The Pre-Ceremony Gathering

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So about the reason why I went to that village was to attend a function for my childhood friend. I had never met her family, nor been to that village ever before, but she insisted that I be there for her, so I agreed.

So back to story…

I got ready and was leaving the room, I was looking the room, when a staff person who was walking by just grabbed my ass and shook it vigorously. I didn’t react or look at him, just silently accepted my molestation and locked the door. I was walking towards the reception when I walked by two other staff people who gave me a spank on my ass, as I walked by. I humbly walked on.

I was walking towards the exit, when the receptionist called me and said to sign on the register, a futile formality. I sighed and went over there to sign. Naturally, I had to bend over for the signature and so I did, giving him a close-up of my cleavage. I thought he would just look but instead he reached over and pulled my kurti zipper, opening it up by a quarter, revealing a lot of my cleavage now.

I looked into his eyes and he said, you were quite loud, even the neighbors came complaining about a slut screaming, I was just embarrassed and looked down, my face turning red. This did mean that it wasn’t him who had entered my room and thigh fucked me. In that moment, I forgot to close the zip back up and just walked out like that.

The place I was supposed to go to wasnt very far, probably 1.5 km away, so I decided to walk till there. My friend had mentioned some local landmarks that helped me locate the place. It was getting a little dark out there and I was strutting around with the zipper open and exposing the top part of my breasts which were jiggling with every step and a lot of cleavage.

Half way there, some guy just pushed me into an alley, shoved a hundred rupee note in my cleavage and started kissing me. He started rough and was forcing his toungue inside my mouth and roughly holding my waist and my neck, in between he would violently press my boobs as if they were balloons. His squeezing worked and I opened my mouth and let him in. I sensed he had gutka in his mouth and his saliva was entering my mouth. I was about to withdraw but then he found my nipples and started pinching them from over the clothes, which turned me on and I started kissing him back passionately, as if he was my lover from long time. I let him openly feel my boobs and started thrusting my hips to feel his erection on my thighs.

I was enjoying it even though I was feeling some gutka going in my mouth. He opened the zipper even more and put his hands inside my kurti expecting a padded bra inside, but he directly felt the softness of my boobs. He then put his hand inside the tank top and fondled my naked boob, I moaned in response. He started pinching my nipple and started kissing my cleavage. Meanwhile I was enjoying this like a slut that I am. Seeing that I was a whore who would allow anything, he directly held the waistband of my leggings and pulled it down half way. The cold air hitting my naked pussy brought me back to reality that I am on my way to somewhere and being groped in an open alley here like a cheap whore.

After realising this I just pushed him back and pulled my leggings back up. He was in a sense of shock as I suddenly protested his actions. I then adjusted my boobs in the tank top and pulled out the money he had placed there and closed the zip. I handed the money to him and said I am not a whore. I was about to start walking away when he suddenly cupped my pussy from over my leggings. He started rubbing up and down my pussy mound, I just froze not knowing what to do. He asked why am I acting like this when clearly I am a prostitute. I sighed and clarified that I am a guest nearby and not a prostitute.

He exclaimed then why I am walking around showing off my jugs like a prostitute then. I had no response for this as deep down I thought of myself as a whore as I surely act like one all the time. At this point any sense of resistance made it itself scarce and I was ready to obey his every order.

He then took me near a wall and made me lean on the wall which I didn’t oppose. He lifted my kurti and removed my leggings down half way. He said that I am a slut alright since I was not wearing any panties. He was delighted when he saw my pantyless bottom and rubbed a finger through my butt crack. The cold air hit my naked pussy again and then I heard the sound of a zip being opened. Before I could turn around and say anything, I felt the tip of his dick on my ass crack and he pointed it there as if a gun. He then said either I could surrender to him and then he would only fuck my pussy or I could shout and resist him and then he would fuck both, my ass and my pussy and leave me naked there.

He then pressed the tip of his dick at my vaginal opening for a while then he withdrew and then he pressed his dick tip on my anus and then withdrew again. He repeated this while asking me to choose. All this was driving me crazy and pushing me towards a climax. I thought to myself I am bound to be banged gaziantep rus escort so better let him do it atleast he’ll leave my clothes and then leave me alone. So then he again pressed on my vaginal opening and I just nodded yes and then he introduced his tip in my vagina. I gave a loud moan.

He had also managed to scoop my tits out and was squeezing them hard for balance. Hearing the moan he put one hand and on my mouth. He then said I will be punished for making that noise and then he started pressing his finger around my anus and finally introduced one finger in my asshole and I let out a loud noise but he blocked it. He then gave a hard push and introduced his full length inside me and just kept it there which was making me squirm out of control, twirling my legs.

Although I had been fucked a lot, just hours ago, the slut inside me was back for more. I didn’t get a good look at the cock currently exploring my cunt but it felt really good in shape. The thickness and length seemed more than enough to show a slut like me a good time. I turned my heads towards him indicating my wish to kiss him. He followed suite and drove his tongue in my mouth. He used one hand to finger my ass and the other to maul my heaving breasts and pinch my nipples. I stopped in between to remove my leggings out of my legs along with my shoes.

He started a good rhythm and was using his full length to explore the depths of my cunt, while I was on my toes all the time as he kept driving his dick inside me all the way, in slow but intense thrusts. I began cumming minutes after penetration and he did right after me. He started unloading inside my cunt itself. I think it was beyond obvious that he would cum inside my unprotected cunt other than anywhere else. I had accepted my fate and happily welcomed his seed inside me.

He kept shooting ropes inside me for a good few seconds. He kept his cock inside me for a while until it softened and exited on its own, forcing the cum in my pussy to start flowing out. It started dripping down my thighs. I got on my knees without being told and took his soft cock in my mouth and started licking it clean of any leftover cum, as it was my humble duty as a slut. I drove my tongue in and around his foreskin getting a good feel of his dick.

I was long past cleaning his dick but still kept licking and stroking it. The slut inside me had taken over, who wanted to see that cock hard again. And it did begin getting hard again inside my mouth. He held my hair and face and started fucking my face and I was just enjoying that cock like a treat, feeling it with both my hands and my mouth. I then decided he should get to feel my tits as well. So I removed my kurti, he helped as well. I took of my tank top as well. I kept it all on the ground and wrapped my tits around his cock and started giving him a tit-job probably the only time in his life.

This went on for a few minutes and he started shooting ropes again, landing all over my face, this was one of the few times I got a facial, which I enjoyed a lot. I licked whatever amount of cum I could and put his dick back in mouth and started bobbing my head while licking it clean. He was beyond happy and so was I. I was reluctant of letting his dick go and kissing it even after it shrunk down. I kept on sucking it hoping it would get hard again but before I could really work it, he started pushing me away. I lept like a bitch to grab hold of that cock again. He then gave a tight slap across my face, which knocked me backwards.

He was about to walk away, when I asked him for my money. He then just mockingly replied that didn’t I only say I wasn’t a prostitute and walked away. What a jerk! I just knelt on the ground naked and begin looking for any leftover cum to lick. I wore my leggings which was very difficult, with all that sweat. I then looked for my tank top, only to find that he had stepped on it and crumpled it while I was cleaning his dick the second time. I couldn’t wear it but I could not just leave it there, it was expensive. So I thought I would rather fold it and keep it in my leggings on my pussy, it would just work like a panty. I did that.

I went on to wear my kurti back, which was another struggle. Without the tank top, my tits just started bursting out of it, so I had to keep the zip open half way, which showed a lot of cleavage, but then again I was a slut, so it was my true nature. I had to pat down my attire thoroughly, to remove and dust or dirt stuck to it. I strutted towards the house like that, with my tits half out and jiggling with every step.

I soon reached the place, luckily without any further ‘incidents’ on the way. The place was decorated with lights, it was like a small village villa, with a courtyard and terrace and the lot. All strange faces standing near the entrance, welcoming people around 50 people would have attended the gathering, mostly men.

I walked in the gate and a random middle aged person came towards me and hugged me, I hugged him back, I had no idea gaziantep rus escort bayan who that was, he withdrew from the hug and made some small talk with me, while keeping his hand on my waist. I didn’t bother, didn’t want to come off as a bitch. He took his hand off and walked away. I met some more people, exchanged pleasantries, regardless of gender everyone I met, hugged me.

The men held their hand either on my waist or on my lower back or upper back while talking and openly leering at my cleavage all the time. I asked around for my friend asking where is the woman of the hour, I got to know she wasn’t there as she had to go to some other town that night urgently.

I thought of carrying on regardless, it was an interesting place, new crowd, I thought of hanging around for a while. Also as I knew what was waiting back at the hotel for me, I felt safe here. I had dinner and chatted around more, even though I knew no one there. The dinner was also filled with such casual touches.

Men would come by, put some food in my mouth out of hospitality, then put a hand on my waist. One guy came and stuffed some sweets in my mouth and little crumbs of it fell on my cleavage. He noticed that and just started casually rubbing the visible part of my boobs, in order to remove it but it got little deeper in my cleavage, so he inserted two fingers in my cleavage but instead just pushed the crumbs down further between my boobs. He kept his hand there and started saying sorry, I replied its okay, still he wasn’t removing his fingers. He finally removed them when I sternly said its okay again.

Then someone bought a shot of alcohol and shoved it in my mouth, I gulped it down. I had 4-5 shots like that and that resulted a lot of it spilling over my cleavage and making the kurti a little wet there. Dinner progressed through like this, more casual touches, people were becoming bold even to shift their hand from my waist to my ass and just keeping it there.

I didn’t complain as I was having fun. It became a norm, someone would come by and keep their hand on my ass while talking to me. Seeing that I didn’t mind their advances, those touches soon became light grabs and squeezes. I was getting turned on, a few of them would notice me, biting my lip or letting out a light moan as they slowly squeezed my ass. The dinner was nearing its end and some old lady to go upstairs in the room and ask the people there if they wanted anything. I agreed readily and headed up there.

As I reached the room, I saw there were 5 old men ( aged more than 70, but fit) sitting there, in their cots and lounge chairs, engrossed in some discussion. They were smoking , drinking and snacking in between, they had quite a little celebration going there. I simply stood at the door and timidly asked if they wanted anything. Their eyes lit up as they saw me ( well they only saw my tits first, they didn’t even look at my face until after a minute).

I didn’t quite clean my cleavage from the dinner shenanigans, so the visible part of my tits was wet and covered in some crumbs. I involuntarily tried to rub it off right there in front of them, it didn’t make a difference, just gave them a sight they won’t forget soon. That caused me boobs to bounce quite a lot and due to the groping downstairs my nipples were quite hard and visible through my clothes.

They immediately called me in, I went in the room politely , the door was wide open. I was standing in between those old men and they took another couple of brief minutes to just ogle at my body. I asked them again if they needed anything. They asked me to close the door as it was noisy, I went to close the door, they asked me to lock it as it kept on opening on its own. I didn’t think twice and just locked it and went and stood at the centre again.

One of them ordered me to refill their drink, so I went to him and bent to take his glass, giving him a close up of my cleavage, nobody was even looking at my face, just my assets. As if they were talking to my nipples. I then went to the table at the other end, where the bottles were kept. I bent down to make the drink and everyone got to see my ass shape through my tight fitting clothes. They almost gasped.

I filled the glass and gave it to the old guy who asked. I again stood at the center shyly, like a submissive. Then one of them just said, they are very big. I looked up and asked what? He just pointed at my breasts going up and down as I breathed. I gave a light smile. He then asked the size, I didn’t say anything. He asked again a little firmly and told me not to hesitate. I said its 34 DD. They all ogled more as closely as if examining.

Then he said that my kurti is very tight and said my boobs are struggling under that tight zip and I should free them. I didn’t say anything just stood there. Suddenly he held my zip and pulled it down all the way, I even bent towards him a little to provide access. At this point with the zip open all the way only my areolas and nipples were covered, rest escort rus gaziantep all of it was jutting out, they weren’t expecting me to be braless. They all started laughing and cheering. He was about to scoop them out when someone asked me to refill their drink. I went there and bent to take the glass showing him all possible cleavage with zip entirely down.

I went to the table to refill the glass and bent a little. I felt my kurti being lifted from behind and then they started discussing about my ass. They commented how round and tight it looked and how it jutted out. They started speculating if I was wearing any panties and asked one guy to check. He said outloud that he doesn’t see any panty lines, then he slapped my ass and it bounced without resistance, they all cheered seeing that. That guy gave firm squeezes all around my ass multiple times to see if he could feel any panty and he gave his verdict as no.

I had finished pouring the drink but just stayed there like that letting them do whatever they wanted. I then received a series of heavy spanks on each ass cheek. My mouth was open and I gave slight screams of pain and pleasure. He then began pulling my leggings down, he pulled it over my ass and I involuntarily bent even more to arch my back more and thrusted my ass out. He struggled pulling it over my ass and then left them crumpled around mid-thighs. That’s when he found my folded tank top. He pulled it out, I moaned a little as rubbed against my pussy. He opened it up and saw what it was.

He held it up and just commented what a kinky slut I was to keep my top there, instead of covering my breasts with it. They all erupted in laughter. He just flinged the top towards the corner. I then felt a thick finger entering my already wet pussy, it went in without any resistance, he continued for a few strokes and then pushed three fingers inside my pussy which caused me to moan rather loudly, hearing that they all laughed. The fingers withdrew from my pussy and I heard some licking sound, he was licking his fingers with my juices on it. I stayed still like that for few moments then thought of pulling my leggings back up.

He hit my hand as I tried to pull it and said that no need to pull leggings. I nodded and went to return the glass to the man who asked for it. I went and bent towards him to give the glass. Meanwhile someone else from behind inserted two fingers up my pussy and just explored there, the guy in front of me cupped both my boobs and started giving rhythmic squeezes.

The drink in my hand started spilling on his lungi over his crotch. He got angry seeing that and gave me a tight slap on my face and abused me. He ordered me to lick the stain and clean it. I bent down further to lick the stain over his crotch, while the fingers in my pussy were tormenting me. Two fingers would be inserted up my cunt stay there for a while and then withdrawn and then inserted again in a while, this was very stimulating.

I bent and started licking the stain near the crotch, noticing a bulge forming around there, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Meanwhile he kept playing with my tits, one at a time. Heavy squeezing and juggling. He slapped me again and told to suck the wetness from his lungi, I complied. The bulge was getting bigger and started to stand up a little soon. I instinctively wrapped my lips around it over the cloth and started sucking it and licked it in between. The bulge continued growing.

Suddenly someone pulled my by my hair and gave me a slap and told to get some snacks and their medicines from downstairs. I nodded and started to pull my leggings and arrange my kurti, I received another slap saying I have to go as I am, no rearranging of clothes allowed. Saying that he again opened the zip of my kurti and lowered the leggings back where the were. Due to long cut on the side of my kurti, anyone could see the pulled down leggings and my bare skin from my thighs to my way up on my midriff.

I went down in that state, nobody was there, everyone had left. I proceeded to the kitchen and saw a worker there doing some cleanup. I called him and asked for snacks. He saw me and stared in shock. Before I could say anything else, he came up to me and took both my boobs in his hands and started groping them and playing with them. I didn’t know what to do or say. He then started licking my cleavage and his hands went around me and landed on my ass. He stopped sucking and groped my ass a few times to check his suspicion.

He then suddenly lifted my kurti and saw that my leggings were pulled down to my thighs and my wet pussy was visible. He then said that he had been noticing me throughout the evening, how I allowed anyone to touch me and grope anywhere and that he was eagerly waiting for his turn. He wanted to spend a lot of time with me, trying to enjoy my body to the fullest. But I told I don’t have time and need to go back to those old men again. He understood whom I was talking about.

Then without saying anything he started lifting my kurti from me altogether, I instinctively lifted my hands and he removed the kurti from my body and threw it somewhere. He then turned me around and was speechless looking at my big fat milky white ass. He gave a few squeezes on each ass cheek. He then quickly removed his lowers and started slapping his dick on my ass and instantly he aimed his dick on my asshole and tried pushing it in. I was eager to get a good look of that dick.

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