The Virile Gardener

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Can she educate him to pleasure women?

This story is entirely a work of fiction.

He’s a very big boy thought Florence as she watched her gardener out by the swimming pool. She had arrived home in time to see the young man rise bollock naked from the water and then prance around showing off his erect penis as if to an audience. It stood out like a pole, so stiff that it barely moved as he hopped about.

Tom had completed his first year at a local University and had been working for his neighbour since passing his ‘A’ levels. He was a muscular sport driven student and his nude figure showed off his assets to perfection.

She sucked in an involuntary breath as her nipples hardened and her vagina flooded. It was now far too late to let him know she was home so Florence decided to stay hidden and observe the show.

Her reward was to see Tom stroke the impressive weapon until it grew even larger but then as if unable to wait a moment longer he began to seriously jack off.

Florence had by now got a finger to her throbbing clit and began panting with desire as it popped out of its sheath in response to her caress but she never took her eyes from his penis which had now grown even larger.

In fact it was so big that the head poked out from his fist which was working lovingly up and down the rigid column and moving so quickly by now that the swollen helmet was coated in pre-cum.

She added additional fingers to the first as gradually her own strokes quickened to match his tempo and she offered up thanks to whatever benign spirit had given her this welcome home present.

Having spent the last four hours in a state of ever increasing frustration during a journey in which Florence had been baulked twice from getting herself off this was a bonus to be fully appreciated.

Denied first on the plane, having been forced to leave the privacy of the toilet by turbulence, and then at the terminal car park where her car was unfortunately parked in full visibility of any passing pedestrian, it was as if fate had decreed that she wait until this unexpected bonus.

Then as she felt the onset of her own orgasm his wanking hand sped up to became a blur.

“Perhaps we’ll cum together,” she whispered even as he abruptly slowed and straightened up from a hunched position.

“Yes, fucking yes.”

Florence actually heard this shout of triumph even through the double glazing then came herself as he threw his head back and began shooting off into her ornamental shrubbery.

Unlike him however she couldn’t remain upright as she orgasmed so this was the moment that her knees involuntarily folded and Florence fell back into a chair.

With spasms still rocking her body from head to toe it was some time before she had recovered enough to rise on wobbly legs and go through to the kitchen but on arrival she discovered the gardener passing the door with a flushed face and dripping hair, although with his shorts now on.

He did a double take evidently surprised at finding his employer home but recovered rapidly enough to stumble over a greeting.

“Mrs Foster…you’re back already…did you have a good holiday?”

She almost giggled at his look of embarrassment. Did he suspect that she had seen him wanking? Had he seen her watching?

All this flashed through her mind before she eventually replied as if everything was quite normal and her love juice was not running down the inside of her thighs.

“Very nice thank you Tom. Has everything been alright while I was away?”

“No probs Mrs Foster. Do you want your luggage bringing in?”

“Yes please. There’s just the two cases in the boot.”

Tom fetched the cases and carried them through to her bedroom with his eyes wide open. This was a first for him and curiosity was causing his gaze to roam everywhere but the place was immaculate, hadn’t the cleaners been in while she was away, so to his disappointment there were no lacy underclothes on view, no sign of occupation at all.

But he dare not linger and departed reluctantly.

“I’ve still got the lawns to mow, is that okay?”

But she seemed distracted and merely nodded in reply.

He had already cut half the front grass when the ride on mower sputtered to a halt and he cursed himself for not filling the tank, but once that was done he returned to thoughts of his employer.

Tom could do the job on auto pilot and in the heat of the sun his boner was back with a vengeance and pushing out a bulge in his denim shorts.

What he wouldn’t give to ram it up the gorgeous Mrs Foster, to feel his knob push home for its full length. What would that be like? What was it like to fuck a woman, any woman?

He had measured his erection once, 17.5 centimetres although it did depend where you measured from, and he couldn’t hardly close his fingers around the rod when he was Porno 64

getting near to shooting off.

So as he rode the mower up and down his spare hand was in his pocket working his sensitive knob sideways, back and forth across his stomach.

But as the cuttings began to overflow the box Tom steered for the compost bins and in the copse of trees which made the spot invisible from the house he climbed off and unzipped his flies to free the erection of which he was so proud.

Would Mrs Foster be impressed by its size. He had seen her copping a good look at his gym developed muscles but he had no idea what she did for regular sex. He actually remembered her husband being around but the man was long gone so did she have someone else?

And would she welcome the attentions of a young stud? What would her tits feel like in his hands? Would her nipples rise up like his girlfriend’s when he stroked them?

But by now his thigh muscles had stiffened and his free hand was forced to grab at a nearby post for support as his balls swelled and his orgasm began. One ribbon of jism splashed onto the grass then another as he continued to hunch over his still moving fist followed by a third then a couple of dribbles which he wiped away with cuttings scooped from the pile.

When would she succumb to temptation and seduce Tom? She had seen the lust in his eyes when he thought that her attention was elsewhere and seen the erection at his fly whenever she flaunted her firm childless body.

But after his exhibition by her pool the thought of having that splendid cock buried deep within her vagina had definitely aroused Florence’s interest and she would be hard put to keep her hands to herself in the future.

Tired from the journey and from the recent excitements she decided to wash away the grime of the trip and then take a siesta however after getting stripped off she ended up falling naked on her bed.

As she drifted off to sleep to the accompaniment of the distant mower she thought lazily that she could shower later. Then, having slept deeply, it was evening before she woke and turned sensually onto her stomach.

“Just a quickie before I shower…”

She began humping the mattress, slowly at first then, once she had dragged a pillow down between her legs, with more intent because she rarely woke without pleasuring herself in the same way.

Florence had never found cumming a problem. Her husband had only discovered how lucky he was when he foolishly strayed from the marriage bed only to find his new woman turning bitter and twisted.

“You always cum too soon.”

The woman was not slow in complaining.

But Florence’s husband was now history having been made to pay handsomely for his mistake.

“That boy has such a nice cock,” Florence crooned to herself as her clitoris rubbed across the Egyptian cotton, “but when he came, there must have been yards of spunk,” and with such salacious thoughts fuelling her libido she came noisily.

She arrived home one afternoon to find Tom had pretty much finished cutting the hedges and not wanting to shout over the noise of the trimmer she pantomimed drinking from a glass. He nodded and by the time she had unlocked the house and got out a couple of beers he had appeared at the conservatory doors.

“Come in.” She handed him an uncapped bottle but then as he chugged down the cold liquid Florence weakened.

“Oh fuck it,” she muttered to herself and knelt to open his flies.

There was a slight smell of sweat but mainly one of male testosterone tinged with a trace of semen. Had he wanked off again in her shrubbery?

But whether he had or not the erection now filling her mouth promised much so she drew him by his cock to a settee where once inside her vagina he lasted surprisingly well.

In fact she had already orgasmed before he withdrew in a hurry to shoot off onto the leather cushions.

“You should have cum in me Tom. I’m on the pill and spunk does dreadful things to the leather.”

But despite her momentary anger she toyed with his still half hard erection as he remained on his knees between her thighs.

“Who do you think about when you wank off?”

He looked startled perhaps shocked by the directness of the question but made no reply.

“I know you do. I’ve seen you.”

Now he really was shaken but she still felt the need to continue needling the shy young man.

“You think about me, don’t you?”

He nodded while blushing to the roots of his hair.

“And you’ve done it already today.”

It was more a statement than a question but he took it as the latter.

“Yeah, twice.”

He seemed really proud of his potency.

“Were you still a virgin up until now?”

There was a pause. She knew Tom was thinking of pretending that he was more experienced than he actually was but eventually Konulu Porno he must have decided to be entirely honest.

“Yes…but there’s a girl at Uni who I reckon is about to put out for me.”

Oh-ho she thought. A rival. Shall I do something about her?

“Have you ever seen her naked?”

“No, well only in a swimsuit.”

“Shall I strip off so you can see what a real woman looks like.”

She felt his prick jerk in her hand at the offer then slowly rose to her feet and whilst not consciously trying to perform a striptease that was how it ended up.

His eyes became locked on her perfect breasts as she tweaked and pulled at her nipples sending messages of joy to her throbbing vagina so she was not surprised to see his erection rise again.

Once he was fully erect Florence pushed him onto his back and climbed on with an expressive groan.

“Is this what you imagine when you jack off?”

“Sort of, but I never imagined it could be so good.”

She bent forward until her nipples were virtually at his mouth.

“Suck my tits Tom, yes like that, now nip them with your teeth. That’s it.”

The feel of his hardness filling her cunt was bliss and his muscular torso against her rounded stomach was pure heaven. She tightened her cunt on his stiffness and began moving in a circular motion. There was no hurry, after all he had already cum, so Florence could enjoy the ride.

But his size was doing strange things and within minutes she came softly. It was merely a short interruption to her breathing pattern but as the need rose again she found herself abandoning any attempt at control.

“Harder Tom…split me open…ram it home…” And as he obeyed Florence came again. The young man then cried out triumphantly as he filled her vagina with his own discharge.

Later and turned on by having had sex that afternoon she got herself off in the whirlpool bath while totting up how many orgasms she had had since waking that morning.

Florence had ridden her pillow for the first, then had another in the shower, but her bout with Tom had definitely made her tender down there so for a time, or at least until the soreness was gone, she might stick to just using her fingers.

It was no surprise that Florence felt sore. She hadn’t had a man since her divorce, hadn’t had an erect cock knocking for entry since her husband had been cast off. Not that the size of that man’s weapon had been anything to write home about, particularly when compared to young Tom’s, so no wonder she was now a bit tender.

Her newly discovered and utterly gorgeous friend Alicia was dithering over what she would eat although the waiter looked as if he would forgive the woman anything as long as he could continue copping a look down her cleavage.

“What are you having?”

“I’ve already ordered.”

So taking the easy way out her friend asked the waiter for the same.

“You are shameless,” Florence was giggling, “I know you never wear a bra so I bet he could see your nipples.”

“Well it sure got his attention.”

Conversation during their leisurely lunch ranged far and wide but did include one pertinent subject which was only lightly touched upon.

“So you’ve seduced that tasty young man who does your garden?”

“Yes, but it was in a moment of weakness which I will probably regret.”

“Well don’t look for me to take him off your hands.”

“If you saw his erection it might change your mind.”

When they did eventually leave the hotel restaurant Alicia took Florence’s arm and steered her over to the bank of lifts rather than towards the exit.

“What are you doing?”

Florence was not in any way angry, merely curious.

“Listen my love, half the rooms in this place will be open and ready to be serviced by the maids.”


“Just wait and see.”

Alicia selected a floor at random and then pulled Florence into an open bedroom. She immediately shut the door firmly.

“What the hell?”

“I just fancied giving you a quickie.”

“Oh, so that’s your plan. That would be very nice. Where do you want me darling?.”

“Bend over the dressing table sweetie and get your legs well apart.”

Alicia flipped up her friends skirt then pulled Florence’s thong aside. Then she released her erection and rammed it home in an already well lubricated vagina. She gave a sigh of pleasure and began moving.

“That’s very nice,” whispered Florence as she wriggled in appreciation causing Alicia to redouble her efforts.

Neither flinched one iota when a maid opened the door and then retired in confusion.

In fact it only served to heighten the thrill as they both came within a minute of the interruption and left the room brazenly facing down the wide eyed Phillipino woman.

Later in a taxi Florence could feel the cum oozing from her Porno İndir vagina and smiled at her friends bravado. She could always trust the transvestite to add spice to their now more frequent meetings.

They had only very recently met for the first time. This was at the riding stables which they both used where Florence had discovered the other ‘woman’s’ secret. They were both in the makeshift changing room when she had caught sight of an ill concealed penis, whether by design or by mistake.

Florence had broken the pregnant silence.

“You’re a man?”

“Does that offend you?”

“No, not in any way. If that’s what turns you on then who am I to stand in judgment?”

“Good,” was all Alicia had said before inviting the amused Florence out for dinner.

“My mother says that although I was born a boy I always wanted to be a girl. I never had a big cock even when it was erect so when I left home I had implants to form my tits and became a lady-boy.”

“But how do you…err…get off?”

Alicia had giggled at Florence’s clumsily expressed question then reached under the table to direct her girl friends hand to a small but very firm erection.

“Oh it all works fine down there.”

“So do you ever let men fuck you?”

“Sometimes,” Alicia had smiled, “but of course it has to be up the back.”

Florence had been fascinated, still was, and had wormed the full story out of her stylish new acquaintance over the succeeding weeks during which time the relationship had rapidly gone from friendship to having full and uninhibited sex. However Florence had jibed at Alicia piercing her anus.

“I like being fucked by someone with breasts.”

Florence had remarked once in a post-coital moment.

Tom had returned to Uni a much wiser young man, at least as far as sexual matters were concerned. He still lived at home, about five minutes walk from Florence, and still needed his tax free wage from the divorcee to supplement his grant.

But, unknown to that lady, he would have worked on her gardens for free as long as she provided the occasional fuck which happened perhaps once a fortnight.

Between those epic occasions he carried on wanking but not so much in the open air as the temperatures plummeted. Mostly it took place in his bedroom or the shower. But everything changed one night when his girlfriend finally gave in.

They had been to a chickflic at the local cinema and he had walked her back to the flat she shared with a trio of students where they found the place empty.

In the middle of a steamy session of petting she seemed to come to a decision and it was the work of a moment to pull him into her bedroom and lock the door.

“Try not to hurt me Tom.”

Did she expect him to behave badly, to stuff it in without any foreplay?

He was now far too wise to ever commit such inconsiderate behaviour. After all he had been taught by Florence Walker.

So he began with cunnilingus and the first contact of his tongue on her clitoris began for Jilly an experience she would long remember.

She had already cum once before he began sensuously removing her clothes. When she was fully naked he settled her face downwards on the bed and Jilly turned her head to watch over her shoulder.

Tom then undressed leaving his boxer shorts until last. The now panting young lady was fascinated to see the boner outlined in his boxer’s which she had only previously felt against her stomach when she had dry humped to a climax on his muscular thigh.

Now he finally released the full length to her gaze and growled like an animal before pulling at her hips forcefully raising the girl to her knees.

Jilly gasped as the knob first came against her cunt but so wet was she from her earlier orgasm that it had part slipped in before she knew it. She then felt a slight pain before his balls were bouncing against her arse cheeks and all her senses became solely concentrated on the pleasure of their coupling.

Tom meanwhile was exulting in the tightness of her virgin cunt, comparing it to the sensation of fucking Mrs Walker and thinking how great it was to penetrate two such beautiful women. His thoughts were not even interrupted by Jilly as she urged him on in a guttural voice although he was conscious of the girl reaching under to stroke her clit.

By now he was surfing, his movements had sped up, he was not even conscious of the contraceptive which had at first reduced the sensation, and as his grip on her hips tightened he heard Jilly climax noisily then released his own pumped orgasm into the bulbous tip of the johnnie.

“That was fabulous.”

They had collapsed together on the bed and Jilly had whispered in his ear to which he replied with even more heat.

“It was spectacular.”

But she hushed him with a finger to his mouth.

“Beth and her bloke are back, do you think they heard us?”

“I don’t actually give a monkies.”

She giggled and he pulled her closer before making an admittance.

“I used to wank off after every date with you.”

“And me”

Then strictly to herself “…that is if I hadn’t already cum.”


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