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The After Party 🏳️‍🌈 Casey”s Pride Parade, a story by Josh Terrence


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter 16 — Fuckday Friday – Satisfying Casey”s Curiosity… and his Ass 🏳️‍🌈

“What time will Dan be here?” I asked mom as we lay side by side in her bed.

Mom ran her fingers through my damp hair and said, “Probably around 10 or 11.”

With that, I gave her a distressed frown and whined, “Can”t he get here sooner?”

“It”s that bad, huh?” mom asked, and I nodded through a whimper while my hungry rear end burned with need. I heard her let out a worried sigh and felt guilty, but I still rolled onto my side and nuzzled my head into her shoulder.

I was fresh out of the shower and nude from head to toe, having discarded the warm towel mom brought me to dry off with after she tossed my shitty underwear in the trash. After I dried off, mom told me to lay on her bed so she could inspect my distended asshole for damage. When she saw there was no bleeding, she applied some ointment and told me to let it rest.

“Sorry about earlier,” I told her. “I didn”t mean to crap my pants like that.”

“It”s okay, hun,” she said, caressing my naked rump. “That was a really big dick, wasn”t it?”

I nodded with a big grin as I thought about the cock that fucked me into anal ecstasy, then plunged my asshole so deep that it coaxed a massive dump out of me that I couldn”t contain.

“Did you see how big it was when he took it out?” I asked her, and she nodded while she caressed my cheek. “I could feel it in my guts.”

“I wasn”t trying to spy on you, Casey,” she said a little remorsefully. “I went to close the blinds and saw him sliding that monster up your ass. I got a little worried, but then I saw how much your were enjoying it and felt so proud of you.”

“Thanks mama,” I sighed, feeling my naked little dick tingle. “I got off so hard while he was fucking me.”

“I”m glad you liked it, son,” she said. “Is that the biggest dick you”ve ever had up your ass?”

I nodded with a dreamy sigh while she kissed me on the side of the head, then I told her, “I asked him to start seeing me all the time.”

“Oh yeah?” she said with a warm tone. I beamed from ear to ear as I soaked in her approval, prompting her to say, “Then you”ll need to start using the douche I bought for you so you don”t shit yourself everyday.”

“I promise, mom,” I said obediently. “I got off again while I was sucking it.”

“Did you suck it when he took it out?” she asked me with a warm inflection in her voice, tracing her finger along the length of my tiny boner.

I nodded my answer while my grinning face glowed with the strong heat of anal satiation. With a dreamy inflection in my voice, I told her, “I got back on his dick and started deep throating it. It was so dirty, plus it tasted and smelled so strong. My asshole started burning and squeezing because the clit in my throat was getting so much cock. And that”s when I shit my pants.”

“But you didn”t stop sucking that dick after that happened, did you son?” mom surmised, tracing her fingertip along the seam of my hairless little nutsack while I shook my head no.

“I stayed on it,” I cooed. “It was my favorite blowjob I”ve ever given.”

“Did you swallow a nice load?” she asked. When I nodded through sparkling eyes, she caressed my cheek and said, “Good for you, baby.”


“Yes Casey?”

“Did dad ever fuck you in the ass so deep that you shit yourself?” I asked, feeling my body brimming with desire at the thought of my dad”s dick sliding into me.

“A few times here and there,” she told me, brushing my damp bangs out of my forehead. “But if I did a good enough clean out before, it didn”t happen.”

“Do you think he”d be grossed out if he fucked me and I pooped on his dick?” I asked shyly.

“I don”t think so, son,” she said, stroking my face. “Daddy knows what can happen when you”re doing anal.”

I gave her a warm smile while she looked thoughtfully at me and formulated her next question.

“I guess we haven”t talked about daddy”s cock, have we?” she said, and I shook my head no. “But it”s still on your mind, isn”t it?”

I nodded.

“I want to come out to him,” I said with a hint of longing in my voice. “I miss him a lot.”

“I know you do, sugar,” mom said with a sympathetic smile. “I talked to him yesterday. He misses you so much and can”t wait to get back into town so he can see his little prince.”

This brought a smile to my face.

“Does he know I want denizli escort to come out to him?” I asked, and mom gave me a wink.

“I told him you have something you want to talk about with him, but I didn”t tell him what it was,” she explained. “I want to let you tell him yourself. Unless you ask me to tell him.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Do you think I”m a pervert for dreaming about his dick?”

“No hun,” she assured me. “You”ve been enjoying different dicks, and it”s perfectly natural to want to know about one as big as daddy”s.”

“I wish I knew what it felt like in my ass,” I lamented. “I wish I could suck it, too.”

“Daddy”s got a juicy cock, son,” mom revealed. “It”s a nice, snug fit in the ass and a nice treat in the mouth.”

“I wish he was coming over to service me today,” I admitted while my naked body burned. “When I come out to him, do you think he”d want to fuck me?”

“If he knew that”s what you wanted, he might,” mom said, and I felt my hyper aroused asshole shiver hard. “But he loves his little prince and wouldn”t do anything to hurt you.”

“Oh,” I said, feeling a little deflated because I wanted it more than anything.

Picking up on my pensive mood, mom gave me a warm smile and said, “Hey, you want to see something special?”

“What is it, mom?” I asked as she sat up and went into her nightstand.

She produced a large box that landed with a near thud when she set it on the surface, then she opened it and pulled the biggest, most realistic dildo out that I”d ever seen in my life. I immediately sat up and folded my legs, trapping the intense heat from my asshole between my thighs while my little boner stood at attention.

The thing looked like it was the size of a foot long ruler, and it was so thick that I would have needed two hands to grip it. At its thick base were a set of balls so big but so realistic that my head whirled with lust.

I blinked when I saw her pull it out, then she presented it to me and said, “This is the most special gift that daddy ever gave me, aside from you.”

I smiled warmly and said, “Did he give it to you because that”s how big his dick is?”

“You”re close, sweetie,” mom said, then she laid the massive package in my lap and went back into the box. She pulled out a folded piece of paper and said, “Daddy had this made for me when we were married because his job takes him out of town so much.”

With that, she handed me the paper and I unfolded it. It was a love letter from him to her that brought a smile to my face. But as I read further down, I felt a wave of desire overwhelm me as the realization hit me; I was holding an exact replica of my dad”s manhood. Custom made, molded from the real thing.

I bit my lower lip and looked up at mom, then back down at the huge schlong in my lap and my boy pussy pulsed wildly. Mom looked like she was glowing as she caressed my face and said, “Give it a kiss, baby.”

I handed her the note, then I picked the hefty package up and looked at it with fiery eyes. I pressed my lips up to the unforgiving shaft and ran them along the length with a soft moan. I caressed it with my cheek, shutting my eyes tight as the sensations gripped my little body. Finally, I planted a hard kiss on the glans, then on the tip while my head swam with decadent pleasure.

That”s when mom”s affectionate voice poured into my ears. “Lay down and relax so you can get acquainted with it, sweetie.”

“Yes, mommy,” I whimpered, then I laid back and opened my legs so I could start the intimate journey of getting to know what my dad”s dick feels like.

With a mesmerized smile, I placed the flared glans up to my dripping lips with a moan. I batted my eyes at mom, then I slipped my mouth over the end and felt my lips stretch to their limit. With a horny whine, I sucked lustily on the end, slowly but surely working more and more length into my mouth, then into my throat. And before I knew it, my lips were distended around the base and I was fighting my gag reflex while I bobbed my head along the length, taking it down my throat over and over while my head swam with delirious pleasure.

My boy pussy was on fire the entire time, and my tiny wiener was shivering as it stood at full mast between my legs. Mom was rubbing my heaving tummy and my spread eagle legs while I luxuriated in the jumbo sized dildo, knowing that I was closer than ever at knowing how it would feel to be with my dad. I could feel waves of heat pouring out of my crevice, flowing along my taint and around my small package, then fluttering along the “v” shape of my thighs before it dissipated.

Finally, I could wait no more. I diverted my gaze up at mom, who was holding her phone and taking pics with a proud smile on her face. When I saw her expression, I smiled up at her and she gushed, then she reached out and caressed my stuffed cheek.

“What”s on your mind, son?” she asked me.

I pulled the dildo out of my throat and kissed the tip, then I said, “I need it in my ass.”

“Do you think you can take it?” she asked curiously. When I nodded, she smiled proudly again, then she said, “Your pussy”s so hungry, isn”t it?”

I nodded again, then I picked my feet up so I could line the end of the dildo dikimevi escort up to my urgently horny hole. As soon as the tip touched the lips of my hungry boy pussy, my anus expanded and my hungry asshole swallowed the pleasure stick with a swift crackle. Just like in the backyard, I could feel the length and thickness spread the lining of my boy pussy open as it slid up my ass. The glans punched through my inner sphincter, catching a pocket of pleasure receptors that lined the deepest corners of my asshole and making me moan with pleasure while my anal glands expressed themselves.

“Such a horny boy,” mom gushed as she smiled lovingly at me.

She set her phone down and reached for my hands, petting them with her fingers before tapping them so I”d let go. I watched her grip the base, right where the perfectly molded balls met my crevice, and she leaned down and kissed me on the nose.

“How”s it feel, honey?” she asked.

“So good,” I whispered, my voice shaky.

“Pull your legs back, son,” she instructed me. “Do it just like you would for one of your studs.”

I nodded obediently, then I gripped my shins and pulled my legs back so that my knees were touching my shoulders. I felt the dildo shift inside me and moaned softly, earning me another warm smile from mom. I smiled back at her, noting that she was glowing like a lightbulb as she watched me enjoy having dad”s likeness inside me.

“I”m so proud of my little horndog,” she cooed, then she started to slowly slide the dildo back and forth.

I felt the thick shaft and the massive glans pulling back as she tugged on the end, withdrawing about half of the length, then she reversed course and it spread me back open until it was buried up my ass. Once again, the head punched right through my second sphincter and sent a chaotic wave of pleasure signals through my body. Then she did it again, and again and again. Before I knew it, she was running the dildo fluidly along the depths of my boy pussy while I moaned helplessly from the pillow.

And just like that, I was in the grip of sheer ecstasy.

Mom seemed to know exactly how to handle the dildo as she worked it back and forth in my ass. My body was in a state of absolute rapture as sweat poured from my hair and beaded on my skin. The inflection of my moans vacillated between boyish and feminine while my body cascaded the heights of orgasmic pleasure. My anus was spasming wildly while my little dick throbbed in time with its rhythmic contractions while waves of frisson ushered in a deep, carnal fog that clouded my vision.

Out of nowhere, my legs shook with the force of a seismic catastrophe, causing my knees to meet violently while my right hand lost its grip on my ankle. At the same time, I let out a long, feverish moan that was derived from the depths of my 14 year old body. It came from my prostate, and from my groin, and from my sphincter and from my tummy. It came out like a howl from the wind, or the moaning of a ghost, carrying through the house like a siren song while my body was consumed by the flames of anal ecstasy. Flames that burned hotter than I”d ever experienced. Flames that spread more rapidly than I could have ever imagined. Flames that ripped through my 61 inch frame and left nothing in their wake but a smoldering ash that served as my afterglow.

At the peak of my climax, my sphincter forced the dildo from its clutches with the squelch of a loud fart, right into mom”s hands. Acting fast, she took it the rest of the way out, then gently peeled my fingers away from my left ankle so I could let my legs fall to the bed. When they did, she laid beside me and gathered me in her arms so I could try to calm down. I picked up the dark, forbidden aroma of my bowel right by my face and drew it in with my nostrils while my body roared with the aftershock of my anal orgasm.

When I felt the tip of the warm dildo at my lips, I sighed dreamily and slipped my mouth over the end. As I sucked inch by delicious inch into my mouth and down my throat, I knew I was enjoying the aftermath of yet another deep dicking.

“Suck it clean, honey,” mom encouraged me, and I obeyed her with a satisfied sigh.

I moaned softly as I took it all the way to the base, then sealed my lips tight while the naughty flavor and aroma swept me off my feet. With my lips forming a nice, tight seal around the base, mom gently pulled the dildo out, allowing me to scrape every inch of naughty goodness from it and collect it all in my mouth. When the tip came out, I opened wide and showed off my decadent mouthful to mom. She gave me a warm smile, so I sealed my lips and used my tongue to smash, smear and macerate it all before swallowing with an orgasmic moan. I opened up and showed off my empty mouth with a proud smile, then I licked my lips. Mom pressed the dildo back up to my mouth, and with a satisfied moan, I lovingly deep throated it while she held it in place and petted my forehead for me.

“Are you all set for now, baby?” she asked me, and my eyes fluttered as I nodded my answer.

I pulled off with a slurp and said, “Thanks mama. My pussy feels so perfect right now.”

“You swallowed such a nice mouthful, too,” she noted, and I nodded with dikmen escort a glowing smile.

“It was so good,” I hissed while she kissed me on the cheek. “I love you, mama.”

She reached into the box and pulled a large butt plug out, then she eased the end of the dildo back in my mouth. Holding the plug in her hand, she shifted us so that she was spooning me from behind. When I was safe in her arms, she slipped the plug up my distended hole and it immediately gripped it while I sighed. Kissing me on the cheek again, mom told me, “Nurse on the dildo, son. I”ll send daddy a text and try to get him here sooner.”

With that, she held her phone so I could see the screen as she texted dad. My body shivered as I watched her type Casey got his hands on the stallion and hit send. Then she followed up with He wore himself out with it and hit send again.

I watched with anticipation when I saw he was typing a reply. When it came over, I moaned like a bitch in heat.

Tell him I love him and we”ll talk on Tuesday… Don”t let him hurt himself with it

Mom replied with, He took it like a little pro, then she attached the pics she took of me deep throating it with a beaming smile on my face. Then, just to drive the point home, she attached a pride flag emoji while I sighed with contentment. She kissed me on the cheek, then she hit send. 🏳️‍🌈

While I was still reeling from my anal service and the text exchange between mom and dad, mom set her phone down and said, “I want you to take a little nap so you can rest. When you wake up, we”ll take a shower and clean up before Dan gets here.”

I nodded with a contented sigh while my satisfied boy butt squeezed the plug that was lodged inside it. With my body burning, I let my thoughts turn to being out to dad while I nursed on the end of the dildo. I could hear mom typing another message and knew she was still texting with dad, but I wasn”t concerned with what they were saying. In fact, I was so relaxed and at ease that I drifted into a deep, climax induced slumber while my rear end juiced around the butt plug in my ass. ota

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