The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 11

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Truce day

I sat in the girls toilets watching the show, Stacie was kneeling in the middle of the floor and some nameless girl was riding her face. Stacie had been easy before but now Bex had turned the girl into the school slut with her tasks. The early ones had been simple things like wearing short skirts and no bra. After that it was showing her panties to members of staff until she stop her wearing panties all together. At the start of her “relationship” as Bex’s sex slave she had been seen as easy but now she was the school slut. Bex had her pass herself around both students and faculty, no one was allowed to fuck her without Bex presents but she had to go the third base with allot of people.

This latest task had started a week ago, Bex had been disappointed in the improvement in Stacie’s pussy eating skills she had given her the task of sitting in the toilets and begging any girl in there to let her eat them out. I had been tasked to keep her safe so I sat in the girl toilets, I think at least part of Bex truly cared of the girl, she might want to humiliated and degrade her but didn’t to see her hurt, so far I had only had to stop two girl that I thought where being too rough but the rules had gotten around.

At first it had been slow, with me there even more so, the first day there had only been 3 taker, Faye who had come to see me and couldn’t pass it up, Amy who had been reading with me and had been bullied into it by Faye, and one first year who was curious about what it felt like but soon word had gone around. Bex was the top girl of a whole gang which put her among the top six on the estate and the where girls queuing up to take a turn with her play thing. Girls cheered as Stacie brought the girl to a screaming climax and she slumped to the floor.

She was pulled away and another girl pushed forward, she was hard enough to jump the queue, she dropped her pants and began to thrusting herself into Stacie’s waiting mouth. I watched absently as her arse clenched and realest until Amy slapped the book in front of me. It was still a kids book but at least its pages where not dominated by pictures, I was getting better.

A girl pushed her way through the crowd towards me, she was in year 10, she was a big girl, not fat, in quite nice proportions just on a bigger scale to most girls. Her raven black hair was a mess covering most of her pretty face and her eyes spoke of mischief.

“Can I have a word with you Rave?”

“What do you think you are doing now Lucy?”

“No Rave in privet”

“I am busy” I nodded toward Stacie “and anyway if your brother is going to beg me not to mess up his pretty face Saturday he should really do it himself. He is not crying off is he it really won’t be as fun without him.”

“No he is not, we were just thinking of making it more interesting, you want in.”

“After school, he knows the place.” She gave me a full dazzling smile and pushed her way back through the crowd.

I stopped paying attention then and let the fun role in front of me until the bell went and the girl left Stacie to clean herself up. Lucy’s little brother, Liam, was the closest I got to a pier in this world. He was the up and coming lad from the Bad Dogs who where the closest other gang to Lacy’s corner and I had spent the winter in back ally clashes with him. Truth is I respected him and I liked him far more than most members of my own gang. We were like each other, it was natural for the rest of the estate to compare us, if he wanted to meat about Saturday then there was something fun going down.

Friday was the last day of term, the summer holidays started Saturday and as such the gangs declared a truce, no one was dumb enough to try anything, with no violence to worry about the gangs held a party, Saturday afternoon the park and surrounding streets where given over to the gangs. Of course you couldn’t put that many gang member together without some kind of violence taking place and that is where the tournament came in.

To get in all you had to be was a member now and not have been one last year, this made abuse easy but the gangs back then had a senses of honour. In reality the 16 hardest lads in my year where put into a set of fights until only one is left. I was one of 2 Dead Heads put forward, the other was thug but nothing special. The where only 4 other lads to worry about, I had spent 2 year fighting these guys over who was cock, and Liam was one of them.

I sent PayDay ahead to start up the corner, I wasn’t going to miss the peak hours. I walk slowly, I loved summer on the estate, the second the temperature rose above 18 degrees and the sun was out girl started to take off their clothes. The place was a sea of low cut tops, bear stomachs and short skirts, even when you balanced it against the fat men with no shirts it was a good thing. Most girls leaving school had their shirts tied in a knot under their breasts.

I went by myself, it could be taken as a sign of trust it is not unheard of for one gang to target someone from another gang they where sweating but it could also be taken as a sign of contempt as you didn’t think that they could hurt you. I was happy for Liam to take it both ways, I knew he would come heavy, at least 3 lads and more Ataşehir Escort than likely his sister, he had a thing for a show of force.

The meeting place was just their side of the border, some sad squat, while the upper levels of the gangs didn’t meat without some kind of ceremony and the lower levels would never think of talking to each other, the where quite a few reasons why those in “middle management” might want to talk and for that we had places like this. He had left one of his lads across the street but he had all the stealth of a drunken clown. The two other stood outside the door, both avoided eye contact.

Liam and Lucy sat in the main room, there was a bottle of sprits in the middle of a small table, I took a swig and passed it to Liam, the where some rituals even among us. He wiped his mouth and passed the bottle to his sister, this was outside of the ritual, it put her at the same level as us and that may have been true but was still bad form, but I wasn’t going to rise the point.

“Alreet Rave”

“Alreet Liam, your sister said you wanted to talk to me?”

“I was thinking” he answered “that guys like you and me need a little more motivation for the tournament, I was thinking of a bet”

“How much?” I was calculating how much money I could afford to lay down without looking weak.

“You and I know that money is just a way to keep score” that was not true, to me money was a way out “I was thinking about something more personal, how about your girlfriend.”

I didn’t miss a beat “Aye but from what I hear you don’t have a girlfriend so what do I get if I win?”

“You win me” said Lucy. That stopped me cold.

“You are going to gamble your own sister?”

“Her idea” he said with a shrug.

“Do we have rules?”

It was Lucy that answered me “Whoever gets highest gets the girl, 24 hour loan”

“No other guys, I don’t want to hear about the girl being passed around half the gang” This got a nod from Liam.

“What about other girls?” asked Lucy.

“That is between you and Faye” I said with a wink “a draw the bet is off, the girl comes back hurt in any way the standard response, no hiding behind ‘a bet is a bet’. Agreed? And I will have to straighten it with Faye first.”

Liam made a whip sound “Hay your girl isn’t going to withhold sexual favours if you upset her” I said, unless the rumours are true but I wasn’t going to bring it up, he had three lads in ear shot. Form demanded that he stood first and I waited until he left to leave but he had broken form already and not to respond could be taken as weakness if I let it pass. So I walked out first bringing quite a bit of tension to the lads by the door.

Faye was all for the idea, she swore that I would win but Liam was far prettier than me and the idea of a night with him was not unpleasant. But I was not going to let that happen, I was already thinking about Lucy, I am sure part of Faye was to. I found Liam the first thing the next day “We are on.”

Saturday morning I sat at the YMCA, girls where fussing about me, my fists where wrapped in cloth, I was stripped to the waist, slowly the tight red spirals of paint where covering the right side of my body, face and my right arm, my hair had been gelled into spikes. I felt I must look like a young god of war. I knew that the other lads that would compete would be going through a similar process, it was as much for our own confidence that to intimidate each other. I was pushing 6 foot by now and my muscles where impressive, I was at the peak of the possible physical prowess for someone my age.

Name where supposed to be picked at random over who would face each other but some work went into it that members of the same gang wouldn’t face each other in the first round and that the real contenders wouldn’t ever. At bouts where not call until we got to the park, I didn’t care who was the first I was looking at the others, trying to see if the was any problems.

The lad who was supposed to be the favourite was a 6’4 bruiser call Pete from the Damned Ones, he would have crushed all before him but he seem to only see his fist as a weapon and not his whole body. The next real threat was a Hell Boy called Scot, he was only just 5 foot but he was almost the same wide, it wasn’t that he hit hard, he did, but he was almost impossible to put down. The last was a small lad called Zack, of the Burned Stars,, he would have been laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that his dad had been training him in martial arts since he was 3, the lad didn’t punch much but he span and kicked like no one else and if he got closer to you he had the habit of flipping you with surprising easy and you found yourself on your back. These were the lads, other than Liam and me, to beat.

I said a silent pray to any god that might be listening to a young thug like me “Make me unstoppable” my finger absently rubbing my left bicep.

The “ring” was marked out by a handful of traffic cones in a crude circle, the leadership of all the gangs on the estate was there, huddled around, talking and placing bets like they didn’t want to kill each other. Pete was up first, his opponent tried to dances and it worked for a while, but the second Pete got him into Ataşehir Escort Bayan corner he beat him senseless. I was a bit upset about being drawn next, it put me in his path for the quarter finals but the fight was easy, I just breathed in and let my vision tunnel, the red missed flowing in from the corners of my mind, the other lad barely landed a blow and I ended it with a kick to his ribs leaving him in a ball of pain.

I watch the other fights looking of an upset or a weakness, Zack broke the arm of his opponent but was favouring his left side. Liam took a few shots to his body before putting the lad down. My fight with Pete when badly, he got me twice in the head early on, the first breaking my nose, the second crashing to my temple, putting white spots in front of my eyes and making my legs jelly. How I kept my feet in beyond me but I did, ducking the next set of punches with the luck of a drunk man not any kind of skill. I got him in the end with two knees to his hip and then what can only be described as a massive jumping head butt to the side of his skull which made him vomit.

I didn’t watch the next round, my head was spinning, light hurt my left eye, and my nose still seeped blood. I sat in the shade with a towel over my head trying to remember to breathe my eye squeezed shut against the pain. The screams of the crowd came from far away. I dragged myself to my feet to fight Zack in the semis, he was still slower on his left but my left eye was clamped shut. He buzzed passed me twice a blur of fist and feet, I couldn’t touch him, I really didn’t think I was going to last the only thing keeping me upright was the red rage swirling in the back of my skull. I threw myself right and swung blindly, I would swear later that it was what I was aiming for but in truth it was pure luck that my fist hit him square in the face. His body kept move and he fell down flat from some height and I made sure he didn’t get back up.

I went and sat back down and put the towel over my head, people fussed over me but I really didn’t care, most of me wanted to go to sleep even as I knew it was a bad idea. I expected to be back up in a minute for the final but it seemed that Liam had run into a wall with Scot. The fight must have lasted close on 15 minutes. In the end Liam finally put him down with three high knees to the face. There was a 5 minute break after, it was out of form but no one questioned it.

I really was a mess, I was starting to experience numbness in my fingers, just staying upright made me feel so sick, just trying to open my left eye sent a spike of pain throw my brain and I had to force myself not to scream, I had to suck air through my mouth and each breath came with a small amount of blood from my nose which I think is all that kept the adrenaline coming.

Against a fit Liam I wouldn’t have lasted a slow ten count but looking across the circle at him he was in a bad way. His mouth hung open still gasping for air his ribs were a set of viscous red whelks that hadn’t had time to become bruises and the was a lump a little smaller than an egg just below his right eye, his war paint was smeared and faded with sweat. I looked down to find mine is much the same.

Even in the state we were in it was still a clash of the titans we kicked, punched and threw each other with whatever we had left, I dragged myself of the mud twice when he failed to finish me while I was down. He wasn’t so lucky, he went down to a fluke of a cross and I went for the kill, I dropped both knees into his battered ribs flipping him to his back. I mounted him and swung three heavy head butts into his face, I displaced my nose on the second one so I wasn’t sure what blood was mine and what was his but I rose I stood over the bloody mess, he didn’t try to move, his eye glassy. Lucy ran in cradling his head, I looked down at her “when he is back on his feet we can talk about payment”. I staggered out of the ring, pulling my own nose straight with a crack and the party begun.

With a day of heavy drinking for almost all of the gang members made the estate close to a ghost town the next day as I dragged my battered body across it. Liam had come by himself this time, he looked as bad as I felt, it would be almost a month before my head stop hurting and a week until my left eye stopped being photosensitive. “Next Saturday, here at midday, should give me enough time to heal”.

It really didn’t, I was still a mass bruises but I was used to the pain by now, they were on time, Faye seemed more excited that I was. Liam was in a mood and sooner or later he would try and get me back, but a bet was a bet. Lucy had done her best to look sexy but it was a role that she wasn’t used to, still her large breast forced into the top she had picked where enough to get any guys pulse racing.

We didn’t make it through the flat door before Faye was all over Lucy, kissing and licking her neck and face, her hands working franticly at her clothes. “I have been waiting to taste you all week” she purred as she pulled Lucy top free and threw it in my general direction. Lucy was forced to bend her knees so Faye could kiss her long and deep, their tongue intertwining. I really don’t remember moving but by the time Faye was done Escort Ataşehir throwing Lucy and her own cloths at me we were in the living room.

The sight that meets me was impressive to say the least, Lucy’s body was a near perfect hourglass of rose pink flesh. Her full breast and wide hips meet with a flat stomach and trim waste giving her killer curves, they would have made her look fat if not for her height to offset them and she stood eye to eye with me. She had just the right amount of muscle tone combining with her soft flesh to grab hold of a man’s libido and never let go. Her raven hair cascaded down her upper body, her nipples where small given the size of her breast and a shade darker then her skin tone, her pubic hair was dark but thin giving a tantalizing hint at what it hide. What made her all the more appealing was that she was clearly embarrassed by her own body, looking down at her feet trying to make herself seem small, she had no idea just how hot she looked. If Liam was fucking her I couldn’t blame him.

Her body coupled with Faye own nakedness was making me painfully aroused. I walked forward, slipping my T-shirt over my head and placed my hand under her chin, forcing her to look me in the eyes “You look amazing” her face lit up with a smile as I leaned in and kissed her deeply on the lips. I could hear the soft moan of Faye at our contact.

“You really think I look good?” She asked when I broke away, half scared of the answer.

“Yes, don’t people tell you that all the time?”

“Only Liam and he has to because he is my brother…” She trailed off going red at what she had just told us. I wasn’t going to push her on it, if Liam thought for a second that I had hurt her he would try and kill me, I would have done the same.

“For the record I would kill with my bear hand to have a body like your” Faye said breaking the sudden tension “and I am going to kill with my bear hand if Rave doesn’t let me HAVE your body soon.” With that I took Lucy hand and half lead half pulled her to the bedroom. The part of me screamed inside my head to force her onto the bed and take my prize hard and fast but the rest of me forced the rage back down and I kept it slow. I finished stripping, releasing my rock had cock from my pants felt far better than I care to admit, and began by kissing moving between pairs which was fun. Faye knew me, how to make me feel good with a kiss, Lucy was new, a novelty, and I defy any man not to like watching to naked girls making out when he know he can have sex with them.

I let Lucy set the speed at which we progressed, waiting until she began to rube up ageist my chest with her own and play with Faye’s breasts before moving in myself. I took one of her nipple into my mouth, changing between sucking, licking and nibbling, keeping it random, not giving her chance to get use to or expect the sensation. My hand traced slow circles around her other nipple, just as it was getting closer to the centre Faye stopped me, replacing my hand with her mouth. Lucy made soft mewing sounds, more like a cat than a person, as my girlfriend and I quietly devoured her nipples.

My hand moved gently down Lucy stomach towards her pussy, Faye felt the movement and placed her hand on top of my own, the sounds Lucy was making increasing in pitch as we neared our goal. She let out a squeal at the first light contact with her sensitive spot, her whole body began to shiver. I had gotten good with my fingers but with Faye gilding the position and speed it was something new. We drove Lucy’s body wild but Faye kept it just too slow kept her just this side of her release. Soon her moans of pleasure went to whimpers of frustration, she stop one sort of begging but she was close to it.

Faye pulled us off and Lucy almost screamed in frustration but that didn’t last long, Faye lined me up and I slide my cock into her hot wet cunt. Faye moved behind me, I could feel her breast pressed into my back, she movement kept the speed of my trusted. It was fast and dirty, Lucy was so close I pushed her over the edge almost straight away, her climax was short but powerful but, her body convulsing. I didn’t stop, didn’t give her time to come down and soon I push her back to the edge. She didn’t have one big orgasm but a set of small one, one after the over making her cunt entre a set of near constant contractions that felt so good. I grunted and trusted deep, emptying myself into her, I clasped forward, my head resting between her breasts.

The second I rolled of Faye dropped to her knees between Lucy’s legs, licking and sucking as much of my cum out of the girls dripping hole as she could manage. She then went up to her mouth and kissed her, forcing my cum and her own juices passed Lucy’s lips, Faye held the kiss until she swallowed, gulping down our cum. Lucy began to drift off to sleep when Faye bit her nipple hard making her gasp.

“Rave won you for a whole day, you sleep when he sleeps” She scolded.

Faye moved into a 69 position, pulling Lucy on top of her, for Lucy to get at the smaller girls pussy she had to raise her arse into the air perfectly presenting her own dripping slit to my hunger eyes. I could feel myself growing hard again at the sight. I moved up behind her and slipped in deep with one trust making her moan, long and low, I watch the tiny ripples move in the flesh of her arse with my next forward trust as Faye pushed herself up to lick Lucy clit, now this was going to be a fun night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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