The Visit: Sunday

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It was interesting to me that I was recognizing landmarks and really developing a sense of direction as we drove back to Sharon’s place. I looked at her as the street lights illuminated her face rhythmically and had a flashback to our car ride Friday night after she picked me up from the airport. So much had happened since.

I slipped my hand onto her leg and felt her warmth through the silkiness of her dress and just let it rest there for a moment or two.

Thinking back on Sharon’s performance at the bar, I was full of admiration, then said, “I still can’t believe it. You put all that together. I absolutely had no idea what was going on!”

Sharon smiled. “Yeah. It really did come together pretty good in the end.”

“Pretty good? It was fantastic. You were amazing. I wish I had a video.”

“You’d just show all your guy friends, perv.”

“No. I wouldn’t.”

“I will never forget the look on your face. It was pretty priceless when you saw me.”

I laughed. “I’ll bet. But it wasn’t just my face. There were a lot of people who were giving you priceless looks. Judging from the crowd’s reactions, you weren’t their typical amateur night act.”

I moved my hand to the inside of her thigh and upwards. The closer to her pussy I got, the warmer it was. Sharon slid down in the seat to ease my access. My fingertips probed her opening. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. It must have been from performing. I started rubbing the length of her slit. I looked at her face. She was getting more turned on and I could see it in her face. A sigh escaped her lips.

“…All those men…The yelling…The hooting. Every eye was on you. You were mesmerizing. You were the center of attention.

“Are you a little turned on even now?”

Sharon slowly closed her eyes then opened them. I took that to mean “yes”. I kept fingering her paying attention to her responses. Anything that induced a look of enjoyment, I continued for a while before introducing a new variation.

I could feel Sharon’s smooth, slippery wetness between my fingers. I pulled my fingers out and held them up and looked at them. My fingers weren’t just wet, there was an appreciable amount of a creamy wetness between them. Sharon looked a little disappointed that I pulled my fingers away from her cunt.

“Oh my, look how wet you are! That was a huge turn on for you. You liked that didn’t you, little slut.

Showing your tits and pussy off like that. You like showing everyone what a horny slut you are. Who was more turned on, all those men or you? Strutting your stuff around. Showing off your big tits and flashing your shaved pussy?”

Sharon watched as I provocatively I stuck my fingers in my mouth and slurped her wetness from my fingers. I was somewhat acting, but really trying to feed her imagination.

“oh yeah baby. You taste so good. Such sweetness. Your slut juice. I’ll bet you have a whole lot more.”

I moved my fingers back to her pussy and resumed stroking. My thumb moved to the top of her slit and easily found her clit. I used the fleshy part of my thumb to circle her clit and maintained stroking her slit by bending my fingers. I could feel my dick beginning to harden. I hadn’t realized how turned on I had become during Sharon’s act too. As my dick began hardening again, I could feel a dull ache in my balls. Yeah, I would very much enjoy getting off soon too. I resumed the dirty talk.

“All those men watching you. All those hard dicks. You could have snapped your fingers and went home with any of them. Fuck. You could have gone home with several. You would have liked that too. You know they all want to be where I was. Or where I am right now–in your pussy. You know how many men are going to be fantasizing about you tonight? The lucky ones will go home and fuck their girlfriends or wives.

But you and I know they will imagine they’re fucking you. The unlucky rest? They will just jack off. But they’ll still be thinking of you…the slut taking off her clothes. Gee, I wonder what their fantasies will be about? Shooting gobs of white cum on your big tits? Coming in your mouth? Fucking your cunt until you scream?.”

I paused briefly to try to gauge her reaction. She was into it. I continued.

“You know you could have been surrounded by men. Could have been a circle with you in the middle. All those cocks sticking out and pointing at you. You could have blown some. And some of them would have jerked off and given you a cum shower. Spraying cum all over your body—your tits, arms, legs, face. How would you have decided which ones to blow you cock-sucking slut? Would you pick the big meaty ones or the smaller ones so you could get the whole thing in your mouth and down your throat? The long ones so you could give them long slurpy licks? The ones with a lot of girth? The circumcised ones or the uncircumcised ones? Maybe you prefer them shaved? So many cocks. So many flavors. It would have been a fucking cock feast for you.”

“Maybe it doesn’t türkçe altyazılı porno really matter—cock slut that you are with your big tits and your insatiable cunt.”

“You know it would have ended up in a gang bang don’t you? All those guys? All it would take would be one guy to break the ice and all the rest of them would have joined in. All those cocks at your beck and call. Some for your pussy, Some for your mouth? Your hands. You know someone would have tried to fuck your ass too.”

“How many do you think you could take before you’d be exhausted? All the guys in the bar? Would you make it through everybody in the first round? A second? I’ll bet you’d remember your favorites too. Maybe they’re the only ones who are allowed to stay for round 2.”

“Which do you like more? A guy with a big cock and really fills you up but comes sooner or a guy with a smaller cock who can last longer?”

Sharon was breathing a little erratically. Her eyes darted back and forth. She finally spoke..

“Got to pull over…so fucking horny.”

We veered off the road and into the parking lot of a closed store. We pulled around to the side where we couldn’t be seen as easily from the street. Sharon turned off the car and opened her door and stepped out.

“Are you just going to sit there or are you going to come out here and fuck me?”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I was out the door in flash. Sharon hiked up her skirt and bent forward putting her hands on the hood of her car. I took a long admiring look. A beautiful woman, long legs spread, in heels, leaning forward, ass and pussy nicely presented, big tits hanging down towards the hood of the car. I stepped between her legs and pulled my zipper down. My cock was in desperate need of relief. I could feel her heat and wetness as the tip of my dick grazed her pussy. She was wanting and dripping wet ready..

Even though she was wet, I spit into the palm of my hand and lubed the head of my cock. I wanted to be able to sink it all the way in on the first thrust. As I thrust into Sharon hard and in one motion, she gasped.

“Yeah…that’s what I need. Your cock feels so good. Fuck me.” she uttered.

I grabbed her by the hips, pulling her to me, and began thrusting hard. Sharon pushed backwards meeting each one of my thrusts and indicating a rhythm. After establishing a rhythm, our thrusts met each other’s and grew more demanding—in intensity and pace. The pounding was so intense it was nearly painful. Would I wake up with a bruised dick from all of our fucking? Would she wake up with a bruised pussy?

“You are so hot and wet. Like warm oil on my cock.’

Sharon’s pussy gripped me tightly. I stopped thrusting and decided to just stand there and let Sharon do the work.

“Use me cunt. Use my hard prick. Fuck me like you mean it. Fuck me how you need it.

“God you are so fucking tight. I love your pussy. I love fingering it. Tasting it. Eating it. Fucking it.”

She continued wildly.

“Most of all I love fucking it.”

Sharon continued thrusting backwards to meet my cock. I heard three distinct sounds as we fucked. The slippery sounds of my cock sliding in and out of Sharon’s dripping wet pussy. The flesh on flesh sounds of Sharon’s buttocks against my hips. And our grunting as our animalistic urges took over. This wasn’t making love or regular fucking, this was now deep, primal, animalistic fucking.

My right hand grabbed her right tit. My left hand snagged her hair on one of her backwards thrusts. I was on the brink. I was losing control and it felt great. I began pulling her hair. Fortunately Sharon was on the brink too.

“Oh my god. Your cock feels so fuck-ing good. Oh my god…..I’m coming”

I could feel Sharon tremble. Within seconds I released my load. As my cum shot into her, I groaned loudly. I could feel a surge with each spurt of cum. I took over and resumed thrusting. Several times now. Very hard and deep like I wanted to pound my orgasm into her. It was as though I couldn’t stop fucking even though I was now past my orgasm.

After I released her hair and tit from my grasp, Sharon collapsed onto the hood of her car. Drained, I fell on top of her—dick still in her pussy, chest on her back, face next to hers.

“Fuck…. you’re so good,” was all I could throatily whisper into her ear.

“mmmm,” Was what I heard back. Was she replying to me or basking in her own orgasmic afterglow?

We spent a minute or two catching our breath. I could feel my dick soften and begin to slide out of her pussy aided by the cum now leaking out. I stood up and put my dick back into my pants, then looked inside the car for something to use to wipe the cum off Sharon and her car hood. By the time I located some Kleenex, Sharon was just starting to get up from the hood of her car. I handed Sharon some Kleenex and used some to mop the remnants from the hood. We both recovered enough now to talk.

“I should have made you xnxx use a condom,” she said.

“Why? After all the times we’ve fucked this weekend, now you want to practice safe sex?”

“No. That’s not it. I just don’t want your cum all over my car seat. You came so hard and so much, it’s going to leak out for a while. And this is a leased car.”

I understood but I also knew it wasn’t just my cum. She was pretty drenched as I taunted her with my story before we pulled over to fuck. Sharon wiped off a lot of my cum, then pulled down her dress.

I looked around nervously. While it was late and we were in somewhat of a discrete location, someone driving by could have seen us and called the cops thinking something was suspicious. As I looked around, I spotted a security camera near the roof of the store whose parking lot we were in. I pointed it out to Sharon.

“Is that a camera,” she asked.

“Yeah, but the way we pulled in and the way the car is parked now, they can’t see your plates. But someone is going to have a really hot video if they check the hard drive on Monday. Can you see all the guys in the store gathering around and watching it together? Maybe jerking off,” I said.

Sharon just smiled. My kitten likes being seen.

“When we leave, let’s just make sure to leave your lights off until we’re on the street and just keep the car angled so they can’t see your plates. I don’t think you want some asshole running your tags and then harassing you.”

We got back in the car and drove back to Sharon’s place. Once we were there we each got ready for bed. It had been a long, busy day and we were both pretty wiped out—but in a good way.

As much as I would have liked to say that we made love one more time before falling asleep, I can’t. I remember Sharon’s back pressing against my chest, my nose nestled against her hair. My arms around her with each hand holding one of her beautiful breasts, the front of my thighs against the back of hers, and my cock nestled in the valley between her ass cheeks. It was another one of those tender priceless moments when you feel completely, at peace, and that everything in your life would be perfect if you could just freeze time.

“Thanks for a great day, baby.” I said quietly but I don’t know that she heard me because I think she had already fallen asleep.

I must have slept deep and sound. The next memory I had was some movement in the bed but it registered only in those dreamlike moments when you’re not awake and you’re not really asleep. My eyes opened about halfway reflexively and through the haze of my sleep and the dim morning light, I saw Sharon get up and walk towards the bathroom. I watched her ass move as she left the bedroom and thought how sexy it was even when I knew she wasn’t trying to be sexy. I smiled gently, closed my eyes to resume sleeping, and thought about how much I loved sex with her. She caught me smiling when she came back into the room.

“What are you smiling about? Sweet dreams?”

“Everything and nothing.” I paused then continued, “You have a great ass. I so love fucking you. Come back to bed.”

She climbed back in and nestled in my arms again. I quickly drifted back to sleep. I’m not sure how long I slept, but the next thing I knew I was waking up to the wonderful sensation of Sharon’s lips and tongue against my cock which was now rapidly hardening.

“I ought to come to this hotel more often. Very original method of ‘wake-up’ calls here.”

“Not to mention the superb room service,” Sharon replied.

“Scoot your pussy up here. I’d love to 69.”

Sharon turned around and spread her legs inviting my mouth to attend to her smooth pussy. At times I’d rest my head on the inside of her thigh. I pulled her closer to me wrapping my arms around her waist and putting my hands on her ass. I began to eat her as she licked my balls. After each one had been kissed, tongued, and sucked; Sharon resumed her attention on my penis with long licks up and down the shaft. Then she sucked the head into her mouth. The warmth and the softness of her lips and tongue felt great. I paused the exercise my tongue was performing on her pussy momentarily.

“You are a very talented cock sucker.”

“You have a very nice cock to suck.”

I don’t do 69 much. It’s not that I don’t like it, I do. It’s just that in my past experience I find that it’s a little unbalanced. It’s hard to concentrate on giving while your mind (and dick) is being blown on the receiving end. That said, I wasn’t going to stop this from happening if Sharon was game for it. It might end up being my only chance to do this with Sharon and if the opportunity this presented was anything close to the rest of the sex we already had, I was in for a treat.

I inhaled. I was growing to love the scent of her skin and her pussy. I slipped the tip of my tongue along the base of her vagina and then upward towards the clit. Reaching the top, I licked down the length of her pussy lips on one porno izle side, taking my time to teasingly explore the folds of skin. When I got to the base near her opening, I hesitated on her perineum and did some figure-8’s on it. Then I took my tongue and traveled up the opposite side of her pussy, again exploring the folds until reaching the top. I repeated this cycle several times taking my time and taking care to avoid her clit. I wanted her excitement to build.

I felt Sharon’s tits against my abdomen while she licked my balls and my cock. Her tits were so soft. They felt heavenly pressed against me. I felt her tongue trace the length of my cock. I shivered a little as I felt cool air on the wet line that her tongue left on my shaft. That cool rush of air only momentarily distracted me. I returned my focus to Sharon’s pussy.

Now close to her perineum, my hands pulled Sharon’s buttocks apart a little affording my tongue access to the insides of her buttocks. Sharon shuddered a little as my tongue traced a light line along their inside.

Getting closer to her ass hole, I teased its perimeter only briefly, then withdrew my tongue.

Sharon must have liked the feeling because she gasped at first, then enveloped the head of my dick with her mouth. I felt the warmth of her mouth on the top of my dick and part of the shaft. She released it and then started to do nice things to the glans with her tongue. I gasped. Took a deep breath and swallowed.

“Focus. Don’t lose it now,” I thought.

I ran my tongue back up the length of Sharon’s pussy. Her hips moved telling me she wanted me to apply myself to her previously ignored clit. Reaching the top, I diverted my tongue away from her clit and continued cross the flesh of her mound and then back down the other side.

“That feels so good. Lick my clit.”


“Lick my clit, please?”


I continued licking everywhere but Sharon’s clit. Her hips began to move like she was searching for my tongue. Trying to direct her clit onto where she thought my tongue might be going next. There was a certain futility about it. Boy am I a sick fuck. Maybe I should give in. I managed to get out a “no” between licks at the opening of her pussy. Then teasingly back up the folds towards the top.

“Why?” Sharon sounded both desperate and disappointed.

“I said ‘no’.”

I continued down back to her perineum and did some figure 8’s again.

“Please? Please, Lick my clit,” she pleaded.

Then all at once there was recognition. She knew what I was up to.

“You bastard,” Sharon grunted. “Suck my clit…please.”

Fuck, I thought. I can’t deny this woman. I love how her mind works. I love how her body responds to me during sex. I want to keep her on the brink and then help deliver an earth shattering orgasm. How much longer should I continue this? Is it time? Can I deny her? I shouldn’t deny her.

I flattened my tongue and gave her a long wet lick up the length of her pussy towards her clit. Her skin was so soft. Reaching the top, I found it quickly waiting for my lips and tongue. Waiting and wanting. As I got close, Sharon moved her hips leaving me little choice and firmly planting my face where she desired. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it gently into my mouth then flicked it gently with my tongue. Sharon must have been closer to her orgasm than I realized because almost as soon as I did that she shuddered.

“Oh my god…. Oh god….I’m coming…..” were her only intelligible words among the cries and moans.

I sucked her clit greedily into my mouth and could feel her throb. The pulses were strong and seemed to come from deep inside her. I continued sucking. It was as if I wanted to suck her throb into me, her being into my mouth.

“aaaaahhhhh” Sharon cried out. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her cunt making it impossible for me to move. I could barely breath because my nose was pressed so tightly to her body and my mouth was still pressed hard to her pussy. I had little choice but to hold her until she released me. She held me so long and was so silent that I started to wonder if she blacked out from her orgasm. I was relieved when she moved.

“Fuck me lover,” was all she said and she rolled onto her back.

I took her in the missionary position. I was still very hard from her earlier efforts and in need of my own relief. I wasted no time in penetrating her pussy. As I stroked in and out, I thought to myself, if there was such a thing as liquid velvet, this is what it would feel like. Her pussy was so warm and wet and tight. I pressed her shoulders into the bed as my thrusting intensified. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. What I didn’t count on was that Sharon was also rising towards her second orgasm.

“Oh my god. You feel so good. Keep fucking me.”

I moved my hands from her shoulders and onto the bed and looked down. Each one of my thrusts caused Sharon’s tits to wiggle in response. It was erotic seeing them ripple back and forth. Sharon wrapped her legs around me. There was no way she was going to let me go now. I kept thrusting.

“You close baby,” I managed to ask between thrusts. I was starting to work up a sweat and didn’t know how much longer I could hold out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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