The Waitress Ch. 02

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Here’s part two. Thanks to those who thought it would be worth writing. There will be more as I find time to write. If you haven’t read part one it contains all the background and you may want to read it first.


I showed up at the restaurant a few days later for my weekly breakfast stop and was more that a bit curious about what I was going to receive from Kathy. She had indicated that she was willing and excited about the new business venture and the personal services agreement for the next three years, but I also know that when people have time to think things over they often change their minds.

As usual the early breakfast crowd was starting to leave and the mid-morning coffee crowd hadn’t shown up yet so it wasn’t real busy when I walked into the building. I found and empty booth near the back of the restaurant and almost as soon as I sat down Kathy was waiting with a cup of coffee and a large envelope. She put them both on the table and said “I’ll be back in a minute.”

I opened the envelope and was pleasantly surprised to see that the employment contract making her the manager and sharing in the profits was signed and notarized. I was even happier to see that she had also signed and notarized the “personal services” agreement that I had offered her. With these two signed documents I would now proceed with the purchase of the business.

However, it was a third piece of paper that really put a smile on my face. Kathy had hand written a letter and also had it notarized. In it she explained how happy she was to have the opportunity to manage the business and that she would work very hard to see that it was profitable so that we could both benefit from our agreement.

She also stated that she was looking forward bursa sınırsız escort to fulfilling her part of the “personal services” agreement and that it had been a long time since she’s really had any fun sexually and that she was looking forward to all the things that she was going to learn and do. She had signed it; “Anything, Anytime, Anywhere.” “AAA Kathy”.

When she came back with my order I asked her to sit down with me, something that she’d never down before, but I thought it was about time to let some of the other workers know that she was going to be their boss, and that I was the new owner.

She saw that I had the papers spread out on the table and only smiled and even laughed a bit as she slid into the booth across from me. I put them away and told her that on Friday the deal would be done and after that she would be in charge. We discussed some business ideas and improvements. I told her that I was ordering new furniture for the office so that it would be more comfortable for us. Then I handed her the box that I had brought with me.

She opened it up and after a quick blush quickly shut it so no one would see the assortment of butt plugs and lubricant. I explained that I wanted her to start with the smaller one, and move on up in size every few days so that once she could easily handle the largest I would then be able to enjoy fucking her cute little ass. I also explained that I liked garter belts and stockings and other sexy underwear and would appreciate her wearing the appropriate clothing when I stopped in. She quickly explained that she didn’t have anything like that, and of course there was no place to buy anything like that nearby.

It looks like the first time I take Kathy back home with bursa üniversiteli escort me we’ll be going out on a shopping trip, which should be a lot of fun. In the mean time I offered to pick up something for her to wear during my next visit.

She finally asked me if we were going to go back in the office today? I wasn’t planning to push her into doing anything, at least not until our business agreement was all signed and closed on Friday, so I asked her what she wanted. She looked around at the customers and other staff and said that she thought there were a couple things I should “inspect” before I left.

I asked her what she wanted to do, let me in the back door? , or, should we just go right through the restaurant and let all the other employees know what was going on? She looked at me, looked around and, finally said “follow me”.

I got up and followed her to the back door that led into the office and as the other waitress watched Kathy unlocked the door and we went inside. She turned and said that she wanted them to know that we were having sex, and what a surprise for them it would be when they found out I was the new owner!

Within a minute Kathy had started to undress and not a minute later was standing before me nude. She stood for a while to let me look at her and as she stood before me I complimented her on how she looked and as she turned and showed me her ass I had to move over and grab on to her.

After a few minutes of feeling up her ass and pulling on her tits she moved over and leaned on the desk with both hands. This time I asked what she would like, but she only said that she was mine to use as I wanted.

Well, since her ass wasn’t bursa anal yapan escort quite loose enough to get fucked, but she was bent over quite nicely, I figured that taking her from the back, doggy style, would work out just fine. I quickly dropped my pants and was happy to find her pussy was already quite wet and, she was definitely turned on.

After just a couple of strokes we settled into a nice rhythm as I would push into her pussy and she would push back against the desk. I told her that if she really wanted the others to know that she was getting fucked that she needed to let them know, and she quickly started to moan and make a little noise.

I told that she probably wasn’t loud enough and I wanted to hear her talking and telling me what she was feeling. With that encouragement she started to become even more vocal. Soon she was talking quite loud, but not yet yelling, “fuck me, fuck my pussy, give it to me, come on and fuck me harder, oh fuck, oh fuck , fuck me.” I could see that she might need some future coaching but it was good for now.

I grabbed her nipples and pulled her little tits as I began to pump my load of cum into her pussy. She started to shake and quiver with the first spurt , and I pinched her a little harder as she began to moan and have her own orgasm. We stood that way for a few minutes until we had both relaxed a bit.

As I pulled out of her pussy she asked if she could clean me off and much to my surprise dropped to her knees and started to lick me clean. She was doing such a good job with her tongue that I was almost ready to go for another round. Instead I pulled her up and after sitting down in the office chair I pulled her into my lap and held her for a while as I stroked her body and played with her tits and ass.

After a final squeeze of her ass I told her that I would be back on Friday, and that she should have all the staff come for a meeting that evening to meet the new owner and the new boss (her). With that I let myself out the back door and before I got out of the parking lot I was already thinking about Friday night.

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