out, hands on knees.”

He circled her one more time taking in her improved posture. He seemed more pleased. Marie kept her eyes down, not because she was told to, but because she actually felt submissive being barked at and examined in such clinical way. Tom pushed his thumbs into the elastic waistband of his pajama pants and dropped them.

He sat back down with his erection displayed prominently in front of him. “That’s better.” He said. “Now. Bring me your mouth.”

Marie couldn’t have felt any smaller in that moment. Although, the second he uttered those words, the same words that had turned her on so much when she heard them yesterday, she immediately leaned forward and enveloped his cock between her lips. Tom on the other hand showed no sign of gratitude or satisfaction at her action. He merely went back to what he was doing. Marie felt like a whore the way she wantonly devoured her son who seemed to care less. She couldn’t help but need to please him though. She couldn’t help but acknowledge the way her pussy moistened for his impressive cock.

Alexis quietly knelt next to Tom. She watched as Marie pleasured him, and admired how she handled him. It seemed reverent. She gaziantep escort bayan knew that Sir was enjoying this more than he allowed Marie to know. She understood that he was teaching her a lesson. Her own training had been difficult and emotional. It wasn’t until she had seen him train other women that she understood the meaning behind many of the more difficult experiences she had endured.

Alexis knew that this was different though. Marie hadn’t come to him to be trained. She hadn’t sought him out like the others. She didn’t understand submission, and although some of it came naturally to her, she had trouble reconciling the emotions, which were compounded by her current marital collapse and that fact that her Dominant was also her son.

“She’s very thorough, Sir.” Alexis stated. “She learns very quickly.”

She hoped that her words would garner some praise for Marie.

Tom looked up and watched Marie swallow his rigid shaft. She could already take it much deeper than she had last night. He smiled.

“Yes. I believe she’ll progress quickly. She has a very talented tongue.”

The words were still a bit disconnected, but they were enough to make Marie smile inwardly and redouble her efforts.

Tom played the next message. He sat back and locked eyes with his mother while he listened, finally openly admiring her performance.

“Tom, it’s Jim. I haven’t heard from you in a week or so. I just wanted to check in on your progress. I’m excited to see whatever you’re willing to show me. Are you going to let me read the partial manuscript or wait until you’re finished? Let me know as soon as possible. We should get dinner sometime soon.”

“Sir, it’s Jennifer. I really need to see you today. I’ve been a very bad girl. Sir, it would mean so much to me if you would do me the honor of whipping me.”

Marie tried not to interrupt her sucking, but she couldn’t help the small gasp that escaped her lips as she listened to the voice coming through his device. Her son’s life was still so unbelievable to her. That woman sounded so needy. It wasn’t dissimilar from how she felt now. She wondered what it was that made these women want him. She wondered what it was that made her want him. Maybe it didn’t matter at all. She was here between his legs, naked and obedient, pleasuring him. It felt right to her.

“Tom, it’s Frank. I wanted to discuss bonuses in your latest contract. I think we can get an additional hundred grand out of those publishing assholes. It’s worth a talk. You enjoy making money as much as I like billing you for my hours. Call me.”

Tom reached down and pulled his mother to her feet and bent her over the wrought iron table. Her ass was still lightly bruised from the strap yesterday with the addition of a very angry, thin welt from the crop this morning. He touched the new mark and listened to her whimper. It looked painful. His cock was already moistened with her saliva. He rubbed it up her slit and then slid it in terribly slowly.

Marie couldn’t believe the sensations. It was nothing like last night when he had pounded into her unceremoniously. He was going slowly and she could feel him stretching her pussy in the most intense way. The feeling of fullness was driving her wild. She wondered how he managed to make her feel so many new sensations. It seemed like she had missed out on so much in her life; as if she had never discovered how she was meant to be touched.

He sawed into her so very slowly. Her nipples pressed against the iron grating. His hand pressed her head against the table. Her orgasm was coming. It was building incrementally. It was like nothing she’d ever felt before the way her limbs began to tingle as the sensations shot from deep inside her slit and smoldered every inch of her. She was flushed now. The heat was overwhelming her. She let him press her into to the table and use her. Her breathing was heavy and husky as she surrendered to the sensations.

The messages continued to play. Marie wished he’d just turn this thing off. She was in the midst of one of the most intense awakenings of her life, and he was multitasking. It was demeaning in a way. She couldn’t understand how he was able to satisfy her so easily that he didn’t even need to be fully present. Yet the ease with which he pleasured her was part of her excitement. It wasn’t like blowing her husband’s dick and climbing on top of it desperately trying to cum once before he shot off inside her. None of this seemed tedious. It was anything but.

“Sir… I’m pulling the plug out now… oh god… I’ve been so sore all night… it’s stretching my ass, Sir… Is that… what… you… wanted me… to feel. Oh shit… I’m cumming, Sir… Thank you, Sir.”

Tom smiled as he listened to labored voice on the message. He thought it sounded like a chorus with Marie’s labored groans. Two women lost in lust. For Marie, it was indescribably hot. This was the woman from yesterday, the bruised woman that could pour cum from her escort gaziantep pussy. The image of that woman staring at her while she came nearly pushed Marie over the edge of her climax. Her body had begun the light tremors as she reached her peak. She wished he would just go faster and make it happen. He was torturing her this way.

“Tom, it’s your Aunt Jane! I need to talk to your mother. Her phone is off. We connected briefly last night. You little shit! She told me what a successful writer you are, and that you’re living in some amazing place. I think you and I have plenty to catch up on too. Anyway, it’s important. It’s regarding the divorce proceedings. Have her call me right away.”

Alexis gasped openly as she heard the message play. “No! Marie!” She didn’t shout it out. It was a painful, quiet whisper. Marie’s eyes connected with hers. Marie could see the panic in the blonde woman who had quietly sat and watched her son defile her.

Tom rammed his cock into her hard and fast. “Goddamnit!” He shouted as he jammed into her cervix. He grasped her jaw and twisted her head to the side so she could look at him out of the corner of her eyes. “Did you…” He slammed into her again. “… tell her…” He punctuated with another hard thrust “… about my writing?” He pounded her hard once again.

She had contracted so tightly on his cock that he had to push much harder to sink his length. He knew what this meant. He squeezed her jaw harder forcing her to hold his gaze.

“Don’t you dare cum! Answer me. Did you tell her about my writing and my lifestyle?” He slammed into her again.

Marie’s head was twisted painfully to the side. She heard the words he was speaking to her. She saw a look in his eyes that she had never seen before — anger. It occurred to her that she had made another terrible mistake. It wasn’t intentional. She was proud of him and wanted to share his success with her sister. She never thought that he’d be upset. In that moment though she realized how private he’d been, and how careful Alexis had been yesterday when speaking about him. Yes, she thought as he pounded into her, she had made a mistake.

Unfortunately, the final assault on her pussy had been too much. She had been teetering on the edge, but the sensations were too much. She tried to maintain eye contact, but she was slipping into darkness. Her eyes were rolling back into her head. She was moaning unintelligibly.

He slammed into her again. “Don’t cum! Tell me if you told her.”

And Marie was lost. She was overcome by a powerful orgasm.


She began shaking violently with little control of her own movements. Tom stepped back pulling himself out of her. Without his weight behind her, Marie’s legs gave out and she began sliding to the floor. Her hands struggled to grip the table with little success. She fell to the patio with a heavy thud still twitching.

Alexis immediately moved to help her. She had come down hard, and she wanted to hold her for a moment while she struggled. Alexis leaned forward and soon felt the sharp, excruciating pain of the nylon crop connect across her breasts.

“Don’t even think about it.” Tom stated forcefully.

Alexis sat back on her heels and held her position as a few tears managed to escape down her cheeks.

Tom stared at his mom with anger. She was so very lost and overwhelmed. She tried to do what she was told, but her body betrayed her. She rolled onto her side and attempted to climb to her hands and knees.

“I… I… sorry… Sir.” She could hardly form the words. She raised her ass in the air but one of her legs gave out again, and she slipped to the ground. Tom watched as she struggled to regain the position. Finally, she managed the pose with her ass lifted high. “This… g-girl will t-take her… punishment n…now… Sir.” It was the only thing she could think to do. It was what Alexis had done yesterday when she begged forgiveness. She would do anything for him to forgive her.

Tom contemplated both women. Alexis was stoic. She wasn’t unfamiliar with his temper, nor with the sting of his crop. There was a difference in the way he struck someone when they had made a mistake and when they had actually angered him. The latter was a harsh correction. Marie on the other hand was very unfamiliar with this side of her son. It seemed cold and calculated and foreign to her. Yet the climax she just had was breathtakingly powerful. He took the most amazing sensations she had ever experienced and made her feel guilty about them. It was awfully confusing. It made her want more, yet somehow he made her feel indebted to him. She needed to make it up to him.

Tom picked up his crop and his remote, and turned around, without as much as a word, leaving the two women alone.


It was still very early as Tom strolled into the guest house. The remnants of Jen’s puddle had now dried on the hardwood floor. He glanced around at what this room had become. It was filled with instruments of submission. It had transformed slowly over the last few years. On occasion, he’d buy something new. If he was training someone in particular he often thought up creative needs for new furniture much of which he built himself. The one thing that remained uniform about this place was that only a select few knew its true purpose. Tom needed his privacy. Tom needed control.

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