The Virgin Bride

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Amy Wong

This is a story that would have been quite hard to justify as fitting within The Lessons series. I do hope that you enjoy it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Their special night finally arrived. Lisa had been looking forward to this all her life. Actually, she had been looking forward to finding the right man all her life.

Lisa was a romantic. She didn’t mind admitting it. She wasn’t embarrassed by it. She cried so terribly much during all of the romantic movies. Of course she cried when Rose lets go of Jack’s hand, when Nickie sees the painting on Terry’s wall, and when Annie finds the backpack (and Sam soon arrives to get it). But, she also cried when Dorothy Boyd said, “You had me at hello,” when Louise Bryant says goodbye for the last time to John Reed, when Mark tells Bridget that he was just buying her a new diary, when Sally says “I hate you Harry, I really hate you,” when Lucy plays the “Good Morning Lucy” tape as Israel Kamakawiwo’ole sings, and even when Eve Rustikoff dropped the cigar box. Well, maybe these also weren’t so unusual. But, she did watch lots and lots of romantic movies, probably too many, and she knew she had finally met the man whom she truly wanted to marry: Alec Stewart.

He was a wonderful man. He was considerate, warm, funny, sociable, and even good looking. He dressed well. He worked out. He had a nice steady job. He was great around the house (for fixing things, not for picking up or cleaning). He was always there for her. He took care of her when she was sick. He listened to her when she was upset. He liked to do things with her. He even liked to take her to romantic movies. He really had no faults. Well, that wasn’t true. He would leave things lying around, on occasion he liked to belch, he was a rabid football fan (Lisa found the game too violent), he would put off doing the dishes, and he liked to go to action movies (which Lisa abhorred). So, he wasn’t the perfect boyfriend. But, as Beverly said to Carol in As Good as it Gets, “Everybody wants that dear; it doesn’t exist.” Perhaps what made Alec perfect for her was that he did love her: “Truly, Madly, Deeply,” as Lisa liked to say.

They dated a year and a half before he proposed. She actually knew within the first six months that she wanted to marry him, but she was patient and she knew it would be worth the wait. The proposal was itself romantic, at least to her. Their first meeting had been accidental. They had met on a subway car. He was sitting down when she got on. There were no more empty seats. He naturally got up to offer her his seat, which she gratefully took. They chatted a bit, exchanged pleasantries, but nothing more than that. Actually, that’s not true either. They both could tell that there was an attraction between them. Their conversation had been so natural, so comfortable. But, you don’t pick up strangers on subway cars, no matter how good looking or engaging they are. So, she just watched him go when they reached his stop, waving cheerfully at him as he walked off, hoping that he would impulsively ask her for her number. He didn’t.

But, when she sat back down, there on the seat, was a small package that he had apparently forgotten. She opened it, hoping for some identification as to the owner. She was rewarded. It was a present for his mother, and the receipt had his name and return address. Fortunately for her, no address for his mother. She couldn’t just send it to her. She had to contact him. Well, to make a long story short, they both used the returning of the package as an excuse to see each other again.

When he eventually proposed, he again met her on the subway. He didn’t have to get up this time to offer her his seat, but when she sat down next to him, there was this small package in the seat across from her. She picked it up and opened it again, to see if there was something important that someone had lost. It contained the ring.

OK, it wasn’t nearly so cute as Gaylord’s failed attempt with the children’s signs in Meet the Parents, or as sweet as when Robbie Hart sang “Grow old with you” in The Wedding Singer, but still, it was so very nice that he put such thought and effort into it. He was like that.

Lisa worked as a receptionist for a doctor. Alec had to leave for work earlier than her (he worked in construction) and at times he would sneak off real early in order to first stop by her doctor’s office to leave little presents for her on her desk. They were always sweet little surprises. She never grew tired of them. On her 23rd birthday he had 23 pink roses (her favorite flower) in separate individual vases placed in a line marking a path from her front hallway to the bedroom. Waiting inside her bedroom was a single vase with 23 more, and on her bed was a new pink dress that she had been repeatedly admiring (from a rather expensive store, which is why she hadn’t purchased it herself). Needless to say they made love amid the petals of the roses.

There seemed to be though one way in which they might be incompatible. Kastamonu Escort She couldn’t understand it, but he seemed to actually like, even want, anal sex. This was definitely not something that she enjoyed. Well, she couldn’t really say that, as she hadn’t really tried it. She came close a few times, but the whole thought of it seemed disgusting, if not scary. She thought that anal sex was something a slut did, or a drunk woman. Anal sex simply wasn’t natural. She long thought of it as a perversion. She would say, “My goodness. This is where you poop.” It stinks, it’s unsanitary. It can even be dangerous. ‘Why would anyone want to do such a disgusting thing?!’

But, she slowly grew to realize that Alec wanted to do it. After six months of sex he started hinting at it. He was courteous, nice, even sweet, about it. He didn’t just come right out and ask her, and he certainly didn’t force it on her. He just gradually approached the idea, trying to ease her into it, so to speak.

She began to notice little cues. Like, he almost always fondled her bottom when they made love. She did like that. She liked it when he caressed her there. His hands felt so strong, powerful, and masculine as he felt and fondled her lily white, soft cheeks. She did have a cute little butt. Her breasts were not so large. Their shape wasn’t even anything special. She frankly didn’t like them. He claimed he did. He said they were adorable, lovely, and sexy. She wasn’t sure if he was just trying to boost her morale. But, her bottom was truly a sight to see. They were real apple cheeks: round, pert, and firm.

Alec would encourage her to wear dresses and slacks that hugged her bottom. She didn’t mind. The bottom was an important part of a woman’s figure. Many a man’s eyes followed the wiggle in her walk as she strolled away. Her breasts would not turn a man’s head. Why not use her bottom? She enjoyed the fact that she would get second glances in her mini skirts, summer skirts, and low slung jeans.

As she passed a group of men she would at times turn her head back after she went by to see if she could catch any of them stealing a glance. If she did, she might act annoyed, but she was actually quite flattered. She would at times even smile flirtatiously, although she didn’t really want any of them to approach her. She would just do it for fun.

With Alec she would do even more. As she was undressing for bed, he would at times ask her to stop just as she was slipping a dress, skirt, or panty just past her bottom, so that he could admire its sweet, tender smoothness, the delectable crack, the soft perky hillock. She would even bend over for him, wiggle it back and forth, and then look back at him with a cute smile and ask, “Is there something you want, dear?”

Lisa enjoyed Alec’s attention to her derriere. His hands were tough and calloused from his construction work, but his touch was so tender when he petted and fondled her there. She even liked it when he grabbed her bottom during intercourse. His hands felt so masculine and powerful as he gripped her cheeks, pulling her hard against him as he plunged in and out. She liked it when he was so forceful and aggressive. She would at times respond with equal fury and passion, pounding her hips against his. This was one of the few times that she could actually say that fucking was making love. Their sex was furious and forceful; they were indeed fucking; but they were also making love.

However, he began to spend more and more attention to her bottom. There was one time in particular when he seemed to spend quite a bit of attention back there. At first it seemed to be just a natural result of the fact that he was giving her a back rub. She was lying naked on the bed, face down. He was sitting on his knees, with each knee on either side of her legs.

It was a really good back rub. His beefy, rugged hands were well suited for a deep muscle massage. Her tight nerves, her ruminative worries, her insecurities, just seemed to melt away as his muscular hands work on her more delicate, tender muscles. She would feel so serene, so mellow after one of his rubs.

She didn’t mind at all that he eventually turned his attention to her derriere. His husky hands affectionately stroked and massaged her cheeks. It was a little intimate; well, real intimate. No professional masseur, nor even a masseuse, had ever worked her butt. They always kept that part of her hidden from view, even the females. It was a little titillating knowing that her bare bottom was only just a draped towel away. She could at times feel herself getting excited when a masseur worked her hips and thighs. She would not object if a professional masseur removed the towel, but none had done so.

When Alec began to work on her bottom, she let herself indulge in the fantasy that it was a masseur who was admiring the roundness and firmness of her derriere. She sighed with pleasure as he massaged and fondled her fanny. Her thigh muscles relaxed. She parted Kastamonu Escort Bayan her legs ever so slightly.

Alec slid back farther on the bed to give himself a better view of and angle to her butt. He leaned forward to the point that he was almost entirely lying down across the back of her legs as his hands continued to work her cheeks. His face was just inches away from her crack, and he was enjoying the view immensely. As he handled her bottom her cheeks would part to reveal her cute little rosebud. It looked so enticing to him. It was a part of her that was so intimate, so naughty, so virginal. He wanted so much to touch it, to even kiss it, to lick it, and perhaps to even make love to it. But, he held back. He knew that she wouldn’t like it. So, he just took the opportunity to gaze at it, to appreciate and admire it. He smiled with pleasure as he studied closely the curls, furrows, and folds of her virginal brown hole. If only she would just let him touch it.

Alec also spent time admiring her fanny when they did it from behind. He particularly enjoyed this position. Lisa clearly preferred the traditional way. He didn’t denigrate it by referring to it as the “missionary” position. He agreed that it was more romantic that way. They could look into each other’s eyes as his cock slid softly but forcefully in and out of her wet, tight cunt. He could feel himself swell harder when she smiled sweetly at him, when she caressed his check, felt his muscles, scratched his back. He had no complaints about doing it that way.

From behind, though, was a bit different. As she said, they could recall no romantic movies when couples made love with the man mounting her from behind. They could recall a view times when the couple was spooning, but he had to admit not knowing any romance movies in which the couple did it doggie style. Doing it from behind seemed to be confined to more animalistic, even aggressive scenes, as when Noodles fucked Carol, the secretary, in Once Upon a Time in America, one of those gangster movies Alec liked and Lisa didn’t. It was hard to call such scenes romantic.

It wasn’t that Lisa didn’t like doing it from behind. She even liked calling it “doggie style” when she was feeling a little bit saucy herself. It felt so much more naughty, even animalistic, to do it that way. It made her feel like she was yielding to a powerful man, even feeling a little submissive to his strength, his control. She couldn’t use her hands when they did it that way. He was really more in control. At best her hands were used to keep herself in place while she presented her cunnie to him. She couldn’t even really see him, let alone kiss him. She was just displaying her cunt to him like a dirty bitch in heat, sticking her bottom up in the air for him to use as he saw fit, waiting for her tough, dominant mongrel to mount her.

There was one time in which he had in fact mounted her while she was trying to reach something under the couch. They had originally intended to go out for dinner. She was wearing one of the short skirts he liked so much, and when she did he would encourage her to occasionally pick things up to tease men who happen to be in the vicinity. She didn’t mind doing that. She actually looked forward to it. She had even special panties for the occasion. However, as she was fixing one of her earrings it slipped through her fingers and bounced under the couch. She got down on her knees, bent way down, and looked under the couch for it. It was a sight that would be difficult for any man to resist. Her skirt rode up so high that the lower half of her panties were in full view.

Alec asked, “Is my little puppy trying to give daddy some naughty ideas?”

Lisa giggled. That was quite an odd mix of metaphors, but she did appreciate that her posture was rather enticing. She played along, “Woof, woof,” she barked, wagging her bottom at him.

He didn’t need any more encouragement. He quickly moved up behind her and flipped her skirt up entirely out of the way.

“Alec!” Lisa protested. “You stop that. I’m trying to find my earring.”

“I’m sorry, dear. I thought perhaps that the skirt was in your way.”

“Yea, right,” she said sarcastically. “That was the problem.”

But, Alec did not pull the skirt back down. Instead, he just admired the sight of her sexy panties, drawn so snugly around her firm cheeks. She was wearing pink lacy boy short panties that wrapped very tightly around her buttocks and left exposed the bottom third of her cheeks.

Alec felt a surge of lust sweep through his loins. He reached for the panty waistband and quickly pulled them down. Out popped those sweet apple cheeks, as well as a verbal protest. “Hey, fella, c’mon now! No time for that.”

As far as he was concerned, there was always time for that, and certainly time for a little sight seeing. And, it wasn’t like he was even delaying or interfering with her. She could look for her earring whether her panties were up or down, Escort Kastamonu and, she certainly looked good doing it this way. He tenderly placed a hand on the soft curve of her bare derriere. “Lisa, have I ever told you how pretty your bottom is.”

She called back, running a hand along the carpet beneath the couch, trying to find the earring, “Yes, I believe you have, and I certainly appreciate the attention and compliment, but I need to find this earring. Now, pull those panties back up!” She groped around under the couch. There wasn’t much room for her hand to reach underneath and it was very dark. She could hardly see a thing. She didn’t understand how her earring could have gotten so far underneath. Perhaps it hadn’t even fallen there at all?

Alec responded jokingly, but with a certain biased interest. “Here, let me help you keep your balance while you look.” He placed one hand on each cheek, as if he was trying to steady her, but instead using the opportunity to spread her cheeks apart so that he could get a good luck at her rose bud.

And, there it was, again. He found it so pretty, so delectable. It was so nicely puckered. The furrows were curved, parallel lines running around the center, like a little brown star. He couldn’t explain why he found it so appealing, so attractive, so sexy, but that was simply the fact of the matter. It was so cute, so delicate, so inviting.

Lisa laughed at his silly joke. She enjoyed this kind of playful fun but, “Alec, really, I need to find the earring.”

“Well, maybe, honey, it slid up in here?” He let go of a cheek, reluctantly, but with perhaps equal pleasure he used a finger of the free hand to lightly draw along the slit of her cunt.

Lisa laughed even harder. “Oh yeah, it fell off of my ear, down my dress, and into my panties. C’mon Alec, I’m serious, and you’re being very rude!”

Alec, however, noticed that she was not actually moving away from him. She could stop him at any moment simply by sitting back down on her haunches or getting up. She didn’t do either. She instead kept her bottom raised up in the air. With her mouth she complained and protested, but with her bottom she egged him on.

“Well, you never can tell with these things.” He continued to lightly stroke his finger up and down her slit. He could feel her getting a bit wet. “Didn’t you find one in your bra once? I think I even recall one being in one of my shoes. How in the heck did it get there?” The tip of his index finger was now moist with her fluid, and he moved it up to her clit. He pressed his finger against the hood and applied a slow circular motion.

Lisa sighed. She could now feel herself getting wet. She always enjoyed his fingering. She decided to play along, at least for a little while. She said softly, while spreading her legs and raising her bottom up higher, “Well, maybe you are right. I haven’t looked there myself.”

“No, no, you haven’t. We can’t let any stone go unturned, any crevice unexplored.” He moved his finger back down her slit, and slowly, with small circular motions, inserted his finger into her vagina. She was now very wet, as well as tight. He released his other hand from her bottom and used it to massage his cock through his pants as he fingered her pussy from behind.

Lisa began to match his movements with her own. She slowly waggled her bottom up and down as he pushed his finger in and out.

Her movements were very enticing to Alec. Her bottom was bobbing up and down. He couldn’t stop now. He quietly unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his stiff cock through the horizontal flap of his jockey shorts. He stroked his dick as he fingered her cunt. They could both hear the squishing noise as his finger sloshed in and out of her cunt.

Lisa felt rather obscene. This was not something she could have ever imagined her mother doing with her father, or even approving of her doing. She was kneeling on the carpet in their living room with her panties down to her thighs and her naked butt raised up in the air as she was being fingered from behind. But, then, she couldn’t imagine her mother having any sex at all, and she must have done it quite a bit. Well, it didn’t matter if her mother would disapprove. It did feel nice, and it was even kind of sexy to be doing something so dirty, even nasty.

Alec was thinking of something that was really much more dirty, perhaps even actually nasty. For the moment, however, he was settling for this. It was, for the moment, nasty enough to have his romantically inclined fiancé be doing something so purely sexual, humping his finger while he watched from behind. She even spread her legs further apart, stretching her panties, so that he could more easily get into her cunt.

He had to have more. He got up on his own knees and maneuvered in between her legs. “I’m sorry honey, but I can’t feel it with my finger. Maybe I’m not getting in deep enough. Let me try something else.” He raised up as high as he could go on his knees and aimed his cock for her cunt.

As soon as the soft round head touched her wet pussy lips, Lisa groaned with pleasure, and with approval. She abandoned all pretense of looking for her earring. She instead rested her head on her arms and concentrated on helping him get his cock into her cunt.

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