The Phone Call

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It’s a hot night, in more ways than we knew.

While driving home after work, I call you on my mobile telling you to leave the front door open, shut off all the light and wait for me in bed… naked.

I tell you I’ll should be home in 30-minutes, but before I get there, I want you warmed up wet and ready. So, you open the front door and walk throughout the house shutting the lights off and undressing leaving articles of clothing leading up the steps to out temple of love. The last item you discard are your wet sticky panties which you leave hanging from the bedroom door handle.

You’re thinking, it’s a hot muggy summer evening and you turn on the rotating fan aiming it towards the center of our bed. You stand momentarily before the fan allowing the soft breeze to play upon your nipples and the small patch of hair covering your clitoris.

With your left hand you begin to softly massage your right nipple, squeezing and rolling them, while your left hand spreads wide open your pussy walls exposing your harden clit to the wind. You feel the openness of your nakedness and your sexual freedom.

Your body begins to respond to the anticipation of my arrival. With one leg on the bed you decide and reach over to the night stand and retrieve your favored pink panther, a small clitoris vibrator and your remote control egg.

In bed you close your eyes and spread open your slightly bent legs. Your body begins a low moaning as you slow güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri enjoy inserting your egg. You position it just inside snug up against your g-spot. How you take the small vibrator and very slowly begin running it up and down your inner thighs. You can feel the building of your volcano ready to explode.

The phone rings and I softly tell you I am 15 minutes away, you don’t answer immediately, lost in your own fantasies. I ask you if all is prepared and you just moan. I begin telling you how and where to touch yourself. Rule number one is “don’t touch your pussy”, everything else is game. You begin to sob slowly explaining the small vibrator, but not the egg. I tell you firmly to put it aside and you obediently do.

You begin massaging your breasts and inner thighs while listening to my commanding low voice. You’re moaning slow and low and as your nipples harden even more. I can sense you are becoming ripe. You know my cock well; it has filled your pussy, ass and mouth many times. So much of my cum has lived deep within your body… so much.

You reach down to your hips and rotate them off the bed. You want so badly to touch your sweet spot, but you dare not from fear of what I am capable of doing. You love sex, you need sex, but once, at a small private party we attend monthly, you commanded me not to allow any man to cum in any of your holes. I tried hard, I mean really tried to obey, but my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri body and mind deceived me. Not one man, but three men came inside me simultaneously, one in my mouth, one up my ass and the other deep inside my wet dark hungry pussy. I came so hard with all three I didn’t care. But, he saw me, with so much hot cum dripping from all three holes. I knew I would pay a hard price for disobeying him. As I watched him being serviced by the three men’s wives who were servicing me, I could read his mind.

My lovers left me now, laying there on the floor covered in their cum, I watched as he came slowly towards me. He takes my hand and lifts me off the pools of cum and takes me to a bedroom where he bonds me face down with my hands to the bed posts and my ankles high lifting my legs so that both my pussy hole and ass hole are exposed.

Then he announces to the four couples that they have two days and nights to do as they please with me, no hold barriers. I heard him tell the other women to don on their strap-on’s and to fuck me as if they were men hard and fast. He ordered the men they could only cum inside me and not their wives over the next two days.

I don’t know how many times I was fucked over those two days, I was later told they called other couples to come over and use me. At the end I was tired and sore from cocks, fingers, dildos and wine bottles.

Listening to my voice, you spread your güvenilir bahis şirketleri legs wider and pull your hips up high trying to catch the tip of my imaginary cock. You’re hot, so hot you burn. You’re lost in your sexual fantasies and my voice that you never hear me pulling into the driveway.

Very quietly I enter the house and walk up the steps, all the time talking with you on my cell phone. I stand at the bedroom door watching your beautiful naked body responding to your own touch. You beg me to allow you to massage your clit, but I softly say no. I drop all my clothes and stand naked in the doorway.

I quietly tell you to spread your legs wider and raise your hips more, you obey me without question. I tell you to spread your pussy lips and wait for a cock to enter you. You are screaming now as your thoughts begin to drift off waiting for cock. You need cock, you crave cock, and you cannot be without a cock rammed up inside you somewhere anywhere as long as it is deep. You need a man’s cum now, mine or any man within reach!

Now I slowly begin creeping up until I am at the foot of the bed watching my beautiful, exciting and erotic woman. You are screaming because I do not answer you. I tell you I am about 5 minutes out, and ask you if you’re ready… you scream louder.

You’re humping the bed so hard you never felt me getting on. I straddle you and slowly lower myself on you until your cunt feels the tips of my cock… you scream and yell please let it be you? I say nothing as you are well aware that a cock is stroking your hot wet cunt. Oh Angelo, let it be you, please be you… I don’t care my love… I need to cum…

Then you scream fuck me now, hoping it is me afraid you might again have to pay the ultimate price…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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