The Therapist

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I had been feeling unexplainably down for the last couple of weeks and, at first, had attributed it to how lousy business was but when I still had the same feelings after writing some good orders, I decided to see my doctor and get a checkup. After putting me through a battery of tests, he called me a few days later and told me that everything seems to be in good order physically and that it might be a good idea to see a therapist to try and get to the bottom of it before it gets worse.

I checked the internet for some therapists in my area and decided to call a Dr. Dianne Weston who was only a couple of blocks away. I made an appointment for Tuesday at 11 am and figured that I would find an old dowager psychotherapist when I arrived. Imagine my surprise when the door opened and a very attractive, tall, dark haired beauty greeted me and after some small talk, showed me to the perennial couch. What I wanted to do was throw her on the couch and fuck her but instead, we sat down and she started to draw out my personal and business life so that she would have a better idea of who I am. I had a hardon all through that first session and, while answering her questions.

I was appraising her charms and thinking about how much Tina would like a session with her also except that it would be more physical therapy than mental. She caught me looking at her breasts and I think I saw a flicker of interest in her eyes but couldn’t be sure. We went through 3 sessions in 3 weeks and by now she had a pretty good idea of my background. During the fourth session, she asked me about my relationship with Tina and I told her that, before I went into any really personal stuff, I wanted to make sure that whatever I told her would remain in this room and she assured me that was so.

I told her that I have an extra dosage of libido and have been that way ever since I was a kid. I told her that I completely lose myself in sexual pleasure and when walking on the street, will mentally undress every woman I find somewhat attractive even though I may have just finished having great sex a short time before. I told her that I cannot resist a pussy or cock if one is displayed before me and that my penis takes over my mind completely as soon as I look at one. She asked about Tina and her reaction to this and I told her that Tina also has a strong libido and that we have a group of married couples and some singles with whom we have sex on a fairly regular basis and that my wife enjoys it just as much as I do. I told her that all the people with whom we have sex are bisexual which provides a tremendous amount of variety and interesting combinations.

I thought I saw her eyes glaze over for just a second when I told her that but couldn’t be sure. I decided to elaborate on this theme since it seemed to be registering with her and told her about a typical evening when a couple comes over and we mix it up in every possible way. Then I saw that she was affected by what I was telling her because she fidgeted in her chair and once quickly wiped some perspiration off her forehead. She asked me how Tina reacts when I’m having sex with a guy and I told her that Tina gets more turned on by that than almost anything else. I also mentioned that, in my experience, almost every woman was totally turned on by watching her husband with another man and related the true story of Rick and Renee. They had expressed an interest in joining our group and I asked them over one evening for an “interview”.

To make a long story short, after a long discussion about our group and activities, and knowing that once she was turned on, she would jump in with both feet, I walked over to Rick and asked him to stand up and zip open his fly. He looked surprised for a moment and then, without further hesitation, zipped it open. I asked him to remove his cock and balls and then sit back in the chair. He reached in and removed one of the most beautiful organs I had ever seen which was accompanied by a very large pair of tight, full balls. I got on my knees between his legs and started licking his ball sac before I took one of his testicles into my mouth. All the while I was running my fingers up and down his thick shaft which was getting very hard.

After sucking his balls a while, I moved up his pole and licked it all around as I worked my way up to his irresistible crown. I took the head in my mouth and glanced over to Renee whose eyes were like saucers fixed upon what I was doing to her husband. When I began sucking him in earnest and bobbing my head up and down on his rod, she started breathing heavy and Tina sat down next to her and began playing with her nipples through the fabric of her dress as she remarked about how much of a turn on it was for her to see me sucking another guy. It turns out that Renee got more turned on from watching her husband being sucked by me as well as sucking me, that she let herself go completely and turned out to be one wild, sexy woman. I could see the effect this was having on Dr. Weston as she became very nervous and was wiping her brow constantly. ankara escort

It was at the end of this session that she told me that, from what she can determine, there’s nothing wrong with me and that it may have been a temporary chemical imbalance which caused the depressed feelings. She said that it wouldn’t be necessary for us to continue any longer and that, if the down feelings returned, I should give her a call and we’ll look into it further. We parted company and I went home satisfied that I had checked things out both physically and mentally and it seems as though everything’s fine. The depressed feeling had almost disappeared by then and I went back to my usual daily routine.

A few days later, I was watching a ballgame on the TV when the phone rang and it was Dr. Weston. She asked how I was feeling and as I reported that everything was fine, I thought about why she was calling me and, on a lark, asked her if she would like to come over sometime and meet Tina and spend an evening with us. I really didn’t expect her to take me up on the invitation but she surprised me by mentioning that, if I was still her patient, she couldn’t accept but since I was no longer seeing her, she would love to meet Tina. We made arrangements for the next night and I told Tina about the appointment. I had already told her all about Dr. Weston and she was looking forward to meeting the beauty who knew all about our sex life.

When the doorbell rang the next evening, I asked Tina to answer the door and she came into the living room with Dianne Weston right behind her. She was really good looking with a gorgeous body that must have been poured into the short, tight dress that showed off her large breasts, ample hips and great legs. I got us drinks and we talked about a number of innocuous things until suddenly Dianne steered the conversation to our unusual sex life. We told her that we both are bisexual and so are all of our close friends. I asked if she too was bi and she told us that she loves sex with a woman almost as much as a man so I asked her if she would like to relax with us and perhaps get to know Tina better and she accepted immediately.

I directed the conversation towards our group sex meetings and the wonderful times we’ve had with the people involved and, all through it, I noticed Dianne’s eyes roving all over Tina’s body. Tina noticed it also and every once in a while would flash her some thigh as she crossed her legs and then she stood up and announced that she was going inside to slip into something comfortable and asked Dianne if she would like to join her. I let the two of them go since I knew that Tina was going to make her move in the bedroom and I would wait a few minutes before going in and joining them. I gave them about 10 minutes and sure enough walked into the bedroom to find them naked in bed on their sides in a 69.

Neither one of them paid any attention to me as I undressed since they were so into one another’s crotches, so I got up on the bed and ran my hands over Dianne’s body and as soon as I touched her skin, I felt the fabulous vibes that were always the precursor to great sex. She had good sized, firm breasts with very large brown nipples that stood out at least a half inch and I tweaked them while running my fingers in her ass crack and playing with her anus. Tina looked up at me as she feverishly sucked Dianne’s pussy and there was a smile in her eyes so I knew that she was enjoying herself. Then I heard Dianne’s muffled cry as her orgasm struck and watched her push her cunt into my wife’s face as she came while she continued sucking deeply on Tina’s pussy.

The two of them lay with their heads resting on each other’s thighs after Dianne’s orgasm had subsided and then Tina told her to relax a minute and went inside to get some drinks. Dianne was laying on her back with her legs splayed open and my eyes fastened on her sexy crotch. She was completely shaven and had large pouty labia majora framing petal like labia minora which were swollen and parted. I looked up at her and found her eyes riveted to my erection so I asked her if she would like to try it out and, in answer, she rolled over on her stomach and had my crown between her lips before I knew what was happening. After sucking it for a few minutes, she lifted her head and told me that she has been wanting to suck my cock ever since our last session.

She said that she got so turned on by all the things that I was telling her about our activities, that her panties were soaked and it was all she could do to keep from going down on me right then and there. She said that she had another appointment right after mine and really didn’t remember much about it since her mind was on sex. The moment that session was over, she had to masturbate. She said that she was very happy that it turned out that I really didn’t need to see her since that freed her up from the Dr./Patient relationship code and the more she thought about the things I told her, the more she wanted to call me and hopefully get invited over. Then she ankara escort bayan went back down on my throbbing organ as Tina walked in with the drinks and Dianne lifted her head just long enough to tell my wife that she was enjoying drinking from my fountain and would join us in a few minutes.

Tina sat back on the pillows next to me and, as she sipped her drink, she told Dianne where to concentrate on my cock to get me as horny as possible and Dianne followed her every instruction and had me climbing the walls in no time. She really knew how to suck cock and we could see that she loves doing it. Tina told her to take my balls in her hands and pull down on them firmly as she sucked on the head and that she would be rewarded with a large quantity of absolutely delicious cum in a short while. Dianne did just that and, shortly thereafter, my penis swelled and began pumping hot cum in her mouth in spurts which she gulped down as each load struck her tongue. She kept sucking on my penis until it totally shrunk and lifted her head to tell me how much she enjoyed swallowing my juices. Then Tina asked her if she would like a nice big cock inside her now and she looked at my shrunken organ and up at Tina with a questioning look.

Tina walked over to the dresser and took out a huge, very realistic looking strap on dildo and secured it to her waist so that it was sticking straight out and swaying as she walked towards the bed. She smeared some ky on it and told Dianne to ready herself for a delightful penetration. Dianne lay back and spread her legs as she reached for the shaft and guided the head to her opening. Tina worked the thick tool back and forth between the pretty labia and then into the pink hole that swallowed every inch she fed it. Dianne was moaning as she reached up and ran her hands over Tina’s beautiful breasts. Her eyes were moving back and forth from Tina’s face and breasts to the enormous plastic cock that felt so good inside her hole and she motioned Tina to come down a moment for a kiss.

Tina fucked her slowly and sensuously while telling her that the girls love this tool, which they’ve named “Roger” and use it when the men are between hardons. She told her that, very often, the men wind up having sex with each other and have to rest a while afterwards before they can get hard again and that’s when Roger is called upon to do his stuff and he has never disappointed them. Dianne smiled and told her she can see why and that she thinks she’s falling in love with Roger. Then Tina worked the dildo around and watched Dianne’s face to see if she was going to cum yet as Dianne looked into her eyes and asked her never to stop fucking her like that.

Tina was stroking smoothly and deeply into Dianne’s wet hole and Dianne’s eyes rolled back into her head as she experienced the delights Tina was giving her. Then she looked over at me and motioned me to come over next to her so that she could suck my soft cock and, as soon as I dropped to my knees alongside her, she lunged for my organ and took the entire thing in her mouth. She was very talented and my penis started to grow soon afterwards and she moaned as it grew larger and larger until she had to back off and nurse on the crown as it was fully erect. As she sucked on my cock, she looked up at both of us and conveyed the passion that she felt at the moment.

Her mouth clamped down on my organ as her glazed eyes locked with Tina’s and she went into orgasm. She was shuddering in ecstasy as waves of pleasure washed over her body and she wanted to keep that beautiful toy inside her all the time as well as the delicious piece of manhood in her mouth. She slowly came back down from her high and we parted to lay back and relax a moment.

I asked Dianne if she had ever been married and she told us that she is married but she and her husband are separated presently and have been for the last 2 years. She told us that he is an officer in the Marine Corps and was due back from Iraq in a few weeks. I asked her what she does for sex since we could see her libido was quite high and she told us that she has a friend who is bi and comes over on occasion to sleep with her. Her friend also has a boyfriend who she brings over to join them occasionally but outside of that, she masturbates a lot and has a collection of interesting toys that she uses. She told us that sometimes when she’s really horny, she’ll wear one of her vibrator toys, like the Joni Butterfly, while she’s working at her desk and sometimes when she’s working with a client, who has no idea what’s going on under her clothing.

She told us that she still has sex with her husband whenever he’s around as that was the best part of their marriage and he recently wrote her and asked if he could stay with her awhile when he returns from the Middle East as he hasn’t had a woman in a long time and misses her. I asked her if he’s bi and she pondered this a moment before saying that she really didn’t know as the subject had never come up between them. I told her that from now on she won’t have to escort ankara worry about sex as she could call on us whenever she’s horny. She smiled and told us that since she’s always horny, she might become a nuisance and before I could say a word in answer, Tina told her that she would never have to worry about that with us.

All the time we had been talking, Tina had been playing with my cock and had gotten it good and hard again. She grasped my thick shaft in her hand and showed it to Dianne as she asked her to please sit on her face as I fucked her so that she could lose herself in both of us. She lay down and reached for my erect penis and fit it to her hole as I pushed the head inside to her gasp of pleasure. As I worked my organ deeper inside her, Dianne got up and squatted over her face and started rubbing her crotch over her mouth as Tina’s tongue darted out and licked every part offered to her. I had put a pillow under Tina’s ass and was on my knees rocking back and forth as my cock moved in and out of her warm pussy. I reached out and tweaked Dianne’s erect nipples as she fucked Tina’s mouth and I saw the unbridled passion reflected in her eyes as she looked down at my penis disappearing inside my wife’s cunt.

The three of us went off on a long high as we lost ourselves in the pleasures we were giving each other until I felt my wife shudder and heard her muffled moan as she wet my cock with her juices in orgasm. When she returned to the living, she pulled her mouth from the delicious pussy she was still sucking and suggested that Dianne come down and take her place so that she, too, could feel the delights of my hard organ. Dianne needed no prodding and was lying in Tina’s place as soon as she got up. I adjusted the pillow under her ass and ran the head of my cock up and down her slit from her clit to her anus before pushing the crown inside as she pulled on my nipples. When I was about halfway in, Tina lowered her wet pussy to Dianne’s mouth and started a slow sensuous face fuck as I worked my thickness into her hole.

As my wife and I fucked the beauty under us, we leaned forward and soul kissed as we moved our organs back and forth. I had worked my penis deep inside Dianne’s beautiful pussy and every time I went deep, she would gasp as my crown tip brushed against her cervix. She was moaning as she sucked Tina and then she grasped my thighs and pushed her cunt against me to get more cock as her orgasm struck. Her body convulsed in passion and I felt her cunt contract around my penis as she covered my shaft with her hot juices. When her last spasm ended, we slowly parted and lay back on the bed to rest a moment.

Dianne told us that she had an early appointment in the morning and had to go home and get some sleep so we called it a night and watched her get dressed as Tina played with my erection. I told Dianne that I’m usually home during the day and that if she ever got horny, to give me a call and come over. Tina made a face and said that we’d both have to make it up to her if we got together during the day when she’s stuck at work. We saw Dianne to the door and then Tina grasped my erection in her hand and pulled me by the cock into the bedroom where she told me that she’s very thirsty and wants her favorite drink.

Next morning, as I was working at my desk, I got a call from Brad who said that he was going to be in my neighborhood shortly and did I have time for a quickie since he was due back in the office later. We made arrangements for him to come over about noon and I told him that I would leave word with the doorman to send him right up as soon as he arrived and that I would leave my apartment door unlocked so he can just come right in. I had been wanting to do this for a long time as it was a favorite fantasy and looked forward to finally acting it out.

About a half hour before he was to arrive, I undressed and sat down at the computer to answer some emails from sexy friends that we had made over the internet. I was in the middle of a very horny message to a couple in California when the door opened and Brad stood there with a surprised but delighted expression on his face as he saw me typing at the computer naked with a beautiful hardon. He didn’t hesitate for a second and started peeling off his clothes. When he was naked, he walked into the den and, without saying a word, dropped to his knees in front of me, under the desk, and began fondling my balls and thick penis. He told me to continue typing since he was going to have some lunch and with that, took my crown between his lips and began nursing on it.

I found it difficult to continue typing after a while and suggested that we retire to the bedroom where I could have some lunch also. Brad had a gorgeous, thick, 8″ cock and I lost myself immediately upon taking his swollen cockhead in my mouth. The two of us voraciously sucked on each other’s organs as we played with our ball sacs and fingered our assholes. After some time, Brad pulled his mouth from my organ and asked me to please fuck him as he wants my cock deep in his ass. We were just getting into position when the phone rang and, since we hadn’t started yet, I picked it up and it was Dianne. She had been thinking about last night and was so horny she didn’t know what to do so she called me since I told her that I’m usually home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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