The Transparent Stimulus

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The margaritas had taken a strong hold on the trio and their language, of course, grew as salty as the rims of the glasses. Tammy, Deena and Allie, all close friends in high school so many years ago, had decided on a whim to get together on a foggy Thursday evening and catch up on old times. It was agreed before the tequila got rolling that it was nearly sinful for ladies who were so close so amny years before to become so distant when they all lived so close to each other. It was agreed after tequila that life created some crappy circumstances beyond their control. Their individual lives had overtaken their ability to keep in touch. Mr. Cuervo got the ball rolling and the tongues wagged lightly.

Deena was married with a son, Tammy was separated and had two girls. Allie was gay and not involved with anyone in particular so the matronly talk about husbands and children went mostly over her head. She smiled and played along anyway. The others were not really sure how to approach her homosexuality. It was a development that came about long after graduation. They left it alone until Senor Jose’ got them jabbering.

They sat in Allie’s very plush and well-lit apartment on the west side of the Cane River in Natchitoches. The tiny abode was spacious and decorated tastefully with a number of Dada-era prints, a few Goya’s and Dali’s thrown in here and there for variety. They gorged on Chinese take-out as well, using the need for something on their empty stomachs as justification for the gluttonous appetites. The first few hours were spent soberly catching up and laughing at memories of high school boys long forgotten and lives they occasionally wished were forgotten. After the first bottle of tequila had been sloshed well and the second bottle was down to the middle of the label, they turned an already racy conversation into a pitched slurry of ribald tales of past glory.

“Alright, Allie. Time to put you on the spot dear.” Deena took a healthy dose of lime courage and stared intensely at her old friend.

“Fire away.” Allie knew the questions about her sex life were inevitable. The faux look of seriousness and a light slap of the table was all she needed to see. It was not her first cross-examination.

“Tell me about your first girlfriend.” Tammy smiled and cocked her head at Allie.

“Well, what would you like to know? Her name was Kylie. I met her at a rave club in Tampa.”

“Was she pretty?” Deena was transfixed. To her knowledge, Allie was the first openly gay friend she had ever had and certainly the first lesbian she had ever been able to put on the spot without fear of offense. Allie was a complete stoic, impervious to rancor.

“She was a bit masculine, actually. I play the woman in my relationships. I have no dick.” Allie giggled a bit, growing loose lipped with the tequila going. “I’m no butch, by no means.”

“Soooo, she did you…then?”

“Many times.” She laughed aloud and slurped the lime courage with glee. “And well I might add.”

“You use like, toys?”

“We used everything.” The married ladies roared and hooted in delight. Senor Jose stood mute on the table.

“She ever wear a strap-on dick?”

“Of course. I used it on her a few times. It was funny to do it like that though. I didn’t like it too much. I guess I’m not a giver.”

“I hear you, girl. It’s just like me and Bill. Better to get head than give it.” Deena laughed at her raunchy new candor. She rarely uttered such things, even in her husband’s arms. It had been a long time since she gave or got.

“My point exactly. We stayed together for about three months. I cheated on her though and we got into it pretty good at this drag club. It’s funny to think about, but when the cops broke us up, they tried to book her as a male for domestic assault.”

“Damn! Did she look that butch?”

“Leather jacket and a Ninja motorcycle butch enough for ya’? She looked like Vanilla Ice with tits.”

“I don’t get it. If you like your girls manly, why not be with a man?” Tammy took a long drag from the joint she had just rolled and passed it to Deena. The pot was her idea.

“A man has male issues. A manly woman is still a woman. I casino şirketleri like women.”

“Shit, what about periods? I doubt I could stay with a woman with PMS.” Deena exhaled, coughing slightly. The vanilla incense stick gave up immediately.

“She was fixed. Total hysterectomy. No issues with that. As for me, I’m a woman. I took Midol like anyone else. Dykes tend to make due with the flow issues like men do.”

“Wow!” Tammy shook her head, the weed slamming the tequila home and broadening her thoughts. “You never miss a big ole’ studly man with pecs and hairy chests and balls?”

“Not a minute. I’ve been with men. I prefer women now.” The joint came to her. She inhaled, punctuating her words with exhalation. “Men really piss me off. I guess high school guys might have had something to do with it but I really don’t dwell on them much.” She giggled. “Give me Britney Spears over Justin Timberlake.”

“Shit, give ME Britney over that pretty boy. I hate a primping dancing faggetity-ass man.” Tammy received the joint once more. “She’s a bitch and I wish I had her body and he is just a fuggin’ wuss.”

“Amen on that.” Deena took the joint. “What about love, Allie? Ever loved?”

“I loved a woman named Gina once. She was quite a lady. Not too butch.”

“What happened?”

“She never really got over her parents freaking out when she told them she loved a woman. It turned into an issue between us. It actually happens a lot in gay couples when they are young.”

“What a shame.” Tammy shook her head. “It sucks ass people are that way.”

“I don’t blame the parents really. They raise their kids with ideals of their future in mind and then all of a sudden they have a son who like to suck off the quarterback instead fucking the cheerleader. It must be quite a shock. Think about if Ashley or Brianna came home with a shaved head butch on a Harley and told you to deal with it. How would you take it?”

Tammy nodded her head; the thought of her daughters coming home gay was too much to take in high and loaded.

“Tammy, what about you? Any distasteful perversions you want to unload?” Allie sipped her drink a bit to chase down the fresh smoke.

“I like sex in public.” She said simply. Her friends’ eyes widened.

“As in like fucking in a car?” Deena was curious and threw Tammy an odd glance.

“As in fucking where people can see me fuck. I totally get off on showing out.”

“That’s a strange fact.” Allie grinned.

“This from a woman who strapped on a plastic dick once.” Deena dead-panned. They all laughed.

“More than once sweetie. Your man into anal?”

“Shit no. He wouldn’t even talk about my tongue being that close, let alone a finger or a rubber dick.”

“You’re getting off subject, Tammy. I want to hear all about doing it in public. What got you started on that?”

“You don’t remember?” Allie lightly slapped Deena’s arm. “She and Greg Filson got caught fucking under the bleachers at Homecoming that time.”

Deena’s eyes grew wide, the redness apparent from the dope and booze. “Oh-my-God! I totally fucking forgot about that! He was licking your pussy or something, right?”

“What can I say? Strawberry Hill and Greg went well together that night. I nearly got busted hard that time.” Tammy smiled coyly. “He was good-looking.”

“He was, I agree.” Allie nodded in agreement. I slept with him after you did.”

“You ho’! I can’t believe that!” Tammy and Deena were incredulous.

“I did have sex with guys once or twice, ladies. It was during Senior Trip. We fucked hard and long in the hotel room while Mrs. Granger took Freda Cowers to the ER for a nosebleed.”

“Damn. I can’t believe that. You say he was good? I never even got his dick out before I got caught.” Tammy took another toke and passed it on.

“It was fun. I don’t deny I have some good straight sex in my day. I just never really clicked right with them in their clothes or else I may have thought twice about being gay.”

“Wow. Skeletons in the closet all around!” Tammy chuckled again.

“So Greg was the one who turned our girl out.” Allie smiled.

“Oh hell no. Let me tell you about casino firmalari how I found out about elevators. That was my undoing.”

“You been in an elevator? Where? Did you hit the stop button or something?” Deena was beginning to ramble.

“Hang on, I’ll tell you, but first, a toast…” Tammy raised her glass, “…to orgasms, wherever a lonely lady may find them.”

“Here, here!” they tapped glasses and downed their limed tequila. Allie got up to refresh the cocktails. Tammy continued after being prodded by Deena’s fingers into her arm.

“Tell us, Tammy! Now!”

“His name was Joey Dagastino,” Tammy began. “Yes, an Italian. A big Italian stallion type. Big chest, huge guns, thick thighs, he was a bodyguard for Wayne Newton for a while in Vegas. Total beefcake. Thick accent and just badass.”

Allie returned with freshly shaken liquid courage. The joint was roached out and its effects took hold of them voraciously. They listened in stoned silence

“He and I were on our first date. It was when I was in Minnesota for a Twins game my boss went to. I ducked out and met this guy one night at a Bennigan’s and the next night we hooked up. He took me to the Mall of America.”

“Cool! It’s big, huh?”

“Biggest mall in the world, had an amusement park in it and everything. A woman’s dream to be sure.”

The women all smiled and sighed. The blissful dreams of shopping in the biggest mall in the world transcended sexuality…it was all about the shopping baby!

“Anyway, this guy is like Rocky, you know. Leather hat, leather jacket…”

“Sounds like your kinda’ guy Allie.” Deena cut in.

“She said he had pecs, not tits.” Allie winked.

“Oh, yeah, of course.”

“Anyway,” Tammy continued. We wined and dined and really hit it off. I’m embarrassed to say it, but I wound up a bit tipsy on wine and we wound up making out at this little restaurant inside the mall. I like, was rubbing his crotch and he started working my clit through my panties, going up under my skirt and all.” She held the women in rapt attention, each of them visualizing the chunky, very married and very settled woman wearing librarian glasses in front of them being finger-fucked under a tablecloth by Sonny Corleone.

“I got all turned on and wet and Joey just rips off my panties and throws them under the table. He told me he wanted to do it right then and there, but there were all these people around with their kids and stuff. So we pay the check, leave the food sitting there and start looking around for somewhere to go. We looked for bathrooms, dressing rooms, anywhere. His car was way on the other side of the mall and the fucking thing is like a thousand acres big. We had just about given up when I look up…” She faced the ceiling, acting it out in her head. “…and we see this big-ass glass elevator taking tourists up and down. The damn thing was like ten stories, it was huge.” She took a big gulp of the margarita.

“We watch this thing coming down and it takes forever, since it’s for the view, not really to go anywhere. We make a beeline for it and lo and behold, no one in line for the next ride and no one running the thing.”

“Sheeiiiit! I hear ya’ home girl.” Allie rocked back and forth, oddly attracted to her friend’s telling of the tale.

“So we get in this thing and before the doors get closed good, I get his dick out.” She looked at Allie. “I’m not sure how big the biggest strap-on you ever had was, and Deena, I have no idea how big the biggest dick you ever had was, but when I finally finished unrolling that thing from down his pant’s leg. I thought I had found a fucking summer sausage package instead of a dick. I couldn’t help but just say, ‘Damn!’ and stroke it up. I swear to God, I have a big mouth and I can give head all right, but there was no way I could have done very much with this thing. It was that thick.”

The girls all chortled and laughed hysterically at the look of amazement on Tammy’s face as she clearly remembered the girth and length of the Italian.

“We put the elevator in motion and got going. He was rough kinda. Firm, aggressive, ya know? As soon as I beat him off a bit güvenilir casino and got it hard, he spun me around, pushed me against the glass, and opened up my blouse. You can see I have these big ole’ titties and they just fell out against the glass. This is before we even get off the ground good and I remember there were these two black guys working at Foot Locker just staring and laughing their asses off. He ordered me to grab my ankles and I did it as best as I could. Girls, let me tell you, when he inched that big thing into me, I literally thanked Jesus for it.”

“So would I.” Deena moaned low.

“Seriously. I did. It was such a liberating experience. I felt this big piece of meat ease inside me and all I could see below me when I wasn’t closing my eyes from that first pain were crowds of people just walking along, not paying us any attention.”

“You took it all?” Deena’s eyes were wide.

“It took a bit, but when he got it in, he really got it in. I was sooo fucking wet and horny for it. He got into it, slamming that big ass dick in me and slapping me on the ass. Talking all tough to me in that nasty Italian accent. Cocky lil fucker. He was grabbing my tits while he did it, getting my juice on his fingers and sticking them in my mouth, rubbing my clit.” The audience laughed as Tammy gesticulated. “Smacking my ass some more. You name it.”

The women hooted and laughed as she relived the story. It was obvious she had not thought of the episode for a long time. “Pure heaven. All I saw was people everywhere and I didn’t give a damn. When we got up to the top and started back down, he pulled it out and turned me around. He was a big dude and he just scooped me up and slammed us up against the glass. He put it back in and I worked it myself while he held me up by my ass. I worked it good at that angle and I’m hear to tell you, I came on that big ass dago dick like I have never came before or since.”

The girls sat, in stunned silence. She had related the scene as matter or factly as she might have explained some old aunt’s genealogy to a neighbor. Tammy took another sip of her drink and smiled at their shock.

“And don’t you dare tell my husband that!”

“Damn! That’s the shit there! I used to love for Bill to do it like that, standing up, when we were dating. He knocked off a deer head from the wall a few years ago and broke it and now he says we’re too big to do it like that.”

The years hadn’t been kind to any of the three ladies in regards to the pounds. They could laugh about it together but detested the weight on the shower scale.

“Joey was a big mother fucker. He handled me with ease. The elevator went down faster than it went up so I worked that dick for what it was worth. He was all man and told me he was gonna’ come on my face. Which he did, I might add.”

“Ewww!” Tammy’s friends clutched their faces in mock horror, each of them knowing they had been there before. “You swallowed him?”

“Like a fine Chianti and fava beans!” She imitated Hannibal Lector’s slurping. “I mean, think about it. I couldn’t have him all over my shirt or God forbid in my hair. Someone might have said something, right?”

“OH MY GOD!” Deena covered her face in mock horror.

“It was the least I could do after that experience. Something about being with a big dick sexy man in a glass elevator that night did something for me I have never been able to duplicate since. And that’s the truth.”

The women, each relaxed and stoned, laughed at the friend’s tequila-laced diatribe about a profound but ultimately frivolous example of sexual discovery. Each of them took a different piece of wisdom from the tale.

The lesbian woman rethought her views opposing sweaty muscular men slamming a big dick home while holding her with firm arms and taking charge of her pussy. But she merely sighed to herself and wondered what her long-lost Gina was up to these days.

The happily married woman sat sullen, silently angry at the thought of her husband making so harsh a remark about why they never did it against a wall any more and instantly self-conscious about her girth growth after carrying his two kids.

The separating woman sat there wondering if Joey Dagastino had an email address she could look up when she and her asshole husband finally made things final.

The night went on until Jose told them to call it quits at two a.m. They made it a point to keep in touch!

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