The Staff Conference Ch. 03

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John had not won his bet with Tracy, yet. They each said he’d fuck Lisa and Amy during the weeklong conference. And he had. But he bet his fellow teacher and lover that he’d also get two additional teachers to bed with him. The week was half over and time was running short. His two most difficult subjects lie ahead.

John had two targets in mind—Kathy and Michele. Kathy was a mature, 39 year old blonde who had always interested him, despite being ten years older than himself. She had the body of a twenty year old, with a sharp mind and quick wit. He considered her a challenge.

Michele was a naïve, cute first year teacher right out of college with dazzling brunette hair styled in colorful layers. He wanted to jump on her every time he saw her. She would either be the best fuck he ever had…or a total bore. He planned on finding out this week.

But first, Kathy.

Chapter 3: Kathy

John thought back to the previous day when he had led Amy into an empty storage room, ripped off her clothes and fucked her for lunch. Granted, Amy didn’t resist or complain. But Kathy would require a different technique. Kathy called for tact. Skill. Maybe even cleverness on John’s part.

“Shit,” he thought to himself. “I can’t lose this bet to Tracy. Think of something, you bastard.”

The day progressed as most of the others had during the week: workshops, seminars, lunch, more workshops. John had only seen Kathy twice all day and got to talk to her once. But he was able to ascertain that she planned on making her way to the pool area as soon as the last session was over.

It was the foundation for a plan.

At four o’clock he found himself scanning the sparse crowd at the pool. Unfortunately, Kathy was not one of the persons in or around the pool. He was about to sit on one of the lounge chairs when he spied the sauna door. He headed that way.

Kathy looked up when the door opened and smiled back at John.

“Hi. Come on in,” she said.

John quickly pulled the door closed behind him and took a place on the wooden bench across from Kathy. She was leaning back with her arms stretched out beside her and her long legs extended, crossed at the ankles. She wore a conservative two piece bathing suit that complemented her perfect figure.

John got comfortable on the bench, his boxer-style swimsuit already clinging to his legs in the humid air.

“This sure beats another boring workshop,” he said.

“If you think it’s boring now, wait another ten years,” she answered sarcastically.

John laughed. He couldn’t believe that the shapely woman across from him could be that much older than himself. He tried not to stare at the full breasts bulging out of her top, or the luscious juncture of her thighs.

“You must stay away from their food pretty well to stay so thin.” He hoped the line didn’t sound as corny to her as it did to him.

Kathy let out a deprecating groan. “Thank you. But I think I’ll leave this suit behind next time. I’m too old for it.”

“Hardly,” John assured her. “It looks great.”

She quickly changed the subject to school stuff and chatted with John long enough to steal good looks at his muscular chest and legs. She allowed herself to mentally strip off his suit, imagining him from both the front and rear. Only once did she need to have him repeat a question after falling into daydream mode.

“How about moving to the whirlpool?” she asked after about fifteen minutes of chatter.

“Sure,” he replied, opening the door for her and watching her stroll ahead of him. Her tight, round ass fit snugly into her suit, crying out to be held.

Kathy stepped into the empty whirlpool and waited for John to get settled next to her. The swirling, bubbling water engulfed them up to the necks as they stretched out.

“Are you having a good time this week?” Kathy asked.

John had a hard time concentrating on his answer and not the sight of the churning water flowing over Kathy’s ample breasts. “As a matter of fact, yes. More so than I expected.”

His mind instantly created images of Lisa and Amy, their naked bodies under his.

“Good. It shouldn’t be all work, you know,” she said.

Perhaps coincidentally, Kathy’s leg brushed against John’s at the completion of her thought. And instead of pulling back, it lingered under the water, keeping in contact with him. John felt the silky smoothness of her skin, wanting desperately to hold it in place with his hand.

“What fun have YOU been having?” John asked, trying to sound composed.

“Oh…I’ve gotten to know some of the other teachers better.”

John waited for more, but apparently that was all Kathy was going to say. Certainly, she didn’t mean it the way John interpreted it.

“How about tonight? Doing anything special?” he asked.

Kathy slid her leg up and down against his, repositioning herself so that the top of her breasts were out of the water.

“Just staying in the room, probably. Christine might come over. You should join us,” Kathy replied. She tilted illegal bahis her head as she looked over at John, her blonde hair barely touching the rippling water.

“I should. What time?”

“Anytime after 7. She was going to eat first,” Kathy said.

“I’ll be there.”

Kathy cheerfully said she was looking forward to it, then climbed out of the whirlpool and began to dry off. John followed her, attempting not to stare as she ran the towel up and down her creamy thighs, flat stomach and long arms.

They parted with a smile and John went to his room.


“Fuck. I hope she’s having Christine show up so you don’t try anything stupid,” Tracy said, pulling off her blouse.

“This might be my chance to get two at once,” John said as he sat and watched Tracy change clothes.

Tracy was pulling off her pants, a sweatshirt and pair of jeans laid out on the bed next to her. “If you do, I lose. But I don’t think Kathy is presenting Christine as a gift to you.”

John stood and walked over to his lover before she could put anything else on. They were facing each other, kissing lightly as John’s hands began to roam. He cupped her breasts, the thin material of her little bra barely covering the nipples. He reached up and pulled the straps down her arms. Tracy’s eyes were closed as he gently drew the bra off of her left breast.

John leaned down and licked the nipple before pushing the tit up and putting his mouth around as much of it as he could. Tracy moaned as he sucked on it harder. John’s tongue worked the nipple until it grew to twice it’s original size.

A moment later he was repeating the attack on her right breast. Tracy reached behind her back and unhooked the bra, tossing it onto the bed. Once John had her pussy aching with desire, he began to lick his way down her body. He got to the top of her panties and placed his hand on her pussy, pressing in on the fabric.

“Will you wait for me until I get back?” John said quietly.

He used one hand to slightly pull down on the waistband of her panties, the other to rub her pussy.


“Will you be wet?” he asked.

His tongue was barely above her clit. His finger was entering her cunt as far as the panties would allow.


“Are you wet now?”

“Oh, God. Yes.”

John’s tongue slid over her clit. Tracy’s body responded with an uncontrollable twitch and a desperate need for more.

“Let’s find out.” John pushed Tracy onto the bed, pulling off her panties at the same time. Immediately, his face was between her legs, which opened for him without hesitation. Her neatly shaven pussy glistened. The pink lips waiting to be parted so his tongue could enter her.

John lapped at her clit a couple more times before moving down to get the first taste of her soaked pussy. He held her up by the ass and quickly plunged his tongue deep inside her cunt.

“Yes. Yes,” she moaned. “Fuck me with your tongue, John.”

And he did, only pulling out long enough to suck on her clit for a little while. Then he was back inside her, pressing his face against her pussy as hard as he could.

“Oh, fuck. Yes. Eat me.”

She felt her orgasm begin the third time he had her clit between his lips. She arched her back, shoved her body against his face, and came like it was her first time ever. Her little yelps only excited John more and caused him to lick, suck, probe and fuck her every way he orally could.

Tracy bounced under him again and again as her orgasm continued. She knew from experience that John would not stop on her first command. He would keep licking her and stabbing at her clit until she was almost in tears. She would have to crawl away from him for it to stop.

But she was always satisfied. As she was this time, when he finally pulled back and she lay on the bed in a heap, her breasts heaving up and down with her heavy breathing.

“Well, it’s about time to see Kathy and Christine. Should I wash my face first?” John asked, looking down at his beautiful, naked girlfriend.

“Fuck you.”


On his way to Kathy’s hotel room John wondered about the woman who had seemingly flirted with him in the whirlpool. She was so mature. So sure of herself. Yet, she hadn’t done anything blatant to indicate she wanted to do anything with John besides spend an evening with him.

Then she turned around and made sure John knew they wouldn’t be alone. Kathy was so beautiful, with her blonde hair and curvaceous body. John wondered if he was wasting his time with her.

He knocked lightly on her door.

When it opened, Kathy was hidden behind the door, only her bright eyes and hair were visible to him. She smiled.

“You made it. Come on in,” she said.

It was then that John realized that she wore one of the hotel-supplied bathrobes. It was tied at the waist, revealing nothing but skin above and below the belt.

He wasn’t sure what to say. Kathy closed the door behind them and set the lock while John moved farther into the room.

As illegal bahis siteleri soon as he passed the bathroom and the room opened up before him, he saw Christine sitting in a chair by the bed. She, too, was in a bathrobe. And, apparently, nothing else.

“Hi, John,” Christine said cheerfully.

She was a pretty woman, close to Kathy’s age, with an average body, but the most striking blue eyes John had ever seen. They were merely acquaintances at the school, never interacting much at work. John found her attractive. But, like Kathy, she never seemed really approachable.

“Hi, Christine.”

John turned to watch Kathy follow him into the room. There was only one chair remaining, so Kathy motioned for John to use it while she sat on the edge of the bed, close to Christine.

“We’re glad you could make it,” Kathy said. “There hasn’t been a whole lot going on in the evenings around here this week.”

John looked over at Christine, her nicely shaped legs folded in front of her as she leaned back in her chair.

“I know. I’m about ready for it to be over,” he said.

He wasn’t sure that the barefaced lie would get past the two women.

“So we thought maybe we could all entertain each other,” Christine said nonchalantly. But her grin convinced John that the way he construed her message was the way she wanted him to.

Then Christine stretched out her leg and ran her big toe up and down Kathy’s calf. John could almost see Christine’s pussy, but the bathrobe conveniently blocked his view. Still, it was an erotic display and he felt his cock shift under his shorts.

Both women had their robes open enough that it was evident to John they had nothing on above the waist. Beyond that, he could only hope to find out.

“I’m open to suggestions,” John said.

Kathy and Christine looked at each other. Then, as if on cue, they both stood up. They were about five feet in front of John, between him and the bed, standing face to face. At first, neither of them moved. Until Kathy reached out with both hands and placed them on Christine’s robe, directly over her breasts.

Kathy massaged them for a few seconds before putting her hands on the belt of Christine’s robe. With one light tug, the loose knot came apart and the robe fell open.

John’s amazement at what was happening was interrupted by his effort to see what had been revealed by the robe’s untying. Unfortunately for him, the robe was large enough that nothing beyond what he had already seen of Christine’s body was exposed.

However, as soon as Christine reached out to open Kathy’s robe, John was able to see that, in fact, Christine was naked. A large portion of one of her breasts and just a hint of her bare pussy were showing.

When Christine had Kathy’s robe open, the two women looked over at their guest.

“Does this interest you?” Kathy said.

“Absolutely,” John replied.

“Are you getting hard?”

The abruptness of Christine’s question took John by surprise.


“Let’s see,” Christine said, her eyes squarely locked in on his crotch.

John hesitated, then opened his shorts, reached under his boxers, and pulled out his semi-erect cock.

“Very nice,” Kathy said. “Now leave it out.”

The women turned to each other once again and moved closer until they were touching. They barely let their lips come together in a soft kiss.

John looked at the nipples of their breasts, rubbing together as the kiss became more passionate. He was sure he could see the nipples growing, just as his cock was becoming more and more erect with each passing second. Kathy and Christine pushed their hips together before wrapping themselves in a full embrace.

Their kiss led to soft moans and John could no longer resist the urge to stroke himself. His hand engulfed his cock and began to move up and down the shaft.

John saw Christine look down on him. He removed his hand for just a second to let her see the full length of his rigid cock. Then she returned her attention to Kathy.

Just when he didn’t think he could get any harder, John watched the women slide their robes off. Kathy’s perfect ass was closest to him and he couldn’t take his eyes off it. The cheeks were full and nicely rounded, with just the right amount of crease where they met her legs. He instantly imagined his cock sliding into a bent over Kathy.

Then Christine’s hands were on the cheeks, gripping the skin tightly. Small, red indents remained when she removed her hands.

A moment later, Kathy and Christine were climbing onto the bed, their naked bodies now fully exposed to John and his aching cock.

“Well, don’t just sit there. Get naked and get up here,” Kathy told him.

John undressed under the watchful eyes of the two teachers. Throughout the entire process, John’s cock rose from his body like a pole. He wondered what excitement awaited.

As John rolled onto the bed, Kathy and Christine moved apart indicating they wanted him in the middle. He couldn’t refuse. And canlı bahis siteleri he was pretty sure Christine made no effort to get out of the way as he flung his body over hers. John’s cock rubbed against her thigh for a second before he rolled onto his back. She only smiled.

Instantly, both women rolled onto their sides, facing John. Their hands met on top of his rigid cock and fought for control of it. Their frantic touches made him throb even more.

John looked over at Kathy, the quiet, mature teacher he hardly knew. He looked at her breasts just inches from his face. She was very aware of his stares, and leaned towards him until a nipple was at his lips. As soon as he opened his mouth, the breast slid in.

Christine looked on with both jealousy and desire as John sucked loudly on Kathy’s ample breast. She took the opportunity to slide down his body. With Kathy preoccupied by having her breast nibbled on, Christine took control of John’s cock. Soon it was being engulfed by her soft lips.

John could feel Christine’s tongue roaming up and down his shaft, flicking over the tip and moving back to the base again. He slid in and out of her mouth as if it was a wet, warm pussy. All the while sucking on Kathy’s tit.

Eventually, Kathy could not resist moving down and joining her girlfriend. Their lips shared John’s cock and alternated between who got to suck him deep into their mouths.

This went on for a couple minutes until John could not hold back any longer.

“I’m going to cum. Oh God. Now.”

The women licked his cock from both sides. They held it firmly between their mouths, waiting for the first eruption of cum to spray over them.

John lifted his ass off the bed and shouted one more warning. Then a stream of warm, white cum burst from the tip of his cock and landed on Kathy’s face. Both women had their eyes closed as they continued to lick John’s cock. Spurt after spurt of cum flew into the air, landing on each of them randomly.

When they sensed that it was over, Kathy and Christine opened their eyes and laughed when they saw each other. Kathy had a heavy stream of cum running down the side of her nose and Christine had a strip on each cheek. Smaller deposits could be seen in hair, eyelids and chins.

“Wow,” Kathy said. “Can we do that again?”

“You might have to wait,” John said, his head thrown back on the bed.

“Ahh. You’re no fun,” Christine sighed.


“So you didn’t fuck EITHER of them?” Tracy said with amazement. “That means I win.”

She threw her hands into the air in a sign of triumph. John smiled; first because of Tracy’s excitement and second because her naked breasts bounced unrestrained in front of him.

As Tracy continued to leap for joy on the bed at his feet, John debated with himself whether he wanted to tell Tracy the rest of the story. For now, he was enjoying her celebration.

“That’s not all we did,” he finally said.

Tracy landed and stared down at her nude boyfriend.

“Oh, shit. I knew it.”

“They were a little, uh, messy after I came so they decided to take a shower,” he said.

Tracy sat on her knees between John’s legs. “Fuck. Go on. Tell me.”

“I followed them into the bathroom. God, Tracy. You have a great body, but even you would have to marvel at Kathy’s ass. What a sight. Anyway, they got the shower ready, cum still dripping off their faces. They smiled and stepped into the shower, leaving the curtain open enough for me to watch.”

“They each got wet and got the cum off their faces first. Seeing their bodies rubbing against each other under that water made my cock twitch, even though I had just cum harder than I ever had before. No offense, but two tongues were better than your one.”

Tracy gave a mock look of disgust, but the moistness between her legs told her she was enjoying his story.

“I could tell they were horny after putting on their show for me and then making me cum. They began to kiss. I watched their breasts come together and compress when they hugged each other. Their hands were everywhere.”

So were Tracy’s. She cupped her own breasts and squeezed them as she pictured the two female teachers together in the shower.

“Eventually, Kathy got the soap and began to wash Christine…with her bare hands. The soap left a trail of bubbles wherever it went—over Christine’s neck and shoulders and arms and tits. She spent a lot of time on her tits. By the time Kathy was done, Christine’s nipples were covered in soap and the rest of her breasts were white with long trails left by Kathy’s fingers.”

Tracy moved her hands as if she was washing her own breasts. The nipples immediately turned a bright pink and stood erect. She twirled them between her fingers.

John could feel the blood begin to flow to his cock.

“Then Kathy washed between Christine’s legs. I watched the soap move up and down over her clit and the entrance to her pussy. At one point Kathy stopped and I think one of her fingers entered Christine. I saw her arch her back, trying to take in more of Kathy’s finger. But Kathy moved back up to her clit and Christine moaned out loud.”

Tracy was circling her clit with her index finger. When John saw her close her eyes and begin to rub harder, he continued.

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