The Professor Ch. 02

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Big Tits

After spending the afternoon working out at a private gym I go to, I showered, shaved, and dressed casually. I chose a comfortable pair of button-down Levi’s, and a soft cotton polo shirt, added a bit of cologne then headed to Candi’s parents house which was an easy twenty minute drive away.

For twenty minutes I had time to recall the events that led up to this invitation to dinner with Candi and her parents. Seeing the van in my office parking lot that appeared to be kidnapping a woman, the chase, the fight, pulling a scared young lady from her captors and seeing the fear and hurt in her eyes, followed by an uneventful night in jail. Dinner with parents should be a piece of cake compared to that I thought, no reason to be nervous, so why was I?

As I turned into the neighborhood I tried to imagine living in one of these beautiful homes. The perfect landscaping and white picket fences seemed too nice to be reality for me. Most of my accommodations over the years had been pretty modest; some even with dirt floors and outdoor toilets. When I pulled up to the address I had been given, it led up a long driveway that wrapped neatly around a water feature, to a nice parking spot under a canopy.

I stepped out of the Hummer, rang the bell and waited just a few moments. The little ankle biter was the first to the door, followed by Candi’s dad, Walter. Walter sent the dog away,introduced himself, and graciously invited me into the grand entry, where I handed a bouquet of bright, spring-like flowers to his smiling wife, Alice. I recognized them both from the picture on Candi’s desk at the office. Walter was taller than I realized, with balding grey hair and a sturdy build, and his wife Alice had the long legs, black hair, black eyes, and a voluptuous chest that she had passed on to her daughter. It was apparent that they both worked at staying in shape, and I have to say it was working well for them.

Introductions were made with Walter and Alice thanking me for accepting their invitation and letting me know how much they appreciated what I had done for their precious daughter. It turns out Candi had been sharing an apartment with another student while going to school and working at my law firm, but since the night of the attack she had pretty much moved back in with her parents, not feeling safe enough to go back out on her own.

Walter let me know that if there was anything in their power they could do to help me out, they wanted me to say so, and they would do what they could; Alice reaffirmed his words with a smile and nodding of her pretty head. They offered a financial reward, which I declined as I had plenty of money, and really didn’t feel right accepting theirs.

We made small talk for a few minutes until Candi came down the grand staircase in bare feet wearing a snug pair of bluejeans, a conservative turquoise blouse with toenails painted to match, and a delicate gold necklace with a matching ankle bracelet. She looked beautiful, even with tears welling up in her eyes, and we embraced. Candi cried in my arms for a few minutes, while her parents slipped away to give us some privacy. This young ladies perfume was intoxicating, and I felt a stirring in my own jeans as her young, perfect breasts molded around my midsection, head on my chest, nearly squeezing the breath out of me. She felt wonderful, and for a moment I thought that I might like to get used to this feeling.

Candi eventually pulled herself together, apologized for being emotional, and thanked me for coming to dinner. She stood on her toes and kissed my cheek, flashed her million dollar smile, then held my hand as she led me into the kitchen where her parents now were, still wiping an occasional tear from her eye.

Alice proved to be a terrific cook, and dinner was amazing. The conversation was easy, and for some reason I felt oddly comfortable and welcome, almost loved by Candi and her parents that I had only met a short time ago. I felt like I belonged here, more than I had anywhere else since leaving the team. The ladies left the table to clear dishes while Walter and I walked out to the back courtyard and continued to make small talk.

Walter eventually İstanbul Escort got a little serious, and asked what it was that I thought I would like to do with myself now that I had quit the law firm. He was genuinely concerned, and suggested since I had worked so hard to become a lawyer, that I should find some way to stay working in the legal field. He mentioned that Candi was nearly done with law school, and only had a few semesters left, but she had taken a break and hadn’t finished the classes she was working on at the time she was attacked. It was too scary for her to go back to school just yet, especially for any night classes that she needed.

Being the wise man he is, Walter suggested that since I had been through some pretty traumatic events over the years, maybe I could spend some time talking with Candi and helping her through the range of emotions she had experienced since that terrible night. He hoped that I might influence her enough to convince her to finish law school.

I joked that the University could hire me as security for the students, and Walter chuckled, saying he was friends with the school Chancellor and could make a call to suggest just that. About that time the ladies came outside talking and giggling, and Alice suggested to Candi that since she hadn’t been out much since the event, maybe the two of us should get out for a walk or a movie, anything to get her out of the house. Candi looked at me with a shy embarrassment at what her mom had said, and I told Alice and Walter I thought that was a great idea, and if they didn’t mind, I’d take Candi out for the evening and jokingly asked what time her curfew was. Walter surprised me with a reply that she was a grown woman, and was free to come and go as she pleased, he knew she was in good hands.

With that I thanked them for the dinner and the pleasant company, offered Candi my arm, and we made our way back through the house where she grabbed a pair of sandals and carried them to the Hummer. I opened the passenger door for her, and chuckled as it took her two tries to get up and into the big truck. “Good thing I’m not wearing one of my skirts from work, huh?!” Candi quipped as she looked over her shoulder, busting me as I was admiring the amazing way she filled out her jeans.

“Oh, I don’t know about that!” I replied, “I have to admit I kind of liked those skirts every now and then.” I quickly stepped around the truck, and with a bit of a pull on the grab handle, slid comfortably into my seat. The truck rumbled to life, and we started to drive. Now, my Hummer is a big truck, and the way Candi nonchalantly slid across the seat and saddled up close to me made me think that this could possibly turn into more than just a friendly drive around town. Again, I was somewhat taken back and surprised at how comfortable and natural it felt to have this young beauty sitting so close that our arms and legs were in constant contact, and her left hand rested comfortably inside my right knee.

“What do you say we stop for ice cream?” I asked.

“What do you say we stop for a drink instead?” she replied. “I could seriously use a shot of tequila for desert” she smirked, flashing that incredible smile my way. There was no way I could say “no” to those pearly whites, especially with that mischievous look smoldering out of those amazing black eyes.

“Tequila? Seriously? I never took you for the hard liquor type” I said in a seriously shocked tone.

“Oh my God! How do you think I put up with all the bullshit in that stuffy fucking office we worked at for so long? Never could have done it without my “Jose!”

“Whoa, what happened to the sweet innocent little intern that I thought I knew?”

“Well, honestly that ‘sweet little intern’ as you call it, was almost as full of pure bullshit as most of the lawsuits you filed.” “You have no idea what an act that was; hell, I should move to Hollywood!” she exclaimed as she squeezed my leg, sliding her hand up and down my thigh, letting it rest much closer to my crotch than it had been before once she was done feeling out the muscle in my leg. “Now how about that drink mister?” “But please don’t tell my daddy!” Anadolu Yakası Escort she said in a little girl voice while raising her eyebrows and putting on a pouty face. I wondered if she could feel the swelling in my jeans.

15 minutes later we pulled into a roadside tavern on the outskirts of town that I was somewhat familiar with, but since I rarely took a drink, I’d only been inside a time or two with a few friends of mine on our way back from fishing. As we walked in, it took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but we found our way to a table off to the side and pulled up our chairs.

An older gal named Peggy showed up to take our order. I couldn’t help but notice the way Peggy had to work at trying to be pretty with the bleach blond hair, too much makeup, and chewing gum to cover the smoke in her breath. Still, she had huge boobs and wasn’t afraid to push them out there for all to enjoy the valley of cleavage she had. In contrast, I sat with a beautiful young lady with natural black hair, eyes I easily got lost in, great natural tits, and perfect skin even with no noticeable makeup. I knew the waitress had to be jealous, and again I found myself liking this girl more and more.

Candi shot her Tequila like a pro, then nursed a long island iced tea as we talked; her hand always on my arm or holding my hand, while I slowly pretended to sip at my beer. The play-fullness she had shown while in the truck slowly turned more serious, and she began getting nervous as more people began to come into the bar. I saw a hint of fear in her eyes when 6 bikers came in and got a little rowdy, looking our way and definitely checking her out. Since this wasn’t setting the mood I wanted, I left some cash on the table to cover the drinks and a tip, and we got up to leave. I took Candi by the hand and made our way towards the door while ignoring the heads that turned to watch those bluejeans walking behind me. One of the bikers looked like he was going to make a move to block my exit, but the “don’t even think of fucking with me” look I gave him apparently caused him to change his mind, and we walked out without incident.

Back in the truck, I told her I knew of a better place, and a few minutes later we were leaving a trail of dust down a winding gravel road with a mixture of woods and fields, until we came to a barely noticeable turnoff onto a bumpy dirt path that led nearly a mile to my favorite hidden fishing spot along a river. I grinned each time we hit a hole or bounced over a rock as her breasts bounced along too. As I finally rolled to a stop, Candi took me by surprise when she turned my way, throwing her right leg over mine straddling my lap and pressed those luscious lips to mine, kissing me deeply and passionately, before coming up for air and saying “Marcus, you saved me again, I feel so safe when I’m with you, thank you, thank you, thank you” with kisses in between each word.

“You had better be careful young lady, if you kiss me like that again you may not be safe at all!”

“Promise?” was her reply, as she whisked her turquoise blouse off over her head, revealing the not-so-conservative black lacy bra that I had briefly seen the night of the attack. This time, the look in her eye was not fear, but desire. The smoldering desire of a beautiful woman.

“I promise.” with that, my cock sprang into action, and I thrust up against her while pulling her head back to mine, kissing her hard. With my right hand tangled in her hair, my left hand immediately went up her side and cupped her generous breast while my thumb slid back and forth over her hardening nipple. Candi’s hands were busy too as she already had managed to unbutton my shirt, and was reaching down for my belt to let loose the monster she had created.

It’s a good thing there is extra room in the Humvee allowing me to lift my ass off the seat as she somehow managed to work my pants and underwear down around my ankles setting my cock free. My little beauty reached up and pulled her long black hair over her shoulder, decorating the front of her body, and tickling my chest. More kisses, then she rolled off of me, back onto the seat Üsküdar Escort by my side. I managed to release the front hook clip of her lacy bra as she was moving away, and her tits were suddenly free from their confines. Despite the snap being released, I still couldn’t get a clear view of her body, with the bra hanging to the sides, still partially covering her boobs, and her long black silky hair adding more camouflage, this was the sexiest thing I could ever remember seeing.

The sun was setting, and the orange and purple colors reflecting off the river and through our windows gave the absolutely perfect ambiance as she slid to her knees on the floor of my Humvee and lay her head on my leg. She paused for a moment as she gently grasped my rock hard tool, inspecting the hardness and softness, tracing her finger along the pulsing vein popping out the length of the shaft, before looking directly into my eyes with that pouty face again and saying in her soft little girl voice, “please don’t tell my daddy!” With that, her pout turned into her wicked million dollar grin and her lips kissed the tip of my cock, slowly spreading apart as they enveloped my shaft. I could distinctly feel the tip of her tongue inserting itself into the hole in the tip of my cock, accompanied by a luscious slurping sound as her head moved up again, and then down, wrapping her tongue around the shaft of my ever growing manhood.

Now with both of my hands fully and firmly grasping the melons before me, my horny little intern was bobbing her head up and down and all around so fast and furious I couldn’t keep track. I finally had to let go of those perfect tits, lay back with my eyes closed, and record in my brain all of the sensations I was feeling; her petite yet strong fingers rolling my balls in one hand, while the other slid up and down my cock, jacking me off in unison with her amazing tongue and luscious lips sucking for all she was worth, not to mention the intoxicating perfume, and the long black hair tickling my belly and legs as it was being swished around by the motion of her head! It dawned on me, this was the first hummer I had received in my new Hummer, and I couldn’t imagine how it could have felt any better! My warning to her of an impending explosion only encouraged her to go deeper and suck harder, and I blew the biggest load of cum I could remember straight down her open throat. Pulse after pulse, it wouldn’t seem to stop until my head started spinning, my ears heard loud buzzing, my head fell back against the window with a thud, and my entire body went limp in the front seat of the truck.

I opened my eyes some moments later to the most incredible sight. Candi was throwing her long hair back over her shoulder, her bra was now hanging from the rear-view mirror, and she was sitting beside me, cradling me in her arms and giving me kisses all around my face, neck and chest. She giggled as she told me she had never had a man pass out on her like that before, and that she would take it as a compliment. She swore I was out for 20-30 seconds, and I guess I have to take her word for it, because I honestly couldn’t remember. All I knew at that moment was that I wanted to spend a lot more time with this amazing creature, and I fully intended to please her as she had me.

I was so relaxed in Candi’s arms, we just held each other under the moonlight for a few more hours, sometimes talking, sometimes kissing, sometimes sitting quietly. Eventually she opened up about the emotions and fears she has had since the night of the attack. I was able to help her see she was reacting normally as any person would, and that most days would get better, some days would still be difficult, but it would get easier, and she just had to live life day by day. I told her that I had learned not to expect anybody else to understand how I felt, because unless they had been through something similar, there was no way they could relate, and I expected it would be similar for her. Finally, it was time to get her presentable again, and return her back to her parents home. I would call her to make plans tomorrow, but for now it was very late, so I walked her to the door and gave her a long gentle kiss good night.

“Thank you for being my Knight in Shining Armor, Marcus” she said as she stood on her tip toes to kiss me one last time, gave my package a gentle squeeze, then turned and swayed her hips into the house as she disappeared up the stairs.

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