The Nurses New Interns

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“Kiss her!” Dave urged softly, enthusiastically. “Oh fuck, yeah! Kiss her, Baby!”

Obeying Dave’s lusty exhortation, I mashed my lipstick covered lips to Amy’s, and slid my spearing tongue deep inside the petite blonde’s sweet, hot mouth.

“Damn!” I heard Rick exclaim loudly. “That’s so fucking hot. It’s almost like seeing sisters making out or something.”

Dave and Rick were gaping with hot arousal as Amy and I passionately kissed each other. They weren’t the only ones watching. Jasper’s, a popular after-work gathering place in suburban Maryland, was packed with the usual rowdy late-afternoon/early-evening Friday crowd. Amy and I had come to Jasper’s right after our shift ended at Malcolm Grow hospital to drink a few beers and bitch about all of the dumb Air Force rules and regulations we had to put up with at the base hospital. Of course, we both loved our jobs and the Air Force, but if you aren’t complaining about something you might as well be dead.

We’d changed out of our scrubs, showered, and then changed into our nursing whites so that we’d look a little more respectable out in public. The fact that men were also more likely to sit with us and buy us drinks when we were in our whites, never entered our minds. The standard uniform consisted of white jumpers with zippered tops and skirts that were supposed to fall about mid thigh. Of course, both of us flouted the strict Air Force rules a bit, and wore our skirts a good three inches shorter than regulations allowed. We were both wearing the prescribed white hosiery (thigh-highs for both of us) and sensible, inch-high, white wedged-heels.

Anyway, we’d already been in Jasper’s for about an hour, sharing a pitcher of beer, when Dave and Rick showed up.

Dave, an intern who worked in Pediatrics with Amy and I, was new to the hospital, having just transferred in from a base in San Antonio. Rick had been at Malcolm Grow for about four months and had been Dave’s best friend back in Texas. Recognizing us from the hospital, the two doctors asked to join us in our booth and Amy and I quickly agreed. Both men were in their late twenties, tall, and relatively handsome. Dave was married, like me, but Rick was separated and available; it was obvious he had his sights on Amy.

The men ordered two more pitchers of beer and joined us in complaining about our leadership, work environment, and the medical field in general. After several glasses of beer, though, the talk turned more personal and a bit risqué when Dave asked what we thought about Tim, another of the doctors we worked with. Amy, already pretty drunk from all the beer she had drank, opined that Tim was a fine doctor and a nice guy, but a lousy fuck.

Dave almost choked on a mouthful of Sam Adams, and after swallowing with great difficulty, asked Amy what made Tim such a “lousy fuck.”

Without an ounce of embarrassment, my thoroughly tipsy friend replied. “He’s just too tentative. He doesn’t know how to take charge. I mean, sure, sometimes I like it slow and sweet, but other times I just want it fast and hard and rough. Tim has only one speed–slow; except when cumming. He does that pretty fast.

I laughed loudly at Amy’s description of Tim and nodded my head knowingly. I too, had had too much beer to drink and, before I knew it, I was adding to Amy’s appraisal of Tim’s lack of sexual prowess. “Yeah, she’s right about that. The first time I let Tim fuck me he came right after getting into me. He said that it was only because he was so excited about finally screwing me. He only lasted about a minute the second time we got together, though; so, you can bet there’s not going to be a third time.”

I could tell that Rick and Dave were getting heated up from Amy’s and my drunken patter and I turned the heat up just a tad more. “What do you think Amy? Think these two are minute men like Tim? Or do you think they’d give us good, long, hard fuckings?

Greedily guzzling half glass of beer before answering, Amy slurred wickedly, “They’d probably cum like teenagers the first time, but I’m willing to bet we could get ’em hard again pretty quick, and then they’d probably pound our poor little pussies into mush; they look pretty potent to me.”

Not sure what to say, and definitely not wanting to change the topic, Dave cautiously, slowly inquired, “Is that so? You don’t think we’d last too long the first time, huh? You two think you’re that hot? Sounds like a challenge to me.”

“You like challenges?” I cooed to Dave. “Would you like to see how long you lasted in my tight pussy before you blasted it full of cum? I can guarantee you that I could tease you enough that you would not last ten strokes before cumming in me; trust me, I know what I’m doing.

Amy giggled sweetly, “Yeah if we wanted, we’d tease you like crazy so that you’d probably cum all over our pussies before you even got in us. If we wanted, that is.”

Amy’s use of the word “if “seemed to dampen the men’s spirits just a bit and their smiles flagged slightly. Doggedly, bursa anal yapan escort however, Rick challenged back. “So you two are just a couple of cock teasers, huh? Like to tease the guys, get them all hard, and then run on home to hubby to get taken care of, right?”

Rising to the bait, I quickly responded. “Well Amy’s not married and, as for me, if I make a cock hard – even if it’s not hubby’s – I like making it soft, then hard again, and then soft again for as long as a guy can handle the cycle.”

“Damn, you two talk a good game,’ Rick chuckled as he hastily refilled our empty glasses. “It seems like you really are as much fun as I’ve heard.”

“Oh, really?” Amy quickly queried. “What exactly have you heard about us?”

Not wanting to offend us by appearing to trade in gossip, Rick tried to back off. “N-n-nothing much; you know,” he stammered. “I mean, just some of the guys say that you like to have fun and get a little wild sometime. You know, that you like to flirt with and tease the guy some, that’s all.”

Laughing at his discomfort, I quickly put Rick at ease. “That’s very true. We do like to flirt and tease. Nothing wrong with that, is there? What else have the other guys told you?”

Rick and Dave looked at each other, deciding how best to answer. Obviously, they wanted the sexual banter to continue, but they weren’t sure how far they could push things before Amy and I might take offense.

Fortunately for them, Amy decided to come to their rescue. “They tell you what a whore Kathy is for big thick cocks? They tell you how much she loves steaming up car windows in the parking lot during mid shifts? They tell you she sneaks guys over to her house when her hubby’s away and lets them fuck her ass all night long?”

With a look of pretend shock on my face, I retorted “Oh yeah? Well have they told you how Amy begs to be fucked hard and fast? How she likes to talk like a little girl while some guy is screwing her little bald cunt? They tell you that if you can’t find Amy on a mid, then she’s probably in one of the supply closets sucking off some doc?”

Enjoying the game, Amy squealed in laughter, “You bitch! The last time we worked a mid together, it was you who ended up in a supply closet. Mark fucked your pussy so hard; you whined about it the rest of the shift! Remember?”

Mouths wide open in happy surprise; the two doctors looked back and forth at me and Amy as we chided each other. They didn’t know if we were serious or not, but I knew they were desperately hoping that our naughty talk was the promise of greater things to come.

“Ladies! Ladies!” Dave interjected with a wide grin. “Let’s not get mad here. And let’s keep it down some – you almost gave some old dude at the bar a heart attack with that last comment, Amy!”

“Sorry!” Amy chirped with a drunken, sheepish smile. “I guess we got carried away a tiny bit.”

Turning to look at me, she hopefully suggested; “Maybe we should kiss and make up?”

Fully aware of Amy’s intent, I quickly concurred and slid my own blonde head over to hers.

As the two doctors, and several others, watched, I moaned soulfully into Amy’s wet mouth as she began gently sucking on my slippery tongue. In a slow rhythm, I languidly fucked my pink tongue in and out of Amy’s sweet mouth as she sighed softly in delight.

I felt Amy’s arms encircle me and she pulled me tight and kissed me with greater urgency and passion. For long moments, our tongues danced gloriously around each other’s hot mouths as we moaned quietly. I felt my tingly pussy oozing hot cunt cream as I made out with my best friend in front of several men who watched in unabashed arousal. Unconsciously, I begin to squirm with obvious fuck-lust imagining the thoughts racing through the minds of the men watching Amy and me.

“Yessss,” hissed Dave in understandable approval. “Slip her your tongue. Oh yeah, kiss her baby!”

Since Amy and I were already urgently exploring each other’s mouths with our nimble tongues, it was easy to accommodate Dave’s request, and we panted softly as our tongues twirled and coiled together. My hands were out of sight under the table top, and knowing my actions could not be seen by anyone, I slowly pushed Amy’s uniform skirt high up on her smooth, firm thighs while simultaneously breaking our long passionate kiss.

Amy pouted as I pulled away, and whimpering hotly, she panted tenderly, “More…more. Don’t stop, Honey. I wanna kiss some more.”

Ignoring my cute little friend’s plea for more kissing, I turned to face Rick and Dave with a smirk on my flushed face. “That better guys? Rather see us be nice to each other?” As I spoke, my right hand crept under Amy’s white skirt and gently rubbed against her moist panties.

Laughing, Dave responded for both men. “Hell yeah! That was fucking hot! Just how nice can you two be to each other?” he added with a leer.

My arm was at a somewhat awkward angle. My palm faced Amy bursa eskort as I pulled aside the elfin blonde’s damp panties and gently rubbed a finger against her smooth, bald, cunt-slit before responding, “Oh we can be very nice to each other, can’t we Amy?”

“Oh yeah,” Amy cooed in response, spreading her slender legs as far as her pulled-up skirt would allow. “We can be very nice and affectionate to each other, haven’t you heard?”

The huge grins on the men’s faces confirmed they had indeed heard stories about how friendly Amy and I were with each other, and with our other best friend, Beth. I also knew they were dying to learn more.

The two doctors were still unaware of my under-the-table shenanigans as Amy and I continued to flirt with them as if nothing was going on. Sliding my slender index finger into Amy’s gooey little cunt, I felt her shiver and squirm as her pussyhole welcomed my probing finger into its sticky warmth.

“Just how affectionate are you with each other?” Rick prodded. “You can tell us; we won’t tell anyone.”

“Yes, you will.” Amy responded with a snort, the beer making her slur her words even more, “You’ll tell all the other guys at work about how you fucked us and all the nasty things you made us do to each other. Guys always talk. We’re used to that.”

As she talked, Amy pumped her tight pussy against my hand, causing my finger to slither even further into her hot tightness. She gasped softly as I began to pump my finger slowly in and out of her while looking straight ahead at Rick and Dave.

Amy’s words finally seemed to soak into the two men’s beer-addled brains. “How we fucked you?” Dave asked, not quite yet daring to believe that sex was really on the table that evening.”

“You are gonna fuck us, right?” I asked with fake panic in my voice. You are gonna take us home and fuck the shit out of us, aren’t you? You’re not just gonna leave us here with hot, wet pussies, are you?”

Suddenly, the room seemed to close in as the two doctors became earnestly serious. They didn’t respond for a few seconds, and, during that time, Amy’s soft moans became faintly audible as I increased the pace of my backhanded finger-fucking of her oozing pussy-hole.

“Are you being serious?” Dave asked disbeliveingly. “Are you two just cock-teasing or are you being serious?”

Instead of replying directly, I answered the horny doctor’s question in another way. “Shush, you two. Hear that? Hear Amy moaning. Wanna know what’s making her moan?”

Amy moaned louder for the men’s benefit and closed her eyes as her clingy cunt sucked my probing finger in deeper and deeper into her hot little fuck-pit.

As both men nodded eagerly, I hastened to continue. “It’s because I’m fucking her tight little cunt with my finger, I’m finger-fucking her pussy right here in front of you. Tell them, Amy; tell them what I’m doing to you.”

My ordering Amy around was something we both enjoyed. So did the many men who had heretofore witnessed it. Amy and are both small blondes. We’re both about 5’1, 100 pound–though Amy’s a slight bit taller and lighter– and guys say we look enough alike to be sisters. Though we are both 25, we look younger. I, at least, look 21, but Amy looks barley legal and was often mistaken for high-school girl at first glance. Her submissive nature contrasted perfectly with my more dominate demeanor and we discovered rather early in our friendship that we both enjoyed having her sexually submit to me.

Looking at the two men with wide open blue-eyes, Amy panted in her hushed little-girl voice, “She’s fingering it. Kathy’s fingering my pretty lil’cunt.”

Dave and Rick looked stunned. They wanted to believe what we were telling them was true, but they just couldn’t comprehend that two nurses they had known for only a few hours were behaving so crudely in a public setting. Removing my finger from Amy’s steaming hot pussy, I brought it up to my mouth and sucked it clean. Slowly pumping my finger back and forth between my lips, I moaned wantonly for the shell-shocked doctors.

“Tastes, so good,” I purred as I removed my finger from my sucking mouth and guided it back between Amy’s widely-splayed thighs. “Her pussy tastes so sweet!”

Deftly sliding my finger back inside Amy’s creamy cooze, I pumped her bald twat vigorously, feeling her hot cunt-oil soak my finger once more. Removing my finger from her pussy again, I offered it to Dave.

“Wanna taste?” I teased. “Wanna taste how sweet her pussy is?”

Without hesitation, Dave sucked my greasy finger into his mouth and groaned in approval as he tasted Amy’s tangy pussy cream.

“Oh shit!” Huffed Rick, watching in amazement as I slid my finger in and out of Dave’s eagerly sucking mouth. “I can’t fucking believe this. No wonder the guys talk about you all the time!”

Returning my wet finger to Amy’s bubbling pussy-hole, I coated my probing finger with another dose of her gooey cunt-slime and this time offered the bursa escort kızlar moist digit to Rick. “Your turn; it tastes better when you lick it straight from her pussy, but this gives you the idea.”

Several by-standers watched from the nearby bar as Rick accepted my finger into his mouth and sucked on it voraciously. Amy pouted sweetly ay him as he sucked her cunt cream off my slowly pumping finger.

“Do I taste good, Ricky?” She purred softly. “Do you like the way my pussy tastes? I’ll let you lick it if you wanna. Then you can fuck it real hard for me. If Kathy lets you, that is.”

Turning to once again kiss my cute little girlfriend, I assured her, “Don’t worry, Honey. I’m gonna let them both fuck you. I promise, okay?”

I heard the collective groan of the two doctors and about half a dozen male patrons from the bar, as Amy and I kissed passionately, moist lips pressed tightly together tongues battling back and forth. Breaking our kiss, I said just loudly enough for Dave and Rick to hear, “Sorry to bust up the cozy atmosphere, but we’re gonna have to get going. If Amy and I don’t get out of here now, we’re gonna leave little puddles all over the seats. Plus Amy’s squirming pretty good over here; I gotta take her home and fuck her brains out.”

Seeing the crestfallen looks on the men’s faces, I hastened to add, “You’re welcome to join us if you want. Just follow me to my house.”

The four of us got up from the table, Amy quickly pushing her skirt down to cover her soaked panties, and started to leave Jasper’s. As we passed the bar, I heard one of the men who had been avidly watching Amy and I kiss, say to Rick, “I sure wish I was going where you’re going.”

Briefly, I thought about inviting him along, but quickly thought better of it: Rick and Dave probably didn’t want a crowd the first time they fucked me and Amy. That could wait for another occasion.

The drive to my house from Jasper’s took less than ten minutes. I fingered Amy’s hot little hole on the drive home and she purred and mewled in delight as I leisurely stuffed her little slit with two of my slim fingers. Dave followed us closely and, upon arriving at the house, pulled behind me in the long semi-circular drive that graced the front of my home.

As we walked to the door, Dave hesitating asked. “I don’t wanna sound nervous or anything, but what about…”

Before he could complete his question, I interjected, “He’s gone – deployed – won’t be back for another two months at least. Where does your wife think you are?”

The two doctors visibly relaxed and Dave replied that is wife was visiting her family in Canton, Ohio. Eagerly the men followed me and Amy into the huge two story foyer at the front of my house.

“Go get “Buster,” Amy” I instructed my fellow nurse once we got inside. “We’re gonna show the boys what little sluts we can be for guys we like.”

Amy hurried up the stairs to the master bedroom and the men followed me into the family room.

“Buster?” Dave asked. “What or who the hell is Buster?”

“You’ll see.” I chuckled as the two doctors stood around a bit nervously, not quite sure what they were supposed to do next. “Have a seat and all will be reveled!”

Just as the guys found seats on one of the family room couches, Amy returned with a big thick black strap-on dildo. “Gentlemen,” I proclaimed solemnly, “This is our good friend Buster. He’s very, very good to us.”

As Dave and Rick watched with wide eyes, Amy and I stood in the center of the room and embraced. Kissing eagerly, we quickly undressed each other until we were both standing in bras, thongs, and thigh highs. Two sharp intakes of breath from the men on the couch signaled to me that they both liked what they saw. Amy was wearing a lacey, yellow bra and matching thong. Her thigh highs, of course, like mine were snow white as prescribed by Air Force regulation. My half bra and thong were dark blue (our uniform material isn’t very transparent) and contrasted nicely with my blonde hair and smooth tanned skin.

Breathing rapidly, I pulled Amy to the carpeted floor with me and quickly lay on top of her. Kissing her ardently, I unsnapped her front-opening bra and told her, and the avidly watching doctors, exactly what I was going to do to her.

I’m gonna lick you pretty little pussy, Baby,” I said pulling my lips from hers. “I’m gonna make you cum all over my face. Then I’m gonna put buster on and fuck your silly little brains out! You ready to be my little slut?”

Amy nodded sweetly as I slid my hand down between her parted thighs. Pushing aside the gusset of her wet thong, I easily slid a finger deep up her creamy cunt.

“Ohhhhh!” sighed Amy, contentedly.

Without warning, I punched my finger vigorously in and out of Amy’s sticky pussy-slit.

“Uffffff!” huffed Amy, loudly.

Adding a second finger, I spread Amy’s cunt-tunnel wider as I sucked the nipple of one of her firm cupcake-sized titties into my hot mouth.

“Whaaaaaaaah!” whimpered Amy, nosily.

Pushing a third finger into Amy’s tiny pussy-tube, I lightly bit down on her rock-hard nipple.

“Yaaaaaaaahhh!” whined Amy, ecstatically.

With Amy’s spiking nipple firmly between my teeth I began to torment her in the way we both loved. “Tell me what you want Amy? Tell me what you want, you little cunt!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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