The Twin Cheeleaders; Pool Party

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I had done it. I passed math and Spanish my freshman year of high school, and was now going to be a sophomore. Even though I barely passed, I was able to stay in my Catholic College Prep School, with my favorite people of all time, thw twins Nina and Nancy. It was now about July and the twins were having a party, a pool party in fact. Of course, I had to go to this, because not only did I want to see the twins in their skimpy bikinis, but their hot friends as well.

My phone rang, it was Nancy. “Hey Jeff, you’re coming to the party today right?” She asked. “Of course I am sweet thing.” I replied, hoping to get a sexy answer back. “Now is not the time Jeff, me and Nina are going crazy trying to set up.” She said. “Do you think you can come here a little earlier to help us finish?” She asked. “Sure ill be over in an hour.” I replied. “Okay see you soon.” She finished, as she hung up.

I was ecstatic after that, because now I was getting their before all the asshole jocks and other hot cheerleaders and the so called “in” crowd got there. I was friends with a few of them, but never really liked a lot of them. I was hoping that before everyone arrived the twins and I would get a quickie in. I was getting horny so I turned on a new porn video I had just found online. I started jerking off and finished about 10 minutes later. I hopped in the shower to wash myself up, and get ready for this summer blowout the twins were holding. I was now ready to go with my bathing suit on, and a wifebeater, and an extra change of clothes packed in my backpack, I was on my way to the party.

“Thanks mom.” I said getting out of the car. “Any problems, you call me Jeff okay?” She said, as any mother would. “Of course mom.” I said rolling my eyes. “Okay hun, have fun and be safe.” She said. My mom was really nervous, she knew that at parties outside of school (especially mine) that their was sex, drugs, and alcohol. I walked up towards the twins house, and knocked on their door. The twins father answered and my heart skipped a beat. “Nina! Nancy! Your friend Jeff is here!” He yelled toward the upstairs. I looked in to the house, waiting for the twins, and immediately saw the couch, where we had ravished each other in our first sexual encounter.

Nina and Nancy came running down the stairs. “Hiiii!” They said together. “Okay dad, we got it from here.” Nancy said to their father. Nina and Nancy took me outside to their backyard. It was already 90 degrees outside, but it felt hotter. I stepped out on their back porch and kicked my sandals off, boy was that a bad idea, because I burned my feet on the blacktop. “Dam!” I said. “Hahaha” the twins laughed together. “Okay Jeff, we need help setting up this table for snacks, soda, and stuff.” Nina told me. I walked over to the table, grabbed one end, while the twins together grabbed the other and lifted. “Good job” Nancy said as we finished.

In no time we were done setting up for this party, and we had gone back inside where the twins mom, who was just as hot as the twins, was and served the three of us lemonade. ” excuse me, where’s your bathroom?” I asked. “Down the hall two doors on the right.” Nancy told me. “Thanks.” I said as I walked out of the room. As I walked out, I heard the twins mother say “Wow girls, he is cute, one of you should get on him before one of your bitchy friends does.” I chuckled all the way to the bathroom.

The twins parents knew their was going to be alcohol at this party, but didn’t seemed too phased by it. “Remeber girls, if anyone is drinking too much, I want you to cut them off, and call us out there.” Their father said. The twins and I went back outside, and the sun was starting to create some shade by the house. “Dam its hot.” Nina said. “So are you two.” I said noding my head, with a little bit of a cocky attitude. “Aww” they said together. The twins and I moved over to the empty lawn chairs, out of sight. I was immediately thinking I was going to get something. The twins had changed into their bikinis and each ass cheek hung out the back of their bottoms a little, and of course it was almost all I looked at. Their tits, had obviously grown bigger within the past year, they each went from a B cup, to a C in a matter of 9 months.

I started getting a hard-on, from constantly looking at the twins sexy bodies. I felt teased by their clothes being on, and I loved that feeling so much. “You two look great.” I told them. “Thank you sweetie.” Nina said. “Jeff, if you’re trying to get a quickie before anyone arrives, think again.” Nina said. “Woooaahhh.” I said “What do you think I just come over for the sex?” I asked. Nina and Nancy pulled down their sunglasses and gave me that “Yea, uh-huh” look. “Okay, maybe, but you two are my best friends, there’s no way I would do that to you, especially when you’re stressed out for this party.” I said, somewhat dissappointed. “Nina! Nancy!” Their father yelled. “Ashley’s here!” He continued. The twins rushed up, and went to greet their guest at the door. I was stuck in the lawn chair.

Ashley was in my science class. She too was a cheerleader, but she was one of those bitchy ones. The type of person to hold a grudge. Ashley was hot though. She had very nice curves. Actually in her spare time, Ashley modeled. “Hi Jeff.” She said. “Hey Ashley, how’s your summer going?” I asked politely. “Pretty good, how about you?” She asked. Ashley was obviously different outside of school, because she had never talked to me that politely before. “Its been pretty good, you know just chilling, going to parties.” I lied. My summer was going excellent, but I didn’t go to many parties, in fact, this was my first party as a high schooler. “Yea that’s what I’m talking about!” Ashley said empatically.

“Come sit down.” Nina and Nancy said to Ashley. “I will, as soon as I change into my bathing suit.” She said. “Okay” Nina said sitting down. “Just me or was she hitting on you Jeff?” Nancy asked. “Nah, she couldn’t be.” I replied, denying it, but hoping gaziantep escort sitesi Ashley was hitting on me. Ashley came back outside about 5 minutes later in her sexy yellow bikini. I felt my cock getting hard. “So when are the guys coming?” Ashley asked. “Soon.” Nina answered. I was hoping that the whole cheer squad would show up, but soon two guys, Greg and Ben showed up. Greg was in my math class with Nancy. “Woo Nancy, lookin good.” Greg whistled. “You wish you could hit that.” I thought. Knowing I had fucked Nina and Nancy before anyone of these assholes did was so satisfying. “What’s up Jeff?” Greg said. “Not much man chiling, how about you? How’s summer?” I asked. “Eh sucks, Ms. Daniels sent me to sumer school, and she’s teaching it. But it is pretty cool that she wears skirts too summer school.” He said. I couldn’t help but chuckle, one for knowing that he could never do that, another that he was an idiot in summer school for math, and the last, because I had fucked Nina and Nancy on her desk.

Soon, more cheerleaders showed up, Nicole, Casey, and Amanda, the next three hottest behind Ashley, Nina and Nancy arrived. “Wow” I thought as they had changed into their bikinis. “Hey Jeff, what’s going on with you?” Amanda asked me. “Not too much, same shit different day.” I said. She laughed and pinched my cheek. “Aww, its gonna be okay, apparently I heard Nina and Nancy have a surprise for you today.” She said.

I couldn’t help but think about what the surprise was. It was now around 9 o’clock at night. People were drinking, and I’m not that much of a partier, as I have said. But now, I thought it was time too loosen up in front of all these people. All the cheerleaders were drinking, but none were drunk. They knew what they were doing, but didn’t care too much. “Hey Jeff, the cutie, dance with me.” Nicole said. “You got it babe.” I said. I wasn’t a great dancer, and Nicole was hot. Nicole and I started grinding to the beat. Nicoles ass was nice and firm, so naturally my cock got hard. “Somebody is excited.” She turned and put her arms around my neck. Nicole kissed me on my lips, and I couldn’t help but kiss back.

“Wow,” Nina said to me a little later, “This party was good.” The guys started to leave, but all the girls were sleeping over the twins house. I called my mom now. “Hey mom, can you come get me?” “No I’m sorry Jeff, try to find a ride home.” She said. Every guy had left however. “Hey Nina, you think I can stay here tonight?” I asked. “Umm maybe.” She said. “Stay out here for a little.” All the girls had gone down to the twins basement, where they were sleeping for the night. Nina came back, “I told my parents all the guys left, come in through our side window in 10 minutes.

It was now, about 1:10 A.M. and I was starting to get tired. I went in threw the window, and heard Nancy come back downstairs from saying goodnight to her parents. “Okay girls…. And Jeff!!” She said surprised that I was coming through the window. “Yea baby, I’m here.” I said. The girls laughed. There about 7 girls, including the twins. Amanda, Ashley, Nicole, Nina, Nancy, Paige, and Shannon. All three girls were on the cheer squad. I walked towards the sofa the twins had in their basement and sat down. Ashley and Shannon came over and sat next to me. Nicole came over and sat on my lap. “Ready for your surprise?” Nicole asked. “This was Nina’s idea, Nancy had nothing to do with it.” “Hold on one minute.” I said. I picked up my phone, and called my mom. I told her I was staying at my friend John’s house for the night, and not to worry about me.

“All these girls are yours for the night Jeff.” Nina said. “Nina are you serious? There’s no way we can do this.” Nancy argued. “Oh stop being a worry wart, Jeff will be able to handle it.” Nina continued. “Oh I’m not worried about him handling it, its the matter of all the noise we’ll be making.” Nancy said. “Oh stop Nancy, its not like we haven’t been fucked before.” Ashley said. “Yea come on Nancy, we have to give Jeff a night he’ll never forget.” Nicole cried. My mind was racing and couldn’t believe at what was about to happen. These girls had me hard just from talking about it. Ashley was slowly stroking my cock inside my shorts, which felt great. I had came while she was giving me a handjob through my shorts.

“Nicole, Shannon, you guys know how to work cock great right? Nina asked. “Yea!” They said in unison like the twins usually do. This was already getting heated. Shannon was the biggest slut, of course she knew how to suck dick.

“Fine, but we gotta keep it down a little bit.” Nancy finally said. “Goddam, I can’t believe this is happening.” I said. “Awwww” they all said. My head dropped behind my shoulders, up against the wall of the basement, in disbelief at this. “Reverse gangbang” I thought, “What a great life I have right now.” My head was spinning.

Ashley and Nicole were the closest to me now, and I began to kiss Nicole on her lips, while Ashley was kssing my neck. Ashley ran her fingers up and down my stomach and chest and I slowly started taking off Nicole’s bikini. Her top fell of and hit the couch. Shannon had her camera and started taking pictures and video of this moment. Nicole started breathing heavy as my hand found a way down to her pussy. Ashley had unbuttoned my shorts, and through my boxers felt my throbbing cock, and the semen that had been ejaculated when she was giving me a handjob earlier. Ashley licked at my waistline, and I shivered with pleasure as I knew what was coming.

Nicole moved down to my cock and helped Ashley take my shorts and boxers off, as my cock popped out of my shorts when they fell off. “Oh my…” I heard Paige say “Wow!” Nicole said. “Holy shit” Shannon said moving her camera close. “Its good right girls?” Nina asked. “Just like you two told us.” Amanda said. “Wow, Nina you told the whole cheer squad about you, your sister and me?” I asked. “Yessir” Nancy and Nina said. “I just wasn’t expecting gaziantep escort forum it to get this far.” Nancy admitted. “Okay girls… Have at it.” Nina said. Like dogs getting let off the leash, Nicole and Amanda began licking my cock. I finally felt a different mouth other than the twins. Nicole salivated all over my cock, and Ashley licked up what was left, swallowed and sucked my cock more. Shannon was still filming, and I invited her to join in. Shannon handed over the camera to Nancy as she started filming. “Jeff, I hope you fuck as good as I’ve heard.” Shannon said as she came over to kiss me.

Shannon, Nicole and Ashley were all over my dick. I wanted to fuck them so badly. “Ashley get on my cock.” I said. “Okay..” She replied. Ashley dropped her bikini bottoms and threw them to where she had her top. Ashley stood above my lap, licked her hand and rubbed her cunt and finally lowered herself onto my dick. Ashley directed me to lie down on the couch or floor. I chose the floor, so I could eat out Nicole and the rest of the girls while I fucked Ashley. “Okay Ashley, start riding.” I said. Ashley started riding my cock and I couldn’t get enough of it. Nicole sat on my face, and I began to eat her out. Amanda and Paige started making out and eating each other out. Nina and Nancy stood by as they watched patiently waiting for their turn to get fucked.

Ashley was a great fuck. Her pussy was really loose though, because she had been fucked by her boyfriend a lot. “Goddam Jeff!” “Fuck that pussy” she moaned. Ashley was breathing heavily and Shannon and Nicole stopped making out as they watched her reach a climax. Ashley was beautiful as her pussy grabbed on my cock. Nancy moved over toward me with the camera and told me to hold it. I saw everything through the camera lens, POV style. Nancy coached Ashley through her orgasm. “Come on sweetie, you got it.” Nancy told her. “Ahhh.. fuck that pussy!” Ashley moaned lowly. The twins, Amanda, Nicole, Paige and Shannon watched in amazement as Ashley gave one last groan to signal she had cum. “Oh my God!.” Ashley said as her juices fell over my shaft. Ashley rolled off my dick and said “Wow…. best fuck ever!”

“Who’s next?” I asked. “Me Jeff!” Me!” I heard six girls say. One of the hardest choices I had to deal with came up, which one is next? “Amanda get over here you sexy slut.” I said. “You got it big man.” She said to me as she crawled over to my dick and started sucking my balls.”Aahhh I like that!” I said as she sucked one ball at a time. I started eating out Shannon now, and she was definetly the loosest of all the cheerleaders. My tongue was deep in her vagina dn she moaned as her legs were getting weak. “Okay Amanda, get on my cock.” I said. Amanda listened like a good little whore. Her pussy wasn’t as loose as Ashley’s so I knew I would have a challenge geting through Amanda witout cumming. Amanda started grinding on my dick and in a circular motion. These girls knew how to work cock, and I was the happiest man on earth. “Aaahhh that feels amazing Amanda.” I moaned. “I’m going to make you cum gallons Jeff” She said. “Oh I don’t think so,” I teased her. “Save some cum for all of us!” Nancy said. “Relax Nancy, you and your sister have fucked him like five times.” Paige said. I was feeling my first load starting to creep up on me. I didn’t want to admit it to Amanda but I had to. “Ahh Amanda I’m cumming in you!!” I moaned as she rubbed her clit. “I knew… ugh….I could!” Amanda moaned as she fell onto my stomach. “Wow Shannon. Your pussy tastes great.” I said, not giving up. Amanda rode me a little more, and I felt my cum start to ejaculate into her pussy. “Ahhh” I said relasing my load into amanda. Amanda got off my cock and said “Next!”

“Me!” Shannon said first getting off my face.”Give me a minute” I said gasping for air “Two down, four to go.” I said. My cock was beginning to feel a little limp. I tried to think of fucking the whole cheer squad, and if I couldn’t get through it, what would the word around school be about me? “Okay Shannon, you ready?” I asked. “I was born ready Jeff.” With that I slid my cock into her pussy and felt her pussy swell over my shaft. Though she was the biggest slut in the room, I could care less. I wanted to get through all these girls, and show them how the twins and I fucked. Shannon moaned and Nicole sat on my face as I started to breath heavy. “Oh fuck!.” I yelled. I thought I couldn’t get through this. “Come on Jeff, you can do it.” Nancy said to me. I had Nicole sit on my face in a way that she was facing Shannon, who was riding me cowgirl style. “Ahh Shannon that feels good. Shannon was bouncing on my dick and coming down hard on my hips and lap that our bodies made a clapping sound. “Ahhh! Jeff! Cum… in… me” Shannon moaned as she kissed Nicole. I had thought of a rotation type of way to fuck. I had already fucked Ashley and Amanda, and Shannon was almost finished as I felt her pusy clamp my cock. Nicole was next on my cock, Paige was to go on my face, and after Paige was finished I would have the twins to myself. Shannon had dropped down to my hips, grabbed the closest pillow from the couch and covered her mouth as her orgasm was muffled by the pillow. Her moan was still even loud, no matter how thick the pillow, it would have been heard.

Nicole moved down to my groin, and started to handle my wet cock, from all the vaginal juices that had flowed on it. “Wow, your cock is so slippery now, and its still hard.” Nicole said. “Yea…. He has great stamina.” Shannon said breathing heavy. “What can I say, I’m a champ.” I said moving Nicole’s head toward my cock. Nicole moved my hand off her head and willingly opened her mouth as my cock slid down her throat. Nicole gagged and my eyes rolled to the back of my head with extreme pleasure. “Paige, come here.” Paige was a busty girl. She seemed big with our school uniform on, but in regular clothes, wow, there was no better sight. She had those escort gaziantep type of tits that made her seem big, but her figure was perfect. Brunette hair, and blue eyes. “Okay Jeff eat me.” Paige said as she lowered herself onto my face. “Ready Jeff?” Nicole asked. “Mhmmm” I hummed as I began licking Paige’s pussy lips. “Okay honey. Give me that cock.” Nicole said.

Nicole wanted me the most out of the girls, she was the most eager anyway. Nicole was all over me during the party, but I thought she was drunk. “Oh yes.. I can’t get enough! There’s no better feeling!” Nicole moaned. “Yea go girl!” Ashley said from across the basement. “Yea Nicole take that cock like a pro.” Shannon said. “Ahhh yes.. ooooo.” Nicole moaned. Nicole grabbed my hips tightly, and started grind my cock. “This is my favorite.” She said. “Hits every spot in my cunt.” Nicole said, almost finishing. Just as I fucked Nicole, Paige started to feel her orgasm coming on. I wanted to fuck her though. “Nicole get off, we will continue this later.” I said. “Give me a second!” Nicole yelled at me. Nicole took a few more rides and I felt her pussy tighten, I came deep inside her pussy. “Oh yes give me that hot load” Nicole moaned. Nicole was now done, and I told Paige to stand up so I could fuck her in a different position.

Paige knelt on the couch and let me fuck her doggystyle. “Who wants to see something different?” I asked. “What?” All of the girls asked at once. “How about anal?” I asked in general. “Paige are you ready for that?” Nancy asked. “Not really” She admitted, “My pussy is so wet.” She continued. “Okay, fine well take the anal.” Nancy said motioning to her sister and herself. I agreed to it, because the twin and I hadn’t done anal. Maybe the occasional push in and pull out, but nothing that really got their moans to gain attention. I fucked Paige hard and fast. “Oh my god, fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.!” Paige moaned as I held her hips and pushed in and out of her pussy. “Yess!” I said. “That cock is so big!” Paige said. “Yea girl you needed this didn’t you.” Amanda cheered on. “Oh my god girls, how did you not cum right away.” Paige asked as her head fell down on the couch. “Ahhh” I came inside her pussy. “Paige, I can’t finish you.” I said. “Its okay Jeff, take care of your true lovers.” Paige said pulling my dick out of her pussy.

The twins were next. I had wanted to fuck them ever since I stepped into their house that day. They looked so enticing all night. I could barely take my eyes off their identical tits, asses, and faces. Nancy handed the camera I had given back to her to Amanda, who sat it down on the couch. Nina and Nancy got on their knees and walked on them toward me. “There is so much pussy juice on your shaft.” Nina said. “Yes there is sis, let’s clean that up.” Nancy said. The twins mouths slowly caressed my dick up and down. Nina licked the head, and Nancy wrapped her lips as far as she could around my shaft. “This is gonna be epic” Ashley said.

“Oh girls this feels good.” I said. I was overly tired by this point, but I had to finish the twins. Nina and Nancy dried my cock with their hands. “I got this.” I said standing up. Nina and Nancy stood up with me. I lifted up Nancy and spread her legs open. Her pussy was swollen and waiting for me to enter. I shoved my cock in her pussy and she imediately moaned. I hissed with pleasure. Her pussy was wet and I couldn’t think of a time that Nancy’s pussy felt so good. No other girls I had fucked this night had felt better than Nancy’s. “Oh fuck…” Nancy moaned as I started to hump her up and down. My cock slid out of her pussy a few times, but Nina was there to put it back in. “Oh my.. this is so hot.” Amanda said. “Yea!” Paige said after.

I continued to fuck Nancy until I had an orgasm coming along. Nancy was moaning and yelling loudly. “Oh Jeff Fuck my pussy!” “Ahhhh” She said. I lusted for her moans all night and I started to cum. My load was beginning to leak out of Nancy’s pussy, and drip out of her pussy. Nina was between mine and Nancy’s legs, catching what was falling.. “Ahh” Nancy moaned as her orgasm came to life.

“Nina,” I said breathing heavily. “Your turn” I had promised Nina anal. I was going to fufill that promise. I sat down on the couch and Nina walked over to me slowly and sensually. My cock was so wet from all the pussies I had been in. Nina straddled me and I found her ass and slowly entered her anally. Her ass was tight and I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Nina moaned with more pain than pleasure. “Owww that hurts a lot.” She said.”Give me it a little slower.” She finished. “Ahhh that’s better.” She moaned. “Ahh that shit is so fucking tight.” I said hissing with the pleasurable pain from the tightness of her asshole. I started moving fast again, and Nina said “Slow down.” “Okay.” I replied. I couldn’t stop fucking her ass fast however and she got off my cock. “I’m done with that, I don’t really like it.” Nina said. “Fuck my pussy now.”

I obliged and shoved my dick into her wet tight pussy. She quickly became excited. She was breathing heavy and I knew she was holding back her orgasm. She finished very quickly on my cock, and I pulled out with her cum all over my dick. “Wow, Nina, you came the most.” Ashley said crawling over to my dick. All the girls got on their knees and surrounded me. Amanda, Ashley, Shannon, Paige, Nina, Nancy, and Nicole all took turns sucking my balls and cock. The feeling of so many different mouths I had fucked that day had me about to explode. “Holy Fuck!” I said as I gripped my cock. The girls were in somewhat of a line, and I was waving my cock up and down the line, like it was a gun. My cum spurted out, on every girls face or tits. “Ahhh yes!” I hissed as I fell down onto the couch. “So much cummmmmm!” Ashley laughed. “Woo” Nicole said as she started kssing Nina, swaping cum.

I fell asleep watching this, naked. Luckily I woke up around 5 A.M before anyone was up, and woke Nancy up to tel her I was leaving. Nancy gave me a quick blowjob and said “See you later cutie.” “Bye” I said as I snuck out the window I had came in, through the fence, and started walking to John’s house, where I called my mom to come get me. The night I would always remember, the night where I banged the cheerleading squad at a pool party.

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