The Sleepover Ch. 03

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“Kristina has a boyfriend,” Lauren says as she slowly lowers her steamy pussy down onto my very erect cock. I don’t know why my sister picks such inopportune times to start conversations.

“Really?” I ask, as she squeezes her smooth thighs against my legs and her pussy compacts around my solid shaft! “So… what does that mean?” I ask, unwittingly getting sucked into the discussion as I reach for her firm tits, which are jutting out invitingly from her teenage chest.

“She wants to take it slowly with him…” she says as she sits up straight, pressing her slick pussy lips into my groin. “She doesn’t want to cheat on him with either of us.”

“Good for her…” I respond, tweaking her erect nipples with my thumb and index finger. God, my sister has such amazing breasts. “Not so much for us.” I smile and then change the subject. “Has mom said anything else… you know, about… um… us?” I ask hesitantly.

“She’s still trying to get up the nerve to talk to dad,” she smiles, leaning forward as I cup my hands around her breasts and press my palms against her aroused nipples.

“Maybe she won’t do it,” I state matter-of-factly, while hefting her marvelous tits and pinching her taut nipples. She starts rocking her hips in a slow rolling motion while clenching her pussy muscles around my cock.

“Mmmm,” I moan as she massages my aroused cock with her talented pussy.

“What about you,” she whispers. “How do you feel about mom?”

“I don’t know.” The truth is part of me is relieved that mom hasn’t taken this any farther. “Do you think she’ll just drop it?” I ask. Lauren is rocking faster and I arch my back while bucking my hips off the bed to drive my cock deeper into her fiery pussy.

“I don’t know. You seem kind of relieved,” she says. Damn, my sister knows me too well.

“Will you miss not having another woman hanging out with us?” I ask.

“Maybe a little,” she reluctantly admits. “I really liked what we were doing with Kristina.”

“I’m sure Alex will be happy to join us,” I tease, referring to one of Lauren’s close friends. Alex is a sexy African-American beauty who was enthusiastically engaged during the sleepover/lingerie party that started this whole thing.

“Jerk!” Lauren laughs as she playfully slaps my arm. I reflexively pull my hands back, leaving her tits to bounce unrestrained all over on her chest. I grab her hips with both hands and slam her down repeatedly onto my rigid pole.

“Oh yeah!” Lauren moans as she jounces up and down on my cock, driving us both closer to our climax. Her hot juices lubricate our intense coupling, soaking my thighs and oozing down between my ass cheeks. Fuck! My sister is so freaking hot!

It’s Friday evening; Lauren is spending the night at my place. I have already ravaged her sexy body, teasing and eating her through two delicious climaxes and had her well on the way to a third when she begged me to replace my tongue with my dick. Her taste is the ultimate aphrodisiac and I can never get enough of that succulent flavor, but after more than an hour of having my tongue buried in her pussy, my cock was more than primed for action.

“Oh God! Oh Brandon!” my sister moans as she leans her hands on either side of my head and pistons her hot pussy up and down on my aching cock. Her elongated nipples brush up and down my chest as hot jism boils inside my swollen shaft. I am so close but my sister is in charge now, setting whatever pace she needs to drive us towards our explosive finale.

“Oh yeah, Sis!” I grunt as Lauren slams down hard and cries out in ecstasy. My cock erupts inside her pulsating pussy as she collapses on top of me, her sweat-soaked body shivering from the intensity of her orgasm. I wrap my arms around her and pull her close while her pussy clenches around my spurting cock.

“We don’t need anyone else,” I whisper, kissing the top of her head.

“Mmmm,” she murmurs, straightening her legs without disengaging my spent cock from her warm pussy. We fall asleep with her lying on top of me, her cheek against my chest.

When I wake up, Lauren is curled on her side facing away from me. Her sexy ass and rhythmic breathing are like a morning aphrodisiac but I decide to let her sleep while I slip into the bathroom.

I’m in the kitchen making coffee when my phone vibrates on the counter. It’s our cousin, Rachel calling.

“Hey Cuz,” I answer. “Long time.” Rachel is a couple of years younger than I am and has been away at school.

“Hey Brandon,” Rachel responds. “What’ve you been up to?”

“Same-o-same-o,” I laugh. “Work, play, work. What about you?”

“I just graduated and I’ve got an internship as a sports therapist at that new center near you.”

“Congratulations! That’s awesome!” I mentally picture my gorgeous cousin massaging sore muscles on horny jocks and realize I’m standing naked in the kitchen with a semi-erect cock.

“Thanks!” I haven’t heard from my cousin in a long time and it’s unusual for her to just call up to chat. “Um… canlı bahis Brandon,” Rachel says, hesitantly. “Your mom tells me you got your own place.”

“Yeah,” I answer, wondering where this is going.

“She said you have an extra bedroom.” She’s speaking rapidly now like she wants to get the whole thing out before I respond. “And I was wondering if it would be okay if I stay with you during my internship? It’s only for three months,” she quickly adds. “I wouldn’t, um… cramp your style or anything.” She laughs.

“Absolutely!” I say, picturing my sexy 22-year-old cousin. I’ve had a crush on Rachel for as long as I can remember. Who knows what could happen if we’re living together. I quickly admonish myself for having these thoughts but it only dims them rather than clears them completely from my mind.

“Great! You’re the best!” she gushes. “The job starts a week from Monday, is it okay if I move in sometime next week?”

“Sure! I’ll clean my junk out of the other bedroom. There’s already a bed and a dresser in there because Lauren sleeps over occasionally.” I don’t mention that Lauren has never slept in there.

“I don’t want to put anyone out,” she says.

“You’re not,” I respond quickly. “It’ll be great to have you here.”

“Thanks, Brandon. I’ll see you next week, probably Friday.” She hangs up. I smile to myself as I poor some coffee and contemplate my new roommate. It might be fun having a foxy woman living in the next bedroom even if she is my cousin. I almost laugh at myself for thinking my cousin is off limits when my naked sister is sleeping in my bed.

A vision of Rachel’s bare tits flash in my mind and I suddenly remember the time we played “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours” when we were younger. I wonder how she would feel about playing that now. I clear that from my mind as I walk back into the bedroom to see if Lauren is awake.

“Hey,” she says drowsily, rolling onto her back and spreading her creamy thighs invitingly.

“Hey, yourself,” I smile, crawling up between her legs and flicking my tongue in the crevice between her thigh and her pelvis.

“Mmmm… I’ll give you an hour to stop that,” she giggles. “Ooo! Or don’t ever stop,” she purrs as my tongue strays to her outer labia and I slide my left hand up to cup her breast. “You really know how to say good morning but I haven’t showered since… um… everything last night,” she says, pushing my head away and starting to sit up.

“Doesn’t matter,” I retort, removing her hand from my head and lowering my mouth back to her succulent pussy.

“If you say so,” Lauren stops arguing and moves her arms up over her head, arching her back in a sexy morning stretch. My palm returns to her breast, caressing her nipple as my tongue explores her warm pussy. I can never get enough of my sister’s delicious cunt juice. I could eat her all day and still be unsatiated.

“Mmm… I love you, Brandon,” Lauren sighs as my tongue swirls around her clit and dips back into her velvety opening.

“You always say that when I have my tongue in your pussy,” I smile, taking a breath before diving back into her steamy snatch.

“Sometimes I say it when you’re fucking me,” she chuckles while enmeshing her fingers in my hair and pulling my face tighter into her wet crotch. I get serious now, alternating between dipping my tongue inside her pussy, licking her sensitive inner labia and sucking on her engorged clit. The combined effort pays off as she arches her back and writhes impatiently against the sheets.

“Oh yeah! That feels so good, Brandon!” Lauren pants as her orgasm builds and she pulls anxiously on my hair. “Wait! Why did you stop?” she pouts. I just smile as I slide my body over hers.

“I want to fuck you,” I say, nibbling on her thick nipples as my cock bumps against her slippery mound. “A morning fuck?” I ask as I align my cock with her frothing pussy.

“I’m more than ready!” she answers, pulling me down on top of her and pushing her tongue in my pussy-flavored mouth. My cock easily glides into her saturated hole but I take it slowly, inserting it gradually until it bottoms out and my pelvic bone is resting on her clit.

Kissing passionately, I hold my cock perfectly still inside her velvety pussy as it molds itself around me. Fucking heaven!

“God, you feel so good, Sis,” I tell her when we break the kiss. “I could stay like this forever.”

“Mmmm. You fill me up so nicely, Brandon,” she says, rocking her hips to gain some friction. “Now fuck me please. I’m so close.” Who am I to turn down such a reasonable request?

Starting with a slow rocking motion, I gradually build my momentum until I’m slamming into her, bottoming out my cock on every stroke. She’s clinging to me, pulling me close and mashing her amazing tits into my chest as I pummel her eager pussy.

“Oh Fuck! Brandon!” Lauren cries as her nails dig into my back and her body shudders through a deep, powerful orgasm. Her quivering pussy clamps around my cock and bahis siteleri I shoot my load in long satisfying spurts before collapsing on top of her, both of us gasping for air.

“Damn, Sis,” I pant. “You are so fucking good!”

“Mmm hmmm,” she purrs, still out of breath from our lovemaking. I roll off of her onto my back and she cuddles up to my side.

“You’ll never guess who called this morning,” I say, wrapping my arm around her and pulling her close.


“Cousin Rachel,” I answer. “She has an internship at a local sports therapist and is going to be staying here for the next three months.”

“Here? Meaning in town?” Lauren asks.

“Here, meaning here… with me,” I respond. “In the spare bedroom.”

“What? What about us?” Lauren leans up to look me in the eye. Is she jealous of Rachel? That’s ridiculous.

“Rachel doesn’t have anything to do with us,” I answer, unsure why she’s so upset.

“How will we be together with her living here? I won’t be able to spend the night!” she exclaims.

Fuck! Why wasn’t that my first thought instead of how sexy our cousin is.

“Shit! I didn’t think about that!” I respond pathetically. “I’m not sure I could have said no anyway. Mom already told her I have an extra bedroom.”

“Mom did this on purpose to keep us from having a place,” Lauren pouts.

“I doubt that. But hey, we’ll figure it out. I can’t imagine not having you for three months. Besides Rachel will be working. We’ll find a way.”

“I can’t imagine going three months without you either,” she says quietly while she leans her head back on my chest.

Lauren and I spend most of the day in bed and she makes sure each fuck is different. She’s on top, then I’m on top, then we do it doggie style. We even do it in the shower. No matter how many times we fuck and I think this will be the last one for the day, she proves me wrong. My sister sucks me hard again one more time. I’ve never cum so many times in one day. By the time I take her home we are both totally spent.

It’s a weird week schedule wise and we don’t see each other before Rachel arrives Friday afternoon.

“Hey Cuz,” I greet her as I open the door. Rachel is the quintessential, all-American, girl-next-door beauty with a gorgeous face and the build of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She has full breasts, a narrow waist, well-toned legs and a head-turning ass.

“Hey yourself!” she smiles as she pulls me into a full embrace, pressing those ample breasts into my chest. I grab her waist and pull her close, kissing her cheek. Whatever perfume she’s wearing smells great and we hold the embrace longer than I would have expected.

“You’ve grown some muscles!” she exclaims, running her hands along my biceps. Breaking the embrace, she pulls up my shirt and whistles. “And a solid six pack. You must be fighting the girls off left and right,” she smiles.

“Not really,” I answer quietly. “But you… damn, Rachel you are a beauty queen.”

“Thanks,” she says. “Like I said on the phone, I won’t interfere with your action. I’ll stay in my room or go out if you need the place.”

“I’m not worried about you cramping my style,” I laugh.

“Well I expect the same consideration from you,” she smiles coyly. “I’m not planning on jumping the first guy I see but I’m not planning on being celibate for three months either.” Not the conversation I expected before she’s even brought in her bags.

“Come on,” I say. “Let’s get your things and you can make yourself at home.”

“Are you hungry?” she asks as I lift her suitcases from her car. “Let’s go to dinner. My treat.”

“Sure.” I answer. “Do you mind if we call Lauren. She’s been anxious to see you again too.”

“Great!” Rachel enthuses. “I’ll drop my stuff and fix my make up while you call her.” I can’t imagine why her make up needs any fixing. Her face is already the epitome of beauty.

We have a great time catching up at dinner. Lauren and I pepper Rachel with questions about her internship and she offers to practice her therapeutic massages on us.

“Have you seen your brother’s body?” Rachel asks and Lauren probably would have over reacted to that question if Rachel hadn’t immediately added, “have you seen his six pack abs? I can’t wait to get my hands on those jock-like muscles.” She laughs while switching gears to ask us about our social lives.

“So, you’re over Kelly, and Lauren’s friend Kristina dumped you for a high school guy. Is there anyone else on the horizon?” Rachel asks, leaning forward with her elbow on the table and her chin resting in her hand.

“Nah,” I answer, squeezing Lauren’s thigh under the table. “I’m not looking for anyone permanent right now.”

“What about you, Lauren,” Rachel turns to face my sister. “An attractive girl like you must be in high demand.”

“I’m just focused on school right now,” Lauren smiles demurely.

“No way!” Rachel cries. “You’ve got to be dating someone though, right?”

“Not really,” Lauren bahis şirketleri says, resting her hand on mine under the table. “I’m so close to graduation and there is so much going on that I’m not dating that much.”

“Wait… you’re not a virgin, are you?” Rachel asks teasingly.

“Of course not!” Lauren blushes. “But that doesn’t mean I have to go out every weekend,” she adds defensively.

“I’m just teasing you,” Rachel smiles. “But a girl like you can get laid anytime she wants.” I’m starting to suspect that cousin Rachel’s visit will be more interesting than I thought.

We drop Lauren at home and visit with my parents for a bit before Rachel and I head back to my apartment.

“Are you okay if I take the shower first?” Rachel asks as we walk into the apartment.

“Go for it,” I respond. “I usually shower in the morning anyway. There are clean towels on the towel rack.” I drop onto the couch and watch Rachel’s sexy ass until she turns into the bathroom.

Fuck! I can’t believe I’ve got a hard-on for my cousin and it’s only the first day she’s here. I reach for the TV remote but my mind is replaying our earlier conversation and visualizing her soapy body in the shower.

She takes a fairly quick shower and exits the bathroom with a large bath towel draped around her that barely covers from her breasts to her ass. Her long, toned legs are on full display as she walks across the hall to the bedroom. She glances over and smiles when she sees me watching her.

I’m flipping channels when she emerges from the bedroom dressed in a long sleep shirt. It’s wonderfully obvious that she’s not wearing a bra but not so obvious whether she has any panties on.

“That’s better,” she says and I couldn’t agree more. As she plops down on the couch and tucks her feet up under her, I catch a glimpse of pale yellow panties. “What are you watching?” she asks and it takes me a minute to realize she’s talking about the TV.

“Nothing… Just flipping channels,” I answer. What I’m really watching is her tits pressed against the thin material of her sleep shirt, her nipples clearly outlined as she leans back.

“Thank you again for letting me stay her, Brandon,” she smiles. “I couldn’t really afford an apartment.”

“No problem,” I say, returning her smile. “It’ll be fun.” And I’ll be horny as hell all the time.

“It’s great to see you and Lauren get along so well,” she says, “Not all brothers and sisters are close like that.” She’d probably freak if she knew how close we really are.

“Yeah,” I answer. “It might have been different if we were closer in age but she’s just always been my little sister.” I don’t add how fucking our brains out every few days has improved our relationship.

“Gimme that!” Rachel says, reaching over to grab the remote. “Your channel flipping is driving me crazy!” I react instinctively pulling my arm back to keep her from getting the remote and she leans across me to try and grab it.

“Wait!” I laugh as I hold the remote away with my right and try to block her with my left. “I was just about to find something to watch.”

“Of course, you were,” she laughs as she lunges across me making a grab at the remote. My left hand inadvertently lands across her chest when I try to hold her back. Her braless boobs jiggle against my arm distracting me from her next move.

“Are you still ticklish?” she asks playfully while using her sizeable chest to pin my arm against my body. Her left hand keeps grabbing for the remote as her right hand goes straight to my ribcage. I start laughing and squirming which only serves to rub my arm up and down against her nipples. I can feel them hardening through the thin material.

“You are!” she exclaims, stretching her left arm out and nearly grabbing the remote while continuing to tickle me with her right hand. At this point, we are pressed up against each other. My left arm is mashed between our chests and our faces are only inches from each other. I’m very ticklish but I’m enjoying the closeness too much to give in yet.

“Okay! Okay! Stop!” I pant and she stops the tickling. “I’ll make you a deal,” I say, as I try to pull my arm out but she presses her body more tightly against me. Which is not an unwelcome position. I don’t actually have a deal. I just wanted her to stop tickling me but not move back to her sitting position.

“What deal?” she asks, her face inches from mine. “The only deal is you give me the remote,” she laughs, keeping her fingers poised against my ribs. During our romp her sleep shirt has ridden up and I can see a portion of her bare ass cheeks and a bit of her yellow thong. My cock is responding and I wonder if my cousin realizes how erotic this whole wrestling thing is.

“Fine,” I acquiesce. “Here’s the remote.” I put it in her hand but don’t let go of it. “We decide together what we watch, okay?” As I say this, I’m pulling my left arm out from between us and rest it on her back. Her tits are now pressing firmly against my chest.

“I don’t care what we watch as long as you stop flipping the fucking channels,” she laughs.

“Okay,” I answer, releasing the remote into her hand while giving her a playful slap on her bare ass cheek with my other hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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