The Reunion Pt. 01

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This is the story of how a young man went to a college reunion and came home with a paper bag full of women’s underwear.

The College of the Sacred Heart in Providence, R.I., was founded in 1872 as an offshoot of Sacred Heart Convent. Its enrollment had, of course, been restricted to women for many years; but by the close of the twentieth century, with its numbers declining and its endowment shrinking, the Board of Trustees had felt it had no option but to allow men to join the student body. The decision had not been particularly popular among certain segments of the campus—notably the nuns who still made up most of the professors and staff, even though some of them appeared to look forward to disciplining unruly young men even more vigorously than they currently whacked the knuckles of the occasionally disobedient females with their wooden rulers.

The shift to co-education did, however, prove popular with the girls themselves—at least, some of them.

It was only to be expected that a substantial proportion of these eighteen- to twenty-two-year-old lovelies, for all their lifelong indoctrination as good Catholic girls, yearned for the presence—and the touch—of the male of the species at a time when certain urges had begun to manifest themselves in their growing bodies. And in spite of the fact that the college’s rules were extremely stringent in regard to student conduct—no entry by males into female dorms, and vice versa (there was only one dorm for the 200-odd men on campus); no public displays of affection, even something so innocuous as holding hands; and, of course, an absolute prohibition of the ultimate dereliction (No sex before marriage!), on pain of expulsion—intermingling of the two sexes was inevitable.

But because Sacred Heart had long had the reputation of being a women’s college, it had persistent difficulty attracting men, especially given its absence of a sports program and other things that some men feel are essential to the college experience. By the early twenty-first century, the proportion of females to males on campus was about 9 to 1—very advantageous to those lucky guys, but not so much fun for the girls who had to fight off their compatriots for the guys’ attentions.

Jeff Wheeler had chosen Sacred Heart chiefly because he didn’t care about sports and because he didn’t want to stray too far from his home in Attleboro, Massachusetts. He never thought of himself as an Adonis; but when he showed up on campus, his large frame (he was five foot ten), broad shoulders, and certain other physical features caused more than one girl’s head to turn in his direction. In fact, he took offense when he overheard one girl whispering to another that he had “a really cute butt!” Could the objectification of men be any more egregious?

Before too many weeks passed, Jeff—who had turned eighteen the summer before he entered Sacred Heart—found himself a magnet for a lot of the girls. They wanted his help on homework assignments, even if he knew nothing about the subject in question; they wanted to be his lab partner in chemistry class; and they extended all manner of invitations to the local coffee shop or pizzeria or even to the more formal restaurants in the neighborhood. To Jeff, all the girls were darlings; he was one of those guys who felt that the mere fact of being female made you unbearably adorable. He could have had any girl on campus—but people scratched their heads when, a month after the fall semester started, he chose Cassie Mendenhall.

Cassie was from an extremely conservative Catholic family in Kingston, R.I., and she wasn’t exactly the greatest beauty on campus. Rather short (five foot four), with untidy brown hair that always seemed mussed, she did sport fairly ample breasts and a round, firm bottom; but she was so shy that she almost jumped out of her skin when anybody spoke to her. But perhaps it was that very trait that attracted Jeff to her. It was she whom Jeff chose as his lab partner in the Introduction to Organic Chemistry class—not for her beauty or winning ways, but because she seemed to know a lot about the subject and he didn’t.

But their work together in the class quickly resulted in a strong bond, and they found themselves becoming more and more comfortable with each other. But given the school’s strict rules, they found it difficult to take their relationship to a higher level—assuming that they even wanted to do that.

One crisp fall evening, as they were saying goodbye outside Cassie’s dorm, Jeff took the initiative to give her a kiss on the mouth. You would have thought she was about to faint, judging by her wide-eyed, spooked expression. Both of them realized that they had already violated the “no public displays of affection” rule, and they both peered around to see if any college official was in sight. None was; so, with a naughty grin, Jeff kissed Cassie again—and slipped a hand down to her butt.

She let out a squeal and came close to slapping Jeff in the face. It Anadolu Yakası Escort was clear that no one had ever taken such liberties before. But the rapid rise and fall of her chest made it evident that she was as excited as she was offended. She turned around and rushed into her dorm, right past the RA (resident assistant)—a twenty-five-year-old graduate of the college who watched like a Gorgon to make sure that no loathsome males ever crossed the threshold.

When Cassie told her friends what had happened, they giggled in vicarious delight and said, “Girl, you gotta sneak him in somehow!”

“And how am I going to do that?” Cassie said.

“It’s as easy as pie,” said one girl, named Angie.

“Tell me.”

“There’s a back door to this building, you know.”

“How is that going to help? Don’t you know there’s a camera right there, and the RA can see on her closed-circuit TV whoever comes and goes that way?”

“Well, there are ways around that. We gotta set up a system where someone distracts the RA’s attention so that she’s not looking at that TV while you let Jeff in.”

The plan was surprisingly simple. The back door was at the end of a long corridor that intersected with the main corridor leading out the front door. With Cassie stationed at the inside of the back door, and another girl stationed at the intersection of the two corridors, and a third girl sauntering in the direction of the RA’s office, a series of signals allowed the third girl to chat up the RA while the second girl signaled to Cassie to open the door. It really was “easy as pie.”

Jeff dashed in and made his way to Cassie’s room, which was right off the long corridor they found themselves in. Once they were alone in the room (Cassie had a roommate, but she discreetly withdrew to parts unknown), they just stood there irresolutely. The room was quite small, with a small bed against each wall, a desk and chair, and a smallish bookcase. Very spartan! The bed was barely big enough for one, let alone two. But that didn’t stop them.

“Let’s get more comfortable,” Jeff said, and began to undress.

As Cassie watched with open mouth, Jeff removed his shoes, socks, shirt, and pants. He was about to remove his underwear—the last piece of clothing he had on—but Cassie’s strangled cry, with hands covering her face, stopped him. Maybe this was a bit too much too fast for this inexperienced girl.

Jeff slipped into bed, extending his arms welcomingly. “Why don’t you get more comfortable?” he said.

With a little whimper, Cassie started unbuttoning her blouse—but then got so unnerved that she just jumped into bed fully clothed, hastily throwing the blanket over them to blot out the sight of Jeff’s severely distorted underwear.

His almost-naked body, she had to admit, felt very good next to her. At first she twisted herself so that a certain protruding part of his abdomen didn’t touch her—but after a while she gave that up as being silly and childish. And she allowed Jeff to kiss her some more. She remembered a time when she actually thought that kissing would by itself make a girl pregnant. Man, she was happy she had discarded that bit of misinformation!

But when Jeff made an effort to unbutton more of her blouse, she whimpered again, watching his fingers fixedly as if they were somehow probing her insides. She grudgingly allowed him to remove the blouse—and even more grudgingly let him peel away her skirt. But under no conditions did she permit him to remove her bra or panties. Forced to be content with this partial disrobing, Jeff made the most of it, fondling Cassie all over her back, shoulders, and thighs—and then giving her covered bottom and breasts some kneading. By this time, Cassie was uttering a constant low moan, burying her head in Jeff’s chest.

She was on the point of telling him that they really must stop this, and that he’d better get back to his own dorm, when she unexpectedly let out a heavy groan, clinging more tightly to him and boldly rubbing her groin against his. Then a bone-shaking shudder ran through her entire frame.

When she’d subsided, all she could say was, “Omigod.”

Jeff smiled benevolently down at her, saying, “You liked that?”

She nodded her head frantically.

Jeff—who’d had a bit more experience in these matters than Cassie had, even though that hadn’t resulted in actual penetration—wondered how far she was willing to go. He had apparently satisfied her, but he was far from satisfied. So he said gently to her, “Would you like to make me happy?”

Without looking up at him, she said, “What do I have to do?” She made it sound as if he was going to put her through some horrible ordeal.

“I hope you’ll like it,” he said.

Prying her away from him, he lay flat on his back and then, giving her a meaningful look, stripped himself of his underwear.

Cassie didn’t initially see the erection he was sporting—because she had again covered her eyes with her hands. When, after several moments, she moved two fingers so that she could see out of one eye, she almost shrieked at what she saw.

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!” she cried. “It’s so big!”

“It’s not that big,” Jeff said modestly. In fact, it was a good eight inches, and fairly thick.

By now, Cassie had dropped her hands and was gazing with frank astonishment—and more than a little fear—at the quivering member jutting out of Jeff’s groin. Swallowing hard, she extended a hand toward it—but then backed away.

But Jeff didn’t allow her to chicken out. He took her hand firmly in his and guided it to his erection—and made her wrap her fingers around the shaft. Only when he was convinced that she wasn’t going to let go did he release her hand.

Eventually, Cassie’s alarmed expression gave way to a kind of wonderment, then to delight. She found the strange mixture of firmness (it was solid as a stone) and softness (the skin was incredibly soft and tender) incredibly fascinating. She even gave it a few tentative pumps, as she’d heard that guys liked that.

Jeff, now thoroughly excited, made an error in calculations. He said, “Would you like to put it in your mouth?”

“What?” Cassie exclaimed, making a face. “No! No way!”

“Okay, okay, fine,” he muttered. “Some other time.”

He urged her to return to what she was doing. Cassie grudgingly did so. She had some basic understanding of what was expected of her—and what would happen to his cock if she did her work correctly—but she felt she couldn’t do the job properly while lying down. So she got up into a squatting position next to Jeff and, addressing the object of her attention with a charming little frown of concentration, took it in both hands, one on top of the other. Since her hands were small, a few inches of it still stuck up above the top hand.

“Just start gently, then go faster and harder,” he urged.

She did as she was told. She was surprised how difficult it was to hold the thing upright; but this gave her a sense of the exertion needed for the task. I’m getting a bit of exercise, I guess! Pumping his cock up and down, she actually stuck her tongue a little bit out of her mouth, as if pondering some tough problem in algebra. As she worked, her bra-encased breasts bounced a little, giving Jeff something nice to look at while he relished her grip on his organ. She did begin lightly, but gradually increased the tempo until, without warning, he came.

The initial burst of his discharge shot up nearly a foot in the air as he cried out hoarsely. Cassie herself squealed in alarm and immediately released her grip on his member, covering her mouth with her hands to silence her outcry. But Jeff should have told her to hold on, for his emission now poured out of him in a crazy, haphazard manner that ended up spurting his seed in all directions.

One bit of it landed on Cassie’s bare thigh, and she yelped as she sensed its warmth. But more than that, she gazed at it with a kind of superstitious awe. Omigod! This is the thing that makes babies in women!

Even as Jeff continued to spurt, finishing the job himself with several strong tugs on his member, Cassie scooped up the dollop on her thigh with two fingers and gazed at it intently. Then, summoning up a dim recollection of something she had once heard a friend say (something she refused to believe, because it sounded so incredible), she lifted those fingers to her lips and extended her tongue out to touch the wet blob.

“Ooh!” she cried, making another grimace. “So salty!”

“Yeah, it’s salty,” Jeff said, huffing and puffing.

All of a sudden Cassie became filled with a sort of agitated energy. She leaped up from bed, snatched up several Kleenex from a nightstand, and used them to mop up his discharge, vigorously scrubbing Jeff’s abdomen, chest (one dollop had reached almost up to his nipple), and her own thigh, although the spot there had largely dried. She dropped the Kleenex into the garbage can, then grabbed a few more to wipe up her wet fingers. Even so, she held her hand away from her body as if it had suddenly turned into a bio-hazard.

Then, breathing hard, she stared down at Jeff and said, “I think you’d better go.”

“Go?” he said, hurt and offended. “Don’t you want to cuddle some more?”

She softened a bit, but remained firm. “Um, I don’t think that’s a good idea. This was a lot of fun, Jeff, but you really need to go.”

Jeff resigned himself to the inevitable. He lumbered up out of bed, dismayed to see how Cassie kept his distance from her—especially from his now dripping cock. Putting his clothes back on, he approached his girl for a good-night hug, which she accepted with bad grace.

And that’s how it started. Over the next several weeks, Jeff made slow advances in getting Cassie comfortable with the whole process of intimacy. It is true that she had to be led carefully, and at times forcefully, to allowing more and more liberties, but he sensed that her own increasing pleasure in being serviced would eventually pay off.

The first time he persuaded her to get fully naked was a memorable moment. He could tell that she was almost overwhelmed with embarrassment and alarm: her skin glowed bright pink, and he almost thought she was going to cry. But, after shedding her skirt and blouse, she modestly turned her back to him, undid the clasps of her bra, shimmied out of it, and then peeled off her panties and kicked them aside. She remained turned around—but that was fine, as that allowed him a fine view of her back and bottom, whose cushiony firmness he could sense as she tensed up nervously.

Then she finally faced him, and it almost took his breath away. True, Cassie had a bit of baby fat all around her, especially her stomach and hips, but that only added to the image of sweet young beauty that she revealed. Her expression was a curiously melancholy one as she exposed her sloping shoulders, round tummy, and strong thighs—but Jeff had eyes mostly for her swelling breasts (so high and firm that they created a natural cleavage even without the bra) and the surprisingly ample tuft of fur at her delta.

What else could he do but hold her close to him? He himself was naked, and she found this first feel of skin on skin, from head to toe, electrifying. And when Jeff, after stroking her back, breasts, and bottom with eager hands, slid a hand down her body and slipped it between her legs, he wasn’t surprised at how wet the area was—or how Cassie let out a high-pitched cry as his fingers touched that focus of her entire being for the first time.

He decided to complete the job of pleasuring her right then and there. By this time he had become aware that Cassie came early and often, and she stood largely passive as she threw her arms around his neck and subjected herself luxuriously to his touch. One hand was fixed to her moistening pussy while the other scoured the rest of her; and it was only a few minutes when, with a squeal that she had to muffle by burying her face in his neck, she shuddered all over, clinging to him desperately so her knees wouldn’t buckle and send her tumbling to the floor.

Jeff had a bit more difficulty getting Cassie to do certain things for him. It took a full week to get her even to touch his member with her mouth. He finally had to make the claim (true enough, as it happens) that she’d never have any success with men if she didn’t “go down” on them. Cassie sulkily complied, and at first all she did was give the tip of it a silly little kiss; but you have to start somewhere. She giggled when she did that, and later she decided to lick the tip—and the rest of the shaft—with her small, slender tongue. Perhaps she was thinking this was a thick lollipop presented to her for her enjoyment! Then, at last, she stuffed it into her mouth—but even under the best of circumstances, she could manage only about two or three inches.

But Jeff was surprised that Cassie seemed to be enjoying herself. She alternated licking, sucking, and even a bit of nibbling on his member. She just kept at her task for minute after minute. Jeff was getting excited—and alarmed. He wasn’t sure that Cassie was ready to endure certain things if her ministrations kept on at their current pace.

“Um, Cassie,” he said nervously, “maybe you’d better stop.”

But she was so fixated on her work that she paid no attention. Jeff did his best to hold himself back, but after a while he just couldn’t restrain himself.

As his discharge shot out of his cock in a series of forceful spurts, it went directly into Cassie’s mouth. Where else could it go, since she had fastened her lips so securely on his member? At first she seemed to welcome—or, at least, not to mind—the thick, viscous fluid filling up her mouth; but then, in an ecstasy of revulsion, she opened her mouth wide and let the stuff fall out in thick strings onto his belly.

“I’m sorry, Cassie!” Jeff cried.

But Cassie didn’t seem to be freaking out. She gazed down at the white fluid on Jeff’s abdomen, while her mouth and tongue worked as if mulling over an unusual flavor of gelato. Then she shyly bent her head down and sucked up the stuff with a sucking motion of her lips, swallowing it all down. Then she noticed a thick dollop on the very tip of Jeff’s cock, and licked that up too, smacking her lips and giving him a bright-eyed look of prideful accomplishment.

He was so overwhelmed that she had deigned to absorb his most precious substance that he grabbed her, brought her face up to his own, and pasted a kiss on her lips—resulting in a little taste of his own come, which he didn’t mind in the least.

Cassie was a little less eager to be on the receiving end of oral sex. Jeff first made his way down her body, first squeezing and kissing her breasts, then her stomach, then her belly. When she realized what his ultimate destination was, she exclaimed: “Omigod, Jeff, no!”

Jeff was befuddled. What woman doesn’t like being licked down there?

“It’s okay, Cassie,” he said. “Just go with it.”

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