The Promotion Party Pt. 04

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The VP’s party had proceeded without incident for two rounds, with all participants getting into some sort of sexual action. But things had taken a turn south with Dawar attempting to rape an unwilling Kulsoom in the third round. Having settled things, with four persons having dropped out of the proceedings forcibly or voluntarily, the VP was finally entering Shabnam’s room.

“You can just turn around and leave, I have no urge to ever do anything with you,” Shabnam sounded and looked peeved at Mr. Shahzad. She had come at him the moment he entered the door.

Given that he had just handled a serious situation of near rape during the last round and had been dealing with the fallout, the message from the partially clad beauty on the bed did not initially register. He stopped in his tracks, however, as she thrust out her palm, giving him a definite ‘do not proceed’ sign.

“All year round, I have happily been your ‘date’ for lunches and dinner,” she complained, “and today you do not show up till all sorts of strange people from the entire department have already used my body in every conceivable manner.”

Of course she failed to mention that his behavior had been totally above board during all those ‘dates’ and he had invited her more for the fact that she was literate and real pleasant company rather than for any overt or even covert plans at seduction. All the same she had solid ground to stand on as he had picked her out as a meal companion more than eighty percent of the time compared to any of the other females in the office. They both knew that he had the hots for her but was being circumspect due to his position, his married status, and the culture they operated within. Tonight, however, there were no restrictions in place.

Her diatribe suddenly began to register on his face and very slowly he brought his hand out from behind him. In his palm was a small, nicely wrapped package. Her first instinct was to reach out for the gift, but instead she decided to play ‘hard-to-get’ for a bit longer.

“Oh now you want to bribe me with trinkets,” she tried to look angry, “why do you not give it to the new girlfriend you have been lovey dovey with all evening, the one with the fancy bracelet, that slut Tanya!”

“Because my dear the etching on it mentions that it is ‘For Shabnam’ and I believe it would be highly inappropriate to give Tanya,” he coolly responded.

Now her interest was piqued and she grabbed the package from his hands, ripped the paper and removed the pendant from the box. She could tell that it was valuable, given that the gemstone in the piece alone was worth at least two months of her salary. As she admired the jewelry, he opened the negligee she was wearing to gain access to her breasts and cunt. In a moment he was on the ground alternatively sucking her tits and licking her pussy. She moaned, held the chain up to her neck to admire in the mirror, then laid it on the nightstand and let her robe drop.

“So you did plan on being with me in the last round?” His grin told her she was right.

“I am seriously going to kill you if you do not take me as your partner to Bangkok or Colombo!” she threatened with a raised clenched fist, and he recalled that he had made the same sort of promise to Tanya also, “and frankly you did not have to set up this big event just to get close to me, you could have just asked nicely anytime and I would have let you get to know me better just like right now!”

He figured that the best thing was to agree with her about the trips and worry about consequences later. After all, he had waited for months to take a shot at her pussy and now had just learned that she had been hot for him all along and would most likely have spread her legs the first time he asked! He pushed her backward and she lay down on the bed, placing her feet on his shoulders as he licked her furiously.


Mr. Shahzad had been unhappy at the turn of events. He had been so looking forward to the last round, whereby he would present Shabnam with a nice gift and they would plan their trip to Bangkok or Colombo. He had ensured that the computer would pair them for round four and had been planning the tryst for some time. Unfortunately, the situation had not turned out quite right by the time round three was done and he felt that things were headed into uncharted territory.

First, he had completely underestimated the tenacity of Tanya and the impact she would have on him, given that she was open to any suggestion and enjoyed the sexual contact. Within hours she had literally won him over. The fact that her husband Naeem also seemed to have reached some understanding with the VP’s wife Maliha had certainly evened the equation.

Secondly, no one expected that a near rape would occur during otherwise consensual sex between adults, but Dawar had crossed a definite boundary. Kulsoom had been reprieved just in time because the female researcher who was watching the action in the various rooms had realized things were amiss and sent two bouncers over ankara escort to stop Dawar in his tracks. They had beaten him black and blue. He was then taken into a side room, where three hulking tribal Pathans were paid to fuck him in the ass for the better part of two hours, the whole episode being preserved on video. By the time the men were done, proceedings had ended and Dawar wished he had opted for death instead of the dishonor that would certainly follow.

Thirdly, with Kulsoom and Dawar out of the pool, the pairings for round four were already messed. Then Yusra Dawar, who had initially not cared about what was going on, asked to withdraw and be taken to her husband. She had to sit for about two hours, missing out on a fuck from one of the guys, while her husband received special treatment from the bouncers and the Pathans. Mr. Shahzad was wondering if he would have to be the odd man, sit out the last round and miss the opportunity to be with Shabnam.

He was, however, approached by Aftab, who was honest about being at an age where he was well spent and unable to continue. Rather Aftab volunteered to go to the room where Kulsoom was sleeping, after being sedated, and keep an eye on her. Mr. Shahzad figured that he would not try anything with the girl while she was unconscious given that had a daughter at a similar age. With two guys and two ladies no longer participating, the rearrangement was relatively easier though Naeem ended up missing his level one partner and had to accept a second from level two.

The groups moved off as before when the bells sounded at 3:25 and 3:30 a.m. for the last round. However, Mr. Shahzad noted that by now most of the men looked close to spent if not already there and the majority of ladies were going through the motions. However, he surmised that Tanya, Shabnam, Maliha, Haniya and even Lalarukh all still looked ready to go on.


Rashid was happy that Haniya was buck naked upon the bed, and set to go into action when he entered her room. His last partner Lalarukh Yusuf had been willing and ready, but somehow she was not very aggressive in her love making. Haniya had the “I am going to eat you up” look in her eyes that told him he would have a good round.

Rashid was undressed and on top of her in no time at all. Although he had paid his dues in each of the earlier rounds, his athletic regimen and stamina ensured he was at high alert when entering Haniya’s pussy. She squealed with pleasure as he drove his point all the way home. The nails digging into his body meant that he would need to use a serious amount of antiseptic in the near future. For the time being, however, he was huffing and puffing with purposeful intent and his mate was screaming with joy. The coupling lasted for a considerable time, given that he was nearly spent after three sessions.

“Oh no, don’t you decide to go to sleep on me now,” Haniya joked, obviously having heard he pulled that sort of stunt on his second partner, Yusra.

“I have no intention of letting you off sweetheart,” he responded, “so get ready to be fucked again!”

As he positioned himself for another entry, she flipped herself over, coming on top. Rashid moaned with pleasure as she slid herself onto his cock, having first put a condom onto it.

“Oh and I thought you wanted to have my baby,” he jested.

“I guess I do,” she shot back in an instant, “but with the number of cocks going into me today I wouldn’t know for sure which son-of-a-bitch my bastard belonged to!”

Rashid knew that Haniya was rather tarty and had the reputation of being the company slut. However, at the moment she was a rather attractive female positioned at the end of his cock and there was no reason to question the bounty he was receiving. He moved a bit and prompted her to raise and lower herself. The alarm had already gone off before he spouted whatever was left into the sheath.


Mahmood knew that all good things must come to an end the moment he saw Aftab’s fifty year old wife Parveen in the room he had just entered. He wondered if he had to perform at full strength for her or could just diddle her with his fingers.

“It’s okay young man, I may not be what you had expected,” she addressed him, “but rest assured I have much experience that can be of use to you.”

With that she lay face down on the bed. She knew that her body was in relatively good shape and her ass the best feature she possessed. And for a Pathan like Mahmood the act of proffering the ass was like the provision of manna from heaven. It did not take long before he was attached in an unnatural position to her backside. True to her word, she bucked and moved like an experienced person.

“Would you like to do it in my ass again,” she asked once he had soiled her backside and removed his cock,” or do you want to try what I can offer from the other side?”

Mahmood could not refuse the request and once he had washed his cock after the anal fuck, they were locked in the missionary position. He ankara escort bayan noted that other than a face that displayed her years, the rest of her body could easily have belonged to a thirty year old.

“I know I may be tighter than you expect,” she said, “Aftab has not been able to get it up in bed with me for more than two years now!”

Mahmood decided the poor old lady had been punished enough for whatever sins she may have committed in life. After all, being kind to the elderly was a trait that was enforced onto him by his elders for the entirety of his life, and Parveen Aftab certainly qualified to be cared for. He definitely was very kind to her for the remaining time on the clock.


Naeem was a good sport about the change of partner, due to the dropouts. He had initially been drawn to be with Kulsoom and correctly figured that she was not to be touched, given how solid relationships were between the VP and himself in the office. Also there was no reason to risk the new situations that had developed between Maliha and himself that evening and even more notably between the VP and Tanya all through the night. Omar and Waseem had both told him that Kulsoom was encased in some kind of contraption at the VP’s behest and he was better off not risking anything should he be drawn with her. After all Dawar was in a shit load of trouble for getting overly greedy with whatever she had to offer.

The replacement was Zeba, Omar’s wife, a decent looking female about seven years older than he was. Since he had enjoyed a great session with the VP’s even older missus, the age difference with Zeba was immaterial. Also compared to the last two partners, Fauzia Jehangir and Omama Habeeb, she was a darn slight better looking and with a great sense of humour. He wondered how come he had ended up with four ladies who were all older than he was. The simple reason was that he was one of the youngest team members. However, each partner had great experience and taught him something, most notably the VP’s wife, who appeared to have taken well to the young man.

“So kiddo do you have anything left in your gas tank for dear old me?” Zeba kidded, drawing a cross face from him.

“Madam, I have been selected to do a service by my boss,” he responded as if being asked to go to war, “and will do it to the best of my abilities.”

Both burst out laughing, then easily gravitated towards each other and joined in a passionate kiss. A few minutes later they were on the bed connected in a very intimate manner.

“Mrs. Shahzad told me that you were perky in the session you had with her,” Zeba let him know, “so you better not give me half the value!”

Zeba had been on great terms with both the VP and his wife from the first time they had met. Her husband was definitely established within the boss’s inner circle and the only regret she had was that the computer had not picked her to be with the VP that night. To some extent she had a justified peeve as she was the only spouse from within his departments that had a friendship with him to the point that her own husband, Omar, used to often jokingly say the she was less his wife and more the VP’s girlfriend. The fact that her husband had already been with the VP’s wife did grate on her somewhat but she blamed the computer for that too. In the interim, however, Naeem was servicing her just fine.

Freeing herself from his embrace she climbed onto the sofa in the room and bent forward. Naeem stood to one side, positioned himself behind her, thought about which orifice to pierce, and then pushed forward into her pussy. Zeba let out a soft sigh and began to rock backward and forwards. He put his hands on either side of her waist and began to control the speed of her movement, while slowing his own penetration down. Zeba was on tenterhooks, waiting for his cock to pummel her, but he stretched out the fuck for a good twenty minutes. By this time the sofa cushions were soaked with her fluids and she was begging for more.

Naeem disengaged and disposed of the condom. Zeba remained on all fours still on the sofa, but bowed her head and put her finger over her asshole. He needed no further hints and, in another minute, he was back up and buried inside her rectum, with no need for a condom this time around. She fully understood why the VP’s wife had been raving about the guy’s facility with trying different sexual positions and activity. Naeem was delighted meanwhile that two of his four partners had been very sexually charged, while the other two had also tried their best. All in all, despite being newly married and offering up a very sexy and barely used wife like Tanya to the crowd in general and the VP in particular, he felt he did not end up on the losing side of the bargain.

“Do think of me my dear boy when you are enjoying your trip with Madam VP,” Zeba whispered into his ear as they lay back exhausted on the bed for the last few moments of their tryst, “she’s sure to pick you if she wins!”


Zeba’s intuition escort ankara about Naeem’s admirer may have been 100% correct had Maliha not been drawn with Joe for the last session. Initially hesitant to be with a very foreign person, particularly one with an uncircumcised penis, she instead loved every moment of the contact within minutes of him starting his ministrations. She wondered what he was up to when on entering the room he set up a small heating stand and warmed some oil.

“Madam, may I be permitted to help you disrobe for your massage?” he asked very politely and Maliha uncrossed her arms to allow him access to the belt on her bathrobe.

In a second she was threadbare. He unrolled a mat he had brought along onto the floor and invited her to lie down. Shortly afterwards he asked permission to starting and Maliha shook her head to indicate her agreement. He turned her over and rubbed the warm oil onto her back and shoulders, working all the way down to her feet. Once he had massaged her back side for a while, he flipped her over and began massaging on her front. Beginning from the toes he moved up towards her breasts, caressing each inch of her body and making her feel like she was headed to heaven.

As he straddled her midsection and vigorously rubbed her boobs, she felt the folds of her vagina open and his cock push inside. She wondered how he had managed to enter while his knees were on either side of her torso, but figured the oil could have helped his member slip between her clasped legs and into her cunt. Whether he fucked her just once or a dozen times, Maliha was on a different plane as his not so large cock somehow hit all her buttons and raised her temperature considerably. Finally he pulled out of her and a feeling of emptiness resulted.

“Madam, can I be very forward and wonder if you would consider something called a 69?” he hesitatingly asked, “I have never had the experience and heard it is very satisfying for both partners!”

Maliha exploded with laughter and Joe wondered if he had crossed an undefined boundary. While he had just fucked her, he was still in complete awe of the VP’s wife, exactly as her husband had predicted. For her, the request was no issue at all but she had cracked up at the manner of his plea. Joe was both relieved and delighted as she gestured for him to turn around on the bed. In a moment she had straddled him, with her pussy on his mouth and his cock in her hand. She hesitated a moment on seeing the odd looking cock and wondered if pulling the foreskin back was called for. She slowly rolled it back and discovered the head was pretty much like anyone else’s. Joe moaned with pleasure and relished a new experience as she expertly sent his whole penis into her mouth and then pulled back up. Joe started to suck on her insides with gusto, his tongue working magic. Even though it was a first double suck for him, he seemed to be a natural and soon had his partner bucking and coming profusely. Both enjoyed the few minutes that were left on the clock and a bit more, and actually were rather late returning to the main hall after showering.

Another reason for the delay was that Joe presented her with a beautiful bracelet and an embroidered Chinese skirt as she headed to the bathroom to clean up. He had intended to give these to her at the end of the event, but the computer had done him such a favour by pairing them together that he could not hold back. That gift prompted her to quickly taking his cock, rubbing some cream on it and while bending forward over the bathroom sink, letting it enter her rectum. Maliha, surprised that Joe was having anal sex for the first time, decided that decorum no longer mattered and was not quick about finishing the fuck. By the time they were done showering and headed out the housekeeping folks had already politely knocked twice on the door.

Joe had a mile wide smile on his face when the group congregated. The two made a very notable entrance, with their arms linked as she showed off her new cheongsam. The crowd broke into a standing ovation when they kissed for an extended moment in the doorway before finally calling it a night on that particular tryst

“Call me after the next weekend,” she whispered into his ear as they separated, “Shahzad is visiting Karachi for a couple of nights!”

Joe knew he would and made a mental note to have his Karachi office send a nice high-class call girl to the VP’s room just in case!


Shabnam’s mood had improved perceptibly with the gift from her boss and with the licking he administered to her pussy. He turned her face down and raised her rear to gain access to her pussy. Shabnam complied and he thrust inwards. Mr. Shahzad entered her and noted that despite the fact that he was her fourth lover for the night, she felt quite tight. He was seeing his dream for the past many months coming to fruition and got into the act with gusto. The fact that he had taken a pass on Parveen and had a quickie with Iffat meant that unlike others in the group, he still had reserves of energy and spunk in him. Shabnam had always felt close to him and had wondered why he was one of the few guys in the group who had never propositioned her. Today she too felt that he did in fact care for her. By and by they both achieved a very satisfying release.

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