The River Boat

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Nelle awoke with a start. Her heart was thumping and her throat was parched. It was a hot sweaty night. Nelle and her two children Cole, 20 and Marie, 18 were slowly making their way down the Congo River. They were to have been joined by Edward the husband and father of the family. This entire trip was his idea and then he was swept away on business.

Nelle sighed and arose from the damp bedsheets. Her naked body glistened with sweat, her plump breasts jiggling softly as she walked to the dresser. She reached out for the bottle of water and groaned and threw the empty bottle to the floor.

Nelle ran her fingers through her damp dark brown hair. Looking to her right she spotted the elixir she had bought with the kids while visiting the last port. The man who sold it to her had said it was very strong and led one to much pleasure. Nelle wasn’t quite sure what he had meant when he accented pleasure but she was too thirsty to think about it now.

She unscrewed the top and downed some of the drink in one eager gulp. Immediately Nelle’s body began to tingle. She set the drink down and turned her body to the full-length mirror.

She moaned softly as her body glistened in the moonlight. Her hands ran down between her legs as she felt an itch growing from within. Nelle closed her eyes and sighed softly as she slid a finger inside her horny eager cunt. Her body tingled with excitement as she added yet another finger to her pulsating snatch. Sweat dripped down from her upper lip, which she cleaned easily with her tongue. Nelle groaned with want as she drove her fingers harder and harder into her own cunt. “What’s got into me?” she asked.

Finally she felt the familiar stirrings tremble in her cunt as she began to orgasm over her own fingers. Bringing them up to her mouth she slowly cleansed her fingers of her sexy juices.

However this only made the craving from within increase. Turning back to the bottle she read the back: “Drink to ensure sexual arousal and experience powerful orgasms for hours on end” It said. Nelle groaned, “What have I got myself into?” she asked. Nelle fell back onto her bed. Her hands traveling up to her pert nipples as she tweaked them happily.

“Maybe a quick cold shower will help,” she reasoned silently.

Standing up under weak knees Nelle crept slowly out of her room onto the wooden deck. She cursed her husband for renting such a large houseboat, her room was on the opposite side of the bathroom.

As Nelle slowly crept towards the bathroom she passed by the open door of her son Cole. Stopping suddenly she took in the sight before her. Her son, like herself was hot. He slept naked with the blanket damp and strewn apart. Nelle knew she should continue on but the stirrings from her throbbing cunt told her otherwise. Her eyes traveled to the meaty penis between his legs. He must have been having an erotic dream, as he was semi-erect.

Once more Nelle’s hand traveled down to her cunt. Stepping inside her son’s room she slowly walked up to his bed.

Nelle closed her eyes and groaned once more as her juices began to flow down her tanned thighs. Furiously fucking her own cunt, as she stood not more than a foot from the largest cock she had ever laid eyes on.

Nelle opened her eyes as she heard Cole groan. His cock started to grow even more but he did not yet wake.

The itch all consuming Nelle moved down to the bed. Her hands on either side of her son’s powerful body she began to lick his meaty shaft. Lightly at first but unable to control her craving she had soon devoured her son’s entire cock.

Cole groaned. His cock felt so hot, so wet. In his dream he was fucking his mother deep and hard on her bed. She was on all fours begging for more as he pounded into her cunt. He groaned again as he felt the administrations on his penis. It felt so real.

Opening his eyes with a start he looked down at his mother with his cock fully impaled in her mouth.

“Mom?!” he asked hoarsely.

Nelle looked up. “MMMmmm yes honey, I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself. I have a burning in my loins and when I saw your gorgeous piece of cock, I couldn’t contain myself.” She moaned.

Cole smiled, “That’s ok mom….I want it……god how I want it,” he said as his head fell back onto the pillow.

Nelle couldn’t believe her ears. Her son ACTUALLY wanted this. She groaned hornily and went back to sucking the magnificent cock in front of her. Her tongue swirled around his cock as he continuously went deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat. Her soft sexy hands held onto the bed tightly as she inhaled the indestructible hard-on deep down her throat.

Cole’s cock began to throb itself. He groaned aloud as he watched his mother deep-throat his cock. His eyes fluttered as he began to slowly thrust into her mouth adding to the friction as she eagerly sucked his rock-solid hard-on.

Finally, without warning, orgasm shot through his body and he yelled out just before he coated his mother’s throat with his hot salty cum.

Her eyes bugged pendik escort out in surprise as her son exploded in her mouth. Nelle loved the taste of cum and recovered quickly as she began to milk her son’s hot cock.

Cole groaned as his mother finished his cock off. Pumping up into her as she drank every drop of his cum.

“Mmm Cole, you have a magnificent cock!” she exclaimed as she lifted her mouth from his cock.

“And you suck heavenly mom,” Cole answered weakly.

Nelle grinned, proud of her cock-sucking abilities. “Cole? I seem to have quite a problem tonight. I woke up and drank that elixir we bought earlier today and I don’t think my pussy will stop watering until its been sufficiently stuffed with cock……and with you having such a wonderful cock I was hoping you could help mommy out,” she asked.

Cole grinned. His fantasy was slowly coming true.

“Get up here you horny cunt,” he said simply as his mother quickly scampered up his bed.

Cole looked at his mother. Her chest heaved with excitement as her cunt drooled with want. Her tanned body glistened with sweat, as her normally soft and wavy hair was drenched with sweat.

Nelle looked at her son who was quickly becoming a man. His cock had to be at least 9 inches! Like her he was tanned and his chest exhaled with excitement. His eyes glistening with lust.

Cole lifted himself up so that he straddled his mother’s juicy cunt. He ran his shaft along her horny slit, making both of them moan loudly.

“Please Cole…..FUCK ME!” Nelle begged.

Cole groaned and sank down into his mother’s warm hot cunt. Cole watched as inch by inch his cock disappeared past the warm folds of his mother’s juicy cunt.

Nelle moaned in satisfaction even now that she had more cock in her than ever before. “Yes Cole, that’s it… fuck me…….FUCK ME,” she encouraged once more.

Cole grunted and started to fuck his mother. Thrusting down into her quivering sweaty mound. Slowly at first but with each thrust he began to sink a level deeper and fuck her a little harder.

Nelle moaned happily as her son began to royally fuck her itching twat. Moving her hips up from the bed she began to grind up into him as he thrust down into her, meeting every thrust with one of her own.

Cole felt his mother pushing up to meet him. He felt her cunt muscles gripping tightly onto his cock. His hands moved down to his mother’s hips. Holding them tightly he began to pump harder and harder into her.

The bed began to lightly shake as son rode mother. Their tanned sweaty bodies illuminated under the moonlight. Bed sheets stuck to Nelle’s body as Cole’s powerful thrusts propelled her back into the mattress.

With every hard thrust Nelle gave, her son Cole pounded doubly down into his mother. Animal instinct took over as Cole’s body began to rub against his mother’s. His hands on her shoulders as he drove his cock deeply up her watering mound.

With his cock firmly embedded in his mother’s cunt Cole ran his tongue slowly along his mother’s taunt stomach. Licking the sweat as he continued to one of her full round breasts.

He began to suck like a newborn baby while he fucked her like a man. There was no space between their bodies as he pounded down into her tight cunt.

“Yes Cole….Mmmm fuck mommy good….god yes….you are so big….so good…..suck on my tits….just don’t stop fucking me honey….” she groaned dazily.

Cole could barely hear his mother. He sucked happily on her nipples as he rode her hot tight cunt. Moving up off from her tits he began to kiss the nape of her neck.

He continued to fuck her, picking up the pace as his balls began to boil. Slamming down into her with reckless abandon.

Nelle’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as her son started to finish her off. The pleasure rippled through her body as she experienced an earth-shaking orgasm.

Cole felt his mother clench his shaft like an iron fist. Her cunt began to pump his cock as he continued to push down into her. Finally after holding out for longer than he thought he would, Cole exploded.

“FUCK yes…..take it mom….take it all…..fucking hell take it” he groaned.

Nelle’s lips curled into a smile as she felt her son’s sperm gush into her. She worked her cunt on his cock, milking him of his entire salty treat.

Nelle groaned, “Mmm yes Cole that was heavenly. Finish me off please. Put that fat cock of yours all the way up mommy’s asshole and give her shitter a fucking worthy of that gorgeous cock!” she exclaimed.

Cole smiled and slowly exited his mother’s inviting cunt. Rubbing her tight asshole with his finger he mixed in both of their cum around her ring before plowing down into her.

Nelle moaned in utter satisfaction. She had never done something like this before. She never let Edward fuck her asshole and yet she had just begged her son to do so without even thinking.

Cole began to furiously fuck his mother’s extremely tight asshole. He knew he wouldn’t last long maltepe escort with what they’d already done and was surprised he’d been able to get it up after taking his mother’s sopping pussy.

Nelle lifted her hips allowing better access to her ass as Cole thrust hard into it. Pistoning into her like a jackhammer as Nelle’s ass muscles worked his cock masterfully. Cole grunted deeply as he pounded into his mom’s hot ass. Grinding harder and deeper with each stroke. He felt his balls slapping against her sweaty form as his cock was about three-quarters inside of her. Nelle gave up and experienced her final orgasm of the night as Cole blew his nuts deep in his mother’s plump ass.

Cole’s thrusts started to slow down as both mother and son began to tire from their actions. For the first time since Nelle had drank the potent elixir she was fully satisfied. Cole slumped down on his mother’s bosom as they fell asleep his cock still fully embedded in her hot ass.

Nelle woke up around 8am and silently exited her son’s bedroom. His cum (that which was not deposited in her cunt) was crusted around the outside of her cunt and when Nelle returned to her room Nelle took great pleasure is cleaning herself up.

Nelle fell back upon her bed. Her heart raced as she thought of what she’d done last night. Not only had she rubbed her cunt outside of her son’s bedroom but she had also given him the blowjob of his life and begged him to fuck both her cunt and asshole. What turned Nelle on even more was the fact she wanted more.

Cole woke up horny and happy. A smile came to his mouth as he looked at all the dried cum on his bedsheets. Part of his fantasy had come true. Now the only thing standing in his way was bedding his sister.

Nelle and Cole were able to control themselves for the most part for the entire morning. Nelle made sure to sit next to her son at the breakfast table and rubbed her silky thigh against his.

Around 2 o’clock in the afternoon Cole walked up to the bow of the river houseboat. His sister Marie was taking a mid-afternoon nap and he was looking for some easy pussy courtesy of his mother.

Nelle lay on a deck chair wearing the skimpiest bikini she could find. Her gorgeous breasts practically spilling out of her top.

“Hello mommy,” said Cole sarcastically.

Nelle rose with a start. Her cunt already twitching at the sound of her son’s voice. She turned around with a giant smile on her face. “Hello Cole,” she answered meekly.

“Marie is taking a nap so I thought I’d show my mommy I can fuck her just as good in the heat of the day as I can in the heat of the night,” Cole said hornily.

Nelle smiled, “Please do….there is not a woman on earth that wouldn’t want a piece of that cockmeat hanging between your legs,” she responded throatily.

Cole smiled, “Get on all fours cunt,” he commanded.

Nelle cooed with excitement as she slithered off the deckchair and onto the deck, her cunt watering inside her skimpy bikini.

Cole moved up close to his mother and undid her top. Nelle’s breasts sprung free and swung sexily as his fingers traced down to her cunt. Cole’s fingers slipped under her bikini bottoms and pulled them down to her knees as he sniffed her horny cunt.

He pressed his face extremely close to her womanhood and ran his nose along her cunt, snuffling deeply the entire way. His hands went to her asscheeks and he spread them as ran his tongue slowly along her sexy slit.

Smiling he whispered in her ear, “Mmm it smells and tastes just perfect to fuck.”

Nelle shivered as her son looked upon her as a fine piece of pussymeat. “Mmm yes Cole…mommy’s still a little tender from last night so make sure you fuck her good and hard,” she moaned.

Cole moved back as his hands took hold of her hips and he thrust mightily into her gushing cunt. Cole groaned with satisfaction as his cock entered his mother for the second time in twelve hours.

Nelle looked over her shoulder in fascination and watched as her son mightily fucked into her wanting pussy. Humping back upon him mother and son soon found a pleasurable rhythm.

Cole groaned as his mother began to fuck him back. She was even better than last night. His hands held onto her sexy body as he fucked her like a dog. Grunting as he continued each thrust with one as hard or harder than the last. Nelle’s cunt gripped Cole’s cock tightly as he fucked her.

“God he’s so much better than Edward… am I ever going to be able to keep my composure around him again….always wanting to service his gorgeous cock…” she thought to herself.

Cole’s lip curled as he propelled deeper and deeper into her cunt. Fucking her hard and deep. Nelle felt herself about to orgasm once more and began to pick up the pace. Cole sensed his mother’s need and began to pick up the pace himself, fucking down into her harder and harder and harder. FUCKING her like she deserved to be.

Marie lay in bed. She couldn’t sleep. It was just too humid.

“Maybe I can ask mom to stop kartal escort the boat so we can take a dip or something,” she asked aloud.

Standing up Marie made her way up to the bow. As she neared the deck she heard moans becoming louder and louder as she reached the front of the boat. Finally she reached the bow and gasped as she saw her mother on all fours with her big brother fucking into her like a common whore.

“That’s it Cole….fuck me…..finish me….shoot your wad deep in mommy’s twat….fuck me like I need it…..I always need it…always need your cock,” she moaned.

Marie’s jaw dropped as she watched the lewd scene before her. How could her mother fuck her son? As much as she wanted to turn away, she couldn’t. As much as the thought of incest revolted her Marie could not drive the powerful surge of lust that shot from her brain down to her groin. Marie and Cole were exceptionally close. Now as she watched her big brother fuck her mother with his monster cock she couldn’t help but feel jealous. Marie continued to watch as her mother fell to her elbows as Cole fucked her deep and hard. She watched as her mother shuddered and slumped down to the deck as Cole emptied his cock inside her bare twat.

Cole moaned as he finished cumming inside his mother’s cunt. “I’m not gonna knock you up, am I mom?” he asked.

Nelle’s heart skipped a beat for a second.

“Oh my god! When your father said he wasn’t coming and said we would meet up with him later I stopped taking the pill! That was close to 4 weeks ago!” she said.

Cole smiled, “I dunno mom…the idea of knocking you up gets me so fucking hard.”

Nelle smiled, “I can feel that son….maybe I’m sick but the idea gets my furnace burning too.”

Marie groaned as she listened to her mother and brother talk about her getting pregnant. It was too much for her cunt to take and she decided to go back to her room to relieve her burning desires.

As Marie turned to walk away a floorboard creaked which caused Nelle and Cole to look up with a start. “MARIE!” gasped Nelle nervously.

Marie sucked in her breath as the world stopped for what seemed like hours. “Mom I….” she started as her voice trailed off as her brother’s cock came into full view.

“Marie please….you have to understand…..” Nelle started, as she pulled a blanket over her naked body.

“Last night I was so hot I drank that special drink we bought at the last port. It makes you horny….VERY horny….I couldn’t help myself….I saw Cole and his cock and I was like a woman possessed. Don’t turn us in Marie….Cole’s cock is so big, so thick….I cant help myself…” she explained.

Marie started to speak but couldn’t find the words as she continued to gaze at her big brother. Cole walked up to his sister. His cock regaining his hardness as he ran his hand over his sister’s chest.

“I don’t think Marie’s going to tell, mom….are you Marie?” Cole said.

Marie opened her mouth but found her throat dry….her heart thumped as her brother touched her chest. Slowly she began to shake her head no.

Cole continued to touch his sister as his hand went down to her shorts, his hand slipping under the elastic as he began to feel the wet panties of his little sister.

“In fact, I think she wants to join us….don’t you Marie” Cole said.

Once again Marie couldn’t find the words to speak to her family as she felt herself slowly submitting to her big brother.

Cole smiled, his cock rock hard now as he started to push down his sister’s shorts.

Nelle groaned as she caught sight of her daughter’s soaked panties. “Mmmm Marie, honey…just let him have his way… will not be disappointed sweetie,” Nelle groaned.

Cole moved his body close to his sister’s as he began to kiss her on the lips. Marie moaned as her lips came into contact with her brother’s. She parted her lips as Cole’s tongue slithered into her mouth.

Cole moved his hand up her body as he cupped his sister’s breast. Cole and Marie kissed passionately as the space between their bodies closed rapidly. Marie wrapped her legs around her brother’s hips as she leapt into his arms. Cole held onto his sister as he backed her up against the railing, his hand slithering down her back under her panties as he felt her ass and cunt while kissing her deeply.

Nelle lay back with her legs widely spread. Her cunt throbbed madly as she watched her children lock close to each other. Nelle had always suspected something fishy between them, now she was lusting for it.

Nelle fingered her cunt as she watched Cole lay his sister on her back. Her hair messed up, her panties literally soaked. Cole straddled his horny sister as he slowly pulled down her panties and exposed her wanting sex. Marie moaned as her brother pulled down her panties. She felt her body quiver as his hands ran up her body and removed her of her tank top. Marie’s breasts jiggled free, Cole moved his head down as he began to suck on her tits.

“Uggh…yes….fuck me…..FUCK ME COLE!!” groaned Marie as her cunt began to throb relentlessly.

“Mmm you asked for it sis…I’m gonna fuck your sexy tight cunt raw,” Cole growled. Marie’s heart skipped a beat as she heard her brother’s words and felt him mounting her with a purpose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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