The Shop Ch. 04

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Big Tits

It had been a while now since we’ve been to the shop but of course we didn’t forget it, indeed we often whispered late at night, when the moon threw shadows on our naked bodies, of the wonderful and hot experiences of that magical erotic shop. We talked of it, played it, and fantasized about it, turning each other on with stories of going back to the shop. Usually during a story we’d get really turned on, make love, and then fall asleep. And then one summer evening, after playing around semi clothed on our deck, we decided we would return. Even picked a date. A month away. The anticipation was a turn on, it led to some teasing, some hot discussions, some wild fantasies.

On the next Saturday night we began playing around on a swinger site and came across a couple. They were roughly our age, had a stable marriage, were open minded (of course), and were seeking a little fun and entertainment. My husband looked over at me and said, “They should know about the shop.” I smiled and said. “Funny I was thinking the same thing.”

We sent them an email and we told them all about the shop. Two days passed. By that time we had consigned ourselves to an idea that the email had gone awry when we received an email from them.

“We really were not sure about you or about the shop. We really were just pretending to have been interested in other couples. We were suddenly shy and felt quite unnerved by the idea of such a shop. So we found it and went. The thing is everything you described was true although some things have changed. But the odd thing is, my husband thinks he found your wife’s picture. He says there’s only one way to be sure. I said it’s not fair. So if you are interested, he suggested I send you a picture of me. Same pose. If you respond with a yes, then I send you a picture, we pick the date and you come.”

There was a picture of them in front of the shop. She was small and round with brownish red hair, small hands, curvy legs, and a flirty look. Most importantly she was wearing a short skirt, a white blouse and obviously no bra. The white blouse perked on either side of a lovely cleavage. Her husband’s arm was around her and he was wearing a proud smile. Obviously they were in love and they wanted to play.

I emailed one word. “Beautiful!”

An email sped back. It was a picture of her pussy, surrounded by a billowing skirt, glistening with juices.

“Look familiar?” my wife asked me.

“Not yet.” I said and she laughed.

Below it was a date: July 18, 9 pm.

That was three months from now! Three months? I groaned impatiently. Should we change our date?

I was looking at the woman’s pussy.

My wife said, “Where is the wall of cock pictures? It’s not fair. “

“You’ll have to ask.” I said so she sent an email asking the man for a cock picture. She said was a little nervous about it but after all he not only saw but picked out her pussy. Pretty soon he sent a picture of an engorged cock.

“Look familiar?” I asked her teasingly.

“Like I’d know it anywhere.” She answered with a grin.

So we spent the next three months looking at pictures, talking, dreaming and planning. But of course nothing prepared us for the night we would spend. As always it was as though the gypsy woman was planning it through the weeks.

On the designated night we arrived at 9 p.m. The night was cool-ish, the day heat settling away. My sexy wife was wearing a skirt that fell to her ankles and hugged her curves. And it was slit up the sides. She had a sleeveless top and pearls. I was wearing a pale silk shirt with white pants which she always said set off my greenish brown eyes. Very hot. We ankara moldovyalı escortlar stepped into the shop, past the doll and greeted the woman at the desk. She handed us tall glasses of the tea and said, “You’re guests have been waiting anxiously for you.”

The couple stood up as we entered. The man said, “Hello, thanks for calling ahead, we were made quite comfortable since we arrived a little early. Traffic was good.” The woman laughed, her laugh was melodic which nicely complimented his deep steady voice.

The only thing was that we had not called at all. I smiled and wrapped my arms around the woman, her name was Wanda and kissed her cheek. My wife reciprocated with the man, his name was Joe, as I explained that we had not called ahead. We stood and talked a little, wondering about the call while the tea began to do its’ work. I saw my wife touch Joe’s pants just above his crotch and I knew she was feeling it as well. Just then we were interrupted.

“Ahh, you have talked and are comfortable. Come! Your evening awaits.” We were ushered into a room with many windows. “I have made some changes for you. Each of you must enter one of the rooms alone while the others watch. One by one. If you do this, your next event will be free.”

With that, she left the room. We opened the curtains to the first room. A group of men was standing. A gentleman walked up to my wife and took her hand, blindfolded her and led hrr blindfolded into the room. We watched while a man entered the room, unzipped his pants and took his semi hard cock out. He was led to the end of the line. Each man had his zipper down and his cock out. Some were hard, some semi and some soft. My wife had been dressed in a sexy sheer peignoir and was being led by a women who was wearing a bikini.

My wife was curvy and beautiful. The woman in the bikini whispered something in her ear then led her hands to the line of men. She began softly touching the first man’s cock. She played with a delicious smile on her face for few minutes then went to the next man. His cock was soft. When she found it, it started to respond. Then she whispered something and his cock twitched and engorged. She kissed him and rubbed his cock up against her stomach.

The rules were written on the wall- With each cock she kissed she received a point, five points gained her free entrance to another room. The look on her face left no doubt that she would get the reward. We watched as my lovely wife, blindfolded, stroked a cock, it was already hard. She smiled and then groped around for the next man in line. She seemed in a hurry at first as if wanting one more cock, one more cock. She then took a breath, let go of the large cock in her hand, squatted down and licked it gently. One by one, she kissed and licked her way down the line, to each man. Each cock was different, each unique and she seemed to relish each one.

We were wordless as we watched. My wife touched herself a few times. My breathing was coming quickly. Joe seemed transfixed as he watched her. He was breathing hard. It seemed as if he was feeling every touch while he watched her. I knew what her hands and mouth could do for a cock. Joe not only seemed to feel the pleasure of each man but to feel her pleasure as well. For me it was hot to see watching and my wife touching herself as she played. Wanda’s eyes were on the long row of cocks but on Joe getting turned as he watched my wife giving and receiving pleasure. Wanda looked back and forth, from the row of guys to the bulge in Joe’s pants to my bulge.

Suddenly she turned to me and said. “I know now why it is so hot, to watch, to play, to swap, ankara ukraynalı escortlar to imagine and feel each other’s excitement and ecstasy.”

They learned later that being blindfolded with many naked men was a long fantasy of my wife’s. The shop knows.

When she was done she was led out and brought back to the three of us. She smiled at me and at Joe, her face filled with lust. Joe leaned down and kissed her, and her hands slipped around him. We all, as one, were then moved down to the next window and the curtains were opened. There was a wall filled with pictures of cocks and a blank page that said ‘Your turn’. Wanda looked at Joe mischievously and my wife looked at him the same way. Together they both unzipped him, to his great delight, and each licked his cock. It was straining up ending in the engorged tip my wife had said she wanted to caress with her tongue when she first saw his picture. They led him to the room and towards the camera. He had to go the next step alone.

He walked to the camera. His cock was hard, precum leaked from the tip and the camera flashed as though it knew. She knew. His cock filled the picture frame. Next they came for me. My wife unzipped me and she and Wanda took turns licking me hard before I was led to the camera. All around the room the walls were covered in screens with films of sex, to keep us hard I suppose. There was a flash and my picture filled an empty space. The screens went blank. After I came out my wife went into the room with the wall of cocks and stood for quite a while, looking dreamy. I remember a similar feeling looking at the wall of pussies. These wonderful things we have for making love, for making babies, for having fun. Not necessarily in that order.

We were led then to another room which had a bed with restraints. “That looks inviting.” Wanda said and so she removed her silk underwear (which my wife took and gave to me to pocket), my wife also seductively removed her own panties and gave hers to Joe. Panty-less, and wet, Wanda walked into the room and suddenly a man and then another walked into the room. They gently led her to the bed and tied her up and then the men began to caress her breasts and then one slipped three fingers between her legs and played with her pussy lips.

They were not permitted, I was told later, to penetrate her with their fingers or anything else. While it was happening though she did not know that and later said that she so wanted a finger, a tongue, or a cock in her pussy. She moved, lifted her hips and asked but to no avail. They teased her with cocks that slid along her lips, her wet fragrant pussy and her hungry mouth and with caresses all over. The heat in her pussy grew. When they left more men came in the room and caressed her as well.

She said that was so horny and that that was the point of it. I’m sure it’s obvious by now that that was a fantasy of hers, to be restrained and teased to the point of pure lust. Finally she was led off the bed and back to me, my wife and Joe, knowing Joe and I had seen everything, her pussy, her responses, every movement she made had been appreciated. I gathered her in my arms, my hand on her ass kissing her deeply. “You were so beautiful. So Hot!” My cock was on fire.

We moved as one, my wife and Wanda sans panties, to the last window. There were three blind folded women bent over a bed and there were three toys. In the window it said Give them pleasure and you will be rewarded. I wished it was me picked but it was Joe who was first invited in. He smiled and moved into the room. He picked up a large dildo and brought it to the first woman. He sincan minyon tipli escortlar rubbed the outside of her pussy lips with his hands and she moved against him.

Softly he ran his hands over her bottom and then he slowly slipped the dildo into her, and she moved back on it. He left it there and returned to the table. He next picked up a small rabbit vibrator and brought it to the second woman. First he gently ran it over her ass, around the insides of her legs, then over her pussy lips and then around again. She was opening for him wider and wider and he slipped it under her pussy so it rested directly on her clit. She moaned and began to rock on the bed, gasping, breathing deeply.

He left it on so she would continue to feel pleasure. While she rocked the bed moved and her moans and the smell of pussy began to move through the room as Joe moved to the last woman. He picked up the last tool, a double penetrator. He played with her pussy rubbing it all around her lips and then slipping it in and out, he moved it around her ass as well. She leaned back towards him, he continued to play as she moved faster and moaned and begged, “Please.” She whispered, “Slip it in. Fuck me.”

It was incredibly hot to watch and my wife said out loud, “My pussy begged to be filled as I looked around the room at you doing that Joe.” Then it was my turn but the toys were taken out. I was to please the women with my hands, tongue, cock as I pleased. The sight of those curvy bodies and wet folded pussies was almost too much. I sipped, kissed, licked and entered all the pussies but did not let myself come.

Then a door opened and the gypsy woman entered. She was dressed in gold from head to foot. She was joined by a man as well, dressed in flowing gold pajamas. He touched both Wanda and my wife and kissed them gently. While he kissed he slipped a lozenge into their mouths. He led them to a beautiful room, undressed them and wrapped them in silk. I looked at Wanda, her red hair framed her face and she smiled this sweet and delicious wicked smile. “My pussy is on fire…” She said.

He led the two women into a room that was darkened. “Do not be afraid.” He whispered. “You have been generous, now you will be rewarded.”

In the darkened room they waited until the door opened. Joe and I came in and as the door closed it became pitch dark. We groped around until I felt a soft arm. I traced my hand over and down realizing it was Wanda. I could hear my wife whispering so I know she and Joe had bumped into each other. Wanda and I stood face to face and kissed. I ran my hand up and down her back and over her soft curvy rear. She pressed close to me and my hard cock rubbed against her soft stomach.

I could have come that way I was so horney but she led me down on the floor and straddled me. As she lowered her body on mine my cock slid effortlessly into her wide open pussy. I reached up and grabbed her tits as she began sliding up and down. It felt exquisite. Her pussy was soft and wet, my cock tingled with pleasure. She clenched her pussy and moaned and then she stopped, her pussy wide open. I began pushing up slowly, sliding up and down in her. I could feel a slow orgasm begin in my depths and I sighed.

Then, in the dark, I heard the sweet sound of my wife moaning. I know her moans well and I could tell, even if I didn’t know what she was doing, that she was close to an explosive orgasm. Her moans increased and began to be timed with my thrusts. If I slowed my thrusts her moans slowed too and as I sped up so did her sighs of pleasure. Then I began timing my thrusts with her moans and I began to push deep as ecstasy spread from the core of my balls to the tip of my cock and my wife in ecstasy let out a long sigh. We had come at the same time, together, in sync.

After we dressed to leave I asked my wife about her time with Joe. “I’ll tell you later in bed some night,” she teased, “but like I said I’d know that cock anywhere.”

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