The Udney Encounter

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Chris was a friend and former college student of mine. He had found work on a farm near a little hamlet called Udney, settled by Scottish farmers more than a century ago. It’s in a farming district remote from cities.

The old rambling farmhouse had a refitted attic under a hip roof that you reached by a steep ladder from the second floor. The little attic apartment featured a cavernous living room lighted with skylights set in the roof. That’s where Chris lived.

I have to say that the living room itself had a strange charm. It wasn’t just the nice, serviceable broadloom on the floor or the overstuffed chair and sofa or the soft light from the tall lamps as the light faded from the sky at twilight. It was a sense of being away from the prying eyes of morality, giving the freedom to do whatever one wanted that was depraved and dirty. There was a sense of anticipated wickedness in that attic.

My arousal had nothing to do with the smell of food from the kitchen adjacent, and I never even saw the bedroom. No, it was the sense of freedom that I felt, my sense of being hidden away in a place where I could express my sexual self utterly and completely, where all my dirty fantasies could come true. And they did!

Chris lived there with his wife, Norma. I had been best man at their wedding. Chris was tall with blonde wavy hair and a goofy big nose where his thick glasses perched. He would say anything, and as it turned out, he would do just about anything too, as long as it was fun for all. He loved having his fun, and so did Norma.

She was a big girl with a Pollyanna view of life, an amazing voice at karaoke, long dark straight hair, blue eyes, and full pouting lips. Yum, yum. Great lips, I thought. I hoped her lower lips were also full and pouting, and thank goodness, they were.

So after Chris had settled into this farmhouse attic in Udney, he called us on a Friday afternoon and invited us to visit him and Norma. Rhoda’s kids were off with her ex for the weekend, so I told Chris OK.

Molly, Rhoda’s 19-year-old daughter, was missing, home from college for the weekend, but out somewhere in town with no word to her mother. But that was normal. She was a pain in the ass, resentful of authority and sullen, but with a great butt that she liked to tease me with. Little Bitch.

Oops. The back door slammed. Ah, there was the LB in the back laundry room, probably expecting me to get her food. Rhoda and I had our coats on for the trip to Udney, so we grabbed her, ignored her whining and protesting, and packed her in the car.

“You’re not staying in my house alone, Molly Rose,” declared Rhoda. No telling what mischief you’ll get up to with your friends.”

When we arrived in Udney, Molly actually thought the old farmhouse was cool, and she got off on climbing the ladder to the attic. I got a flash look up her short skirt at her white panty camel toe. That’s probably what started my libido revving into high gear and fixating on that living room.

The first part of the evening was relatively uneventful. We had a great meal. Norma is an inventive and knowledgeable cook. Chris is bubbly and talkative, hilarious stories that had even Molly laughing.

Even when his stories turned ribald, the little cunt kept laughing as though enjoying sexual innuendo was a cool, adult thing to do. Fine. I kept laughing with her while I looked down her blouse at her tits.

After supper, things got really interesting. The adults sat on the sofa and chair with drinks, and Chris hauled out a double bed mattress covered with a sheet and plunked it on the floor in front of the sofa for Molly to sit on. He put soft music on the stereo and got Norma to sing quietly. She has a lovely voice, perfect pitch and completely untutored. It was sultry and enticing.

As she finished the song, his arm went around her and he kissed her. I winked at Rhoda in her overstuffed chair. Then Chris lowered his hand to Norma’s waist and hooked it under her sweatshirt. As he began to play with her tits, I could see her belly and navel, and she caught her breath as she felt the first jolts of arousal from the nipple he was pinching.

Molly looked up from the mattress and put her hand over her mouth. She pretended to stifle a snicker, but I could see she was very uncomfortable with this display of sexual behaviour. Chris was crossing a line, not that he cared or even noticed. The question for Molly was whether her mother and I would care that the line had been crossed. She glanced at me. I grinned wolfishly. She didn’t like that.

Then Chris pulled his hand from under Norma’s sweatshirt and ducked it under the waistband of her sweatpants. I could see the outline of his fingers as they covered her pubic area and watched with increasing interest as one finger disappeared into her cunt. She shifted on the sofa and gave him in quick succession a startled look and then a frown. Then she crossed her legs and pulled his hand out of her panties.

Chris broke free of her grip and then inserted his middle finger beypazarı escort into his mouth with a great guffaw.

Molly’s mouth twisted into a sneer as if to say, “How gross.”

Then he surprised us all by taking the direct approach and naming the elephant in the room. “Would it be OK with you guys,” he asked, looking mostly at me as the peer person, “if Norma and I made love?”

I recall clearing my throat at this unusual request, but I had encountered many unusual requests from Chris when he was a student, so I wasn’t much surprised. I recognized that he had been looking forward to screwing Norma on his weekend off from farm work, but I was a little worried how Rhoda and I were going to entertain Molly while the bed squeaked in the next room.

“Sure,” I said, “go ahead, Chris. We don’t mind.” I shot a look at Rhoda, who was looking at me with a surprised smirk on her face. “We’ll wait here until you’re finished in the bedroom. I have another bottle of wine in my backpack.”

“No,” he said quite loudly, followed by a guffaw. “We want to do it right here. So you can see.”

There was a long, long pause, during which Norma looked at him with fawn eyes, adoring and trusting and excited. Rhoda was squirming in her chair, smirking and looking at me with eyebrows raised and covering her mouth with her hand.

Molly just sat in shock on her mattress with a look that said, “Are you going to let him do such a dirty thing?”.

Finally in the silence, Chris explained, “We’ve talked about doing it with other people in the room. Kind of public sex, only with a small group of friends so it’s not so scary and we know they won’t blab to other people about it.”

I nodded slowly. It made a perverted kind of sense. I could understand the libidinous motive and the impeccable reasoning in their choice of audience, and I felt flattered. My nod set Rhoda to nodding her assent as well.

Wow, I thought, we’ve just agreed to watch people fucking. And the kid is going to watch too. This could lead to some very good things. I was remembering the camel toe on the ladder. It wasn’t the first time I had had those thoughts about Molly.

Then Molly exploded. “That’s gross,” she yelled. “I want to go home. I’m not staying to watch you guys making out. I think you’re horrible perverts.” She got up and marched toward the ladder at the far end of the living room.

Without thinking, I jumped up from the sofa and grabbed her by the wrist, bending her arm behind her back in a firm lock. She struggled and then lowered her head to bite my hand.

I whacked her with the other hand before she could sink her teeth into me and called to Chris. “Do you have any rope to tie her with?”

“Sure,” he said and went to the kitchen, coming back with a length of cord he used for tying up bundles of oiled tools in the barn. He was taller and much stronger than I, and he soon had Molly tied hand and foot, folded up on her side on the sofa. He taped her mouth with duct tape and then pulled Norma down beside him on the mattress.

I sat on the chair with Rhoda on my knee. I remember the visceral feeling of excitement, the lightning bolts that stabbed at my guts and stiffened my penis as I watched Chris shuck his shirt and pull Norma’s sweatshirt over her head. This was the real thing, not a porn video. Those were real breasts he was caressing and sucking. Then he pulled off his shoes, jeans, and shorts, letting his dick swing free.

Norma knelt and grasped his pole, lifting it straight out from his crotch and licking the tip, followed by a full mouth sucking. I had to admire the length of Chris’s cock and the huge mushroom head as it appeared and disappeared in Norma’s mouth. Chris held her head and fucked his penis in and out of her throat in a forceful way that had Rhoda awestruck and panting with desire.

Chris was getting stiff and aroused; so he lifted Norma to her feet, and then fell to his knees in front of her in a pose that was both worshipful and lustful. His hands found the elastic waistband of her sweats and pulled them down over her ample hips, revealing her pubic mound with its luxurious triangle of lovely chestnut brown hair and her vermilion slit.

He removed her pants and lay down on the mattress on his back, his cock sticking straight up. He pulled Norma’s ass down to his face and buried his face in her cunt crack, lapping the length of her labia and flicking his tongue over her clit. At her end of the 69, she gobbled up his erect penis and began bobbing up and down.

I liked the look of her ass in the air with its crack of cunt and asshole, so I stayed in the chair. Rhoda stared fascinated at the wet, enthusiastic sucking of Chris’s cock, so she went and sat on the floor near Norma’s bobbing head with her back resting on the sofa. Molly next to her mother was wide-eyed at the sex show, though she tried to feign indifference.

The 69 didn’t last long. Young folks in their early 20s get horny quickly. Chris pushed up büyükesat escort on Norma’s hips and flipped her over on her back. He spread her legs and displayed her vagina by opening the lips with his fingers. Then he mounted her and brought the head of his cock to bear on her cunt. An experimental rubbing of his glans penis in her moistened vulva made him wet, so he slid his penis into the vault of her vagina and held it there for a moment.

Then a real fucking materialized in front of us. Rhoda and I exchanged looks that said, “Oooh, they’re really fucking right in front of us and it’s amazing.”

As I stared lustfully at Norma’s beautiful thick cunt lips being rammed by the big Chris cock, Rhoda startled me by saying, “Chris sure has a big one, doesn’t he?” She raised her eyebrows at me in a mischievous ogle.

I nodded slowly. It hadn’t occurred to me in the middle of my lustful thoughts about Norma’s voluptuous body and luxurious pussy that Rhoda might have similar thoughts about Chris. It made sense, though. Rhoda could be quite horny and had confessed quite a few previous partners, though no threesomes or moresomes.

So I nodded and said, “Yes, I guess it is quite the tool. Norma seems to be enjoying it.” Chris was keeping up a steady rhythm in Norma’s pussy, and Norma was breathing harder. I think she was getting close to coming.

“Oh yes,” said Rhoda. “It has length and girth. I like girth.” Another lascivious stare at me. “The tip of his penis is quite big too, isn’t it?”

I nodded. “Yes, it seems so.”

“It has a nice shape too.” I just nodded. “I bet Norma is enjoying it, aren’t you, Norma?”

Norma nodded and stammered “Oooh ya, and it’s … oooh . … I can feel it all … the … way … inside … me. Aaaarggghhh.” Her first orgasm hit her and she grabbed Chris by the hips to stop his thrusting until her orgasm subsided a little. I love a woman who creams and comes easily.

Rhoda glanced over at Molly. The teen was trying to avert her eyes from this scene of adult perversion. Her mother pursed her lips and grabbed the girl’s cheeks, pulling her head around and popping her eyes open. “Watch,” Rhoda commanded her daughter. “You think you know it all. Watch and learn something.”

Chris sped up his fucking and soon came in Norma’s pussy, grunting and groaning as his penis unleashed its flood of cream deep in her vaginal vault. I just about came in my pants. When he held her legs open so we could see his come leaking out of her reddened pussy lips, I was ready to go.

It was our turn to perform in front of an audience. I was excited and my cock was stiff. I stood Rhoda up and removed her shirt, skirt, and shoes. Next came the pantyhose, though she insisted on finishing that job herself. They were expensive and she didn’t want a run in them. Meanwhile, I stripped off my shirt, shoes, and pants.

Chris and Norma got up, put on their sweats, and sat down beside Molly.

“You ready to be sociable?” Chris asked her.

Molly’s initial shock and contempt had worn off, and she had been turned on at the sight of Chris’s big cock fucking into Norma’s pussy, but she wasn’t going to admit that, especially since she had seen her mother’s obvious admiration and arousal at the sight. And now her mother was getting into the act.

Molly nodded at Chris. He cautiously removed the duct tape from her mouth.

“Thanks,” she said sullenly. “My knees and shoulders hurt.”

“Will you promise not to run?” he asked.

“OK,” she said, still sullen. Many conflicting feelings were running around in her addled brain, but she didn’t like being trussed up like a pig. Chris carefully worked out the knots in her bonds and removed the rope. He purposefully folded it in front of her and placed it in full view on a side table. Molly knew what he meant: don’t run or I’ll bind you again, this time more painfully.

I followed Chris’s lead and set to stripping Rhoda. I didn’t want to do anything Molly hadn’t already seen. It would be bad enough for her to watch her mother fucking a new boyfriend while her beloved father was off picnicking with her siblings.

Rhoda has a short, sturdy build with nice big breasts. She has long, straight, dark hair and an oval face with rather thin lips and blue eyes. As I pulled her panties down, Chris grinned at the sight of Rhoda’s lovely dark pussy hair. Her pussy lips are thin too, but she’s tight inside, as I soon proved again for myself.

I’m not sure whether Molly’s expression was a snarl or a sneer or just lust as her mother pulled down my pants and took my cock in her mouth. It’s a wonderful thing, watching the daughter watch her mother sucking me off, but I also wanted her to see the full session, and my balls were aching already from watching Chris and Norma, who were now watching us, whispering to each other and pointing to our genitals.

I found that having an audience was quite turning me on, and I saw Rhoda shooting glances over at them. She was shy çankaya escort and blushing as we did 69, her cunt pointed at Chris as I licked her, but she bobbed up and down on my cock with enthusiasm.

Then I flipped her on her back, spread her legs, and held her pussy lips open for Chris’s inspection. He chuckled and chortled and nodded his head, while Norma beside him discreetly watched my penis swinging in my crotch, ready to invade Rhoda.

I loved fucking Rhoda. It’s what we used to do best. I didn’t like the rest of Rhoda, now that she’s long gone from my life: the neglect of her family and her house, her profligate spending of money she didn’t have, and the incessant stories from her past. The best ones were about sex, especially how her virginity was raped from her at age 20 by an unscrupulous co-worker at the bank. That always turned me on.

I thought about that as I fucked her on Chris’s living room floor. It was a fast, deep session, my balls slapping on her ass as I drove my cock home in her cunt again and again. Her eyes were half closed and her breathing came fast and labored. As I felt my cock stiffen in the final ecstasy of orgasm, I deliberately looked over at Molly and groaned loudly so she would know I was coming in her mommy’s cunt.

Then I withdrew and spread Rhoda’s legs so Chris could get a good view of her pussy lips streaming with my come. He whipped out his mobile phone and took a photo, grinning the whole time. Norma giggled.

Molly said, “Eeehwww, gross.” We all laughed when she said that.

We sat on the sofa, Rhoda and I in bathrobes provided by Norma and Chris. We drank some sweet wine.

Norma gave a grin and shrug at Rhoda. “Well, that was something, wasn’t it?”

“It sure was,” Rhoda gushed. “It was really hot. I got really turned on, watching, I mean.” Norma blushed and nodded her assent.

Chris said, “I want to show you something.” He got up and returned from the bedroom with an armful of magazines. He picked up the top one and opened it. It was glossy and full of pictures of naked people.

“Look at this,” he said, pointing to a full-page photo of a women on her back with a man on top of her fucking her cunt while another couple in the background watch. The caption read, “Wife Swapping Is Fun.”

Rhoda stared at it, a dirty little grin twisting itself across her lips.

“Want to try it?” said Chris. His face was an excited mixture of lustful hope and nervous anticipation of a round rejection in favor of conventional morality.

I looked at Rhoda. “Well,” I began slowly, “it DOES look like fun, doesn’t it?”

Her grin widened and she looked at Chris. “Yes, it actually does. Oh, my.” She blushed and looked away when she realized what she had just assented to.

“NO” yelled Molly. I had been expecting this. The moral outrage of teens, especially when it comes to their parents’ sexual behaviour, has no limits. Yet, I could also see how the sight of Chris’s cock in action had turned her on. She was at least a little jealous at the notion of that large penis pleasuring her mother before her very eyes. She made to bolt for the ladder again, but Chris was ahead of her this time.

“You WILL watch,” he commanded. Holding her arms firmly behind her back, he dragged in a chair from the kitchen, plunked her into it, and tied her arms and legs firmly to it. “You’re going to enjoy this,” he told her. Chris was smarter than I thought.

Well, the fucking we fell into was marvelous. I will always remember with arousal how Rhoda threw off her robe, lay on the mattress with legs spread wide, and grabbed Chris’s erect penis when it presented itself, placing the head at the entrance to her waiting cunt. I hugged Norma beside me on the sofa as we watched Chris fucking Rhoda’s pussy long and hard. She came twice before he filled her vagina with a flood of semen. Ah, youth has the energy.

When they were seated on the sofa, I found myself kneeling beside a naked Norma, caressing her nipples with one hand while the other played in her pubic forest. As I lay beside her, my mouth found her nipple while my fingers played up and down her pussy slit, circling her clitoris and dipping into her vagina for moisture.

She got wetter and wetter and started squirming. Soon she convulsed with a happy groan and clamped her legs around my hand to stop my ministrations on her clit as her body tensed in the orgasmic spasm. I really love a woman who comes easily.

I quickly mounted her and rubbed my cock head up and down her pussy lips to get them moist and to enjoy the sight and feel of my sex flesh in first contact with fresh cunt. Slowly I introduced the glans between the soft, wet inner lips and passed my penis up, up into the depths of Norma’s vagina.

She was wonderfully substantial: breasts, belly, hips, thighs, and that full-lipped cunt. I fucked and fucked and fucked her while Rhoda watched, giggling to herself, and Molly tied in her chair, contempt rolling from her eyes like snot from her nose.

It was over too soon. It was a good long fuck, and I loved looking into Norma’s blue eyes after my own eyes had roved up and down her magnificent body. She saw how I worshipped her female parts and her eyes told me she was flattered as the rocking of her torso continued with my firm thrusts into her vaginal depths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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