The Rumor Ch. 2

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Steve watched as his captors licked pussy juice from each other’s faces. He looked down at his cock. It was at full attention. The girls rose from the chair and walked slowly over to Steve’s bedside. “Look Tina, they’re all the same.” Said Jenny, as she gingerly caressed his hard cock.

“I know. They always wake up the same way.” Tina was gently raking her fingers over Jenny’s nipples and chest and belly as she spoke. “They’re afraid, confused, and dazed and ready to cry out for someone to come and save their pathetic lives. That is until they see two hot babes eating each other out. Then it’s a whole different story. Isn’t that right Steve!” Tina then grabbed hold of Steve’s cock and gave it a few fast strokes up and down. Steve bucked his hips and tried to free his arms and legs at Tina’s grabbing of his dick, but the tape was to tough and his efforts were met with the girls’ laughter.

Steve couldn’t believe that the rumors were true! But he would have never guessed that he would become part of the stories. He worried about his job at the Water Department. He worried about becoming the butt of all of the guys’ jokes. He struggled to try to break free from his restraints but failed each time. Steve was growing weary and haven’t seen the girls. As he dosed he wondered what they had in store for him.

Steve dreamt of the secretary at the shop. Her long sexy legs, her ample breasts Keçiören Escort Bayan being stuffed into a bra that was too small, her full, pouty lips that she always kept smooth and moist. He dreamt of her going down on him in the lunch room. He envisioned his fully erect prick sliding in and out of her hot mouth. He saw her looking up at him with those big, brown eyes of hers as she swallowed his big cock. He saw his boss walk in on them and she pulled his cock from her mouth and looked up at him and said, “Feed me his cock baby.”

Steve woke from his sleep and heard Tina say to her girlfriend, “Feed me his cock, baby.” He looked down and saw both women at either side of the bed. Jenny grabbed his erect member at the base and guided it to Tina’s waiting mouth. She parted her lips and began sucking his cock. Jenny had her other hand on the back of Tina’s head stroking her hair as she fed her his tool. Her mouth felt good on his dick and he began to move his hips to her rhythmic sucking.

Jenny looked at him and licked her lips. She pulled her friend’s face away from him and dropped her head down and began giving him head. Steve’s legs were moving with the pleasure that the two girls were giving him. They both began licking and sucking his cock. Their tongues would meet and they would engage in a kiss and then continue giving Steve oral pleasure. Steve could Escort Eryaman feel himself getting close to orgasm with the sight and feel of getting a blowjob from two women. Tina sucked his cock deep into her mouth as Jenny moved down and began tonguing his swollen balls. He groaned loudly as he neared orgasm. Just then, the women stopped and stood up. “You really think were going to let you cum before us?” Said Jenny in a teasing voice.

“Please!” Steve cried. “You can’t just leave me like this!” Tina walked to the other side of the room to a small night stand. She opened the top drawer and pulled out a strap-on dildo. “Oh don’t worry” She said as she fitted the dildo around her waist. “We’re not leaving.” She walked back over to the bed where she stood at the head of the bed. Jenny met her there and knelt down in front of her. She took the plastic erection into her mouth and began sucking her friend’s fake cock. “We’re going to give you a show you won’t soon forget. His cock and balls ached with the desire to cum. What torture it was not being able to relieve himself as he was forced to watch Jenny give Tina a blowjob.

Tina looked just like a man as she had her hands on Jenny’s head while she fucked her face with her cock. Jenny licked and sucked the dildo until it glistened with her saliva. She then got up and moved down to the middle of the bed. She bent over the bed Sincan Escort Bayan with her ass sticking up in the air towards the head of the bed where Steve could see her pussy and ass in full view. She began sucking his cock again. Tina moved behind her and positioned her cock head at the opening of Jenny’s wet cunt. She pushed her member into Jenny’s pussy slowly until it was all the way in. She pulled it back out just as slowly as she pushed it in. Her hips moved back and forth getting faster with every stroke. Steve could only watch as Jenny sucked his cock Tina fucked her from behind.

The bed didn’t have a headboard and must have been positioned in the middle of the room because the girls repositioned themselves. Jenny straddled Steve’s face and then continued sucking his cock. With Steve and Jenny in a 69, Tina moved behind Jenny. Steve looked up from his pussy licking and watched as Tina pushed her cock into Jenny’s pussy. He continued to tongue her clit as Tina’s cock moved in and out of her wet pussy right before his eyes. Jenny was getting close to cumming as she began to moan and groan around Steve’s cock.

She was sucking him like a mad woman. She was grinding her pussy into his face as Tina pounded her dildo into her pussy. Steve licked her clit faster and faster with his tongue. “Make sure he doesn’t cum!” Said Tina who was out of breath from fucking her friend. Jenny raised her head from Steve’s lap and cried out in pleasure as she came all over Steve’s face and Tina’s strap-on. Jenny writhed in pleasure as she felt wave after wave of her orgasms course through her entire body. She finally collapsed in a spent heap on top of Steve’s body.

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