The Sexiest Little Sister is Taken

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A Brother’s Conquest of his Little Sister’s Impossible Beauty

From the thin layered apartment that they shared, Sam could hear his sexy little sister humming in their shower and he tried to picture her stunning body as the hot water cascaded down the most fabulous body known to man. Sam sighed as he thought of that body. It was a petite example of perfection with a spectacular hourglass figure that in this moment, when he visualised the nakedness of her bronze body, brought his ten inches to life. Zelda was a year younger than his twenty-three-year old male body and Sam thought no woman could compare to his little sister’s twenty-two-year old body of absolute perfection. Zelda had been born under the December sky and Sam believed such a magical month had embodied its magic into her womanly body, because the female specimen that hummed so adorably not far from him, was the most gorgeous woman to ever walk this earth and he wanted to fuck her with every fibre of his being.

However, she would never allow it, despite her gullible nature, after all, she was not only his little sister, but also in a different league to his pale and skinny build. Whereas he was without much muscles and with a hair colour so black it captured the night. Zelda’s blonde locks embodied the light that surged within her and thus her brilliant blue eyes would sparkle at him when she did her routine workouts. Those workouts had produced the most perfect and fuckable body known to man and while he contemplated about whether to fuck her sexy ass or not, he used her shapely body as an inspiration.

The golden curves of her blonde hair that seemed to enhance the angelic nature of her sultry face, cascaded down her body on both sides. On the front side, blonde locks would cover most of her chest as they fell in curvy waves, but as if magic permitted them, they would never block the impossibly beautiful sight of her ballooning cleavage, that he knew stood high on her chest in a measurement of 38DD and Sam knew this as a result of their shared bedroom giving him easy access to her underwear. On her backside, the golden locks would fall in a thick package of waves until they reached just above the cleavage caused by her impossibly round ass cheeks. Each cheek of her wonderfully toned booty seemed like they had been carved out of a wish list and thus her booty embodied the round shape of two little suns in each cheek.

Just the thought of her bubble butt made his mouth water and his mast rose to full attention. Although her tits and ass were fucking unbelievable, there were few things better than her shapely thighs of glistening bronze, that seemed like a god had carved them in an attempt to create perfection and in Sam’s opinion, that nameless god had succeeded. Because the toned and juicy bronze colour seemed to paralyse men in a state of pure lust and every time Sam looked at their shapely and sexy nature, that seemed perfectly displayed in whatever his goddess of a little sister used to wear or not wear, he imagined them wrapped around him while he gave her the pounding of a lifetime and while his imagination pounded the most fuckable embodiment of a woman’s sexiness, he faintly heard the imagined voice of his little sister screaming at the top of her lungs and although her words were mostly incoherent, he could still hear her beg him to fuck her shaven pussy harder.

Sam imagined his hands taking hold of her thin waist that seemed to make her already flat and toned stomach even sexier as he fucked her, but his needy hands would soon travel downwards and take hold of her wide hips, before they seized those godlike cheeks in his peasant hands as he slammed her like she was his plaything. However, if all of that wasn’t enough for him to fuck the shit out of the five-foot tall humming bird in their unlocked shower, then those full and pouty lips clad in a natural pink would be the final touches he needed to rise from his bed and walk towards their bathroom. Because Sam could lose his mind as he fantasised about those lips going up and down on his pale mast and in his opinion, they made Zelda look like an utterly perfect babe of a woman.

However, in a few moments, Sam would rape his twenty-two-year old vixen of a sister, but he didn’t want this to be a once in a life time experience. No, Sam wanted to fuck the living shit out of her until her gullible mind had fallen in love with him. Thus, he took off his boxers from his six-foot tall body and opened the unlocked bathroom door, that none of them locked in case the other had to use the toilet, and before he took one more step, he breathed in some of her scent that still lingered within the hall like it was a perfume that smelled so good the air wouldn’t allow it to disappear. Thus, without any shreds of doubt for what he was about to do to the one who loved him more than anyone in the world, Sam opened up the door to his new life that even his wildest fantasies couldn’t have prepared him gaziantep escort bayan reklamları for.

Zelda sang with such a pleasant and feminine voice and although she didn’t know the lyrics of the song she tried to present to the steaming bathroom, she unashamedly continued her adorable effort as her newly manicured nails in pink, shampooed her majestic hair. While she performed her song, her eyes were closed due to the shampoo hurting her eyes, but she was too lost in her singing to even think of drying the closed lashes of her eyelids, thus the blonde goddess never saw, nor heard her attacker entering the cubicle of their shower, but then he was on her and as she was thrown against the soaked wall, her worst nightmare became her reality.

The impact of her hitting the wall high in the air made her believe that she was falling, but her petite body was held up by her attacker’s hands and the death grip they held on her shapely thighs.

Zelda wanted to scream as the man’s torso crushed her massive globes against his chest, but her screams became muted as his mouth devoured hers. The blonde bombshell wanted to resist him, but the stabbing pain caused by his shaft both impaling her on his weapon of steel and taking her virginity at the same time, made her powerless to do anything at all. Zelda felt the wall hurt her back as her attacker pounded her relentlessly into it and while his lips smacked against hers, she found it difficult to breath.

The loss of her senses played a huge part on her invisible reluctance, after all, how could she fight someone bigger than her without being able to see him? That question was the power behind her so far invisible reluctance to her rapist’s abuse of her body, but it was the fear that caused her arms to hold around his neck and shoulders for support. The fear that this attacker might have hurt her beloved brother, or that he would kill her if she didn’t let him rape her, thus, when his tongue invaded her mouth, she let her tongue dance with his in a devouring kiss.

The slamming sounds of the fucking she was receiving echoed around her and the water continued to hit the top of her head as the man fucked her mercilessly. Suddenly, she felt his mouth leave hers and she was for this instance able to breathe again, but then she was thrown up in the air, before his hands caught each cheek of her fantastic booty in his hands.

In this position, his elbows locked her thighs to his side and thus she remained wrapped around her attacker as he slammed into her with more intensity than ever before. It was like being fucked by a machinery that only increased in the rapid nature of the thrust she was enduring and in that moment when her entire body jiggled as a result of the hammering she was receiving, she felt the first orgasm of her life rock through her. It felt like the wall, that her attacker attempted to make her one with, disappeared in the powerful force of her orgasm and her moans now accompanied the slamming sounds of the rough fucking. However, her purrs where soon prevented entry into the room as the man’s mouth mashed against hers and as if her orgasm had removed her memory of who this man was and what he was doing to her, she passionately kissed him back while her thighs squeezed around him in an attempt to take him deeper within her walls.

Zelda’s reaction to her rape caused her rapist to do the impossible and increase the pace of their fucking and as a result, she felt like her mind would be fucked out of her body if he continued to treat her in such a rough fashion. The hammering she took had in this moment remade itself from the nightmare she initially thought it was and taken the form of utter pleasure. Thus, Zelda now met his thrusts as her moans grew louder and then she felt her entire body be taken on a ride by another earthshattering orgasm. Thus the blonde goddess screamed at the top of her lungs, “YES!! YES!! YES!! FUCK ME!! PLEASE FUCK ME!! DON’T STOP…DON’T STOP FUCKING ME!!” The words she screamed reeked of filth and made the man fucking her, swing her around and slam her sexy ass against the shower glass of the cubicle and while he fucked the living shit out of her, she felt herself go limp in his hands as yet another orgasm rocked her entire world.

Gone where the thoughts of fear and consequences, instead, all that remained was the pleasure the fucking was giving her and it felt like her intelligence was thrown out of the window as he fucked her through her orgasm. Zelda had never felt happier than in this moment and not once did she even think about the identity of her lover. Instead all that she made was barely incoherent screams that muted her moans of pleasure, but screams that perfectly captured the sexual state of divinity that she was experiencing. “UGH!! OH MY…OH MY GOD!! UGH!! DON’T STOP…UGH…DO…UGH!!…DON’T STOP FUCKING ME!! FUCK gaziantep bayan escort reklamları ME!! FUCK THE SHIT OUT ME!!”

Zelda’s lover did just that as he fucked her harder than she had ever experienced and the slamming sounds of their fucking became her newest and most favourite tune. In fact, as he bounced her on top of his glorious dick while he moved them out of the shower, she realised that she could never allow him to leave the apartment. In truth, Zelda didn’t even care who this person was or if her brother would oppose her newest flat mate, because this man was staying and she would let him fuck her like this for her entire life for all that she cared.

The feeling of his cock leaving her soar and beaten pussy, made her feel desperate to have it back in her, but as she was spun around and bent over the sink, she felt it impale her yet again and boy did she scream as he did. “TAKE ME!! MAKE ME YOUR WHORE!! FUCK ME!! JUST FUCK ME!!” and in this position, her lover made her pleasure reach new heights. Zelda’s deliciously round ass cheeks ricocheted wildly at every thrust the man hammered her with and soon, they were spanked so violently Zelda felt the world around her start to fade for just a moment before she screamed as yet another orgasm took her. “SPANK ME!! USE ME!! UGH!! UGH!! DON’T STOP FUCKING ME!!”

Zelda had never spoken like this, but this was an experience in which she found her true self and she almost felt blessed that this wonderful man had decided to break into her home and show her true colours to herself, thus she felt herself fall hard for him and it was for that reason she blindly searched for the prepared towel on the edges of the sink.

With the material finally in her hands, she used it to wipe her hurting eyelids free from shampoo as her entire body buckled due to the fucking she was receiving. However, bent over the sink like this and fucked so violently as she were, she didn’t want to look at the love of her life by turning around. Instead she wanted to see herself fucked beyond recognition in the mirror, thus she used the towel to clear the glass from the steam left by the still running shower, but nothing in the whole world have been able to prepare herself for what she saw in the reflection of the mirror. There, stood behind her and fucking her stupendous booty to places she never knew existed, stood her beloved brother Sam, and when she looked at the sexy bombshell of a woman being fucked like she was a wild animal, she didn’t even recognise herself. It felt like she was seeing herself for the first time and what she saw was a hot piece of ass utterly enslaved as her brother’s whore. Because the shocked expression of her lover’s identity had left her and instead she smiled a most dazzling smile at him in the moment they locked eyes through the reflection in the mirror.

Sam however, didn’t stop his hammering of her spectacular booty, instead he continued to fuck the life straight out of her as he remained lost in her sexy eyes, but despite his attention being captivated by those fuck me eyes his little sister gave him, he still saw her cocksucking lips smack at him in the mirror and thus, happy that his plan had succeeded, Sam began to fuck his bombshell of a sister like he had always wanted.

Sam yanked her majestic blonde hair and as a result his sexy little sister arched backwards into his laughably under developed torso. However, his hands were quick in doing to things. First, he seized her arms behind her back and to finally accomplish the fantasy of his drams, he took his other hand and chocked her neck with a firm grip. Thus, Sam fucked her with a pace he had never knew possible as he walked his new pet around their apartment.

With every step they took, Zelda moaned into his mouth that now smacked against hers as his tongue conquered hers and every time he would come back up from air, his goddess of a little sister would scream at him to fuck her. Sam had never been with a woman before, after all, he was the geek who played video games on his free time when he wasn’t being beaten up by the popular boys that would have killed for the opportunity to fuck the perfection that was his little sister round ass, but instead here he was, walking this stunning bombshell around their home as if he wanted to reintroduce her to her new life as his woman and while he was fucking the most desirable woman on the planet, tears streamed down his face as he realised his accomplishment.

Their tour ended in their shared bedroom, but he didn’t want to used her bed, after all, his bed hadn’t been cleaned in weeks and thus it made for an even dirtier experience. Sam couldn’t quite believe it as his hands held those glorious tits in his hands and in truth, Zelda’s tits were so fucking big he couldn’t even hold the entirety of their flesh in his hands, but he roughly pinched her nipples escort gaziantep bayan reklamları as the most glorious blonde bombshell this world had ever seen, bounced like a madwoman on his shaft that seemed impossible to tire within her inner walls. Perhaps they were built with Viagra juice to keep up his endless fucking of his little sister, or perhaps she simply was so stunning that her outrageous beauty gave him new life every time she squirmed after her orgasms. But Sam wanted more from this fantastic woman that contrasted the ugliness of his pale and weak body. Thus he spanked the shit out of her impossibly tight ass as she rode him like a champ while she screamed at him to fuck her harder.

Sam on the other hand knew, that no matter how many times he fucked the goddess on top of him, that his conquest of his little sister would never be completed without the experience of fucking her gloriously built booty. Thus he manhandled the most sultry looking woman in the universe off of his steel and on to her hands and knees, but he didn’t even warn her of his intent and thus he simply hammered his cock into her pink asshole.

Zelda collapsed to the sheets the very instant he intruded her and perhaps it wouldn’t feel like he had driven a sword in there if he had been patient, but Sam couldn’t wait and he simply didn’t care. After all, this is what her sexy ass was built for and thus she would simply take it. When Sam placed his entire weight on top of her as he fucked her almost impossibly tight asshole into the sheets of the bed, he felt like a fucking King. Sam’s new queen on the other hand, had lost her fucking mind to the pleasure her geek of a brother was giving her and thus she could only scream as her shapely body was fucked into the pillow as he went to town on the most well-built ass in the world. “UGH!! UGH!! TAKE IT OUT!! UGH!! TAKE IT OUT!! TAKE IT OUT!!”

Sam listened to her screams, but despite her pleading for him to stop, Sam figured that he had already raped the shit out of his bombshell of a sister once and thus he began to do it yet again as he upped the pace of his thrusts. This went on and on until he could feel her sexy asshole finally opening up and adapting to his cock.

Eventually however, the turn in the sexiest bombshell’s attitude changed as he slammed her quivering body until he feared she might become one with the bed. “UGH!! FUCK YES!! TAKE…TAKE THAT ASS!! TAKE ME!! MAKE ME YOURS!! USE ME!! UGH!! UGH!! OH MY GOD!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! DON’T STOP FUCKING ME!! OH MY GOD!! UGH!! I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE HOW YOU FUCK ME!! FUCK ME TILL I FUCKING DIE!!”

God his sexy little sister was filthy, but he would never deny his new queen his cock and thus he fucked her massive ass until the woodwork of the bed cracked underneath him, but he didn’t care about the well-being of the fucking bed, thus he fucked that massive bubble until Zelda lost the ability to scream and in that moment when he emptied his cum into the depths of her ruined asshole, the bed came crashing down and his mind went blank as the world faded around him.

Sam awoke on his back and although his mind was disoriented, he could still see that he was in the midst of the destroyed bed, but he was still too disoriented to get up. However, he felt flushed and he could hear sounds of slurping echoing around him. The moment he truly got his vision back, he stared down at the sight of his goddess of a whore worshipping his cock like she had walked through the Sahara Desert without a trace of food only to devour his cock like it was the meal she had wished for the moment she had seen it. “You’re so fucking hot and filthy sis” Sam simply stated and her wicked eyes spoke volumes as she eye-fucked him while her cocksucking pink lips worked like a lifeguard to bring his weapon to full power.

Sam couldn’t wait no longer and thus he placed his hands on her golden crown and forced his cock down her slutty throat. The gagging sounds she made when he emptied inside of her was like music to his ears and feeling like an absolute shit, he used his other hand to pinch and close her nose so that no air was accessible to her.

Sam counted down from ten and moments before his countdown ended, he could see and feel her arms hitting him with her fists as tears streamed from her eyes, but when he was finished with his countdown. Zelda came up inhaling as much air as she could manage and when she was satisfied, she swallowed what cum she hadn’t already taken down her throat. However, with the most fucked expression ever plastered on a female’s face, his unbelievably hot little sister jumped on his torso like a wild animal and kissed him so hungrily and passionately, it felt like she hadn’t seen him in a thousand years and every now and then she would stop her assault on his mouth to tell him with ragged breathing.

“Thank you!! Thank you for doing that!! Promise me…Promise me that you will always treat me like this and if you do then I promise you that I’m yours for the rest of your life. Please, Promise me Sam, because I will beg it of you brother mine until the day I die” and when he heard those words, Zelda couldn’t become more perfect in his eyes, thus he promised her all that she wanted before he lifted her impossibly sexy and petite body up from the wrecked bed, only to bounce her heavenly curves on his cock as he penetrated her pussy that was stained in his cum.

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