The Student Takes Charge

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I’m Mattie. I teach writing courses at my local Community College, which I’ve done for 12 years and really enjoy.

During the spring semester last year, I scheduled one-on-one sessions with students to give feedback on drafts of their first assignment. Only James, an older student who works full time, had not signed up for a slot. I emailed him around 10:30 PM to say I’d noticed he hadn’t signed up for his time with me. Surprisingly, I got a response almost immediately, apologizing for not telling me he’d be traveling for work those days. In fact, he was leaving tomorrow. He asked if we could meet at the campus coffee shop early the next morning so he could edit it on the plane and submit it by the deadline. We agreed to meet at 8:00.

When I arrived at 7:45, James was already waiting outside and greeted me with his dazzling smile. “He sure is one good looking guy,” I thought to myself. Then I told myself to stop that and focus because he’s my student.

The shop was crowded and loud. When I suggested we move outside, he said he knew the perfect spot. He led me to a courtyard practically invisible behind hedges. Despite all my years on campus I had never seen it before.

We sat at a sturdy wrought iron table and I pulled out his paper. As we sipped our drinks, I shared my thoughts. He took it all in with no defensiveness and asked good questions. As we finished up, I told him I thought he had the potential to do very well in the course as long as he continued to incorporate feedback and meet all deadlines. He flashed that million-dollar smile again and I couldn’t help but smile back.

As I started to pack up, he asked if I had to leave right away. We’d been scheduled until 8:45 but given our early start and efficient conversation, it was only 8:30. He said he wanted to know a bit about how I got into teaching and if I did any writing of my own.

How I ended up a writing instructor was fairly easy to relate to James. Telling him about my writing was a bit trickier, but I was feeling bold. He seemed like someone who would keep my confidence, though obviously it was a risk. A part of me really wanted to see how he’d react.

“James, I do quite a lot of writing. I am published online, under a pen name. I write erotica.”

He didn’t miss a beat, responding “That’s great. I bet it’s terrific. Will you tell me where to find it? I promise to keep this between us.”

I told him and figured maybe he’d read some, and maybe not. As I once again reached for my bag, I glanced at him. Those eyes. That smile. I couldn’t resist.

“James, if you do read any of my stories, you may notice a recurring theme. I write about a professor being seduced by her students. I just want you to know it’s all fiction.”

“Interesting! Are you working on anything new?”

“In fact I have a story, with a very different scenario, percolating right now.”

“Will you tell me about it? I’m so curious.”

Telling myself it was only a bit of research, I looked James right in the eye and put my hand on his arm.

“It’s about a writing teacher who seduces her older student.”

I caught a hint of a blush on his cheeks, but he stayed stock still. bursa eskort My hand was still on his arm, and our eyes were locked.

I leaned forward, so I could whisper, “James, you were my inspiration.”

Again, a faint blush but no movement. And no loss of eye contact. I quickly got up and stood next to James, bent over so that my ample cleavage was fully visible. I said softly, directly into his ear, “I’d love to play out this fantasy for real.” Then I took his earlobe in my mouth and gently sucked it, eliciting a delightful low moan.

I straightened up to see his face. There was no shock and more than a hint of desire.

I wanted to continue and see where things led, but I had a class to teach. I gathered my things quickly,

“James, have a good trip. I’ll see you next week.”

I tried not to let my mind drift back to the morning, but of course it did, all day and into the evening. I was getting into bed, vibrator in hand, when I heard the ding of an email. I glanced at the inbox and saw it was from a gmail account I didn’t know. Curious, I opened it.

“Mattie, I just read your story Bar Belle. It was so sexy, and it made me feel like I was right there. I almost went down to the bar to try and make the opening scene a reality, but then I realized it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if the woman I picked up weren’t you. When I come back, will you meet me at a bar, and pretend we don’t know each other?”

I read the email 3 or 4 times until it sank in that James wanted to play out the scene I’d envisioned a million times in my head. Could I go through with it? I wasn’t sure, but I decided it was worth finding out.

“James, I’m so glad you liked the story! And yes, let’s meet at a quiet, dark hotel bar when you get back. I’m so turned on just thinking about it.”

I turned out the light and started surfing for porn. None of my normal scenarios were interesting me tonight. All I wanted to do was think about James. As I moved to put the phone down, there was another email notification.

“Mattie, you’re turned on right now and I’m in the same situation. May I call you?”

My heart started beating practically out of my chest.

“Yes. 525-444-6683.”

The phone rang almost immediately.


“Mattie, your voice is really sexy when it’s late. I’ve been thinking about you all day. Then I read your story and I’ve been hard ever since.”

“Oh my” was all I could muster. A woman of words rendered speechless. Point, James.

“Have you done this over the phone before?” His question pulled me back to the moment. “I did a long time ago.”

“Same here. A long time ago. I think it starts with asking each other what we’re wearing.” I laugh.

“Well, that’s easy. Nothing but a smile.”

Another “oh my” left my mouth. Is that what I was reduced to with him? I dug down for the courage to say more.

“I’m wearing a red silk teddy with black lace and matching panties”

He laughed and it was a glorious sound.

“Mattie, I appreciate the attempt to create a fantasy, but I want to know what you’re actually wearing.”

I hesitated for a moment, then quickly pulled off my T-shirt. bursa escort bayan “Well, now I’m wearing the same as you. Just a smile.”

“That’s much more appealing than fake lingerie. I wish I could see you.”

Without any thought, which surely would have stopped me, I took a quick selfie that showed my head, neck, and just down to the swells of my breasts and sent it to him. I heard the notification from his phone.

“Mattie, did you just text me a photo? Could I be that lucky?”

“Check and see.”

A moment’s pause stretched longer than it takes to look at a picture. I was certain he thought he’d get something much more risqué and was disappointed. But then,”Oh, Maddie. You look beautiful. If I were there I’d be kissing you and exploring you, looking for all the spots where my lips can make you shiver. Would you enjoy that, mapping your body for pleasure?”

Somehow, I managed to speak. “James, how did you know I don’t know my own body’s pleasure points? Are you that intuitive?”

“I do think I am intuitive, but there were hints in your stories. The idea that you are exploring your sexuality in-depth for the first time is incredibly hot.”

“Thank you. Can we get back to the idea of your explorations?” I laughed nervously.

“I’d love nothing more. I kiss your neck and you tilt your head to give me full access. I gently lick and suck my way down the column, every so often returning to your lips to feel you kiss me back. I kiss my way from your neck to your collarbone, then between your breasts, before finally licking and sucking your nipple as I massage your other breast with my hand. Your sounds of pleasure spur me on, and I worship your breasts with enthusiasm, switching between them, until you are writhing in an attempt to get me to continue down your body. But I don’t. Instead, I turn my attention to the side of your breast and then beyond. I nibble a little spot just below your underarm and you make a noise I’ve not yet heard, a combination of surprise and ecstasy, and I say ‘I think I found a new spot.’ We both laugh, and then you say ‘More. Please more.’ I am happy to comply, first on one side and then the other.”

We continued to chat a bit more that night then wished each other a good night. I was thrilled when the next night our conversation got bolder. He described how he was stroking himself, I told him about the toy I was using, and we didn’t stop until we heard each other cum.

“James, that was so sexy. I think I actually experienced your orgasm more intensely than my own.”

“Then we need to get you a new toy… maybe the boy kind.” His low rumble of suggestive laughter made my abs instantly contract.

The third night, he texted before he called. “Tonight I’m in charge. I will tell you what to do and you’ll do it. No pretending like when you said you were wearing that red silk teddy. I’ll know.”

When we were on the phone, I expected him to start giving me directions on touching myself, but instead he said “Close your eyes and listen to this story. Imagine it’s us blending teasing and touch.”

I didn’t know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t görükle escort for him to read me one of my own stories! Hearing my words in his rumbly voice and suggestive inflections was a very stimulating experience.

“I’m hard as a rock. Are you wet for me, Maddie?”

I reached down to confirm what I suspected; I was literally dripping and said so.

“Good. Now tease your clit lightly with the pad of your right index finger. Dip in for more lubrication and rub right at your entrance. Does that feel good?” My “hmmmm” must have satisfied him because he didn’t ask for words.

“I’m stroking my cock very lightly but pre-cum is already dripping out of me. When I rub it around the sensitive head of my cock, I’m imagining it’s your wetness I’m feeling.”

“James, you sound so sexy. I wish it were my juices on your hard cock. I wish I could feel you in me.”

“Grab your favorite dildo and insert it, all at once in one strong stroke, which is what I’d do to that dripping pussy.”

I grabbed my glass dildo with the nubby bumps and did as told.

“Now use your air toy. Put it directly over your clit. I’m stroking to the picture of you in my mind, dildo filling your pussy and toy using air and suction to massage your button. It looks great in my imagination.”

I did what he said and turned my Womanizer to medium, placing it directly on my hard, swollen clit. I moaned loudly as the sensation built.

“Now, hold the toy on your clit with your left hand, and with your right stroke the dildo in and out of you. Don’t be too gentle–I want you to feel the strong, insistent strokes.”

After a few moments of neither of us speaking, “Mattie, I can tell by your breathing you’re close. Tell me just before you go over the edge so I can join you.”

We were both moaning and grunting as we picked up the pace and aggression of the motions. I could feel the approach of the point of no return.

“I’m cumming. James, I’m cumming.”

I felt coolness spread across my body first, then the stillness I adore told me release was imminent. I called out as the spasms hit, causing me to buck hard, my whole body involved in this involuntary dance. As my contractions continued, I heard him grunt forcefully, almost a growl, and I pictured him shooting all over his stomach, his own spasms taking hold.

I don’t know how long it was that we both enjoyed the transition from muscle tension to utter relaxation. My fingertips roamed my body, gently scratching, enjoying the post-orgasmic hypersensitivity of my skin. Finally my brain came back to earth.

“James, that was incredible. I hope you feel as good as I do.”

“I feel great. But this is nothing compared to when we are together. I’m going to find all those hidden spots and so many ways to help you experience pleasure. Your body and mind turn me on so completely.”

I’m glad he couldn’t see me blushing. But I bet he knew anyway.

“Maddie, I’ll be home tomorrow night. Dinner Saturday? With you as dessert?”

“As your writing professor, that’s a pretty cheesy line. As your future lover, one slice or two?” We both laughed.

After we hung up, I pondered. I know I made the first move on the morning we had the consultation, but since then he had done most of the seducing. He may have been the inspiration for my teacher-seducing-student story, but I guess he won’t be fodder for the dialogue. I suppose I’ll just have to continue my research with someone else…

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