The Saga of Kelly Ch. 02

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Big Tits

It has been a week since the good fucking Brandon and the werewolf gave Kelly’s pussy and ass. Even though a few days after she was a little sore, she still got wet thinking about those two dicks taking her higher than she’s ever been. Now that she isn’t feeling any pain, her pussy is hot and needs some more of that good dick. As she became fully awake, she notices the house is quiet. Knowing this, she remembers everyone is gone to the movies and will be gone all day to a movie marathon. She stretches out and cups her massive tits and massages them. As she does, her pussy starts leaking. She runs a well manicured finger down her slit. She knows she is about to give her pussy a good fingering. Just then the phone rings.

With a huge sigh, she reaches over and picks up the phone.


“Hey girl, what are you doing?”

She brightens up. It’s Danni. Her best girlfriend and part time lover.

“Well, I was about to finger fuck myself until you called. What are you doing?”

“Nothing. I’m bored to tears. Can I come over and we watch a movie or something?” she asks.

“I’d love that. Come on over and I’m going to take a shower and get dressed in the mean time. Bring some beer. I’m kinda low.” Kelly says.

“I’ll stop by the store and be there in about 45 minutes.” she says.

“Good. I’ll be ready by that time and I’ll have us some snacks ready too. See ya in a bit.” and both hang up the phone.

Kelly jumped out of bed with a brighter outlook on the day. She knew today was going to be fun and eagerly ran to the bathroom to shower. She opened the door to the bathroom and was greeted with the scent of a fresh spring mountain. She walks over to her big garden tub and turns the water on and looks for the bath salts. She finds them in on the shelf and grabs the milk carton style container and pours about a cup full into the large tub as it fills with hot water. The room is now filled with the scent of lavender.

The tub is filled and she steps in. The water is hot and soothing. She leans back onto the bath pillow and relaxes to let the warmth take her away. As the heat envelopes her, she starts to nod off. Kelly begins to have dreams of someone caressing and canlı bahis massaging her large tits. It feels so good. But the person is behind her and she can’t see their face. She begins to moan as they slide a hand down to her pussy and begin to rub the outside of her lips.

The hand is strong and masculine. Kelly’s pussy begins to pulsate with pleasure. She knows she is dreaming but it seems so real. She awakens with a startled yelp. It is real. She turns to find he 19 year old nephew staring her in the eyes. Matt was a strapping young man that all the girls drooled over. At 6 foot 3, 220 pounds, solid build, and looking like a young Tom Wopat, Kelly could see why. The whole time, he hadn’t stopped rubbing her pussy, and she was too far gone in ecstasy to stop him.

He then inserted a long thick finger into her pussy and she moaned loudly as she leaned her head back, closed her eyes and enjoyed the best hand job she has ever had. And just as she was about to reach a mind shattering orgasm, he stopped. When she opened her eyes to ask why, she saw that he had taken his shirt off and was taking his pants off. When he got them down, she noticed that he didn’t have on any underwear and his cock was hard and pointing at the ceiling. It was beautiful cock. She could see no tan lines on him, even his cock.

He walked over to her and without a word, grabbed his cock and put the head of it at Kelly’s mouth. Too dazed with lust to deny him or herself, she hungrily devoured his cock into her warm and wanting mouth. Matt instantly began to moan. Kelly wrapped her hand around his 8 inch cock and tried to shove as much into her mouth as possible. Kelly’s red nails were a blur on his cock as she was jacking him off as she sucked as much cock as she could. Her tongue was circling his shaft and she would pull him in up to his balls and lick them at the same time. Matt’s moans were getting louder. Kelly knew he was about to cum any moment and she wanted a mouthful.

With one final grunt, Matt pulled his cock from his aunt Kelly’s mouth and shot a hot load into her face. His next squirt hit her in her open mouth. And she swallowed fast to get more. His cum tasted so good. She couldn’t get enough. She wanted more bahis siteleri so she grabbed him by the ass and shoved his dick in her mouth and let him shoot all the rest of his load down her hungry throat. When the last drop oozed out, she sucked his cock dry.

As Matt pulled his softening cock from his aunt’s mouth, he realized he had just received the best blow job of his life.

“God! I can’t believe we just did that!” Kelly said as she put her face in her hands. “We shouldn’t have done it!” she said beginning to cry.

“Aunt Kelly, please don’t cry.” Matt said as he knelt and wrapped his arms around his naked aunt. “God, that was incredible. The best I’ve ever had!” he said in amazement. “And isn’t that a way that two people who love each other express their love?”

Kelly stopped crying. She pulled back from Matt and looked into his eyes. And she knew then that he did love her. And she loved him. “Oh, Matt. I do love you. And I know you love me, but we are related. We aren’t supposed to do things like that. It’s wrong!” Kelly said as she put her face back in her hands.

Matt pulled her hands away and put his finger under her chin and lifted her face up. He then lowered his head and kissed her deep and passionately. Kelly could smell her pussy juices on his fingers. That combined with the fervent kiss that Matt was giving her began to break down her barriers of inhibition. This felt so good. And so right.

“Aunt Kelly, I love you. And this feels so right. Not to mention so good.” Matt said between their lips.

“But I’m your aunt. And I’m almost 20 years older than you.” Kelly explains.

“I know and I don’t care!” Matt says firmly. “I have always loved you.” he says. And over the years, you have driven me crazy.” “Every time I look at you and you smile at me. When you hug me. I don’t want to let you go.” he states. “You make my cock so hard when you hug me. Hell, even when you smile at me. ” as he looked at her. “No other woman has done that for me. Not like you. Hell, haven’t you noticed how I’m always trying to find ways to be around you?” he asks pleadingly?

“I thought you were just being a thoughtful nephew. It never dawned on me you might have a crush bahis şirketleri on me.” she says.

“It’s more than a crush aunt Kelly. I love you.” he states plainly. “And I want to be with you. I know you aren’t happy with your sex life. I can be your release. And if you want, I won’t even get a girlfriend.”

“Oh Matt, I don’t want you to be without a girlfriend. It would be right and it wouldn’t look right.”

At this point, the doorbell rings. They both jump. Kelly looks at the clock on the shelf.

“Oh shit! It’s Danni! Quick, go downstairs and let her in! I have to get dressed. We were going to watch movies all day and drink some beer.” Kelly says as she gets out the tub. Matt gets a quick feel of her pendulous breasts before he turns to leave.

He turns as he approaches the door and says “Can we talk about this later?”

She looks at him and says, “Yes. We most certainly will.” He winks at her and leaves.

The morning outside is warm with a slight breeze to cool her skin. Danni waited patiently outside Kelly’s door after ringing the doorbell. After about 2 minutes, she rang it again.

“What is that woman doing?” she thought. “I am so horny right now. I could use some good pussy licking.”

Just then, a hunk of a young man opened the door. Tall, dark, and handsome. If Kelly wasn’t home, he’d damn sure do.

“Hi, I’m Kelly’s nephew Matt. Come on in. She’s upstairs getting dressed.” he said in a deep baritone as he stuck out his hand for her to shake.

Danni could feel herself getting wetter by the second as she shook his hand. He withdrew his hand and stepped back to let her in. He took the sack from her hands that she had forgotten for the moment and told her to have a seat while he put the beer in the fridge. As he walked away, she couldn’t help but admire his firm backside. She wondered what it would be like to have a handful.

“Hey, I’m going to go on up and talk to her!” she yelled as he rounded the corner into the kitchen.

“Ok!” he said. “I’ll just grab one of the beers and watch some boob tube.”

As she ascended the stairs to Kelly’s room, she couldn’t help but think about all the wicked things she could do to Matt. When she reached the top of the stairs, she could see into Kelly’s room. She had one leg up on the bed rubbing lotion on it. Danni leaned against the door jam and just watched her. Kelly made long smooth strokes up and down her legs.

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