The Switch Up Ch. 03

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This chapter features the hardcore sex I have been promising, there is a great deal of it but it picks up significantly in later chapters. I have chosen to keep this chapter in the same category, as although it does not feature Dylan and Zoe together they are very much the main theme in the story as a whole. We will be seeing a lot more of them together very soon. Thanks for your support so far and please enjoy!



Lucy pulled up at Eva’s house, and we both jumped out to knock on the door. Eva opened the door. She was completely nude. She was the definition of perfection. She had one of the prettiest faces of any girl I had ever had the good fortune of laying eyes on, her light blonde hair that was cut into a long, shoulder length bob suited her completely. She was perfectly tanned, her skin not golden brown through genetics but by long hours at the beach but the time was definitely well spent. She had quite small boobs, about the size of oranges. Although only around a B cup, they were really hot, not a vein or tan line in sight. I think I preferred them to the massive DD boobs of those such as Emma. I wonder what her and Zoe were up to right now? Eva had a perfectly flat stomach and hips that flared out a good few inches. All of that coupled with her perfectly shaped legs gave her an absolutely brilliant figure. I had seen her ass clothed, but as she turned and invited us into the house I was a little disappointed. Maybe it was because I had seen my sister’s own brilliant ass today, along with the best rear I’d ever seen attached to Mollie, but I was a little underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong it was really cute, a small and pert effort but it was no world beater. It’s saving grace was though was her tanning efforts as she had clearly removed her bikini bottoms to avoid lines. Just the thought of her laying naked on a beach turned me on. After seeing all that, I almost forgot her pussy. It wasn’t shaved completely like mine was instead it was trimmed and shaved into a sexy little landing strip. I was being a little harsh, anyone would say her ass was amazing, it just didn’t look as good as I hoped it would be after having seen it accentuated by her clothes. Having said that though, she was the most gorgeous girl I’d seen in a long time, other than my sister. Wow, that sounds weird.

“Are either of you going to say hello, or just stare at my tits?” Lucy said, snapping me out of my daze.

“Sorry,” apologised Eva and walked over to Lucy, pulling her towards her and slipping her tongue into her mouth. The girls made out briefly, as Zoe had explained they often did if no one they knew was around, before Eva walked over to me. She embraced me, putting her lips to mine and sticking her tongue into my mouth whilst grabbing my ass. I did the same, and I felt her hand travel up my side and under my shirt to fondle my boob over my bra. Compared to the kiss she shared with Lucy what she was doing with me seemed a hell of a lot more passionate. Eventually, she pulled back and beckoned for us to follow her up the stairs.

“Well, we know who’s your favourite, don’t we?” Lucy said, feigning jealousy. “And for a straight girl, you really got into that.”

Eva was straight, you see. She had always been good friends with the girls but when they hit puberty, and all started experimenting with each other, she was the only one who hadn’t realised she was bisexual or gay. Zoe had told me that Eva only joined in with the girls’ antics so she didn’t feel left out or lose her friends entirely, and the fact it was more satisfying than masturbating.

“Don’t be jealous, Luc,” Eva replied.

“It’s fine, you can make it up to me later,” Lucy teased, before continuing. “You planning on going out like that? You know that being naked in a mall isn’t socially acceptable yet, don’t you?”

“Well it should be,” Eva replied, indignantly.

“I wish it was,” I interjected, keeping up appearances of being one of the girls.

“Me too,” the other two said in unison.

“I’m naked because I need your help,” Eva explained, as we reached her room. “I don’t know what to wear, and now I’ve seen how hot you two look I definitely need your help. Is there a black and white theme going on that I wasn’t told about?”

“What about this?” Lucy suggested, holding up some kind of grey, long vest top that had massive arm holes.

“I was going to wear that, but I couldn’t find a bandeau to go with it they must all be in the laundry,” Eva answered.

“Wear it without one?”

“What? My tits will just fall out, won’t they?”

“No, your tits aren’t huge anyway, plus you can you tuck it in tightly to a pair of shorts or something to hold everything in place.”

“Go on! Your ass looks brilliant in tight shit, and it’ll show off your side boob which is just perf,” I encouraged in girl speak, getting the jist of what Lucy was suggesting.

“Fine, I’ll do it” Eva conceded.

Lucy found her the shortest and tightest pair of denim shorts that Eva gaziantep escort kadın owned, then laid them on the bed with the top. Meanwhile, Eva had slipped on a pair of white panties and looked even hotter than she had before. The white of the underwear offsetting the golden glow of her skin.

“Wow, you’re hot,” I whispered accidentally, which unfortunately she appeared to overhear. Fearing Eva’s reaction, I hoped she would just ignore what she heard.

“Thanks, babe,” Eva said, coming over to me pulling me in and giving me a peck on the lips, before pulling her head back to look at me. “So are you.”

She gave me another peck before walking over to Lucy, who helped her slip the top over her head. Girls are so nice, if I’d said that around the guys I would never have lived it down. On the other hand, I guess I wasn’t screwing my guy friends.

Gracefully, Eva shimmied the shorts on, positioning them to her taste. She then tucked the top in, tightly as Lucy had suggested, and put her boobs in the right place. After a few alterations from Lucy she was finished, and boy did she look good. The entirety of her side boob was on show, but because of the way the top was cut that was the only real flesh it showed which only highlighted her tits even more. As for her ass, I was right, it did look much better clothed. Again, not that it wasn’t hot in the open, just the way that it filled the tight material made it all the more appealing. She probably fit into the shorts she was wearing when she was eleven, but unlike then at least half of each of her ass cheeks were showing as the material had ridden up her ass crack making her look even sexier. They showed off pretty much all of her legs, one of her best features, and because the top she was wearing was tucked into her shorts so tightly her boobs looked bigger than her natural B cup. Basically, as clichéd as it was, I wanted to throw her onto her bed right there and fuck her brains out.

“Ready to go then?” asked Lucy.

“Wait! What about shoes?” Eva exclaimed, perhaps slightly melodramatically.

“What about those cool wedge heel sneakers, the ones you picked up the other day?” Lucy suggested.

“Good idea, they’re downstairs, I’ll put them on as we go. Is it hot out, or will I need a jacket?”

“Eva, we’re in the middle of Los Angeles, in the middle of summer, in the middle of a heatwave. If anything you’ll need to take more off!” I said, despairingly.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, you little slut,” Eva husked, strutting towards me and pulling me in for another quick makeout session. “But if I took any more off, I think I might get arrested.”

“Is there any real chance of me getting some action today, or shall I just go and console myself with my vibrator,” Lucy called after her sarcastically, as Eva set off down the stairs and out to Lucy’s car.

“I promise to make you come later, Lu” Eva replied, loudly. As Eva got into the car, she noticed her elderly neighbour, staring open-mouthed at her. “Hi, Mrs Chen. Lovely day, isn’t it?”

After both Lucy and I rushed into the Porsche, trying both to ignore the wide-eyed glare of Eva’s neighbour and not to laugh, we set off. About fifteen minutes later, we arrived at the mall.

“How are Mollie and Emily getting here?” I asked, confused by their absence.

“Mollie picked Emily up and is meeting us here. You know, like she always does Zo?” replied Eva, confused.

“Oh, yeah. Of course, stupid me,” I said, unconvincingly playing down the fact that I didn’t know something that I really should have.

“Anyway,” Mollie said skeptically, changing the subject. “Where are we meeting them?”

“At the East entrance,” Eva answered, looking over to the entrance of the mall.

“Look, there they are,” I said. We got out of the car and walked over to the other two girls. I was the last of the three of us to make it to the entrance which allowed Lucy to embrace Mollie and Eva the same with Emily. During the car trip, I had been wondering whether the girls would do the whole making out greeting thing in public, which is why I had deliberately hung back. Apparently, they didn’t care who saw them, although the East entrance of the mall wasn’t particularly busy at the best of times, never mind at 10AM on a summer Sunday. I was slightly disheartened that I was missing out on the action, but it did give me a good chance to appraise Lucy and Emily.

Even though I had known both girls for years, and always had found them both attractive, in my new situation I was seeing all four girls in a new light. Emily had the biggest pair of tits out of all five of us, I wasn’t sure of the size but at least a D, maybe a DD. Her bleach blonde hair reached the top of her ass, which again the biggest of all five of us. It would undoubtedly be classed as a bubble butt, and looked absolutely fantastic in the dress she was wearing; it was one of those ‘bodycon’ ones, that I had seen escort gaziantep kadın advertised on TV. It was a sort of claret colour, came to her knee and conformed to her amazingly curvy figure completely. She was in no way fat, but she certainly had a bit of weight on the rest of us- in a good way of course. It allowed for amazing hips and was what made her ass and tits. The best way to describe her was an all-rounder, in more ways than one.

However, by far, the most attractive girls out of Zoe’s friends in my opinion was Mollie. She was assumed, by almost everyone, to be this quiet, shy and frankly slightly boring girl who was only ridded of her virginity due to having some extremely horny friends. Along with her friends, I was one of few people who knew the truth. We had a history, you see; I am the only man she’s ever slept with. Sure, she’s had sex with the girl’s, and from what I have been told and witnessed for myself she is the wildest in bed, but I am the only man she has ever allowed to fuck her. Before the body swapping took place, we were sort of Friends with Benefits; Zoe had no idea, and Mollie wanted to take it further but as was my style I broke it off. That was a few days ago, and I hadn’t heard from her since.

Anyway, I’ll explain more later. As I watched Mollie make out with Eva, I realised she looked more beautiful than she ever had before. Even though in comparison to the other girls she was dressed conservatively, wearing a cute baby blue playsuit that contrasted with the dark brown of her hair and she exuded sex appeal. It was almost as if she did it accidentally, as if she did it without trying and it was all a mistake, but with her hair being blown in the wind and the sun streaming into the side of her face I was sure I had never seen anything more beautiful in my life. Her breasts were smaller than the other girls, but I loved them. Sure, she didn’t have a knock-out figure but that was only down to being with these other girls and it certainly wasn’t anything to be sniffed at. She didn’t have the massive ‘bubble butt’ ass of Emily but it was pert and cute and if I’m honest I preferred that to the borderline overweight nature of Kim Kardashian. Along with all of that, as if she wasn’t already attractive enough, she had the best personality of anyone I’d ever met. Period. She was sweet and kind, funny and smart, caring and genuine.

Lucy broke off the kiss, and Mollie turned towards me. Whilst all these thoughts were flying around my head, as our eyes met, I felt something in the pit in my stomach and a sort of yearning in my chest. All feelings I had never felt before, I had no idea what was causing it.

Mollie’s voice brought me out of my daze, “Hey, Zoe!”

“Hey, Mol,” I replied, as she grabbed me around the waist and pulled me towards her, so close our pussies would be touching if not for our clothes. She was a few inches shorter than I was and only wearing a pair of Converse, so tilted her head up and pressed her lips ever so gently against mine. There was something different about this kiss than the ones I had shared with Mollie and Eva; rather than being animalistic, it was soft and tender. Even as she opened her mouth and invited my tongue in, our eyes closed, it was still almost loving and gentle in nature. It was as if the kiss personified her perceived personality, but as her hands found their way to my ass I was reminded of her true nature. She really was one of the wildest people I’d ever had sex with and definitely the horniest. I must have had sex with her almost every day during the time we were FWBs, and it was pretty much always initiated by her. It wasn’t your regular run-of-the-mill vanilla sex either, nor was it over as fast as it had begun. She had dozens of fetishes ranging from bondage to voyeurism, and she made a conscious effort to make it last as long as possible. I mean, it was the first time I’d ever been with someone where we had both held out for each other in order to allow them to orgasm. It wasn’t uncommon for us to fuck for over an hour and neither of us cum, and when we did we often went again. At the time I probably took it for granted, but thinking back it was probably some of the best sex I’d ever had.

“Zoe! Mollie! Snap out of it!” Eva shouted. “People are staring!”

When I opened my eyes, I was confused for a moment. Mollie had her legs crossed around my waist, and was pressed up against the wall with her hand up my top and the other on the back of my head. My body weight was pressed into against her to hold her weight against the wall, while both my hands were on her ass doing the same job. We were a good five yards away from where we were started kissing. I couldn’t remember anything and, judging by her expression, Mollie couldn’t either.

“What happened?” asked Mollie, looking dazed.

“One of the hottest things known to man, and indeed woman, is what happened,” laughed Lucy.

“She’s not wrong,” stated Emily, gaziantep kadın escort before explaining. “Mol you had Zoe pressed on the wall and you were groping her ass, whilst Zoe was feeling your tits. Then Mollie kind of jumped up onto Zoe who span you round and then you ended up in that position.”

“Really?” I said. “I can’t remember any of it, can you Mol?”

“Nothing,” she said, agreeing. “How long did it go on for?”

“A good five minutes, we were going to stop it sooner but it was just so hot,” Lucy said.

“Wow, I don’t remember any of that,” Mollie exclaimed, flabbergasted. “The only other person I’ve ever zoned out with like that was with-“

“With who?” I asked.

“It doesn’t matter,” Mollie muttered.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, just tell her Mollie or I will,” Eva said.


“Go on,” I encouraged.

“Fine! I’ve been screwing your brother, alright!” she yelled, perhaps too loud in a public car park. “And he’s the only other person I’ve ever blacked out with like that. Maybe it’s because you’re twins.”

I paused, before finally speaking, “I know.”

“You know?” Mollie replied, shocked.

“Yeah, it wasn’t too hard to work out. Remember that day you were ‘sick’ two weeks ago?” I began, realising that I needed to appear to know more details than Zoe actually did as I would likely slip up at some point and have a detail slip out. “Well, Dylan was ‘sick’ too that day. I got home and went to his room to check on him, and there were three used condoms in his trash that weren’t there when I left him. The next day I discovered a bra; it was exactly your size- 32B. There were also handcuffs under the bed, ones from my fuck room and the only person with that size bra, that fetish and knows about my fuck room is you.”

“I’m so sorry, Zo!” Mollie blurted out, on the verge of tears.

“Why are you sorry?”

“For fucking your brother, and breaking into your fuck room.”

“It’s fine,” I laughed, hoping my fake reaction would mirror Zoe’s in real life. “I just wish you had told me and as for breaking into my room, it’s not really breaking in as I told you how to get in!

“Really? You’re cool with it?” Mollie asked, shocked.

“Yes, of course! I’d rather one of you girls was fucking him, and showing him how it really should be done rather than one of those whores from school or a bar!”

“You’re the best friend ever!” Mollie said, giving me another kiss.

“It’s really fine, I know you’ll be good to him and give him a good time!” I replied, winking.

“Did you really go three times with him?” asked Emily.

“No,” Mollie answered, sadly.

“Thought not,” Emily said, almost smugly.

“You definitely cool with it, Zo?” Lucy asked, turning to me.

“For the final time, yes!” I insisted, hoping Zoe would be in fact okay with it; she would have to be now.

“Well, in that case we actually did it five times!”

“You dirty little slut!” gasped Eva.

“And to think, everyone believes you’re a sweet, little girl,” Lucy chuckled.

“Wait, he came five times? How long were you with him for?” Emily said, suspicious of her friend’s claims.

“We picked a day that we knew everyone would be out of the house for the longest time, so cheerleading practice night. So just after eight when Zoe left for school, to just before nine when she and her parents arrived home, I think,” replied Mollie. “Actually, thinking about it, how come you were so late that day Zoe?”

“I went out for a meal with my parents,” I answered, before using my own knowledge to put any doubts they had to rest. “Dylan was supposed to come too, but he text my parents to say we should go without him. We went straight from school.”

“So you managed to make him come five times, Mol?” Eva said, sounding impressed.

“Yeah, we used five condoms,” Mollie blushed.

“Why specify condom?” Eva asked.

“Well I also blew him to orgasm once, gave him a handjob while we were watching a movie. So all together he came eight times, I think.”

“Eight times,” Eva said, miming counting on her fingers. “If we add the five times he came inside you, the BJ and the handjob, we get seven, not eight.”

“Well, the first time he came in me he didn’t lose his erection and carried on with the same condom on, so technically he came eight times and we only used five condoms,” Mollie stated.

“I call bullshit,” declared Eva. “Out of all of us, I’ve got the most experience with cock and I’ve never had a guy be able to come then stay up and carry on.”

“It’s not bullshit! Zoe can back me up, she is always saying how long his sex sessions last and how many condoms he goes through! Tell ’em Zoe,” Mollie whined.

“It’s true, he spends ages in there with whatever girl he’s with and he isn’t quiet either. You hear him moan like hell when he blows his load and it happens more than once, too. Plus, he always jacks off in the bathroom after he gets up and he must moan like that at least two or three times,” I said, backing Mollie up. I wasn’t sure if Zoe knew I came so often or my stamina was so high, so I just said the truth and would have to explain it to Zoe later. She knew some of it from our chats, but I still kept some things to myself. Though, if Mollie had assumed I knew all that stuff it stood to reason that Zoe did know. If she did, how did she?

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